Cambridge parkrun to close.


We are very sad to let you know that Cambridge parkrun will not be returning to Milton Country Park. Cambridge parkrun has been at the park since January 2010 and in that time a wonderful community of people has developed around it. We have had such fun and would like to thank all those who have been on the core team, the volunteers and the runners. We would also like to thank Milton Country Park for letting us run in their beautiful environment for over 10 years, and the staff at Grounds for supplying streams of coffee, tea, cake etc.

While this is not the outcome any of us wanted, please respect the decision. This does not affect Cambridge junior parkrun which will be back on the 10th of October.

We hope to see you at one of the other parkruns in the area.


Cambridge parkrun is still paused

**26 September update - we are still paused. Many thanks for your continuing patience.**

**28 August update - we are still on pause, and now hope to be able to update you in a couple of weeks. Many thanks for your patience! There are still plenty of volunteering and running opportunities in the area.**

Please note that Cambridge parkrun has still not returned. We are in discussion with the park and hope to be able have an update towards the end of August. There are other parkruns in the area - please see the event pages at Coldham's Common, Storey's Field and Wimpole Estate.


Cambridge parkrun #516 14th March 2020

After a rainy start to the morning, the weather cleared up enough for parkrun to be mostly pleasant. It’s still a little too muddy for my liking, and my trail shoes are definitely on their last legs this year. Despite this, I had a lovely parkchat with Louise as we jogged round. It was good to see so many of you running or volunteering. There were 303 finishers – well done to all of you who splashed your way around the course. 27 of you were first timers at Cambridge, with six runners doing their first ever parkrun – hope you enjoyed it and will return. There were 37 shiny new PBs – pretty good considering the mud and puddles. Congratulations go to Emma Greaves, who reached her 100th parkrun, and Kit Colby reached 250 runs. Well done!

Top three finishers were Stephen Fuller, Thomas Barnes and Neil Tween. Charlotte East, Lucy Browne and Heather Keenan took the honours for the women. In terms of age grading, Mary Holmes, Stephen Howard and Matthew Smith were top three.

Some of you may be aware of the Big Community Relay. Fifteen golden batons were passed to parkrunners in Leeds at the end of September and were taken away to different runs to be passed on there, and so on. Charlie Douglass was at Burgess parkrun last weekend, where he was given the baton named Emily and brought it Cambridge to pass it on to someone who would take the baton onwards to a different parkrun. To see where various batons have been, search for #BigCommunityRelay on social media.

Your parkrun fix was brought to you by 36 volunteers, many thanks to them: Chris DARLING, Beccy TAYLOR, Paul CRUSH, Emma GREAVES, Leslie PAUL, Stefan KAYE, Lauren GREAVES, Caroline MCGONIGAL, Iain STEMP, Mary HOLMES, Fiona MCDAID, Matthew SEWELL, Pamela ABBOTT, Jo MCGOWAN, Mike PITT, Catriona COLE, Karoly ERDOS, Mike HORSCROFT, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Ricky MITCHELL, Mary MITCHELL, Chiara LOMBARDI LEDGEWAY, Martin BRUCE, Hilary SELLARS, Jack MOSSOP, Jill NOBLE, Sarah PAKE, Euan NOBLE, Jack PAKE, Chris HARRIS, Elizabeth STOREY, Jen LITTLE, Helen HUMPHREYS, Deborah COLLISON and Alys GEORGE.

We would also like to thank Milton Country Park for letting us run there every week. As we all know, we may have some difficult times ahead and there is the real possibility of pausing parkruns for a while. If you are able, please try and support the park.

Hopefully see you next Saturday, but if not, we will be up and running(!) again as soon as it is allowed. Take care of yourselves, your family and friends, your community.

Kit and his cake - he was pleased, honest!

Kit and his cake - he was pleased, honest!

Baton Emily being handed over

Baton Emily being handed over


Cambridge parkrun #515, 7th March 2020

The One With Clare From Cambridge

Destination #112 and event #242 for me this morning, and it was a pleasure to join you all at Milton Country Park, as I got one parkrun closer to earning my coveted 250 top.

This was a special run for me - my home run is Shrewsbury, Shropshire, however my very good friend and fellow parkrunner, Clare Williams, is a Histon native, and we are down to visit her parents this weekend for Sunday's half marathon. This meant that she finally got chance to show me her other 'home' run. And a great run it was too!

It was a bright and crisp Spring morning with a good number of tourists in town (many, like me, are here for the race tomorrow). It was also good to see so many first timers (over 60) and a large number of women turning out for the national IWD celebrations too.

I've never heard "stick and flick" and "no spitting" mentioned in the same run briefing, but, then again, these are challenging times (!) so forewarned is forearmed! And so, after being given appropriate warning of all potential hazards (both on and off the course), we were on our way shortly after 9am.

Conditions underfoot were muddy but 390 runners made it round the course in one piece. First to cross the line today was Alexander Tate in 16:43 (his best time here since 2013) and first female finisher was Gail Brown in 20:59, a new course PB for her (well done, a fantastic time!). As for me, I managed to finish in 26:36, and first in age category, which I was pleased with.

There were four 100 celebrations today; congratulations to Bob Storey, Lois Harris, and Linda & Francis Munnelly

Hope everyone running the half marathon had a good run, and, if you are ever in Shrewsbury, please do come and try our beautiful parkrun and say hello to Clare or myself whilst you are there.



Frances and Clare

Guest reporter Francesca and Clare from Histon


Cambridge parkrun #514, 29 February 2020

Well, the rain sounded pretty insistent when we woke up on Saturday. Poundy kinds of heavy rain drops not exactly helping us out of bed. But the thing to do is always get up and come to parkrun, right? You'll always end up pleased you did. I think the rain took a few prisoners this time, though - it was small this week for Cambridge: only 220 runners. That's still a lot of hardy runners plus volunteers, of course, but it was the smallest Cambridge parkrun since a couple of dates in 2014, and canny folk had worked out on the start line that there were opportunities for great finishing positions. Plus it was leapyearday, the first time we've been smaller than Coldham's Common, and it was FUN.

Congrats to the first timers. Especially to the lady who told me she was not a runner. Not-a-runners are always welcome! Please come, enjoy, go at your own pace, walk as much as you want to - there's no pressure on a Saturday morning. This week the puddles were extra special big puddles - easily the best puddles this year with squishy mud to play with in between to boot. Nothing builds community like a good puddle day, and certainly where I was running, things were not too serious, with exclamations and laughter as people variously found the deepest, widest, and muddiest puddles and had a few things to say about them! The marshals were great too - having tramped their way to the relevant spot (there was no way to keep clean), they were full of good humour as they encouraged us on our way. THANK YOU to all the hi-vis heros who made this week's run happen.

Some discussion of what to wear happened. Half way around the first lap someone said they were wearing waterproof socks. What?! It's a mountain thing, apparently. I think most of us just had wet feet. I went for leggings on the basis that afterwards I could peel them off and all the mud with them and be comfortable in dry clothes in the cafe after. First finisher Chris Darling was right, though, that on a running only basis, shorts were probably the better option for those who normally run in shorts, especially as it was not too windy, not too cold and barely raining when it came to it. Aye - the conditions were pretty good really!

Run done, there was also much amusement beyond the finish funnel with people comparing notes and muddy legs. Parents were photographing their children and comparing of how high the mud went (higher, proportionally, if you're little!). Congratulations to Joanna Harrall for being fastest lady through the puddles, and to regular first finisher Chris Darling, who was first overall and got the highest age grading this week, but most importantly, did a safe run. Special mention for Lloyd Fleming who ran his 250th parkrun, Peter Hibbert who ran his 100th parkrun and Joanna, Kate, Eilidh, Rose, Neil, James, Ed and Kate who all completed their first ever parkrun. And, of course, kudos to everyone who splashed out a well-deserved highest ever finish position. Good work!

Tourists this week included a group from Gunpowder / Harlow including Emma RIVERS, Richard FOX, Jane MANN and Catherine PENKETH. As well as running (quite a lot!), Catherine and Jane are experienced Run Directors, while Emma is a prolific tail walker. We hope you enjoyed Cambridge. We also welcomed runners from Haverhill and Clare Castle, both of which were cancelled for waterlogged courses - special congratulations to Samuel BYROM for running his 10th parkrun (and good luck with keeping your new white T shirt white!). Heidi DERKS and Joost VAN KEMPEN joined us from Finsbury Park, Jacques POLTRONIERI from South Shields, and third lady Jessica SHADBOLT from Roundshaw Downs in Croydon, with apologies to those I've missed.

So that's it - leapyearday parkrun and the opportunity to do five parkruns in February done. Apparently the next 29 Feb parkrun will be in 2048, but don't wait 'till then, come along to the next one this Sat! Some of you may be preparing for the Cambridge Half Marathon on Sunday - if you're running the half and want to rest your legs while topping up on feel-good stocks, why not go for one of the remaining volunteer spots at parkrun the day before? See the future roster and send an email to the address on it to sign up and join the hi-vis heroes

Thanks for reading. See you next time!

Actual swan at swan corner

Actual swan at swan corner

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