Cambridge parkrun #502 – 14th December 2019

After a relatively quiet week last week with “only” 297 runners, this week we had…exactly 297 finishers again! I wonder if the Christmas party season has meant more people are enjoying lie-ins on a Saturday morning, or just whether the muddy conditions are putting people off, for it certainly is very muddy and wet at the moment! The new Fulbourn Hospital parkrun is probably also attracting visitors especially those from the South of Cambridge. Either way, it felt unusually quiet but on the positive side there was plenty of room for both those of us who like to embrace the puddles and those who prefer to try and keep their feet slightly drier.

Our first finisher was Adam Tapley of Cambridge Triathlon Club who eased home in 17.53, chased down by Holly Archer of Cambridge and Coleridge who ran 18.02, not too far off her PB given the slippery conditions. Well done to both. On the PB front, we had 16 parkrunners who managed to splash their way round in their fastest ever time – well done to all. We welcomed 17 first timers to Cambridge, four of whom were brand new to parkrun – we hope they enjoyed their run with us and will be back again soon. At the other end of the scale, our most prolific parkrunner this week was Steven Anderson who has run an impressive 437 parkruns!

We had four milestones this week – I ran my 250th parkrun (195 of which have been at Cambridge – that’s a lot of times round the lake!); thank you to all of you who stayed behind afterwards for celebratory cake and chat. I have loved being a part of the Cambridge parkrun community since 2011 and am looking forward to wearing my green t-shirt with pride. Three parkrunners joined the 50 club – congratulations to Thom Whiffen, Julian Dixon and James Joseph O Neill.

Next week is our Christmas parkrun so if you would like to then please do don some festive attire and join us. We don’t put on an extra run on Christmas Day, but some other local events do so if you want to start Christmas Day with a parkrun then check out the Christmas compendium: You will see from that that we are hoping to put on a New Year’s Day special parkrun at 10.30am – other local parkruns are on at 9am so it is possible to run a double. It’s the only day of the year that this is permitted and is a brilliant way to begin the new year. Like other weeks, we do need volunteers to enable that to happen so do let us know as soon as possible if you’re able to help. Thanks go to this week’s volunteers, who did a great job of cheering and keeping us safe from the mud:


Finally, a gentle reminder that the park relies on donations, a large chunk of which come from parking. I’ve just invested in a parking permit and would highly recommend them – you can buy them online here An annual pass works out at £1.82 per week so if you’re a regular parkrunner (or if you just want an easy way to donate to the park whilst not having to worry about finding £2.50 in cash early on a Saturday morning) it makes sense.

Until next parkrunday,



Cambridge parkrun #500 Run Report – 30/11/19

So I hope everyone had a fantastic, frosty, 500th Cambridge parkrun?

As you might be aware mine didn’t go quite to plan after my co-pilot worked out how to remove her mittens around the 1k mark, jettisoned them out of the buggy just beyond the narrow bridged and then decided just after the 2k mark that her hand were frozen and was inconsolable! (I did try to warn her, but I guess some things you just have to discover for yourself!) Thank you to everyone who checked we were ok, offered to push the buggy for me, let me know where she had abandoned her mittens and then got the mittens back to me. The spirt of parkrun was well and truly alive.

Anyway, while the cold may have brought my run to a halt, it didn’t stop 446 of you running, jogging and walking your way round the crisp and misty park. If you haven’t seen the wonderful picture take a look on our facebook page. There were 30 first timers, including at least one group who I know were doing their graduation run after following the couch to 5k program. Well done to you and I really hope you will be back for more parkruns in the future.

It may have been wet and muddy under foot in places but 33 of you still manged to run a personal best! Some PB’s of note include Tim MEIKLE (36:48) and Evelyn STRACHAN (28:57), who both ran their 3rd PB in a row. Interestingly Evelyn was followed by Ottilie WILLIAMS (28:58) and Adele BIRD (28:59) who both also clamed PB’s! It also looks like Mark VARLEY and Matthew HUME may also have helped each other to a PB coming in at 23:00 and 23:01 respectively. Well done to everyone who managed a PB this week.

Special mentions to David James COLE and Terry BRAVERMAN, who both ran at event number one and this week’s 500th event! David has run a total of 206 parkruns, 205 of them at Cambridge. He has also helped make the event possible 14 times. Terry has run a whopping 412 parkruns! 307 of them at Cambridge. He too has also helped to make parkrun happen 33 times. Congratulations to both of you and thank you for your support. If you would like to help make parkrun happen, please take a look at the future volunteer roster page.

Which leads on nicely to saying a BIG thank you to this week’s volunteers who stood out in the cold to help ensure the event could take place. Alan BALDOCK • Steven ANDERSON • Helen HENRY • Julia SUDBURY • Darien .J. O'BRIEN • Patrick GOSLING • James STOCKER • Kay SWEENEY • Emma GREAVES • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Neil TWEEN • Mary HOLMES • Lorna ANDERSON • Sue BRENTNALL • Pamela ABBOTT • Robert ZIEGLER • David GILBEY • Martin Daniel HORROD • Maria MARTIN • Richard MARTIN • Evert BOKMA • Jenny PAYNE • Ricky MITCHELL • Mary MITCHELL • Christine ROBERTS • Parminder LALLY • Bob PEACOCK • Jack MOSSOP • Sally STEWART • Hayley HORROD • Paul FEETENBY • Thomas MORGAN • Laurence LAMARCQ • Rachel CHALLIS • Rosa SNOW • David REEVE • Dean SNOW • Vicky LARMOUR • Florence TWEEN and William COUSINS are our HI-VIS HEROS this week!

The front runners this week were Chris DARLIN (16:04), James REED (16:23) and Adam TAPLEY (17:40). Charlotte EAST (19:32), Rebecca WHITE (19:49) and Helen BARRY (20:30) were the first three women to finish. While Jacob Presto (17:53), Fergus FLEMIN (20:39) and Leo Rothwell (20:41) were the fastest juniors, with Amy COPE (24:54) the first under 18’s lady to cross the line.

3 people had millstone runs this week; Sarah JONES joined the 10 Club, while Charlie RITCHIE and Pete CLARKE joined the 100 club. Special mentions also to Evert BOKMA and P PEREIRA who completed their 25th time of volunteering and joined the purple T-shirt club – thank you from us all. Finally a mention also to Kristy GUNERATNE who was the runner with the most parkruns under her belt this week; 443 in total – so close to her own 500th event!

To finish with a few stats you might find interesting. In 500 events;
• There have been 321 different first finishers
• 20,599 runners have completed Cambridge Parkrun
• There have been 30,120 PB’s
• We have run a total distance of 908,355km (Thank you Milton County Park!)
• We have been running for a combined time of 9Years 198Days 13Hrs 11Min 32Secs
• And a total of 1,895 individuals have volunteered 15,328 times.

Until the next time,

Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Festive events 2019/20

Hi all! We are pleased to be able to offer runners a fabulous start to the New Year with a run at 10:30 am on the 1st of January 2020! Huge thanks to members of the core team who are willing to organise this, and to Milton Country Park for agreeing to let us run on the day. We will be looking for the usual set of volunteers nearer the time, but feel free to put your name down at any time in the next couple of months.

As usual, the park is closed on Christmas Day, so we can't offer a run, but there will be other parkruns in the area who may be doing this. Please check the Christmas compendium.


Cambridge parkrun #493 – 12th October 2019

The grey and drizzly days are the most important days to be at parkrun, I think, because if there isn't sunshine in the sky, well you just have to make your own. So well done to the 391 people who both made it to the park and walked, ran or jogged this week, and to the 42 volunteers who made it possible, safe, and really enjoyable despite uninspiring weather. Thank you - you all brightened up my Saturday!

A big thank you, as ever, to this week's volunteers: Adam TAPLEY, Andrew BURGE, Andrew PARKER, Anette LAVER, Bev MISIK, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Carly HILLS, Catriona COLE, Chris JONES, Dylan RUNHAM, Emma GREAVES, Florence TWEEN, Gary COLE, Geoff MEADS, Guy HILLS, Jackie TOMLINSON, James STOCKER, Joanna HARRALL, Kristy GUNERATNE, Lauren GREAVES, Martin Daniel HORROD, Mary HOLMES, Mary MITCHELL, Megan PARKER, Mike DIFRANCO, Mike PITT, Natasha MICHAEL, Pamela ABBOTT, Paul BEASTALL, Paul BELZAR, Ricky MITCHELL, Robin JONES, Sabine BUCHHOLZ, Sally STEWART, Sheila CAYTON, Steve BUCHAN, Stewart AITKEN, Stuart PAYNE, Susan HORROD, Tony TOMLINSON, Vicky LARMOUR, and Wendy JOHNSON.

There were quite a few additional safety notes at this week's pre-run briefing, but it was all explained very clearly and the run itself seemed to go smoothly, though it was certainly one to be careful with underfoot. Encouragement around the course was enthusiastic - we even had a very energetic dancing marshal in one place inspiring us all to keep going as we got towards the end, and the friendly welcome at the finish funnel is always appreciated. If you want to run or walk 5k, this is a great way to keep up the motivation to do it and finish, and if you want to join the volunteers in one of the forthcoming weeks (and work towards the 25V T shirt you may have seen!), it's really easy - you just send an email ( to sign up.

There seemed to be a good crowd of new runners and walkers flocking to Geoff MEADS's first timers briefing when I looked. I count 52 on the results list, not including those without a barcode. Quite a few were on their first ever parkrun (hurray!), while some were tourists visiting from other parkruns. A warm welcome to all from near and far (lovely to see runners from Coldham's Common at one extreme and Australia at the other!). A special shout out to two members of the 250 club (Susan Bannocks and Simon Narracott), and to Andrzej Balicki who managed a 83.74% age grading on his first run here!

When there are puddles at Cambridge, we're advised to run straight through them. Changing speed and direction around puddles can catch out the people running just behind you and can cause accidents, so be bold! My friend Claire, who is wise, says you should always aim to get your feet wet as fast as possible on a puddle day, since once they're already wet you don't worry about getting them wet and it's easy to run through the puddles. If you need inspiration, turn up for a Sunday 2k junior parkrun (10am Sundays) as the children there are brilliant at puddles (just stand well back if they're running past!).

Well done to those who got a PB this time. Amongst you there was Leslie Lawrence who achieved a PB on his 50th run, Tony Lloyd on his first sub-24, Andrew Mason on his first sub-26, Ben Summers and Fergus Flemmin, who both got PB's on their 25th parkruns, Georgina Mason on her second PB in a row and Jess Bond on her third PB in a row. Well done also to those who ran the fastest they have for ages or got higher-than-normal age grading - those are really hard for me to pick up in the results but I hope you gave yourself a pat on the back.

I quite like how depending on where you are, you can often run and spectate at the same time on our course. Did you see the speedies at the front? It looks like there were some fun cluster efforts this time, with Adam Tapley only 4 secs ahead of Thomas Barnes for his 15th first finish, and Olivia Baker, Katherine Hymers and Charlotte East all finishing within a second around 19.39, along with Zak Smith on his third PB in a row. Meanwhile, watch out for those juniors! Kieran Birch earned first JM11-15 with a well-judged 1 second PB (those are the best if you want lots of PB Saturdays!). Saioa Galvin was on her first run at Cambridge but still managed to be first JW11-15. And then there were some fun times: for those who enjoy symmetry Anna Kirkham got 20:02, Laurence Cooper got 21:12 and James Bearpark bagged 23:32. Nice.

I did some counting and ignoring the unknowns:
We have 232 males and 159 females on the results.
We had 7 runners & walkers over the age of 65 and 14 who are 10 or under.
50 participants have done less than 5 parkruns (after Saturday's run) while 12 have done more than 300.
While 21 people did their very first parkrun this week, only 7 were on their second parkrun (come on, you 21 new parkrunners - you can beat that)
We only had 3 JW15-17's (kudos to Amy Cope, Lily Saxton, Minnie Govett) but we had 27 VM45-49's and 29 VM40-44's (well done Stephen Cuthbert and Andrew Chapman for being fastest of the largest categories).
After the run we drifted to barcode scanning and the cafe area (if not the playpark!). At this time of year the indoor cafe and toilets are a very useful facility for warm and dry post-run natter and tea.

Let's do it again next week! Thanks for reading,


Cambridge parkrun #491 – John Johnson

Many of our regular runners will know John and Wendy - if not personally, then certainly by sight. Both of them always cheerful and it was always a pleasure to see them. Sadly John passed away last week - here is the text of Chris's speech from Saturday morning.

"I usually love greeting you all on Saturday mornings with vigour however, this time I am not. it is with great sadness to report the passing away of regular Cambridge parkrunner John Johnson who sadly passed away last Thursday morning.

John completed precisely 100 parkruns, 80 of which were here at Milton Country Park. John completed his first parkrun on the 19th December 2015 and reached his 100 milestone on the 10th November 2018, although this was no mean feat with more fences than the Grand National. John was also a popular figure in the local community for his role as a football referee.
John demonstrated undoubted levels of courage and determination to reach the 100 milestone, none more so than his 99th and 100th parkrun which required the highest levels of fortitude. John had been long suffering from prostate cancer and despite this unforeseen mountain on the course John battled onto the finish line.

During John’s treatment when not running he was a regular face cheering on runners and volunteering to ensure that everyone had a jubilant start to the weekend. Volunteering on 30 different occasions in true John style, he would undoubtedly always ask how you were without a mention of his own difficulties which is a credit to the man himself. I am sure each and every one of you will have your own fond memories which you can look back on, recognising the true spirit of parkrun, none more so than one his 100th parkrun where an army of supporters backed John to his milestone.

On behalf of all the Cambridge parkrun family we would like to thank everyone for their support to John during this challenging journey, the Arthur Rank Hospice who helped support John’s final days and John himself for the infinite memories. Today we are wearing white for his love for Tottenham, milestone tee shirts for his desire to reach the milestone next ahead despite adversity. Our thoughts are with Wendy and son Matt."


Cambridge parkrun #471 May the 4th 2019

Cambridge parkrun - Event number 471 - 4th May 2019.

The one with the Dark Side, and May the fourth be with you (Written by a very happy tourist)

On a delightful Spring morning in Cambridge, 472 folks took a punt (sorry.. Couldn’t resist) and ran, jogged and walked the course. And what a beautiful course it was; Blossom hung in the trees, anglers sat and hoped for a bite, and the coffee shop fired up the machines in preparation for a post run brew.

As a collective we notched up an impressive 2360km, which as the crow flies would merrily clear Murmansk in Russia. May stop just short of Tatooine though, without the Millennium Falcon to hand…

As a tourist, the smiles, encouragement and overall running are something that you as a collective should be proud of; from the signs on the trees, to the friendly marshals – and such a fun and varied course.. (Although newbie mistake was made by me - mistaking the sign directing you towards the finish as the actual finish itself!!). In addition, when you see Princess Leia on course, you know all will be well.

56 first timers tried out parkrun and of 472 results, a massive 84 recorded new Personal Bests (18%!... the force was truly with them). Representatives of 34 different clubs took part.


Congratulations to Alexander Fox, Clive Mingay, and James Pearson for joining the red 50 Club

And well done to Sam Parker for joining the 100 Club!

The event was made possible by 46 volunteers: without them, the would be no parkrun. Why not check out the future roster for the next few weeks and see how you can get involved? It’s great fun

Alan Baldock, Helen Henry, Steve Buchan, Beccy Taylor, James Stocker, Gill Owen, Michaela Joysey, Lauren Greaves, Richard Jones, Lisa Clatworthy, Andrew Parker, Mary Holmes, Hope Hutchison, Charlie Ritchie, Caroline Diston, Marysol F. Bell, Mike Sankey, Karl Jones, Catherine Jones, Evert Bokma, Mike Horscroft, Jenny Payne, Geoff Meads, Brent Swann-Auger, Ricky Mitchell, Mary Mitchell, Nicola Potts, Nico Green, Clare Bacchus, Gary Howell, Dom Hill, Aideen Foley, Jill Noble, Martin Kilduff, Andy Boutle, Stuart Payne, Leslie Lawrence, Audrey Macdonald, Anna Tuke, Susan Horrod, Christine Roberts, Ben Moss, Karen Symonds, Douglas Bett, Dorothea Trotter, Andrew Burge

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cambridge parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Susie HIGNETT who recorded a time of 16:28 on 26th June 2010 (event number 22).
The male record is held by Graham RUSH who recorded a time of 14:48 on 5th August 2017 (event number 383).
The Age Grade course record is held by Mary HOLMES who recorded 95.81% (26:15) on 12th April 2014 (event number 215).

Cambridge parkrun started on 30th January 2010. Since then 19,119 participants have completed 168,190 parkruns covering a total distance of 840,950 km, including 28,437 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,777 individuals have volunteered 14,191 times.

Many thanks,
Mike Sankey


Cambridge parkrun #469 run report – 20th April 2019

Well it was a very foggy morning when we woke up, but that had mostly cleared before we
started this weeks’ run. And what a surprise, the Easter Bunny had visited Milton Country
Park (I personally think it was a warm up for the night ahead) and had left some “deposits”,
as this weeks’ run director Mike PITT phrased it. These were free to claim if you were under
18 and if you were over 18 you weren’t allowed to claim any until after the second lap.
Motivation I’m sure for many, and indeed it did add some festive cheer watching the children
hunt out the chocolate.

As always parkrun could not have taken place this week without the support of the rangers
at Milton Country Park and our wonderful volunteers. This week they were: Paula AITKEN,
Stewart AITKEN, Lorna ANDERSON, Barbara BENNETT, Catriona COLE, Cindy DRINNAN,
Marisa JOHNSON, John JOHNSON, Michaela JOYSEY, Martin KILDUFF, Laurence
Valerie MORGAN, Ben MOSS, Rachel NORTHFIELD, Erika ORSAGOVA, Mike PITT, Hilary

So on to the results, and this week we were 2 shy of 500 participants who ran, jogged or
walked the 5km round the wonderfully shady loops of the lake. First through the funnel was
Josh SAMBROOK at 16:36 for the men and Fiona TIDESWELL at 19:58 for the women.
Fiona has an impressive list of parkruns where she has been a tourist - any
recommendations Fiona? We had good representation from various clubs this week,
especially Cambridge and Coleridge AC (25 participants) and Vegan Runners (13
participants) and thanks to Ruaridh MACDOWALL (18:18) I have now learnt about the
Lonely Goat RC.
Theo LINFORD a tourist from Milton Keynes Parkrun placed 469 for event #469 - a first timer
at Cambridge - I hope you enjoyed our parkrun. He was one among 62 first timers at
Cambridge Parkrun this week - wow! And an amazing 107 participants obtained a PB -
clearly the beautiful weather must have been a factor (not often you can say that for a bank
holiday weekend eh?). Well done to Jenny OSBOURN, Malcolm OSBOURN, Mary
HOLMES and Hilary SELLARS for fabulous age grade scores (all over 60%) - you give us all
something to aim for!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your bank holiday relaxation everybody. Looking forward to
seeing you all again soon.


Run report Cambridge parkrun #465

Hurray! Spring has sprung, and after last week's puddles and mud, it was a lovely dry morning and a firm course that welcomed 452 runners, joggers and walkers and the 39 volunteers who made it all happen this week. Liz was tail walking (nobody comes last at parkrun!) and says that it was really nice to take a bit of time to enjoy the park. Plus, we were told in the briefing that the brambles had been cut back, which will have pleased Patrick in particular, as I know that the brambles got his hat last week and he had to go back for it!

A warm welcome to 42 people who ran their first parkrun this week. Special mention goes to the graduating Let's Run couch to 5k group - I spoke with Josie on finish tokens and she was very excited to hand you your tokens after running with you in Sawston. We hope you enjoyed it and please come back soon.

Of course, some first timers were parkrun tourists, and this week they included speedy Piotr KUHN from Gdansk, Poland who was on his first parkrun in England, Ben PHELAN from Clair parkrun in West Sussex, Pat TWOMEY all the way from Ballincollig in Ireland, Daniel MILES from Bradford, Christopher HAWKSWORTH and Sue BROWN from Greater London parkruns, Nikki FLANNIGAN from Winchester, Tara NEEDHAM from Milton Keynes, Ben HAMMOND from Kings Lynn, Julie LOCKE from Thetford, Jonathan MUMBY from Peterborough, and Tess DAVISON from Horsham. Welcome! We hope you liked your first run at Cambridge!

A big thanks to this week's volunteers! Parkrun is awesome every week, thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of lots of people. This week's team was: Ann TAYLOR • Helen HENRY • Peter STEVENS • James STOCKER • Claire WILSHAW • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Katie TWEEN • Caroline MCGONIGAL • Josephine JOHNSON • Jim MOWATT • Laura Jane WINTER • Jo LONGLAND • Pamela ABBOTT • Claire BROWN • Sharen HALFPENNY • Mick JOHNSON • Kate COLLINS • Catriona COLE • Liz STEVENS • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Ross DUNSMORE • Paula HUGHES • Jon SCHNEIDER • Bob PEACOCK • Hilary SELLARS • Jill NOBLE • Martin KILDUFF • Danielle GUY • Stuart PAYNE • Sarah COUCHMAN • William CURTIS • Jane CRAWFORD • Susan HORROD • Thomas BURKE • Valerie MORGAN • Nicola EDE • Kristy GUNERATNE • Dorothea TROTTER

If you can help with next week's run (or if you can persuade a willing partner etc.), do email, preferably sooner rather than later so that Michaela, next week's volunteer co-ordinator, can have a nice easy week! You can see which roles are available at if you want to pick one, and all the tasks are straighforward - Michaela will explain what to do on Saturday morning if it's your first time on a role.

Congratulations to the 76 people who ran their fastest time at Cambridge today. That seems like a lot of PBs! I see that 25 of them went to those on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th runs (a good reason to come back for more!), while David TIDESWELL, Alexei MOULTON, Paula HUGHES, and Matthew FAUPEL showed that PBs are certainly still achievable after lots of runs too. Paula - 30:28 is massive :-)

There were PBs at the front too: Joseph SMITH was first finisher in 15:34 - that makes him the fastest first finisher since Sept 2017, so don't worry if he seemed to be overtaking very early on! William NEWCOMBE also managed a PB for second place and scored the highest age grading this week at 83.58%, while Patrick O HARE equalled his PB for third. Were you chasing a speedy junior? Lucas ZAKRZEWSKI led the JM10's on his 131st 5k parkrun this week, while Hester COLBY was first JW10 on her 111th run. For the ladies, well done to Rachel LINDLEY, who was clear first female this time. Olivia BAKER was second with a fast finish to sneak in just ahead of Helen BARRY in third (even though Helen herself ran a fastest recent time). I confidently predict more PBs in the near future for Olivia - it's not everyone who runs their first Cambridge sub 20 and thanks all the marshals on the way round!

Congratulations to everyone who turned up and everyone who came back. The couple of paragraphs above wrote themselves, but it's really hard in a run report to do justice to the range of achievements, since many of them, and actually many of the ones that matter in real life, don't show up in results. This paragraph is harder to write but is nonetheless here to remind anyone in doubt that people get it, and that turning up and participating is the thing that matters. So, shout out here for the more difficult runs and walks and the unremarkable ones too, and long may we have such a friendly community at Cambridge.

....which brings me to some people who have turned up and completed or volunteered at a lot of parkruns, earning themselves a milestone T shirt this week. I'm sorry I don't know how to get at the 25 volunteer club stats, but I can tell you that we had 6 people doing their 50th run this week: congrats to Mike ALCOCK, Sue STEARN, Camilla SPRAGUE, Katherine REED, Chris FOLKARD and Graham STEVEN. Special mention for Katherine, ash she is in the JW11-14 category and has actually run 53 junior parkruns as well as her 50 Saturday parkruns! Well done for your 5k PB on Saturday. Cameron FEHR ran his 100th parkrun this week - he started in June 2013 so that's getting on for six years of parkrunning! I'll also stretch the official milestones to mention Chris HOWELL, who ran his 200th run today and his fastest time this year. Chris says that 200 runs is definitely a 'thing' for his friends even if there's no milestone T shirt so he wanted to be in the run report!

That's all folks! If you want to know more, this week's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cambridge parkrun Results Page. Otherwise, thanks for reading, and see you next Saturday morning!


**CANCELLED 9th February 2019**

Sorry folks, due to the high winds forecast today, we won't be putting on a parkrun. Hopefully see you all next week!


Cambridge parkrun run report – 29th December 2018

How was everyone’s parkrun this morning? Were you full of festive spring or a rather weighed down by too much turkey and Christmas pud?! However you felt this morning well done for being one of the 381 people who ran, jogged and walked their way round Cambridge parkrun. A shout out to the 11 people who chose this week to take part in their very first park run; Nick ROWE, Josh WILLMOTT, Richard POLLARD, Connor MURFIN, George CONNELL, Alison MURRAY, Geoffrey WILLOUGHBY, Katie BROWN, Stella FAULKNER, Louise BROWN and Tamsin PAGE. We hope you all enjoyed yourself and will be back for more events in 2019.

First finisher this week was Chris DARLING, a regular first finisher at Cambridge, in a time of 16:14. David CONNELL, was second to finish in a time of 17:32, while Adam TAPLEY was third across the line in 18:06. First female was Lisa MARRIOTT (11th overall) in a time of 18:54 and significantly ahead of the other woman running. Second female across the line was Eloise R STRADLING in 22:35 (54th overall), while Flora SNELSON was third in a time of 23:50 (74th). First junior across the line was Kyan MAYO in 21:35 (40th overall) who nabbed himself a PB in the process. Great running! In fact, all three top male juniors nabbed a PB – well done to Joshua BROWN and Charlie COMPTON as well. Mirthe BUITELAAR was the first junior female to finish in a time of 24:34 (93rd overall).

Talking of PB’s, a further 42 of you grabbed a PB this week, a few of note include; Caroline HANNEGHAN, who only started parkrunning in December, but already has taken off over two minutes in her parkrun time, now completing the course in 47:42. Gabriella ABBOTT-GRIBBEN 35:42, who managed to take just shy of three minutes of her previous quickest time. Benjamin COMPTON 27:55, a regular at Cambridge Juniors parkrun since the summer, completed only his second adult parkrun and took over 3 minutes off the time he achieved in September. And last but not least Michael HAWES 22:42, who only took up parkrunning in October of this year, but in this time has completed 9 runs and bagged himself and impressive 7 PB’s! Michael is now completing the course around 2 and a half minuets quicker than on his first event. He is also now running at an impressive 71.88% of the world record for his age and gender. Well done to everyone else who got a PB.

Five people had milestone runs this week. Chris MILLER and Vicky LINZELL ran their 50th event, Deborah KAYE and Alison MEADOWS ran their 100th, while Mabel CRAIG (junior) ran her 10th. Congratulations to you all, we look forward to seeing you in your milestone t-shirts when they arrive. No one joined the volunteer milestone club this week, but if you fancy working towards this goal (or just simply giving something back once in a while) why not check out the future roster page to see if you can help with any of the roles over the next few weeks.

As many of you are probably aware, New Years day is the only time of year you are able to record more than one parkrun in a day - allowing you to record three runs for this week, if you also completed this Saturday. For those of you hoping to complete a New Year’s day double (something I think I finally may manage as their will be no hangover for me this year!) you have a few options within about an hours drive of Cambridge. Huntingdon and Pocket, Great Denham and Bedford, Thetford and Brandon or Clare Castle and Haverhill. If you are considering doing a double, please make sure you allow enough time to travel between the two locations safely and it goes without saying to ensure you are legal to drive on New Years morning. Full details of the above parkruns and all others operating on New years Day can be found here.

Lastly but most importantly a BIG thank you to Milton Country Park for allowing us to use them every Saturday morning and for the 33 Hi-Vis heroes who made this week’s event possible Ann TAYLOR • Helen HENRY • Chris DARLING • Mike DIFRANCO • James STOCKER • Kay SWEENEY • Paul CRUSH • Michaela JOYSEY • Hope HUTCHISON • William WINTER • Pamela ABBOTT • Tim DAINES • Cameron FEHR • Maria MARTIN • Richard MARTIN • Mike HORSCROFT • Rachel NORTHFIELD • Jenny PAYNE • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Ricky MITCHELL • Mary MITCHELL • Lois HARRIS • Bob PEACOCK • Jill NOBLE • Stuart PAYNE • Theodore FEHR • Susan HORROD • Sam GIBSON • Andrew CORBETT • Thomas BURKE • Valerie MORGAN • Ben WOMACK • Ben MOSS

See you all soon, Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)

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