Cambridge parkrun #511 8th February 2020

Saturday dawned fairly mild but it must have rained overnight so despite a dry week the course was muddy in places. We did however miss most of the puddles and the majority of people seemed to finish less mud coated than might have been expected.

There’s an accidental manoeuvre akin to a “drop kick” where one foot raises a splash and the other follows through to “convert” the airborne water onto fellow runners but I didn’t see any this week :)

Overall we were lucky with the weather because a severe storm was forecast for Sunday and Milton Country Park was shut from Saturday evening - hopefully reopening Monday morning with no serious damage done.

Back to the run, with about 15 minutes to go before the run the starting area seemed fairly quiet but there was large arrival of participants soon after.
Unusually, no significant running milestones e.g. 50, 100 250 & 500 were announced during the pre-run briefing and none seem apparent in the results.

In all 440 people completed the course running 2,200 km to bring the total distance run at Cambridge parkrun to 932,880 km! We had 36 Cambridge parkrun “first timers” for 17 of which this was their first ever parkrun – welcome and well done!

Forty-three people ran and obtained a finish token but didn’t manage to produce a barcode to scan or haven’t registered. Sorry to those who mislaid their barcodes, we can’t attribute times after an event, for those not registered, it’s free and easy and provides a great record of your runs, walks or jogs.

Congratulations to Charlotte EAST and Joseph SMITH who finished first by gender, and to Mary HOLMES who finished top by age grading. The conditions weren’t ideal for setting PBs but 58 people managed new PBs, kudos to them.

Many thanks to all those who volunteered this week. Cambridge parkrun is an interesting course and needs quite a sizeable roster for things to run smoothly. If you’ve not tried volunteering, please consider giving it a try. It is rewarding and fun, and you’ll be guided through what each role requires as necessary.

We look forward to seeing you all next week at run #512 for the third and middle instalment of “Five parkrun Feb”.



Cambridge parkrun #505 – NYD

Like many others today, I took advantage of the opportunity not only to do a parkrun on New Year’s Day, but to get two in on one morning – I had already run at Littleport parkrun at 9am, before travelling across to Cambridge with many others then to take part at this event with a 10:30am start.

As we gathered at the start, it was clear that although it wasn’t a record attendance, there were big numbers of runners, joggers and walkers at the event “Happy New Year” was the joyous phrase which could be heard time and time again, there was a super, positive vibe in the air. I listened to Pamela Abbot’s first timers briefing, there were a number of parkrunners for whom it was their first run at Cambridge, but also an incredible 42 for whom it was their first time ever at any parkrun – I hope you enjoyed the experience, what a fabulous way to start 2020.

The Run Director Gary Cole did a brilliant job of making himself heard, amongst the 561 runners, there was only one milestone today – congratulations to Penny English on reaching your 50th parkrun today. Before we knew it we were off. The course is on lovely trail paths, luckily it was only slightly muddy today having dried out a little after what seems like months of continuous rain during the end of 2019. We went around the small loop first, and then it’s out onto 2 large different loops – when passing by the café, each time there were so many supporters stood watching and cheering us all on. This gave me a great boost – the legs were struggling after the parkrun earlier on.

There seemed to be quite a few of us from the Midlands area, and for those of us who had been to the Worcester parkrun, we commented on how similar this course was in so many ways – that’s a good thing as we all loved that course too. The course was so well signed and marshalled, and I also really liked your additional motivational signs that were dotted around the course too.

Once turning off the second lap onto a long, straight path where the finish funnel can be seen in the distance, it was my intention to sprint finish – however my legs and lungs didn’t have the same intention as my brain as I ran steadily across the line with a real sense of relief that the 2 in 2 was complete. To recover, I took the walk back around to the cafe area, and got my barcode scanned. The cafe is lovely, serving a range of food and drinks and very well populated by parkrunners which is always great to see – who doesn’t enjoy a bit of parkrun faff?

Super parkrun, I hope to be back sometime.

A huge thank you to all of today’s volunteers for helping to make this extra event possible;

Alison MEADOWS • Andrew BURGE • Anita JOYSEY • Anya HADDOCK • Bob STOREY • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Catriona COLE • David MORGAN • Emma HAWKEY • Euan NOBLE • Fiona MACDONALD • Fiona MCDAID • Florence TWEEN • Gary COLE • Hilary SELLARS • Hope HUTCHISON • Jacqueline BELL • James HAYNES • James STOCKER • Jill NOBLE • Jo HORLEY • Joe TOWNSEND • Kathy HAYNES • Katie TWEEN • Leslie LAWRENCE • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Mary MITCHELL • Michaela JOYSEY • Mike HORSCROFT • Neil TWEEN • Nicola EDE • Pamela ABBOTT • Rich HALL • Richard MARTIN • Ricky MITCHELL • Rosa JOHN • Sam ELLIS • Simon BERRY • Stuart PAYNE • Stuart WOOLF • Susie CUMMING • Tracy HUTCHISON • Una MANNU • Valerie MORGAN • Vicky LARMOUR

By Emma – Perry Hall parkrunner


Cambridge parkrun #479 29th June 2019

Summer has arrived in Cambridge and 471 participants braved the heat for the 479th parkrun at Milton Country Park. Today the Newmarket Joggers supplied the majority of the 42 volunteers, including myself. There were 44 first timers, some of whom are seasoned parkrunners, with 13 completing their first ever parkrun, we hope you will come back again for your second parkrun next weekend. An impressive 45 runners achieved new PBs, clearly the heat didn’t slow everybody down too much!

Two runners completed their 50th parkrun, well done Rachel Broome and Rachel Pilsworth. Beccy Taylor completed her 100th parkrun. Two juniors, Jasmine Jackson and Megan Parker, completed their 10th parkruns.

First over the line was Harry Anderson-Chapman from University of Bath Triathlon club, in a time of 17:01. Second and third were both recorded as unknown – don’t forget your barcode if you want a time! First female finisher was Charlotte East of Cambridge and Coleridge AC in a time of 19:47. Second and third were Fiona Tideswell (19:55) and Rachel Porter (20:29). Two runners achieved an age-grading of over 80%, James Stocker (81.2%) and Rod McKee (80.11%), both from Huntingdonshire AC.

Thank you to all the volunteers, without you there would be no parkrun: Pamela ABBOTT, Rachel ALLEN, Chris AYLMER, Jon BROOKER, Baz COLLEY, Joseph CORMACK, Chris DARLING, Ruth EBERHARDT, Elke HAUSLER, Helen HENRY, Jan HOLMES, Mary HOLMES, Susan HORROD, Paula HUGHES, Lisa JENNINGS, Richard JONES, Sarah KINSTON, Leslie LAWRENCE, Sarah MARTIN, Lynda MCCORMACK, Carol MCINTOSH, Ben MOSS, Brian MUNNS, Emma NEWMAN, Jill NOBLE, Sonia ORRISS, Adam ORRISS, Jenny OSBOURN, Malcolm OSBOURN, Sianie PAINTER, Hannah PARSONS, Mike PITT, Sarah SALES, Mike SALES, Christine SHAND, Alexia SMITHSON, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Tony TARRANT, James Nicholas THOMSON, Kate WARBOYS, William WINTER, Jim WITHERS.

Since the first Cambridge parkrun, 9.5 years ago, 19,540 participants have run, jogged and walked a total of 860,295 km. That is almost 21.5 times the Earth’s circumference.

This was my first visit to Cambridge parkrun and I loved the course, the shade from the trees was much appreciated on such a hot day. With the wooded paths and glimpses of large expanses of lake it would be easy to forget that you are so near to a city. Within 6 hours of getting home I’d already recommended the event to a friend who is visiting Cambridge next week.



Cambridge parkrun #478 22nd of June 2019

The combination of a beautiful sunny morning and the cancellation of nearby Wimpole Estate parkrun ensured that Cambridge parkrun number 478 (22nd June 2019) welcomed 550 walkers and runners of all abilities and ages, representing 50 different clubs.

A whopping 65 participants completed their first parkrun at Milton Country Park. 22 of these first timers completed their first ever parkrun, including the bass player for a well-known Cambridge folk/rock band. The remaining 43 first timers were visiting, not just from Wimpole Estate and other local parkruns, but from far and wide, including Bath, Manchester, Wales and South Africa! As Saturday's parkrun coincided with the final term (AKA 'semester' at other educational establishments) of the university year, regular fellow parkrun 'World Tourists' Stephen and Sandra Rhodes, visited Cambridge parkrun for the first time to add a 'C' towards their 'Pirate Challenge', (an unofficial challenge found on the parkrun challenges Google Chrome extension). Oh, and they collected their son from his university digs in town too; however, he did have to wait to be collected until his parents had eaten a slice of milestone celebration cake first!

Welcome back to those who completed their second parkrun; don't worry soon your Saturdays (AKA parkrunday) will have changed forever. There were also 57 unknowns; please remember that if you want an official time don’t forget your
barcode (DFYB).

Ideal running conditions ensured 79 amazing individuals achieved a new personal best, their times ranging between 16:33 (Harry Anderson-Chapman) and 43:24 (Carol Cambie). The highest age grade % went to Daniel Georges Aguilar-Agon
(83.18%) for the men; and to Kate Knill, for the women (77.83%).

Stephen Borrill finished in a particularly aesthetically pleasing time of 22:22 on his 24th parkrun. Richard Jones finished in 23:23, Marc Stamford in 24:24, Tim Quilter in 25:25, Gary Howell in 29:29, Jane Whitten in 31:31 and Sarah Jones in 34:34.
Congratulations go to the many parkrunners that achieved milestones this weekend. Edward Penfound (under 10) completed his 10th 5k parkrun, which is the first official milestone for junior parkrunners. David Archer, Sean Streets, David Still and Beka Kimberley all completed their 50th parkruns. No-one completed their 100th parkrun at Cambridge parkrun this week, but Marcus Gaiser-Porter has just one to go before he earns his 100 milestone t-shirt.

Persistence has paid off for two Cambridge regulars; Gordon Campbell and Colin West both completed their 250th parkruns this Saturday. They join just over 6000 parkrunners all over the world who have now completed 250 parkruns or more.

It was a pleasure to see regular first finisher Chris Darling completing his first parkrun for some time. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation to recover from a stress fracture. Many Cambridge regulars were delighted to report that they had finished ahead of, or even lapped Chris Darling! We all know that parkrun is not a race, but it is not often that most of us can say we managed this achievement. Try not to fall over at the finish line next time Chris, you don't want to slow down your recovery!!
This week's parkrun was made possible through the volunteer efforts of 38 wonderful volunteers.

Thank you for reading.
Linda (your 'first timer' run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun #477, 15th June 2019

"Trail shoes? Yes, definitely trail shoes." It’s not uncommon for a wedding WhatsApp group to include a discussion of shoe choice, but it’s less normal for someone to suggest bringing cross country spikes! However about 25 jolly parkrunners, from seasoned tourists to complete first timers, were joining Cambridge parkrun this weekend to help celebrate the wedding of Joe Barker and Diane Archer.

Meeting as students in the city, Cambridge was the original home parkrun for both the bride and groom, although they subsequently relocated to Finsbury Park and then on to Bangkok (where setting up parkrun Thailand has taken second place to wedding planning). We’d been told to expect mud and narrow paths, but what else did Cambridge hold? Famed for my poor navigation skills, I was a little nervous looking at the course map that I’d get my laps and directions confused. I needn’t have worried - the course was very clearly signed, well-staffed with enthusiastic marshals and, as solid middle-of-the-pack runners, we had plenty of friendly feet to follow. Award for most enthusiastic volunteer day definitely goes to Run Director (sorry I've forgotten his name! Maybe Ed?), who had clearly had his pre-event coffee. His energetic pre-run brief included extra emphasis on the special Cambridge parkrun rule - “we don’t run round the puddles - we run through the puddles!”. Trail shoes were definitely a good idea. Given the recent rainfall, the course was actually less muddy than we’d feared, and even the famous “muddy corner” was easily runnable. The parkrun weather window was in operation, giving us glorious sunshine for the duration. The wooded paths provided welcome shade, and as more of a natural swimmer myself I was disappointed running through the puddles didn't extend to a dip in one of the many ponds and pools on the route. Hotter than expected, the post-run ice cream in the cafe made an excellent substitute for a Travelodge breakfast.

To the formalities: 480 parkrunners ran, jogged or walked their way into the weekend at Cambridge this Saturday, with representatives from 41 different clubs. 24 people ran their first ever parkrun (congrats!) and 39 tourists paid their first visit to Cambridge. 54 PBs were recorded, including one for first finisher, Harry Anderson-Chapman. Three runners reached their 50 milestone on Saturday: Giorgio STERLINI, Jonathan DAVIES and Tony KELLY, while it was 100 runs for Matthew FAUPEL. In unofficial milestones, Marysol and Andrew BELL hit 150 apiece and Joseph PHILIP reached a stonking 300 runs - wow! In the most hotly anticipated result of the day, the groom beat the bride by about 7 minutes but she married him anyway.

The event was made possible by 37 volunteers, and all the visitors I spoke to commented on how lovely to was to see so many marshals around the course - including a number of excellent mini-marshals. As a visitor to the parkrun I was made incredibly welcome, so if you're nervous about volunteering please don't be - you'll get very well looked after. Thanks again to the whole Cambridge team for an excellent morning, it was a pleasure it include you all in the special day.



Cambridge parkrun #474 – 25th May 2019

Well it was another sunny bank holiday weekend (for the most part) and this Saturday our run director Gary told us it could be a PB day! (ooh!) A busy run today, with (from the photo on the facebook page) what looked like a large proportion of first-timers and tourists. 517 people ran, jogged or walked the beautifully shady, puddle-free course. And as the sun came out I could feel the humidity at the end of the first lap rising off the vegetation - phew.

Some lovely statistics here looking at the results (even as a Maths teacher - I’m not sure I’ve ever said “lovely statistics” before?!). I count 70 first timers at Cambridge, some of whom are doing well with their touring of various parkruns, Steven KEAM (34:31) who has visited 31 different parkruns and is only two runs shy of his 250, Lulu CAPS (35:01) a regular at Margate parkrun, is three runs shy of her 250 and has visited 26 different parkruns. Alina
SANDU (31:04) on her 55th parkrun has visited 16 different places. And Fiona WARREN (30:14) has visited 8 different parkruns since the beginning of March - wow! The 474th runner for event #474 was Leslie LAWRENCE (36:37).

So it turns out that 92 people achieved a PB today (18% of participants). Well done to the 20 people who came back for their 2nd parkrun including Rory GRIGGS who achieved an aesthetically pleasing time of 22:22. And Jon ANDERSON who achieved the highest age graded score of the day at 84.47% with a time of 18:02 - WOW! Congratulations to the three people who ran their 50th parkrun, Jan WILDENHAIN (22:59), Pete LEWIN (39:37) and Anthony IRWIN (30:10). Then we had Aideen FOLEY (23:56) achieve her 100th parkrun!

Of course we are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Rebecca Louise ANDERSON, Andrew BELL, Marysol F. BELL, Stephen BLUNT, Andy BOUTLE, Andreea CHIFOREANU, Lisa CLATWORTHY, Catriona COLE, Gary COLE, Andrew
CORBETT, Nicola EDE, Cameron FEHR, Sharen HALFPENNY, Joanna HARRALL, Lois HARRIS, Chris HARRIS, Helen HENRY, Mary HOLMES, Paula HUGHES, Kerion HUNT, Mary Esther JENNINGS, Michaela JOYSEY, Laurence LAMARCQ, Katharina Barbara

Thanks also go to the wonderful Milton Country Park, a small charity, who allow us to run there each week.
Until next week parkrunners (I will be enjoying half term),


Cambridge parkrun #468 – 13th April 2019

Apologies to all, I sit here on my sofa (waiting for the lunchtime scones to bake) writing this a week late, having woken up this morning and realised I’d not written the run report for my 100th parkrun.

I love parkrun, it means a lot to me. Thankfully my amazing friend Beka introduced it to me just over 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I love the community spirit, seeing lots of regular faces, having a bit of a natter and enjoying the challenge of only competing against myself (and most weeks I don’t even worry about that!). It has been great for both my physical and mental health and I can’t see me giving it up anytime soon. Thank you to my friends who joined me this week for my celebratory 100th run (and cuppa at the Grounds Cafe afterwards). Especially Beka KIMBERLEY who introduced me, Kirsty HOLDEN who tried her first parkrun (the challenge is to come back for your second….) and Chris MOORE who forgot his barcode! #DFYB Chris!

I have recently started to regularly volunteer and car park duty is my favourite. Not only does it mean that you can run afterwards (bonus) but you get a mini warm up (stretching out your arms and legs directing traffic) and a chance to catch up with others who regularly volunteer. This week’s parkrun would not have been possible without the help of the following volunteers: Stewart AITKEN, Jessica BARRICK, Lisa CLATWORTHY, Catriona COLE, Gary COLE, Chris DARLING, Alison DURSTON, Lloyd FLEMING, Lois HARRIS, Mary HOLMES, Hayley HORROD, Martin Daniel HORROD, Susan HORROD, Kaitlyn HORROD, Gwyneth HORSCROFT, Denis HOWLETT, Paula HUGHES, Marisa JOHNSON, Michaela JOYSEY, Parminder LALLY, Kirsten LAMB, Fiona MACDONALD, Jonathon MARSH, Maria MARTIN, Richard MARTIN, Valerie MORGAN, Robert MORGAN, Ben MOSS, Leslie PAUL, Mike PITT, Sue STEARN, James STOCKER, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Beccy TAYLOR, Joe TOWNSEND, Anna TUKE, Claire WALKER, Gemma WATT

If you are thinking of trying volunteering ask around next week and find out which role would suit you (some allow you to run/walk before or after e.g. car parking, set up, run report writer etc) or take a look here: . I have a list of 40 things to do before I’m 40 (one of them was to get to my 100th parkrun - check) and now I’m trying to get to my 25th volunteering (should be achievable!).

This week was the start of the Easter holidays for some, and we saw 464 people run, jog or walk their way around the beautiful sunny (and puddle-free) Milton Country Park. Our Run Director this week (Chris) was having a great time with the air horn both at the start and as I came round after the first mini lap. There were also a lot of supporters along the main stretch cheering us all on and enjoying the sunshine and newly commissioned play park whilst they waited for us all to come in.

Just 4 people shy of the event number… I can’t tell you who came in position 468 today. However, 51 people were first timers at Cambridge Parkrun today (amazing!) and of those 18 were doing their first ever park run (fab!). Of the 18 people who came back for their second ever parkrun (BIG achievement - well done), 15 of them achieved a PB.

Notable achievements this week include Stuart POOL and Harry CONNOR both running their 50th Parkrun, and Steven ANDERSON running his 411th (Wow!). Joseph SMITH was first into the funnel today at 16:09 for the men and Rebecca SHARPE for the ladies at 19:11 achieving a PB. Paul MAKOWSKI and Stephen HOWARD both achieved amazing age graded scores (over 80%).

Well done to those who picked themselves up after a fall this week (keep an eye out for those pesky tree roots everyone), or who helped those who had fallen. As I said before - I love the community spirit at parkrun.

As always a big thank you to the core team and to Milton Country Park for hosting us. Milton Country Park is a charity so if you can please try to contribute (I’d recommend sampling the ice cream at the Grounds Cafe).

I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks after I’ve ticked off a few more of my 40 things to do before I’m 40.



Cambridge parkrun #467 run report – 6th April 2019

On a fresh but dry morning Cambridge hosted its 467th parkrun (wow!) at the lovely Milton County park in the clearly safe hands of run director Jenny PAYNE.
As a less conventional tourist I like to pick themes for my parkrun visits and as it was the Boat Race weekend I thought Cambridge seemed like a good idea but rather than my ‘dark blue’ leanings it was a parkrun apricot attire for me today. Arriving Friday afternoon I was very pleased to see that a new station had been built since I last looked at visiting which was very nice of you and other than a few hundred cyclists to dodge my travels were happily uneventful.
Along with a selection of the 53 first timers (20 very first parkrun and 33 tourists) I walked up to the sign for the new runners briefing. Giving the briefing was Stuart PAYNE and I knew it was going to be a good one as Stuart was preparing with a routine of stretches before he got started! Having been told about (and for me, instantly forgetting, barely able to determine right from left) the course we were treated to a demo of appropriate overtaking etiquette and advised that at current time the course was not suitable for running with dogs, completely understandable with multiple laps and some narrow winding paths.
The event would not however have been possible though without 46 wonderful volunteers: Pamela ABBOTT, Christine ADAMS, Damian BAKER, Douglas BETT, Andy BOUTLE, Andrew BURGE, Frederick CHEUNG, Catriona COLE, William CURTIS, Mike DIFRANCO, Ross DUNSMORE, Nicola EDE, Emma GREAVES, Joanna HARRALL, Antony HELLIWELL, Jim HIGGINS, Nicki HIGGINS, Susan HORROD, Gwyneth HORSCROFT, Paula HUGHES, Wendy JOHNSON, John JOHNSON, Karl JONES, Catherine JONES, Richard JONES, Brian JUDKINS, Parminder LALLY, Tom LINDFIELD, Fiona MACDONALD, Jane MANSLEY, Alison MEADOWS, Geoff MEADS, Ricky MITCHELL, Mary MITCHELL, Valerie MORGAN, Ben MOSS, Jill NOBLE, Jenny PAYNE, Stuart PAYNE, Joseph PHILIP, Louisa PHILLIPS, Diane POTTER, Brian SHAND, Sally STEWART, Eric TAPLEY and Caroline ZAKRZEWSKI.

Volunteer numbers were higher today because of the addition of 12 pacers, giving up their own runs to help others try to achieve times they might have otherwise been struggling to reach. This week pacing times ranged from 22 to 35 minutes, I wonder who was closest to their target?
Thank-you to the almost complete A to Z of you and if you are reading this and want to get involved in future weeks then all details can be found at
481 runners, walkers and joggers took part today from one of the longest parkrun start lines I’ve seen for a while. First finisher was Joseph SMITH with an absolutely incredible time of 15:41. Equally amazing was first female, and visitor, Alice CALDER in a time of 18:30, the joint 6th fastest time in the JW15-17 age group since Cambridge parkrun began in January 2010. The highest age grade was 83.87% attributed to Richard HOLLAND in the VM60-64 category with a time of 19:07. I think there must be something special in the local water!!
Conditions today though were good for faster times and in total 107 recorded new Personal Bests including junior Rozsa NAGY knocking off 4 minutes on just her 2nd run, now down to 43:13 and I’m sure there is more to come.
Congratulations to all of the above but also to everyone who came along today and completed the course. Full results can be found at
There were quite a few milestones today although I think most were being shy. Congratulations to Jennie PEACOCK on her 100th parkrun (mostly at Cambridge) and also first time tourist Jan THOMPSON visiting from London. Achieving 50 parkruns were 6 attendees – Steve KERRIDGE, Jacky THULBORN, Rhoda GREEN, Lucy SPARK, Miguel TORRES and Joshua FRAMPTON – the latter two also claiming new PBs. Final mention is for Christopher JOSEPH who reached the unofficial milestone of a whopping 300 parkruns!
Finally with a coffee from the Park Cafe I said my farewells to Cambridge parkrun and those I had a chance to chat to throughout what had been a very pleasant morning. Thank-you Cambridge parkrun and your smiling marshals (and I suppose I should say congrats on the Boat Race, athough Oxford did at least finish second!)

Damian BAKER, a tourist from Daventry, signing off.


parkrun run report 16th February

I was very happy to be at Cambridge parkrun today. I'd turned up two weeks ago in time to volunteer for the car parking only to find the core team had had to cancel due to the slippery snowy paths (thankfully I made it in time to Wimpole parkrun for an icy start and a cold run in the sunshine there). Last week I'd managed to get to Great Dunmow parkrun for a blustery run.
This week at Cambridge was warm and drier than I'd anticipated if not a bit grey. But the snowdrops were now in bloom on what I shall call “Run Director's mound”, which added to my happiness pre-parkrun.

This week 481 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 48 were first timers and 54 recorded new Personal Bests including the first three through the finish funnel. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cambridge parkrun Results Page.

A selection of aesthetically pleasing times this week were achieved by Neville Doe at 20:00, Carl Matthews at 21:21, Nigel Crosland at 22:00, Aidan Haslop at 22:44 and Hermione Crease at 31:41 (10 x Pi truncated at 2d.p.).

As always thank you to the core team, Milton Country Park and all the volunteers:

Katherine HEYDON • Alan BALDOCK • Diane POTTER • James STOCKER • Claire WILSHAW • Rebecca Louise ANDERSON • Paul BEASTALL • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Mary HOLMES • Eric TAPLEY • Laura Jane WINTER • Marjorie WINTER • Pamela ABBOTT • Robert ZIEGLER • Sharen HALFPENNY • Janay FEHR • Mike PITT • Catriona COLE • Jenny PAYNE • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Kezia ADAMS • Tim DAVISON • Janet DAVISON • Paula HUGHES • Peter CHARROT • Sally STEWART • Jill NOBLE • Stuart PAYNE • Leslie LAWRENCE • Chris MARTIN • James PEARSON • Theodore FEHR • Susan HORROD • Andrew CORBETT • Valerie MORGAN • Claire WALKER • Janet WILLMOTT • Nicola EDE • Dorothea TROTTER

See you next week!


Cambridge parkrun run report #448

Hi, this is the first time John and I have written the run report and we wanted to do this so that we could tell our story.

Practically three years ago to the day, Wendy graduated to run her first parkrun after completing the C25k program. John wasn’t interested in running stating there was no point running if there wasn’t a ball to chase, he was a football referee. Something he has had to give up.

On 19th December 2015 he gave it a go, and has never looked back. On Saturday 10th November 2018 he became a member of club 100. This may not seem a huge achievement, there are many runners who manage to do this, however, in April 2017 our lives were turned upside down when this fit and healthy man was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer.

John continued to run parkrun whilst having chemotherapy last summer, his fastest time last year was the day after his first treatment, pumped up on steroids!
John’s PB is 27.40, yesterday’s time was 1:09:08, but it doesn’t matter, what’s important is that he completed the 5k surrounded by friends, many of who we wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for parkrun. John is back having another course of chemotherapy and we know that whatever it throws at us this time parkrun will still be there for us with support, encouragement and hugs through every stage of this awful journey. So to all of you that have been there for us, thank you.

Well, after the rain on Friday night we expected the course to be bit muddy with plenty of puddles to jump or splash through, so I think it’s time to change into trail shoes.

This week 473 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 55 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 39 volunteers:

Brian JUDKINS • Diane POTTER • Helen HENRY • Mike DIFRANCO • James STOCKER • Claire WILSHAW • Paul CRUSH • Michaela JOYSEY • Rebecca Louise ANDERSON • Loles GARCIA DIAZ • Caroline MCGONIGAL • Mary HOLMES • Fiona MCDAID • Claire MASON • Pamela ABBOTT • Joanna HARRALL • Elaine HENDRIE • Jeremy DYER • Cameron FEHR • Mike PITT • Catriona COLE • Hillary TAUNTON • Mike HORSCROFT • Gary COLE • Ben MEADOWS • Geoff MEADS • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Tim DAVISON • Janet DAVISON • Claire POTTER • Wendy JOHNSON • Clare DOWNIE • Sheila CAYTON • Sian HAGAN • Susan HORROD • Andrew CORBETT • Phoebe LEWIN • Ben MOSS • Dawn CASTERTON

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