Cambridge parkrun #509 – the 10th birthday one.

Until today the biggest 10th birthday party I had been to was when the whole class of 30 was invited, but today we had about 600 people at the 10th anniversary of Cambridge parkrun. The sing-along set the mood brilliantly and helped the 45 volunteers and 557 runners create a memorable event.
The theme of the celebrations was ‘Milestones’ and we welcomed 19 first time parkrunners, and celebrated with Louisa Phillips, David Wyatt, Kate Knill and Milan Erdos who did their 50th parkrun. Chris Jones did his 100th parkrun and Paul Beastall, Louise Pryor and Pamela Abbott all ran their 250th parkrun.

There were cakes, biscuits and flapjacks aplenty washed down by the usual mix of beverages including Prosecco. For those first timers to Milton Country Park, we do this every Saturday, well minus the tutus and capes!

Cambridge is the Granddaddy of the Cambridgeshire parkruns spawning 10 other 5ks and 7 junior parkruns, so that in total over 3 million kilometres have been run at a Cambridgeshire parkrun since that first snowy parkrun 10 years ago. Which, based on todays cake consumption, means that we have eaten about 5 kms of cakes and drunk enough tea and coffee to fill one of Milton’s lakes.
Parkrun may not solve the great problems and inequalities in our society but it does build a community and today as the culmination of the last 10 years was a superb example of that.

Thank you to everyone who came and volunteered or ran and to all of you who have done so over the years, together we have made something rather special. Keep volunteering and running and we’ll see you next week for the start of our next decade.

This is what it started out like. Here is the very first run report:

First run report!
Posted on January 30, 2010 by cambridgeoffice

Indeed, the sunny smiles at the start were almost bright enough to melt the snow. A great turnout of 71 runners and 11 helpers made for a bustling event with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
Owing to the conditions runners were urged to go cautiously, using today's run as an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the course and the route - storming PBs were advised to be something to think about another day. Despite conditions, David Bettinson of Cambridge Tri Club and Alessandro Coianiz of Cambridge and Coleridge lead the field with an impressive pace. David eventually crossed the finish in 17:29 narrowly ahead of Alessandro in 17:32, who was best age graded male.
Of the ladies, Katie Samuelson-Dean from Cambridge and Coleridge finished first in 26:08. Katie's result is particularly good given that she ended up running considerably further on account of vanishing directional arrow allowing her to go the wrong way. Carol Stanier, also Cambridge and Coleridge, came in second for the ladies in 26:42. Well done to Una Mannu for best age graded female performance.
Throughout the field, everyone ran their hearts out to the line and there were some very impressive finishes. Wonderful to see a lady cross the line in tears of joy at having completed the event - her first run in a month on account of an injury. Well done!
Sadly, the weather had caused problems for some of the volunteers in getting to the course, which impacted on course signage. As a result some runners did take the wrong route. If you know that your time is incorrect, do let us know. Far better to have an accurate time rather than an overly swift one which may be difficult for you to improve upon.
It was interesting to note that of all those who ran today, it seems only one had taken part in a parkrun event before. This makes organising the Cambridge event particularly rewarding, because it means we're bringing parkrun to a whole new group of people. Naturally, the event has only been made possible because of our great volunteers. A big thank you is owed to every single one of them. If you enjoyed running today, please do consider volunteering your time on a future occasion. A special thank you goes to the poor helper who fell off their bike on the way to the event not once, not twice, but three times! Perseverance prize goes to you, Dom!
Today was such fun - seeing everyone enjoying themselves, sharing the eureka moment when we successfully submitted our first results was quite magical. So, well done to everyone and we hope to see you all again very soon!


Cambridge parkrun is 10!

On the last Saturday in January 2010, 71 runners and 11 volunteers took part in the first Cambridge parkrun at Milton Country Park. Join us as we celebrate this weekend! Wear your favourite parkrun t-shirt or celebrate your own personal milestones. Most likely there'll be cake!


Cambridge parkrun #506 – 4th January 2020

Well done to everyone who ran on Saturday, and particularly well done if you came along for the first time. I hope you enjoyed it. I always think that January is a great time to start (or come back to) parkrun as loads of people are just getting into running / recovering / starting work on a new target at this time of year. Parkrun is friendly and it's a run, not a race, so don't feel pressured - you come along and do the run / walk that works for you. Most people find that it's much easier to stick at it for 5k if you're running with others, whether your aim to to complete the course or to keep the pace for a particular finish time. Just go easy on yourself as the great thing is that there's a Saturday in every week.

I had a great time this week. I'd been away, so it was good to be back and see people, and we had some lovely puddles and mud to welcome us. I have a sad heel so I did a little running and quite a few chunks of walking too this time. Thank you to everyone who cheered me along! Thank you also to the marshals who pointed out the particularly slippy areas as we went. With all the mud, it wasn't really a fast week this week (well done if you managed a personal best time nonetheless!), but it was a lot of fun and my post-run tea felt well deserved. If you've not been in the cafe recently, note that there's now a much bigger part open upstairs including a smaller second till up there to help with the queue.

The median time this week (position 267) was 29:20, and the times ranged from our first finisher Tom Vickery with a strong lead at 16:29 to the orange hi-viz tailwalkers (thanks Jake Harris and Deborah Collison) at 1:02:58. The first lady was Charlotte East at 20:08, with Darcie Hay second and Claire Wilshaw third, and it was close between Thomas Barnes (second overall) and Andrew Butcher (third this time). The first junior runner was Kyan Mayo in the JM15-17 category, who also came in 10th place overall, while the fastest runners on their first parkruns were Joe Salvage for the men and and Hannah Flemmington for the women, and the fastest tourist was Jeremy Brown (welcome!). Well done to all! Nice to see three different age categories represented in the age-grading 1,2,3: Well done Tom Vickery, Martin Kilduff and Stephen Howard. Special congratulations also to Rebecca Munro and Sarah Mogg on new sub-30 personal bests. We need some aesthetically pleasing times too, of course: this week they include Edward Taylor's 25:25, Hayley Jasper's 27:27 and Mike Kemp's 29:29. The busiest time I can see was 27:18 - three people finished in that second, the third of whom was David Cross on a personal best time - lucky to have such quick-fingered timekeepers!

Some runners achieved a milestone this week - parkrun gives a free T shirt for running particular numbers of runs - you may have seen them in the park. Congratulations to Ryan Church on his 10th parkrun (there's a white T shirt for juniors who have achieved this) and also to Chloe Hodgkinson and Mike Sales on their 50th parkruns (they get a red T shirt).

Parkrun is a great thing and it's all run by volunteers each week, who put signs out, marshal the course, scan barcodes, give out tokens when you finish etc. If you are able to help on one of the coming weeks (none of the tasks are too difficult and they'll explain how to do things), do email to sign up. Many thanks to this week's team, who were Pamela Abbott, Catrionna Achermann, Paul Bestall, Jacqueline Bell, Andrew Burge, Lisa Clatworthy, Catriona Cole, Debora Collison, Susie Cumming, Neill Foster, Loles Garcia Diaz, Emma Greaves, Lauren Greaves, Kristy Guneratne, Chris Harris, Jake Harris, Lois Harris, Helen Henry, Martin Daniel Horrod, Hayley Horrod, Susan Horrod, Elsoe Jenkins, Mick Johnson, Marisa Hohnson, Anita Joysey, Jen Little, Una Mannu, Richard Martin, Jo McGowan, Alison Meadows, Valerie Morgan, Jack Mossop, Emma Newman, Jenny Payne, Laura Pearson-Clark, Louise Pryor, Megan Ruddlesden, Simon Smyth, Sally Stewart, James Stocker and Brent Swann-Auge.

See you next time! Maybe persuade a friend to come too? Thanks for reading.



Cambridge parkrun #480 6th July 2019

Another warm summer (sweaty!) parkrun this week – as always, a wonderful way to kick off the weekend. We welcomed 499 runners and walkers and a whopping 90 of them set new PBs! A quick scan of the results highlighted some particularly notable performances:

- Congratulations to first female finisher Becky Hair who ran 18.31 for a new PB.
- Christian Lee ran his 50 th parkrun and in doing so managed to set a new PB of 20.02 (tantalisingly close to sub-20… maybe next pacing week Christian?!)
- Regular VC and member of the core volunteer team Catriona Cole took 20 seconds off her previous best to run 23.47
- Janay Fehr had a week off pushing her double running buggy and the resistance training has clearly paid off as she ran a storming 26.41, her first time under 27 minutes.
- Caroline McGonigal gets a mention for being my mum and running a new PB of 27.08!

We welcomed five new entrants into the 50 club – well done to Andrew Butcher, Christian Lee, Stephen Stretton, T Barber and Joanna Harbour as well as junior Lucius Vellacott who ran his 10th run (also with a new PB).

23 people ran their first ever Cambridge parkrun this week; at the other end of the scale, our most prolific parkrunner was Kristy Guneratne representing St Radegund RC on her 425th run.

As I’m sure many of you will know, our hosts Milton Country Park are a charity and the car parking money goes to directly to the park. If you’d like to show your support for the park in another way then do consider voting for them in the Fields in Trust awards I spotted some other parkrun venues on the list too, so also worth looking at if you’re thinking of some parkrun tourism.

Thank you to all the volunteers this week, including our lovely pacing team who I am sure helped with the many PBs that were set.
Paul BELZAR, Steve BUCHAN, Andrew BURGE, Neil BURNS, Adam CARE, Emily CHANNON, Lisa CLATWORTHY, Gary COLE, Catriona COLE, Sophie DARLING, Julia DARLING, Nicola EDE, Karoly ERDOS, Thomas GEORGE, Eleanor Evelyn HALFPENNY, Antony HELLIWELL, Rob HEWLETT, Nicki HIGGINS, Dom HILL, Mike HORSCROFT, Charles HOWARD, Marisa JOHNSON, Mick JOHNSON, Michaela JOYSEY, Carola KANZ, Stefan KAYE, Eleanor LIMB, Tom LINDFIELD, Jo MCGOWAN, Geoff

Pacing week will be back on the first Saturday in August so let us know nearer the time if you fancy having a go.
Until next parkrunday,


Cambridge parkrun #478 22nd of June 2019

The combination of a beautiful sunny morning and the cancellation of nearby Wimpole Estate parkrun ensured that Cambridge parkrun number 478 (22nd June 2019) welcomed 550 walkers and runners of all abilities and ages, representing 50 different clubs.

A whopping 65 participants completed their first parkrun at Milton Country Park. 22 of these first timers completed their first ever parkrun, including the bass player for a well-known Cambridge folk/rock band. The remaining 43 first timers were visiting, not just from Wimpole Estate and other local parkruns, but from far and wide, including Bath, Manchester, Wales and South Africa! As Saturday's parkrun coincided with the final term (AKA 'semester' at other educational establishments) of the university year, regular fellow parkrun 'World Tourists' Stephen and Sandra Rhodes, visited Cambridge parkrun for the first time to add a 'C' towards their 'Pirate Challenge', (an unofficial challenge found on the parkrun challenges Google Chrome extension). Oh, and they collected their son from his university digs in town too; however, he did have to wait to be collected until his parents had eaten a slice of milestone celebration cake first!

Welcome back to those who completed their second parkrun; don't worry soon your Saturdays (AKA parkrunday) will have changed forever. There were also 57 unknowns; please remember that if you want an official time don’t forget your
barcode (DFYB).

Ideal running conditions ensured 79 amazing individuals achieved a new personal best, their times ranging between 16:33 (Harry Anderson-Chapman) and 43:24 (Carol Cambie). The highest age grade % went to Daniel Georges Aguilar-Agon
(83.18%) for the men; and to Kate Knill, for the women (77.83%).

Stephen Borrill finished in a particularly aesthetically pleasing time of 22:22 on his 24th parkrun. Richard Jones finished in 23:23, Marc Stamford in 24:24, Tim Quilter in 25:25, Gary Howell in 29:29, Jane Whitten in 31:31 and Sarah Jones in 34:34.
Congratulations go to the many parkrunners that achieved milestones this weekend. Edward Penfound (under 10) completed his 10th 5k parkrun, which is the first official milestone for junior parkrunners. David Archer, Sean Streets, David Still and Beka Kimberley all completed their 50th parkruns. No-one completed their 100th parkrun at Cambridge parkrun this week, but Marcus Gaiser-Porter has just one to go before he earns his 100 milestone t-shirt.

Persistence has paid off for two Cambridge regulars; Gordon Campbell and Colin West both completed their 250th parkruns this Saturday. They join just over 6000 parkrunners all over the world who have now completed 250 parkruns or more.

It was a pleasure to see regular first finisher Chris Darling completing his first parkrun for some time. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation to recover from a stress fracture. Many Cambridge regulars were delighted to report that they had finished ahead of, or even lapped Chris Darling! We all know that parkrun is not a race, but it is not often that most of us can say we managed this achievement. Try not to fall over at the finish line next time Chris, you don't want to slow down your recovery!!
This week's parkrun was made possible through the volunteer efforts of 38 wonderful volunteers.

Thank you for reading.
Linda (your 'first timer' run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun #477, 15th June 2019

"Trail shoes? Yes, definitely trail shoes." It’s not uncommon for a wedding WhatsApp group to include a discussion of shoe choice, but it’s less normal for someone to suggest bringing cross country spikes! However about 25 jolly parkrunners, from seasoned tourists to complete first timers, were joining Cambridge parkrun this weekend to help celebrate the wedding of Joe Barker and Diane Archer.

Meeting as students in the city, Cambridge was the original home parkrun for both the bride and groom, although they subsequently relocated to Finsbury Park and then on to Bangkok (where setting up parkrun Thailand has taken second place to wedding planning). We’d been told to expect mud and narrow paths, but what else did Cambridge hold? Famed for my poor navigation skills, I was a little nervous looking at the course map that I’d get my laps and directions confused. I needn’t have worried - the course was very clearly signed, well-staffed with enthusiastic marshals and, as solid middle-of-the-pack runners, we had plenty of friendly feet to follow. Award for most enthusiastic volunteer day definitely goes to Run Director (sorry I've forgotten his name! Maybe Ed?), who had clearly had his pre-event coffee. His energetic pre-run brief included extra emphasis on the special Cambridge parkrun rule - “we don’t run round the puddles - we run through the puddles!”. Trail shoes were definitely a good idea. Given the recent rainfall, the course was actually less muddy than we’d feared, and even the famous “muddy corner” was easily runnable. The parkrun weather window was in operation, giving us glorious sunshine for the duration. The wooded paths provided welcome shade, and as more of a natural swimmer myself I was disappointed running through the puddles didn't extend to a dip in one of the many ponds and pools on the route. Hotter than expected, the post-run ice cream in the cafe made an excellent substitute for a Travelodge breakfast.

To the formalities: 480 parkrunners ran, jogged or walked their way into the weekend at Cambridge this Saturday, with representatives from 41 different clubs. 24 people ran their first ever parkrun (congrats!) and 39 tourists paid their first visit to Cambridge. 54 PBs were recorded, including one for first finisher, Harry Anderson-Chapman. Three runners reached their 50 milestone on Saturday: Giorgio STERLINI, Jonathan DAVIES and Tony KELLY, while it was 100 runs for Matthew FAUPEL. In unofficial milestones, Marysol and Andrew BELL hit 150 apiece and Joseph PHILIP reached a stonking 300 runs - wow! In the most hotly anticipated result of the day, the groom beat the bride by about 7 minutes but she married him anyway.

The event was made possible by 37 volunteers, and all the visitors I spoke to commented on how lovely to was to see so many marshals around the course - including a number of excellent mini-marshals. As a visitor to the parkrun I was made incredibly welcome, so if you're nervous about volunteering please don't be - you'll get very well looked after. Thanks again to the whole Cambridge team for an excellent morning, it was a pleasure it include you all in the special day.



Cambridge parkrun #474 – 25th May 2019

Well it was another sunny bank holiday weekend (for the most part) and this Saturday our run director Gary told us it could be a PB day! (ooh!) A busy run today, with (from the photo on the facebook page) what looked like a large proportion of first-timers and tourists. 517 people ran, jogged or walked the beautifully shady, puddle-free course. And as the sun came out I could feel the humidity at the end of the first lap rising off the vegetation - phew.

Some lovely statistics here looking at the results (even as a Maths teacher - I’m not sure I’ve ever said “lovely statistics” before?!). I count 70 first timers at Cambridge, some of whom are doing well with their touring of various parkruns, Steven KEAM (34:31) who has visited 31 different parkruns and is only two runs shy of his 250, Lulu CAPS (35:01) a regular at Margate parkrun, is three runs shy of her 250 and has visited 26 different parkruns. Alina
SANDU (31:04) on her 55th parkrun has visited 16 different places. And Fiona WARREN (30:14) has visited 8 different parkruns since the beginning of March - wow! The 474th runner for event #474 was Leslie LAWRENCE (36:37).

So it turns out that 92 people achieved a PB today (18% of participants). Well done to the 20 people who came back for their 2nd parkrun including Rory GRIGGS who achieved an aesthetically pleasing time of 22:22. And Jon ANDERSON who achieved the highest age graded score of the day at 84.47% with a time of 18:02 - WOW! Congratulations to the three people who ran their 50th parkrun, Jan WILDENHAIN (22:59), Pete LEWIN (39:37) and Anthony IRWIN (30:10). Then we had Aideen FOLEY (23:56) achieve her 100th parkrun!

Of course we are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Rebecca Louise ANDERSON, Andrew BELL, Marysol F. BELL, Stephen BLUNT, Andy BOUTLE, Andreea CHIFOREANU, Lisa CLATWORTHY, Catriona COLE, Gary COLE, Andrew
CORBETT, Nicola EDE, Cameron FEHR, Sharen HALFPENNY, Joanna HARRALL, Lois HARRIS, Chris HARRIS, Helen HENRY, Mary HOLMES, Paula HUGHES, Kerion HUNT, Mary Esther JENNINGS, Michaela JOYSEY, Laurence LAMARCQ, Katharina Barbara

Thanks also go to the wonderful Milton Country Park, a small charity, who allow us to run there each week.
Until next week parkrunners (I will be enjoying half term),


Cambridge parkrun run report #448

Hi, this is the first time John and I have written the run report and we wanted to do this so that we could tell our story.

Practically three years ago to the day, Wendy graduated to run her first parkrun after completing the C25k program. John wasn’t interested in running stating there was no point running if there wasn’t a ball to chase, he was a football referee. Something he has had to give up.

On 19th December 2015 he gave it a go, and has never looked back. On Saturday 10th November 2018 he became a member of club 100. This may not seem a huge achievement, there are many runners who manage to do this, however, in April 2017 our lives were turned upside down when this fit and healthy man was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer.

John continued to run parkrun whilst having chemotherapy last summer, his fastest time last year was the day after his first treatment, pumped up on steroids!
John’s PB is 27.40, yesterday’s time was 1:09:08, but it doesn’t matter, what’s important is that he completed the 5k surrounded by friends, many of who we wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for parkrun. John is back having another course of chemotherapy and we know that whatever it throws at us this time parkrun will still be there for us with support, encouragement and hugs through every stage of this awful journey. So to all of you that have been there for us, thank you.

Well, after the rain on Friday night we expected the course to be bit muddy with plenty of puddles to jump or splash through, so I think it’s time to change into trail shoes.

This week 473 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 55 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 39 volunteers:

Brian JUDKINS • Diane POTTER • Helen HENRY • Mike DIFRANCO • James STOCKER • Claire WILSHAW • Paul CRUSH • Michaela JOYSEY • Rebecca Louise ANDERSON • Loles GARCIA DIAZ • Caroline MCGONIGAL • Mary HOLMES • Fiona MCDAID • Claire MASON • Pamela ABBOTT • Joanna HARRALL • Elaine HENDRIE • Jeremy DYER • Cameron FEHR • Mike PITT • Catriona COLE • Hillary TAUNTON • Mike HORSCROFT • Gary COLE • Ben MEADOWS • Geoff MEADS • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Tim DAVISON • Janet DAVISON • Claire POTTER • Wendy JOHNSON • Clare DOWNIE • Sheila CAYTON • Sian HAGAN • Susan HORROD • Andrew CORBETT • Phoebe LEWIN • Ben MOSS • Dawn CASTERTON


Cambridge parkrun #435 11/08/18 Run Report

Well that was a lovely day for a parkrun, wasn’t it? After what has felt at times like endless weeks of unbroken sunshine and soaring temperatures even at 9am, conditions today felt much more pleasant. As ever Milton Country Park provided a lovely backdrop for the morning’s activities, with welcome shade in the forest and even a few puddles for those of you who have missed the splashing recently. We had 547 finishers, including 63 first time visitors to Cambridge of whom 25 were brand new to parkrun. We hope you all enjoyed your parkrun and that we’ll see you again soon.

First finisher this week was Stephen Jackson of Elvet Striders. Stephen was visiting us for the second time, having first run with us back in 2014 and this time ran over two minutes quicker. Stephen can normally be found parkrunning in the North East but at that improvement rate maybe he’ll come back again in another four years and break our course record?! First lady over the line was Emma Jolley, also a returning tourist – Emma usually runs down at Southsea parkrun but has now visited us 14 times, so it was nice to have you back Emma, we hope to see you again soon.

PBs today were dotted throughout the field with 78 being recorded in total. One that stood out was Maggie Webb who has run 59 times at Cambridge and today set a new PB of exactly 33 minutes. That was Maggie’s 5th PB of the year, so if anyone wants training tips then she might be a good person to talk to! Two other PBs of note belong to Lucy Hutchison (21.05) and Stuart Payne (27.55) – I mention these as they both managed to time running PBs with the celebrations of their family members. Lucy’s mum Tracy (one of our Run Directors and new Event Director of the forthcoming Coldham's Common parkrun) ran her 250th parkrun and Stuart’s wife Jenny (core volunteer and famous for once declaring that she was never going to run a parkrun) ran her 100th parkrun today. I shall leave it to you to decide whether Lucy and Stuart were merely adding to the family celebrations or whether there was a spot of competitiveness going on! Either way, thank you for the delicious cakes. Also completing a milestone parkrun this week were Rocco Ferguson who as a junior runner entered the 10 club and Fiona Nimmo, Andrew Hopkins, Darragh Byrne and Adam Williams who all ran their 50th parkrun. Finally, Jurgen Gaiser-Porter joined Jenny in the 100 club – congratulations to all.
Most of the runners today opted for traditional running attire, but one parkrunner in particular stood out in her long white dress. I’m sure everyone will have seen bride-to-be Esther on the start line who admirably completed the whole of parkrun in full bridal gear. Thank you for choosing to start your hen do with parkrun Esther and a special well done to the members of your party who ran behind you holding up the train of your dress! All of us at Cambridge parkrun send our best wishes for a long and happy marriage and we hope to see you running with us again (though I’m guessing next time you might prefer shorts and tshirt!).

As always, we can’t put on a parkrun without a team of volunteers. Thank you to the 46 volunteers this week:
Anette LAVER • John WILDERSPIN • Helen HENRY • Charlotte HITCHEN • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Justin Anthony GREAVES • Lauren GREAVES • Katie TWEEN • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Mary HOLMES • Adam TAPLEY • Pete RESNICK • Darren LANDER • Sabine BUCHHOLZ • Sharlene MURDOCH • Marysol F. BELL • Martin Daniel HORROD • Richard MARTIN • Fiona MACDONALD • Joshua CLARK • Stephen CORNELL • Karoly ERDOS • Gary COLE • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Kaitlyn HORROD • Lois HARRIS • Robert BARBER • James BARBER • Jessica HORROD • Pauline KNIGHTON • Milla ERDOS • Mark WASSELL • Nadine BARBER • Bob PEACOCK • Kushan VYAS • Sian HAGAN • Hayley HORROD • Ffion SHELLIE • Orsolya BATTA • Alan WINTER • Max MARTIN • Jessica FEETENBY • Gertine BLOM • Christine ROBERTS • Jessica ROOKE

If you’d like to sign up to volunteer for one of the next few weeks then please email, sign up on the whiteboard by the café or send us a message on social media (@cambparkrun).
See you next parkrunday,

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