Cambridge parkrun # 439, 8th September 2018: As brought to you by the Coldham’s Common team!

On Saturday, members of the Coldham’s Common parkrun team were running the show at Milton. It all went swimmingly, everyone behaved well and we are now looking forward to the days when we have a choice of parkruns in Cambridge! Well done to Tracy and the team, all the best for when you’re up and running (so to speak).

All of this happened free from the keen eyes of the Event Directors – Gary had his own wedding to attend and I had an appointment with a wetsuit. The trying-on and taking-off was a full workout in itself. I felt sorry for the poor man who had to wait around outside the changing room while I wrestled myself into it, and then out again after it was deemed the correct size. He’s new to his job and the grunting, muttering and heavy breathing may well have had him wondering whether or not intervention was required.

Anyway, so a run happened. 547 of you walked, jogged or ran around our lovely course. There were 47 first-timers at Cambridge, of which 19 of you ran your first parkrun. Welcome to the family, we hope you had a great time! There were also 82 of you who ran faster than ever before - well done!

Aesthetically pleasing times were set by: Michael Melarkey 18:18, Walden Ian 20:02, Tom Matthams 21:12, Lucy Browne 22:22, Miguel Torres 23:23, Charles Howard 23:45, Brian Munns 25:25, Ben Argyle and John Raftery at 25:52, Joe Townsend 27:27, Alice Hodkinson 28:28, Ben Dowding 29:29, Nick Picton 30:30, David Wyatt 32:32, Gaynor Roberts 34:56, Carrie Bateman 35:35, Christian Youell 36:36 and Joanne Howard 39:39.

We had a wealth of volunteers – 43 of you helped to put the run on, thank you very much. These were: Colin SELTZER • Jane M WILSON • Russ LADKIN • Andrew PARSONS • Nigel LOW • Richard LYLE • James STOCKER • Kay SWEENEY • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Justin Anthony GREAVES • Mark SMALLWOOD • Tracy HUTCHISON • Alexandra REED • Mary HOLMES • Hope HUTCHISON • Katherine Jane HODSON • Amelie KIRCHGAESSNER • Monica KRYLANDER • Martin Daniel HORROD • Melanie TINDALE • Isobel HOGG • Mauritz KRYLANDER • Fiona MACDONALD • Karoly ERDOS • Evert BOKMA • Ricky MITCHELL • Mary MITCHELL • Tim DAVISON • Janet DAVISON • Pauline KNIGHTON • Clare BACCHUS • Callie VANDEWIELE • Parminder LALLY • John LAMBOURNE • Lauren GREAVES • George PAKE • Simon WALL • Susan HORROD • Liz GIBSON • Sam GIBSON • Patricia KNIGHT • Diane BLACKWELL

If you’d like to volunteer, have a look at the roster for the available positions and email It's great fun and there are plenty of different roles to try.

See you on Saturday!

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