Cambridge parkrun #441 22/09/2018 Run Report

Apologies for the extreme tardiness in the publication of this report – I write this on the eve of the next parkrunday so probably by the time you are reading it you will have already completed your next parkrun. However, last week’s run felt like a significant one for our community so I wanted to make sure that there was a run report, however late.

Chris’ RD briefings are always memorable (he’s the one who sings, for those of you who don’t know the name…) but this week he had a tough challenge; amongst the normal weekly announcements and reminders of the rules, he had to let us all know that, very sadly, parkrunner Steve Moir (A4346057) had tragically died earlier in the week. Chris invited Steve’s brother, Rob, up to tell us about his brother and to dedicate his run to Steve. It was Rob’s 250th parkrun and we are honoured that Rob still felt able to come to parkrun and run in memory and in celebration of Steve. Steve’s family were also there and we hope that they took comfort from the great sense of community that parkrun provides.

Rob wasn’t the only one running his 250th parkrun; also celebrating that milestone and dishing out cake at the end was William Tunstall-Pedoe who managed to PB! Congratulations to him and great to know that even after that many parkruns PBs are still within the realm of possibility!

Joanna Harrall ran her 100th parkrun and Caroline McGonigal, Josephine Johnson and Lois Galletly all ran their 50th parkruns. Many congratulations to all of them and we hope to see them sporting their new parkrun tshirts soon! Also mentioned in Chris’ briefing and giving him an excuse to sing was Amy Glemas who turned 15 – happy birthday again Amy and we hope the singsong didn’t embarrass you too much.

We welcomed 21 first timers and hope they all enjoyed their parkrun and will be back again soon. At the other end of the scale, we had eight parkrunners this week who had run over 300 parkruns each! There were lots of familiar faces running this week – it was lovely to spot friends who had started parkrunning at Cambridge and then gone off to start up Wimpole Estate and Huntingdon parkruns. As you will know, parkrun just keeps on growing and we will hopefully see more new events starting locally, but Cambridge has been described as the “mothership” and this week was just a reminder for me of the importance of the parkrun community, regardless of how big it gets. All are welcome at parkrun.

Finally, thank you to the wonderful volunteers:
Adam WILLIAMS  •  Andrew CORBETT  •  Andrew PARKER  •  Brent SWANN-AUGER  •  Charlie RITCHIE  •  Chris DARLING  •  Colin WEST  •  Emma GREAVES  •  Fiona MCDAID  •  Gary COLE  •  Guy GIBSON  •  Helen D JOHNSON  •  James PEARSON  •  James STOCKER  •  Jessica ROOKE  •  Jill NOBLE  •  Joanna HARRALL  •  Joanna PARSONS  •  John JOHNSON  •  Justin Anthony GREAVES  •  Katherine HEYDON  •  Lauren GREAVES  •  Mary MITCHELL  •  Max MARTIN  •  Michaela JOYSEY  •  Mike DIFRANCO  •  Mike HORSCROFT  •  Mrudula DASIKA  •  Pamela ABBOTT  •  Rebecca Louise ANDERSON  •  Richard LYLE  •  Ricky MITCHELL  •  Sam GIBSON  •  Sonia MAIR  •  Susan HORROD

As I write, the team is still struggling to get enough volunteers to put on tomorrow’s run safely. If you would like to try out volunteering, I would really recommend it – I enjoy it as much as running and it really won’t feel like you’re giving anything up to do it. If you like clapping and cheering then go for marshalling; if you like having a chat afterwards then how about barcode scanning; for those who like a bit of power then it’s got to be funnel managing; those who like teamwork should opt for finish tokens & if you want to be where all the action is then go for timer. If you’re not sure then one of our lovely volunteer co-ordinators will sort you out and explain everything on the day.
Until next parkrunday,