Cambridge parkrun #484 3rd August 2019

It was another gorgeous day in Milton Country Park and we welcomed many visitors from Coldham’s Common parkrun as well as tourists who are attending the Folk Festival. I hope you all had a brilliant time. We had our fifth highest attendance today – 610 of you – it’s been a long time since I had to queue at the first bridge. Of those 610, 98 were first timers at Cambridge and, of those, 18 were first timers to parkrun. We hope you all had a great morning with us and stayed to enjoy the café.
76 of you set new PBs – well done! Milestones were achieved by Ian Keys and Jamie Ward (PB!) who reached 100 runs, Martin Davies and Andrew Kennedy ran their 50th and Megan Birch qualified for her 10 T shirt. Well done to all.

This was Cambridge parkrun number 484 and Julia Oldham finished in position 484 in her first ever parkrun. Some of the aesthetically pleasing times include John Robson at 19.:19, Aonghus Haicéid 20:02, Gordon Ross 23:45, Lina Undicino 26:27, Katherine Troeller 29:29 and Jo Horley 34:56.

We hope you got a good result, but we did have quite a few funnel duckers, people overtaking in the funnel, people crossing the line twice and so on. If you cross the finish line, the timekeepers will click the stopwatches. If you don’t want a finish token, please carry on through the funnel, in order, and let the finish tokens people know. This means that everything is in order and makes life much easier for the results processors.
Today’s parkrun would not have been possible without the support of Milton Country Park and all our volunteers. Amongst the team of 39 people who made your morning run possible were seven first time volunteers – hope you enjoyed it. Volunteering is great fun and anyone is welcome to try their hand at the roles available; we’d love to have you.

This week’s high viz heroes were: Julia DARLING, Helen HENRY, Steve BUCHAN, Graham DARLING, Beccy TAYLOR, Joseph SMITH, Lisa CLATWORTHY, Neil TWEEN, Mary HOLMES, Christina YOUELL, Frances NEW, Pamela ABBOTT, Rachel EVANS, Robert ZIEGLER, Martin Daniel HORROD, Stephen CORNELL, Jenny PAYNE, Gary COLE, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Ricky MITCHELL, Mary MITCHELL, Frederick CHEUNG, Peter CHARROT, Bob PEACOCK, Nigel NEW, Travis LEE, Stuart PAYNE, Bob STOREY, Elena CHICULITA, Daniel WORF, Paul Marius BIVOL, Laurence LAMARCQ, Susan HORROD, Graham DRANE, Valerie MORGAN, P ., Robert JONES, Susie CUMMING and Chelsea OBRIEN. Thank you all very much!

See you all next week!


Cambridge parkrun #482 – 20 July 2019

Saturday's parkrun was hot and surprisingly humid, so congratulations to the 423 runners and walkers who came along and completed our three lap course, and also to 38 volunteers who set out the course, encouraged, directed, timed, scanned barcodes etc. to make it all happen so smoothly. This week's volunteers were: Andrew BURGE, Anna TUKE, Beccy TAYLOR, Ben MOSS, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Cameron FEHR, David James COLE, Elizabeth STOREY, Emily CHANNON, Emma GREAVES, Fiona MCDAID, Gwyneth HORSCROFT, Helen HENRY, Ian FARRELL, Ian HANNAH, Jackie TOMLINSON, James VARNDELL, Janay FEHR, Jenny PAYNE, Jim HIGGINS, Jo HORLEY, Jonathan DAVIES, Kristy GUNERATNE, Laurence LAMARCQ, Lisa CLATWORTHY, Maeva VALLET, Martin KILDUFF, Mary HOLMES, Melanie REED, Mike PITT, P., Paul TAYLOR-CRUSH, Paula HUGHES, Rachel EVANS, Stuart PAYNE, Theodore FEHR, Tom WOMACK and Valerie MORGAN. Thank you very much!

The course felt pretty good underfoot this week, the 'slight squidginess' of lap 1 was very slight, but it's always important to keep an eye out for tree roots on this course, as a few do stick up a bit, especially at the first bend. I'm a regular runner and I had a lovely relaxed run this time, adapted for heat and tiredness levels, just enjoying the pace that felt right that day. I was pleased to see some walkers out as well, and kudos to the parents managing to get out for a run by pushing a buggy.

Paula HUGHES and Stuart PAYNE did the briefing for new runners, welcoming 53 first timers. We hope you enjoyed it and please come back soon! 22 runners (or at least, 22 with barcodes) were doing their first ever parkrun, including Valerie MORGAN, who both earned her 25 T-shirt for volunteering and completed her first parkrun as tail walker; Harry GREEN who did his first 5k parkrun after completing nine of the 2k junior parkruns (Sundays, 10am); and first in the JW10 category, Anastasia DINES who normally runs at Grovelands parkrun in Enfield. Talking of tourists, we also had some prolific tourists who chose to run at Cambridge this time, including Annette HOWARD, a whole troupe of BARNETT's, Jo WOOF, and Dawn Patricia VOLLMER, whose home run is Ebotse parkrun in South Africa but was joining us for her eighth Cambridge parkrun on Saturday.

Call to hi-viz! Over the summer it's always a bit tricky with some of the most regular helpers being away at different times, and we were all encouraged in Lisa CLATWORTHY's pre-run briefing to make a particular effort to sign up in July and August. With all the nice weather, it's also a really good time to bring potential volunteer friends, partners, and grannie along, and get them them involved in the fun. The future roster is here:, and if you can help, please email If you've not done a role before, don't worry as someone will show you what to do (and nothing is too hard).

On to this week's milestones - congratulations to JM10 runner Lewis Halcrow on his 10th 5k parkrun (though I should point out that he's done 46 junior parkruns as well!!), Julie HOLMES who did her 250th, and David NEWSTEAD who ran his 50th parkrun. Julie's first run was in March 2011, and she has done 213 of her runs at Cambridge and has also earned her 25 volunteer T shirt.

Our first finisher by some way was Ben JONES, who earnt himself a PB of 15:57 - his first sub-16 parkrun out of 175 runs on various courses. Very well done! Second was first timer James ROSS, and Richard MOORE came in third. For the women, Rebecca SHARPE and Charlotte EAST ran an impressive 19:38 and 19:47 respectively, with first timer Emma ETHERDIGE in third on her first go. In age grading, I like that Ben JONES and Richard MOORE managed 1 and 3 again, but this time with Mary HOLMES in second.

There were 42 PBs this week, including JM11-14 runner Stephen MEISER-STEDMAN taking yet another huge chunk off his time; Harry CANTELL, who was first finisher in the JM10 category; Kyan MAYO first JM11-14; Carol CAMBIE who took a minute and 21 seconds off her last PB (!); and I was pleased to notice that they include Sean O'CONNOR, who was going great guns when he came past me in the finishing straight for his 9th PB in 10 runs. Congratulations if you got a PB.

Fun finish times get a mention too - on a quick reading of the results, I liked 23:45 by Adam CARE, 21:12 by James TWEED, 23:23 by Patrick O'BRIEN and 24:24 by Stephen BLUNT.

Come along next week! And the week after! And the week after that! And sign up to volunteer over the summer! And bring a friend! Its always fun! OK - enough exclamation marks.

See you next time,


Cambridge parkrun #481 13th June 2019

This week's parkrun saw me marshalling due to a PRI (parkrun related injury). It was really nice weather for running which mostrobably contributed to 71 people recording new Personal Bests. It also seemed to make everyone happy as almost everyone passing myself and my little helper had big smiles on their faces.

This week 420 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 41 were first timers, 16 taking part in their first ever parkrun.

We didn't have anyone attaining any of the official landmarks today but Andrew Parker completed his 200th parkrun today.

Our first finisher was Jack Stanton-Stock in the JM15-17 category in an impressive time of 16:22, his second ever parkrun. First female finisher being Fiona Tideswell in 20:09 who has done a few more parkruns at 229.

Representatives of 36 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 41 volunteers, many thanks to all of them!

Steven ANDERSON, Steve BUCHAN, Paul CRUSH, Michaela JOYSEY, Emma GREAVES, Lauren GREAVES, Mary HOLMES, Alexander COLBY, Hermione CREASE, Fiona NIMMO, William WINTER, Rufus CURNOW, Martin Daniel HORROD, Mike PITT, Isobel HOGG, Karoly ERDOS, Mike HORSCROFT, Jenny PAYNE, Jackie TOMLINSON, Tony TOMLINSON, Philip RULE, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Kaitlyn HORROD, Tom WOMACK, Parminder LALLY, Paula HUGHES, Bob PEACOCK, Hilary SELLARS, Adrian SMITH, Gwyneth HORSCROFT, Hayley HORROD, Stuart PAYNE, Rachel Louise JONES, Susan HORROD, Valerie MORGAN, Ben WOMACK, Nicola EDE, Dean SNOW, Rachel CONNOR, Deborah COLLISON and Rebecca COOMBS.


Cambridge parkrun #478 22nd of June 2019

The combination of a beautiful sunny morning and the cancellation of nearby Wimpole Estate parkrun ensured that Cambridge parkrun number 478 (22nd June 2019) welcomed 550 walkers and runners of all abilities and ages, representing 50 different clubs.

A whopping 65 participants completed their first parkrun at Milton Country Park. 22 of these first timers completed their first ever parkrun, including the bass player for a well-known Cambridge folk/rock band. The remaining 43 first timers were visiting, not just from Wimpole Estate and other local parkruns, but from far and wide, including Bath, Manchester, Wales and South Africa! As Saturday's parkrun coincided with the final term (AKA 'semester' at other educational establishments) of the university year, regular fellow parkrun 'World Tourists' Stephen and Sandra Rhodes, visited Cambridge parkrun for the first time to add a 'C' towards their 'Pirate Challenge', (an unofficial challenge found on the parkrun challenges Google Chrome extension). Oh, and they collected their son from his university digs in town too; however, he did have to wait to be collected until his parents had eaten a slice of milestone celebration cake first!

Welcome back to those who completed their second parkrun; don't worry soon your Saturdays (AKA parkrunday) will have changed forever. There were also 57 unknowns; please remember that if you want an official time don’t forget your
barcode (DFYB).

Ideal running conditions ensured 79 amazing individuals achieved a new personal best, their times ranging between 16:33 (Harry Anderson-Chapman) and 43:24 (Carol Cambie). The highest age grade % went to Daniel Georges Aguilar-Agon
(83.18%) for the men; and to Kate Knill, for the women (77.83%).

Stephen Borrill finished in a particularly aesthetically pleasing time of 22:22 on his 24th parkrun. Richard Jones finished in 23:23, Marc Stamford in 24:24, Tim Quilter in 25:25, Gary Howell in 29:29, Jane Whitten in 31:31 and Sarah Jones in 34:34.
Congratulations go to the many parkrunners that achieved milestones this weekend. Edward Penfound (under 10) completed his 10th 5k parkrun, which is the first official milestone for junior parkrunners. David Archer, Sean Streets, David Still and Beka Kimberley all completed their 50th parkruns. No-one completed their 100th parkrun at Cambridge parkrun this week, but Marcus Gaiser-Porter has just one to go before he earns his 100 milestone t-shirt.

Persistence has paid off for two Cambridge regulars; Gordon Campbell and Colin West both completed their 250th parkruns this Saturday. They join just over 6000 parkrunners all over the world who have now completed 250 parkruns or more.

It was a pleasure to see regular first finisher Chris Darling completing his first parkrun for some time. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation to recover from a stress fracture. Many Cambridge regulars were delighted to report that they had finished ahead of, or even lapped Chris Darling! We all know that parkrun is not a race, but it is not often that most of us can say we managed this achievement. Try not to fall over at the finish line next time Chris, you don't want to slow down your recovery!!
This week's parkrun was made possible through the volunteer efforts of 38 wonderful volunteers.

Thank you for reading.
Linda (your 'first timer' run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun #470 – 27th April 2019

The balmy Easter weekend seemed like distant memory as many donned their running tights and even the odd pair of gloves, as the remnants of storm Hannah made it self known to the 439 parkrunners at Milton Country Park last Saturday. That said the course looked to be in tip top condition with no trace of any of the now legendary puddles that can turn the course into an ‘old school’ cross country more akin to an open water swim.

Numbers were however down on the previous week, possibly due to it being the eve of this year's edition of the London Marathon, with those brave souls taking a rest in preparation for the big one the following morning. There was however 20 runners starting their first ever parkrun - maybe some of you will be on the marathon start line this time next year?

Despite the over cast conditions, the sun did manage to poke its head through the clouds momentarily during the pre-run briefing, at which point I headed off to take up my position as a marshal near the half way point, just before the long straight that leads to what used to be known as the ’slippery bridge’. A recent injury has forced me to take a short break from running, with volunteering being the best way of maintaining one’s need for a weekly parkrun fix. After all it was an injury that led Paul Sinton-Hewitt to establish the first ever parkrun in Bushy Park way back in 2004.

Being at what approximates to the 2.5k mark on the course, the front runners were with me in a little over 8 minutes, followed by a pretty steady stream for the next 30 minutes or so. If you’ve never marshalled before, you’ll find it a great way to congratulate, motivate and generally interact with those taking part, Indeed it’s interesting to observe where you would be in the field based on your own particular pace. After about 15 minutes, the leaders were coming past again, lapping the main field and offering encouragement to those who they were passing. These included first finisher Andrew Hartley, with an impressive and aesthetically pleasing age grading of 77.77% ! and first lady finisher Helen Barry who was 18th overall, with a similarly impressive age grading of 76.82 %

Other notable achievements included Daniel Georges Aguila-Agon topping the age graded placings with a very impressive 82.32%

As well as Gary Howell and Valerie Allen who earned their 50 shirts. With David Sales, George Pake & Samantha Austin all earning their 100 shirts.

And not forgetting the 61 runners who achieved course PBs.

Finally another aesthetically pleasing stat to end on. Joe Girling whose time was 20:20, which matched his existing PB of 20:20. On both occasions he finished in 27th position. That’s 20 20 running for you !

A big thank you to all the volunteers with whom Cambridge parkrun 470 would not have been possible.

Alex EBERLIN • Ben MOSS • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Catriona COLE • Christine ADAMS • Clare DOWNIE • Elaine HENDRIE • Emma GREAVES • Gary COLE • Geoff MEADS • Hilary SELLARS • Jacqueline BELL • James STOCKER • Jennie PEACOCK • Jenny PAYNE • Joe TOWNSEND • Lauren GREAVES • Leslie PAUL • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Lorna ANDERSON • Mark YEATES • Mary HOLMES • Mary MITCHELL • Mike DIFRANCO • Pamela ABBOTT • Parminder LALLY • Paul CRUSH • Pauline BLAKE • Richard JONES • Ricky MITCHELL • Susan HORROD • Tony CHAPMAN • Valerie MORGAN

Injury permitting, I hope to be pacing a few of you next Saturday at an as yet unspecified time !



Cambridge parkrun #468 – 13th April 2019

Apologies to all, I sit here on my sofa (waiting for the lunchtime scones to bake) writing this a week late, having woken up this morning and realised I’d not written the run report for my 100th parkrun.

I love parkrun, it means a lot to me. Thankfully my amazing friend Beka introduced it to me just over 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I love the community spirit, seeing lots of regular faces, having a bit of a natter and enjoying the challenge of only competing against myself (and most weeks I don’t even worry about that!). It has been great for both my physical and mental health and I can’t see me giving it up anytime soon. Thank you to my friends who joined me this week for my celebratory 100th run (and cuppa at the Grounds Cafe afterwards). Especially Beka KIMBERLEY who introduced me, Kirsty HOLDEN who tried her first parkrun (the challenge is to come back for your second….) and Chris MOORE who forgot his barcode! #DFYB Chris!

I have recently started to regularly volunteer and car park duty is my favourite. Not only does it mean that you can run afterwards (bonus) but you get a mini warm up (stretching out your arms and legs directing traffic) and a chance to catch up with others who regularly volunteer. This week’s parkrun would not have been possible without the help of the following volunteers: Stewart AITKEN, Jessica BARRICK, Lisa CLATWORTHY, Catriona COLE, Gary COLE, Chris DARLING, Alison DURSTON, Lloyd FLEMING, Lois HARRIS, Mary HOLMES, Hayley HORROD, Martin Daniel HORROD, Susan HORROD, Kaitlyn HORROD, Gwyneth HORSCROFT, Denis HOWLETT, Paula HUGHES, Marisa JOHNSON, Michaela JOYSEY, Parminder LALLY, Kirsten LAMB, Fiona MACDONALD, Jonathon MARSH, Maria MARTIN, Richard MARTIN, Valerie MORGAN, Robert MORGAN, Ben MOSS, Leslie PAUL, Mike PITT, Sue STEARN, James STOCKER, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Beccy TAYLOR, Joe TOWNSEND, Anna TUKE, Claire WALKER, Gemma WATT

If you are thinking of trying volunteering ask around next week and find out which role would suit you (some allow you to run/walk before or after e.g. car parking, set up, run report writer etc) or take a look here: . I have a list of 40 things to do before I’m 40 (one of them was to get to my 100th parkrun - check) and now I’m trying to get to my 25th volunteering (should be achievable!).

This week was the start of the Easter holidays for some, and we saw 464 people run, jog or walk their way around the beautiful sunny (and puddle-free) Milton Country Park. Our Run Director this week (Chris) was having a great time with the air horn both at the start and as I came round after the first mini lap. There were also a lot of supporters along the main stretch cheering us all on and enjoying the sunshine and newly commissioned play park whilst they waited for us all to come in.

Just 4 people shy of the event number… I can’t tell you who came in position 468 today. However, 51 people were first timers at Cambridge Parkrun today (amazing!) and of those 18 were doing their first ever park run (fab!). Of the 18 people who came back for their second ever parkrun (BIG achievement - well done), 15 of them achieved a PB.

Notable achievements this week include Stuart POOL and Harry CONNOR both running their 50th Parkrun, and Steven ANDERSON running his 411th (Wow!). Joseph SMITH was first into the funnel today at 16:09 for the men and Rebecca SHARPE for the ladies at 19:11 achieving a PB. Paul MAKOWSKI and Stephen HOWARD both achieved amazing age graded scores (over 80%).

Well done to those who picked themselves up after a fall this week (keep an eye out for those pesky tree roots everyone), or who helped those who had fallen. As I said before - I love the community spirit at parkrun.

As always a big thank you to the core team and to Milton Country Park for hosting us. Milton Country Park is a charity so if you can please try to contribute (I’d recommend sampling the ice cream at the Grounds Cafe).

I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks after I’ve ticked off a few more of my 40 things to do before I’m 40.



parkrun run report 16th February

I was very happy to be at Cambridge parkrun today. I'd turned up two weeks ago in time to volunteer for the car parking only to find the core team had had to cancel due to the slippery snowy paths (thankfully I made it in time to Wimpole parkrun for an icy start and a cold run in the sunshine there). Last week I'd managed to get to Great Dunmow parkrun for a blustery run.
This week at Cambridge was warm and drier than I'd anticipated if not a bit grey. But the snowdrops were now in bloom on what I shall call “Run Director's mound”, which added to my happiness pre-parkrun.

This week 481 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 48 were first timers and 54 recorded new Personal Bests including the first three through the finish funnel. Representatives of 31 different clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cambridge parkrun Results Page.

A selection of aesthetically pleasing times this week were achieved by Neville Doe at 20:00, Carl Matthews at 21:21, Nigel Crosland at 22:00, Aidan Haslop at 22:44 and Hermione Crease at 31:41 (10 x Pi truncated at 2d.p.).

As always thank you to the core team, Milton Country Park and all the volunteers:

Katherine HEYDON • Alan BALDOCK • Diane POTTER • James STOCKER • Claire WILSHAW • Rebecca Louise ANDERSON • Paul BEASTALL • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Mary HOLMES • Eric TAPLEY • Laura Jane WINTER • Marjorie WINTER • Pamela ABBOTT • Robert ZIEGLER • Sharen HALFPENNY • Janay FEHR • Mike PITT • Catriona COLE • Jenny PAYNE • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Kezia ADAMS • Tim DAVISON • Janet DAVISON • Paula HUGHES • Peter CHARROT • Sally STEWART • Jill NOBLE • Stuart PAYNE • Leslie LAWRENCE • Chris MARTIN • James PEARSON • Theodore FEHR • Susan HORROD • Andrew CORBETT • Valerie MORGAN • Claire WALKER • Janet WILLMOTT • Nicola EDE • Dorothea TROTTER

See you next week!


Cambridge parkrun run report – 3rd November 2018

PUDDLES! The recent rain meant we saw the return of Milton parkrun’s now infamous muddy puddles this week. Who took delight in splashing through them? As we head deeper into autumn and onto winter they are likely to be a regular feature. Can we remind people of the importance of running through the puddles and not suddenly changing direction or stopping to try and avoid them. Last winter saw a nasty accident caused by someone trying to avoid a puddle and it would be great if this winter we managed to avoid any broken bones. Oh and don’t forget a change of shoes and socks, if like me, you can’t bare having your post run cuppa with soggy feet.

It was pacing week this week, with 498 of you walking, jogging and running your way round the course. The puddles didn’t seem to hold people back, with 75 of you gaining a new PB. I hoped the pacing helped. Well done to, Callum MOLLOY, Matt JERVIS, Andrew THOMPSON, Thomas GRAFF, Matthew FEETENBY, Michael QUINN, Matthew WINGATE, Robert HOFF, Johnny ATKINSON, Edward SHAKESPEARE, Lucy BROWNE, Thomas MORGAN, Johnny POOL, Ella WHITTLESTONE, Paul TAYLOR-CRUSH, Andy BOUTLE, Duncan MARRIOTT, Nick GREEN, Michael HAWES, Jake SAUNDERS, Ian STEWART, James DODDS, Hasan BLOWER, Ana SPRINGHAM, Emma DE SALIS YOUNG, Roseanna MCMAHON, Fiona MACDONALD, Andrew CLARK, Rosie TASKER, Alistair DAY, Emma DOWNIE, Peter BRISBOURNE, Laura PHIPPS, Zoe CAVENDISH, Hillary TAUNTON, Alfie TAPLIN, Lucy CRYER, Zoe GILL, Douglas MCMILLAN, Jane CUNDLIFFE, Ellis GARDENER, Elizabeth STOREY, Maighread IRELAND, Sarah MEARNS, Andrew SAMBELL, Rebecca NG, Ineta PORAKYTE, Jackie HEY, Helen THROWER, Natasha STOREY, Grace CLARK, Martin PAYNE, Richard HAMES, Paul WRIGHT, James MILLS, Bonita WARD, Leah MILNE, Helen MCMILLAN, Jane STYLES, Deb UNITT, Nick JARVIS, Tilly SHARP, Charlotte TAYLOR, Eve HOPLEY, Rhian DIXON, Jane LEWIS, Pauline STEWART, Genny BAILEY, Daisy TEMPEST, Katie HARPER, Karen MEIKLE, Andria LAWS, Jenny SUMMERTON, Jane FOWLER and Joy ERASMUS.

Welcome to the 26 of you who completed parkrun for the very first time, we hope you enjoyed it and will be back soon for more.

It was event 447 for Cambridge parkrun this week and the runer to finish in position 447 was Marysol F. BELL. Marysol has completed a total of 138 parkruns. 136 of those at Cambridge, with a smattering of tourism thrown in for good measure. Marysol ran her very first parkrun back in 2013. She has also helped to ensure Cambridge parkrun can take place 108 times, volunteering every year since 2013, including 9 times so far this year. Thank you very much :-) If you would like to help to ensure Cambridge parkrun can take place over the next few weeks, take a look at the future roster, where you will be able to see what volunteer roles still need covering.

First to finish this week was Ben TRIGG, in a time of 17:51. Richard MOORE, was second across the line in 17:57, with Callum MOLLOY (junior) hot on his heals in a time of 17:58. For the ladies, Helen BARRY was first to cross the line in 19:54, followed by Kristy GUNERATNE in 20:27 and Natasha TREAGUST in 20:36. Edward SHAKESPEARE, was the second junior to cross the line in 22:05 and Thomas MORGAN was third in 22.25. Amy GLEMAS was the first female junior to finish, in 28:00.

It was a busy week for run club runs. Bob STOREY, Caroline BUTCHER, Elena CHICULITA, Jack PAKE, Sarah PAKE and Stephen ROSE all ran their 50th parkrun, while Sarah Bell ran her 100th. I look forward to seeing you in your new tops shortly.

It just remains for me to thank Milton Country Park for hosting us and the 49 volunteers who allowed this event to take place. Diane POTTER • Pauline BLAKE • Rebecca ANDERSON • Barbara BENNETT • Julia SUDBURY • Chris GAY • Stephen BENNETT • Linda CROOK • James STOCKER • Michaela JOYSEY • Katie TWEEN • Richard JONES • Lisa CLATWORTHY • Andrew PARKER • Neil TWEEN • Mary HOLMES • Fiona NIMMO • Elaine HENDRIE • Marisa JOHNSON • Karl JONES • Paul BELZAR • Catriona COLE • Mike HORSCROFT • Jenny PAYNE • Adam WILLIAMS • Gary COLE • Jackie TOMLINSON • Tony TOMLINSON • Geoff MEADS • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Ross DUNSMORE • Cameron DUNSMORE • Antony HELLIWELL • Parminder LALLY • John JOHNSON • Carola KANZ • Jakob KANZ • Eleanor LIMB • Sally STEWART • Tom LINFIELD • Stuart PAYNE • George PAKE • Leslie LAWRENCE • Danielle GREENE • James PEARSON • Robert MORGAN • Susan HORROD • Jessica ROOKE • Ben MOSS

See you all soon, Julia (your dyslexic run reporter)


Cambridge parkrun #443 06/10/2018 – Happy 14th Birthday parkrun!

Another beautiful day in Milton Country Park – but definitely autumnal. Glad so many of you made it out to help celebrate International parkrun Day. What started out as a friendly get-together 14 years ago has now reached over 1 600 parks in 20 countries and the 5 millionth registered athlete (the ‘A’ in your barcode!) last week. I’ve been running at Cambridge parkrun since 2010 (event number 6 with 93 runners!) and it is amazing to see how parkrun has grown, with so many people willing to volunteer their time to put on a free, weekly run for anyone who turns up.

We had 51 volunteers this week, thank you all! These were: Brieuc LEHMANN, Diane POTTER, Ann TAYLOR, Steven ANDERSON, Helen HENRY, Joseph PHILIP, Richard MOORE, James STOCKER, Stephen HOWARD, Michaela JOYSEY, Andrew PARKER, Mary HOLMES, Jonathon MARSH, Duncan WISBEY, Pamela ABBOTT, Caroline Alice MEAD, Tom LINDFIELD, Maria MARTIN, Richard MARTIN, Steven FLEET, Isobel HOGG, Karl JONES, Trev NICHOLL, Fiona MACDONALD, Anita FURLONG, Jenny PAYNE, Geoff MEADS, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Ricky MITCHELL, Mary MITCHELL, Jan HOLMES, Pauline KNIGHTON, Jonathan RAWLINSON, Leon ZAKRZEWSKI, Owen GIBSON, Gary HOWELL, Clare DOWNIE, Gemma WATT, Bob PEACOCK, Jo HEAL, Jill NOBLE, Stuart PAYNE, Matthew FAUPEL, Thomas FAUPEL, Anna TUKE, Sarah KINSTON, Zach FLEET, Andrew CORBETT, Thomas BURKE, David WYATT and Jessica ROOKE.

There were 376 of you getting round our course today. Welcome to the 42 of you who were first-timers, hope you enjoyed your visit. It was pacing week and 66 of you have shiny new PBs – well done!

One of the first-timers was Joseph Smith, who was fastest to the finish in 16:33 – glad he didn’t get lost! He was followed by Johannes Arens and Cameron Ackroyd. For the ladies, Helen Barry came in at 20:06, followed by Rachel Porter and Sian James. The highest age grading was achieved by Mary Holmes – 85.15%! (One can only dream…).

Two runners completed their 50th runs today – Marcel Weiss and Paul Feetenby. Only 50 more to the next milestone!

Aesthetically pleasing times were achieved by Jonathan Rawlinson 20:02, Rachel Porter 20:20, Alex Lock 21:12, Jonathan Davies 22:22, Brian White 23:45, James Joseph O’Neill 24:24, Mark Buitelaar 24:42, Paul Feetenby and Alistair Day 25:25, Vicky Butt 27:27, Jennifer Turner 28:28 and Gianluca Savini 32:32.

A request from the core team – please use the new route back to the café for scanning, and not go over the steps to the Remembrance Meadow. We had a few runners walking around, over/under the tape today.

Finally, Milton Country Park are having their Autumn festival tomorrow. Please go along and support the park – this is one of their major fundraising events of the year. Their website has further information on the activities, stalls and band line-up -

See you next week!


Cambridge parkrun #441 22/09/2018 Run Report

Apologies for the extreme tardiness in the publication of this report – I write this on the eve of the next parkrunday so probably by the time you are reading it you will have already completed your next parkrun. However, last week’s run felt like a significant one for our community so I wanted to make sure that there was a run report, however late.

Chris’ RD briefings are always memorable (he’s the one who sings, for those of you who don’t know the name…) but this week he had a tough challenge; amongst the normal weekly announcements and reminders of the rules, he had to let us all know that, very sadly, parkrunner Steve Moir (A4346057) had tragically died earlier in the week. Chris invited Steve’s brother, Rob, up to tell us about his brother and to dedicate his run to Steve. It was Rob’s 250th parkrun and we are honoured that Rob still felt able to come to parkrun and run in memory and in celebration of Steve. Steve’s family were also there and we hope that they took comfort from the great sense of community that parkrun provides.

Rob wasn’t the only one running his 250th parkrun; also celebrating that milestone and dishing out cake at the end was William Tunstall-Pedoe who managed to PB! Congratulations to him and great to know that even after that many parkruns PBs are still within the realm of possibility!

Joanna Harrall ran her 100th parkrun and Caroline McGonigal, Josephine Johnson and Lois Galletly all ran their 50th parkruns. Many congratulations to all of them and we hope to see them sporting their new parkrun tshirts soon! Also mentioned in Chris’ briefing and giving him an excuse to sing was Amy Glemas who turned 15 – happy birthday again Amy and we hope the singsong didn’t embarrass you too much.

We welcomed 21 first timers and hope they all enjoyed their parkrun and will be back again soon. At the other end of the scale, we had eight parkrunners this week who had run over 300 parkruns each! There were lots of familiar faces running this week – it was lovely to spot friends who had started parkrunning at Cambridge and then gone off to start up Wimpole Estate and Huntingdon parkruns. As you will know, parkrun just keeps on growing and we will hopefully see more new events starting locally, but Cambridge has been described as the “mothership” and this week was just a reminder for me of the importance of the parkrun community, regardless of how big it gets. All are welcome at parkrun.

Finally, thank you to the wonderful volunteers:
Adam WILLIAMS  •  Andrew CORBETT  •  Andrew PARKER  •  Brent SWANN-AUGER  •  Charlie RITCHIE  •  Chris DARLING  •  Colin WEST  •  Emma GREAVES  •  Fiona MCDAID  •  Gary COLE  •  Guy GIBSON  •  Helen D JOHNSON  •  James PEARSON  •  James STOCKER  •  Jessica ROOKE  •  Jill NOBLE  •  Joanna HARRALL  •  Joanna PARSONS  •  John JOHNSON  •  Justin Anthony GREAVES  •  Katherine HEYDON  •  Lauren GREAVES  •  Mary MITCHELL  •  Max MARTIN  •  Michaela JOYSEY  •  Mike DIFRANCO  •  Mike HORSCROFT  •  Mrudula DASIKA  •  Pamela ABBOTT  •  Rebecca Louise ANDERSON  •  Richard LYLE  •  Ricky MITCHELL  •  Sam GIBSON  •  Sonia MAIR  •  Susan HORROD

As I write, the team is still struggling to get enough volunteers to put on tomorrow’s run safely. If you would like to try out volunteering, I would really recommend it – I enjoy it as much as running and it really won’t feel like you’re giving anything up to do it. If you like clapping and cheering then go for marshalling; if you like having a chat afterwards then how about barcode scanning; for those who like a bit of power then it’s got to be funnel managing; those who like teamwork should opt for finish tokens & if you want to be where all the action is then go for timer. If you’re not sure then one of our lovely volunteer co-ordinators will sort you out and explain everything on the day.
Until next parkrunday,

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