Cambridge parkrun #443 06/10/2018 – Happy 14th Birthday parkrun!

Another beautiful day in Milton Country Park – but definitely autumnal. Glad so many of you made it out to help celebrate International parkrun Day. What started out as a friendly get-together 14 years ago has now reached over 1 600 parks in 20 countries and the 5 millionth registered athlete (the ‘A’ in your barcode!) last week. I’ve been running at Cambridge parkrun since 2010 (event number 6 with 93 runners!) and it is amazing to see how parkrun has grown, with so many people willing to volunteer their time to put on a free, weekly run for anyone who turns up.

We had 51 volunteers this week, thank you all! These were: Brieuc LEHMANN, Diane POTTER, Ann TAYLOR, Steven ANDERSON, Helen HENRY, Joseph PHILIP, Richard MOORE, James STOCKER, Stephen HOWARD, Michaela JOYSEY, Andrew PARKER, Mary HOLMES, Jonathon MARSH, Duncan WISBEY, Pamela ABBOTT, Caroline Alice MEAD, Tom LINDFIELD, Maria MARTIN, Richard MARTIN, Steven FLEET, Isobel HOGG, Karl JONES, Trev NICHOLL, Fiona MACDONALD, Anita FURLONG, Jenny PAYNE, Geoff MEADS, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Ricky MITCHELL, Mary MITCHELL, Jan HOLMES, Pauline KNIGHTON, Jonathan RAWLINSON, Leon ZAKRZEWSKI, Owen GIBSON, Gary HOWELL, Clare DOWNIE, Gemma WATT, Bob PEACOCK, Jo HEAL, Jill NOBLE, Stuart PAYNE, Matthew FAUPEL, Thomas FAUPEL, Anna TUKE, Sarah KINSTON, Zach FLEET, Andrew CORBETT, Thomas BURKE, David WYATT and Jessica ROOKE.

There were 376 of you getting round our course today. Welcome to the 42 of you who were first-timers, hope you enjoyed your visit. It was pacing week and 66 of you have shiny new PBs – well done!

One of the first-timers was Joseph Smith, who was fastest to the finish in 16:33 – glad he didn’t get lost! He was followed by Johannes Arens and Cameron Ackroyd. For the ladies, Helen Barry came in at 20:06, followed by Rachel Porter and Sian James. The highest age grading was achieved by Mary Holmes – 85.15%! (One can only dream…).

Two runners completed their 50th runs today – Marcel Weiss and Paul Feetenby. Only 50 more to the next milestone!

Aesthetically pleasing times were achieved by Jonathan Rawlinson 20:02, Rachel Porter 20:20, Alex Lock 21:12, Jonathan Davies 22:22, Brian White 23:45, James Joseph O’Neill 24:24, Mark Buitelaar 24:42, Paul Feetenby and Alistair Day 25:25, Vicky Butt 27:27, Jennifer Turner 28:28 and Gianluca Savini 32:32.

A request from the core team – please use the new route back to the café for scanning, and not go over the steps to the Remembrance Meadow. We had a few runners walking around, over/under the tape today.

Finally, Milton Country Park are having their Autumn festival tomorrow. Please go along and support the park – this is one of their major fundraising events of the year. Their website has further information on the activities, stalls and band line-up -

See you next week!


Cambridge parkrun #437 27/08/18 Run Report

Sorry for the delay in writing up this week’s run report – I’m going to blame the Bank Holiday weekend for distracting me! Hope you all had a good long weekend (with apologies to those who had to work) after starting it off in the best possible way with Cambridge parkrun!

Another week of excellent conditions and we had 488 finishers, including 19 first timers who were brand new to parkrun. As always, we hope they enjoyed their first parkrun and that we’ll see them again soon. In particular, I want to mention Victoria Spratt, who contacted us on twitter last week to say that she had been inspired by her daughter’s run at Junior parkrun (a 2K junior only event held on Sunday at 10am also at Milton Country Park) to try her own first parkrun – we were so pleased that she came along this week and she says she’ll be back, hurrah!

Our first finisher this week was regular parkrunner Chris Darling, making it look easy with a 15.58 time, just a few seconds off his PB. Chris has now completed 263 parkruns, of which 210 have been at Cambridge. In contrast, our second finisher - Ben Jones - was running for the first time at Cambridge. Ben usually runs at Worcester parkrun so we hope he enjoyed his visit with us. Third through the finish funnel was James Walker who ran a new PB of 17.08 on his 66th run – congratulations James. First lady was one of our first timers – Silvia Peruch – who ran an impressive 20.30. Lucy Hutchinson and Hannah Hall followed closely behind and finished together in 21.18 and 21.19 respectively.

Our most prolific parkrunner this week was Nick J. Haigh who has now completed 390 parkruns. He’s a while off the next milestone which will be 500, but we did have some runners joining other clubs this week. Juniors Thomas Faupel and Ellis Gardener both ran their 10th run, which qualifies them for the white 10 t-shirt. Four runners ran their 50th run – congratulations to Nick Picton, Jo Horley, Brian Munns and Andrew Winter. Well done in particular to Brian who managed a PB as well! Nobody ran their 100th parkrun with us this week, but Colin Seltzer joined the 250 club – Colin ran the very first Cambridge parkrun back in January 2010 and has since run with us a further 205 times. That’s a lot of times round the lake – congratulations Colin!

Finally, a couple of requests. Several of our finish tokens go missing each week and although we have spares, our stock is dwindling. If you’ve accidentally taken a finish token home one week (and we know it’s easily done!) then please could you return it to us? It would be much appreciated and would help save us some money.
Secondly, we had some reports on Saturday of pushing between parkrunners. Please remember that we are all out there to enjoy ourselves and at the end of the day, it’s a friendly, community event and nobody should be behaving aggressively.

Thanks go to this week’s merry band of volunteers:
Amelie KIRCHGAESSNER  •  Andrew CORBETT  •  Andrew O'DOWD  •  Anita LEWIS  •  Callie VANDEWIELE  •  Catriona CURRY  •  Charlotte HITCHEN  •  Chris HARRIS  •  Chris MARTIN  •  Christina YOUELL  •  Claire DAVIS  •  Colin SELTZER  •  Emma GREAVES  •  Fiona MACDONALD  •  Fiona MCDAID  •  Frederick CHEUNG  •  Gary COLE  •  Helen D JOHNSON  •  Helen HENRY  •  James STOCKER  •  Jenny PAYNE  •  Jessica ROOKE  •  John JOHNSON  •  Jonathon MARSH  •  Julia DECESARE  •  Justin Anthony GREAVES  •  Katie TWEEN  •  Lisa CLATWORTHY  •  Liz GIBSON  •  Loles GARCIA DIAZ  •  Lynsey ROLFE  •  Marisa JOHNSON  •  Marky THOMAS  •  Mary HOLMES  •  Mike DIFRANCO  •  Mike PITT  •  Neil TWEEN  •  Rebecca TAYLOR  •  Russ LADKIN  •  Sam GIBSON  •  Susan HORROD  •  Tony CHAPMAN  •  Una MANNU  •  Wendy JOHNSON

If you’d like to sign up to volunteer for one of the next few weeks then please email, sign up on the whiteboard by the café or send us a message on social media (@cambparkrun). I’m away from parkrun for the next couple of weeks so there’s also a spot on the roster for a run report writer if anyone fancies it.

Happy parkrunning,


Cambridge parkrun no. 429 , 30th June 2018, Run Report by Peter Chiverton A78647.

A view from a visitor - Memories of mud turned to dust.

Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.
(from A Psalm of Life by Henry Longfellow).

What an excellent poem for parkrunners. I had to be up and doing this morning as I was collecting my son from university to take him home after graduation. I was staying with others of my family in a local hotel so of course was hopeful to fit in a parkrun at Cambridge. The hotel announced breakfast would start at 8am which was a little tight to fit in before a run, but fortunately they allowed me to start a bit earlier, and in addition to a lovely fruit salad and drink I was able to take some of the cooked breakfast with me to eat after parkrun – my post parkrun bacon butty was lovely.

I'd run Cambridge parkrun once before in November 2015 when my memories were of driving rain in a gusty cold wind; couldn't recall any views at all apart from swaying trees. What a contrast this morning in the blazing sunshine, glinting off the lakes as we travelled round the course. The start today was memorable as instead of being splattered with mud there was dust flying everywhere with the parkrunners' footfalls on the totally dry and powdery path. Fortunately that didn't continue all the way and we had a lovely run through the dappled shade of largely tree-covered twisty paths. It was a beautiful if energy-sapping hot day for a parkrun; I even met a visitor who had been for a swim in one of the lakes before her run, although she was wishing she'd chosen to do it the other way round for a cooling post-parkrun dip.

I really enjoyed running the course; very different from my home course at Basingstoke which is on paths and grass in a municipal park, and so running on forest tracks is a real novelty, as I tried to be still pursuing the other runners, many of whom however gradually pulled away from me on the second large lap. But I was still achieving another completed parkrun at the usual parkrun price of no charge! I then just had to learn to wait for my text message result to arrive as it did mid morning as we left our hotel after a very welcome cool shower. If I'm in the area again I'd love to join you another time, and if you are ever near Basingstoke at 9am on a Saturday please pop in and say hello before you join us running around our park.

So what happened today?
Five hundred and thirty one parkrunners completed the course today. This included eighteen completing their first ever parkrun; I hope you all enjoyed it and that you'll be back very soon to try to complete the course in a better time. Then you can join the amazing sixty-three who managed a PB today. There were also twenty first time visitors to Cambridge - we hope you enjoyed your first run at Cambridge and that you won't take as long as I did to come back and try it again.

I was pleased that many of the runners around me thanked the volunteer marshals as they passed. Of the volunteers I'd like to pass particular thanks onto the enthusiastic first time briefer Stuart Payne with his amusing demonstration of slower parkrunners keeping to the left and not right as he talked us around the course. A huge well done and thank you to all the hi-vis heroes that made today's parkrun happen - those with names in lights this week are Brent SWANN-AUGER, Chris HARRIS, Chris KERSWELL, Chris MARTIN, Colin GROOM, Edward MURPHY, Eleanor LIMB, Evert BOKMA, Ewan MACAULAY,¢ James BARBER, Janay FEHR, Jenny PAYNE, Jill NOBLE, John JOHNSON, Julia SUDBURY, Liz GIBSON, Mary MITCHELL, Matthew LIMB, Michaela JOYSEY, Mike HORSCROFT, Nadine BARBER, Neil BANKS, Pamela ABBOTT, Rachel KERSWELL, Richard MARTIN, Ricky MITCHELL, Robert BARBER, Sam ELLIS, Sam GIBSON, Shawn KIRK, Sheila CAYTON, Stuart PAYNE and Theodore FEHR. Thank you for timing, scanning, marshalling, setting up and taking down, distributing position tokens, directing us parkrunners around the course and everything else that needed to happen for us to run today. To join the volunteers in a future week go to to see the vacancies, and email your choice to


For the men, first finisher today was Oliver Sewell who scorched round the course in 16:50. First female finisher was Rachel Lindley in 18:55, finishing fourteenth overall. Best age grade today went to Richard Holland with 85.41%, finishing eighth overall.

T-shirt earning milestones: well done to Henry J Beeton who completed his 50th parkrun
It's not a T-shirt earning milestone but well done to Robert Beeton who completed his 150th parkrun.

A reminder that milestone T shirts are available for juniors who complete 10 runs, and anyone who completes 50, 100, 250 or 500 parkruns, or volunteers on 25 occasions.


Cambridge parkrun run report – 21st April 2018

What a difference a week makes. A warm and sunny parkrunday which we hope you all enjoyed. While the course has mainly dried out, there was still the odd puddle and sticky bit. The swamp on the first loop is putting up a fight!

This week your parkrun was brought to you by 32 volunteers, thanks to all of them for giving up their time: Helen HENRY • Claire WILSON • Joshua HENRY • Julia SUDBURY • Alison MEADOWS • Rebecca TAYLOR • Colin WEST • Rob MOIR • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Tracy HUTCHISON • Mary HOLMES • Pamela ABBOTT • Sarah LEE • Janay FEHR • Andrew SCARLETT • Catriona CURRY • Joshua CLARK • Karoly ERDOS • Liz STEVENS • Val MOORE • Henry J BEETON • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Robert BEETON • Wendy JOHNSON • George PAKE • Nik BANKS • Anna TUKE • Joseph KEARNEY • Max MARTIN • Susan HORROD • Liz GIBSON

We’d love to have you volunteer – have a look at the roster here to see what you can do.

Many thanks to Milton Country Park as well. As mentioned in the run briefing, they haven’t had it easy with the weather being so atrocious recently, so thank you to all of those who have paid for their parking or donated at the gate – this goes towards keeping the park open and maintained. They also have a variety of events and regular activities happening throughout the week. If you are a keen sort, you can always pop along early on a Saturday morning for a bracing swim before your run.

So, on to the run. This week a whopping 585 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 45 of you were first timers (hope you enjoyed it and that we’ll see you back soon!). There were also 86 new Personal Bests – well done!

For the ladies, Kristy GUNERATNE was first in a time of 20:27, pretty close to her PB, followed 22 seconds later by Emma DAVIES doing her first parkrun and it looks like there was a battle for 3rd with only a second separating Joanna HARRALL (20:53) and Rachel YOUNG (20:54), who both PB’d.

In the men’s division, Jacob FREEBOROUGH came in with a time of 17:01, followed by Adam TAPLEY in 17:12 and Tom KEMSLEY in 17:22 (second parkrun and beating his previous time).

If we look at the Age Grading, Mary HOLMES achieved an 85.75% this week – wow!

Two runners achieved their 100thparkrun – Neil BANKS and Will WINTER (who’ll be celebrating a special 101 soon), Eleanor HALFPENNY ran her 50th and three juniors hit 10 runs – Annalie BARKER, Harry FREEBOROUGH and Findlay MARSH. Looking forward to seeing you in your new T-shirts!

It was our 419thCambridge parkrun, and the runner in position 419 was Gary DADD on his 26thouting. Here’s my favourite bit - aesthetically pleasing times: Mark YEATES 21:12, Stephen BENNETT 22:22, Brody KLUND 23:45, David MERCHANT 25:25, Pamela CLARKE 26:26, Merel PANNEBAKKER 29:29, Karen OSTENFELD 30:03, Elena CHICULITA 31:13, Mary MITCHELL 34:43 and Gillian HEATH 35:53.

Finally, a couple of reminders: we don’t ask for much, so please don’t forget your printed barcode (paper or plastic token or wristband etc – no screens or scribbles on bits of paper or reciting from memory etc) and please remember all other park users have the same right to be there as we do.

See you next week!

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