Cambridge parkrun is 10!

On the last Saturday in January 2010, 71 runners and 11 volunteers took part in the first Cambridge parkrun at Milton Country Park. Join us as we celebrate this weekend! Wear your favourite parkrun t-shirt or celebrate your own personal milestones. Most likely there'll be cake!



I'm sorry to have to report that we had several complaints this morning of one or more faster runners pushing and/or physically moving people when lapping them. Cambridge parkrun is an inclusive event and that means we all have to get along together. I am unwilling to accept physical intimidation between runners and need to highlight that we are a run, not a race. Etiquette must take priority over time.

We will be adopting a zero tolerance approach to future such behaviour and if anybody is reported for pushing, shoving or other aggressive behaviour, I will remove them from the results. We cannot stop people running in a public park but I ask you to help us make sure Cambridge parkrun remains a safe and fun place to run by reporting any incidents you see, including a description of the local and the perpetrators. 

Thank you




Cambridge parkrun’s 5th birthday

Cambridge parkrun is celebrating its fifth birthday on 31st January with our normal run around Milton Country Park. Since the start, we have collectively run almost as far as the moon and nearly 9,000 different people have enjoyed the course.

That first run was attended by 71 pioneers and we've since grown to regularly have over 300 runners and a record of 454. Not only that, but the core teams that went on to start parkruns in Huntingdon and at Wimpole Estate were Cambridge regulars. So the original event is responsible for over 750 people getting out of bed last Saturday to run a 5k with friends.

Not only that, we now have a younger sibling with the brilliant Cambridge juniors parkrun every Sunday morning where children of 4-14 are able to run, either with their parents or on their own if they prefer.

I'm humbled to be responsible for this great event and honoured that Heidi wanted me to be her replacement to take over the event she grew from those small beginnings and hugely proud of what we, as a running community, have created.

We're encouraging people to wear fancy dress if they wish (mine has already been bought for me, I'm not scared) and I'm pretty sure there will be some cake around too.

So, please come, join us and help us to celebrate.



No Cambridge parkrun on 6th September

Please note, there will be no Cambridge parkrun on 6th September due to another event using the park.


No Cambridge parkrun on 28 June

Please note there will be no parkrun at Cambridge on 28 June due to another event at Milton Country Park.


Exciting news for Cambridge parkrun

Heidi here with exciting news. After 4 years, I've chosen to step down as Event Director at Cambridge parkrun. It's been a tough decision. Through parkrun I've made many friends and enjoyed some wonderful times - it's been more fun than I ever thought possible. Of course, I'll still be around to run, volunteer and support from the sidelines - I can't imagine a life without parkrun!

I'm delighted to announce that Paul Beastall will be stepping into my role. Paul began running at Cambridge parkrun some years ago and after gaining a wealth of experience volunteering with us, he helped to start up Wimpole Estate parkrun.  I couldn't be happier with my replacement and I know you'll all make him feel very welcome in the role of Event Director.

Paul will take over from me on Saturday 15 March. We will both be at Cambridge parkrun on that day, so do come along and help us celebrate this exciting change for our event.


Cambridge parkrun CANCELLED 26 January 2013

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we have to cancel parkrun again this week. Compacted snow has turned parts of the course into an ice rink. Looking at the forecast, it's likely to be the same on Saturday morning.

The park is still open for you to do a Freedom run if you wish, but do be careful.

Good news: temperatures look set to rise over the weekend and into next week. Let's celebrate Cambridge parkrun's third birthday belatedly on Saturday 2nd February.

Thanks for your understanding.



Please read if you drive to Cambridge parkrun

Local residents and Tesco are complaining strongly about some of our runners parking in their car parks and streets. Obviously, I can’t tell you where to park, but it is paramount for the continuation of our event that we maintain good relationships with our neighbours. So, I am personally imploring you to park your vehicle at Milton Country Park and pay the £2 parking fee.

Without the park as a venue, there would not be a Cambridge parkrun. The park faced closure in 2008 when there simply was not the funding to keep it going. Money raised from parking is vital.

It rarely happens (breaks my heart when it does), but occasionally I’ve heard runners indignant about paying for parking at a free event. Our biggest event to date caused 2,080 kilometres of footpath pounding and it takes time, effort and money to maintain these paths - especially when you consider that our event happens every week. Moreover, play equipment (loved parents and junior parkrunners alike!), toilet facilities, the Visitor Centre are all there for our use, but are costly to maintain.

Your £2 on a Saturday morning goes towards keeping this special place going for now, and for future generations.

And I find that wonderful.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi Uff - Event Director


Sweatshop monthly prize winner

We're delighted to announce that our recent winner of the Sweatshop prize is Linda Crook. Linda has clocked up 47 runs at Cambridge parkrun and is known for her enthusiasm, encouragement of others and great sense of humour. Cambridge parkrun wouldn't be the same without her! As well as running many impressive parkruns, she's also taken part in numerous other races.

We'd like to thank Sweatshop for their generosity and to congratulate Linda on her achievement. Her prize is a new pair of running shoes fitted at our local Sweatshop.

The winner is chosen by the event director or members of the core team. The successful candidates are often chosen for their perseverance, number of PBs in one month, total number of runs and improvement overall. However, we can award the prize for other reasons at our discretion. If you know someone who has overcome adversity, personal illness or is deserving in any other way, please let us know by emailing and we promise to consider your nomination.


Important please read.


The Rangers have asked me to remind you of the £2 charge for parking. The ticket machine becomes busy in the morning before parkrun, so please allow plenty of time to purchase a ticket. It’s possible to purchase a badge for £50 which allows for 6 months’ parking. These badges can be bought from the Visitor Centre and café.

All the money raised from parking goes directly to the upkeep of the park. Consider that our largest event (332 runners) caused 1,029 miles of footpath pounding in under 45 minutes. We’re having a big impact. The park itself is not without cost – insurance, maintenance of the toilet facilities and the Visitor Centre, upkeep of pathways, play equipment and so forth runs into a colossal amount of money.

In 2008 the park was faced with closure because it was becoming impossible to meet these costs. To help ensure the park remains for future generations and for the continued success of Cambridge parkrun, I urge you all to do your bit to support Milton Country Park.

Please don’t park at Tesco. The park need to maintain neighbourly relations with the supermarket and this can cause friction. Similarly, we need to keep on the good side of local residents - we can’t stop you from parking in residential areas, but would very much appreciate you choosing to use the car park.

28 January – lots of volunteers needed!

It’s our second birthday on 28 January and I suspect we may see a record turn-out. We’ll need all the help we can get if we’re lucky enough to see unprecedented numbers. Please do get in touch if you are able to assist. Drop us an email at

We’re also a bit short of help this weekend, so if you’d like to volunteer, please get in touch via the same email address.

Birthday celebrations

We’re all looking forward to celebrating Cambridge parkrun’s second birthday on January 28. It is likely that Cambridge News will cover the event and that a press photographer will attend.

Fancy dress is very welcome!

If you’ve not taken part before, then why not make it your first event because it should be a lot of fun.

New runners

It’s great that we’re seeing many first timers taking part. If you are thinking of coming along, please take a look at parkrun’s FAQs

To familiarise yourself with the route, James Killick posted this great video on YouTube and you may find it helpful:

Well done, Chris!

Chris Darling’s probably known to most of you. When he’s not speeding round the course, he can often be found pacing others round to their own PBs. Chris is also famed for his interesting fancy dress… As a little thank you to Chris for his enthusiasm and readiness to help others, we put him forward to be parkrunner of the week. You can read his interview here: (You'll need to scroll down to the newsletter dated 12 January.)

And finally, local hero...

Cambridge parkrun regular, Peter Stevens, made the headlines this week when he used his athletic super-powers to chase down a laptop thief. Check out the brilliant article from Cambridge News here:

Thanks to Peter for kindly making a donation to Cambridge parkrun to help improve youth fitness. We just hope none of our younger runners decide to embark upon a career in the smash and grab industry. :)

See you Saturday!


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