Cambridge parkrun #468 – 13th April 2019

Apologies to all, I sit here on my sofa (waiting for the lunchtime scones to bake) writing this a week late, having woken up this morning and realised I’d not written the run report for my 100th parkrun.

I love parkrun, it means a lot to me. Thankfully my amazing friend Beka introduced it to me just over 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I love the community spirit, seeing lots of regular faces, having a bit of a natter and enjoying the challenge of only competing against myself (and most weeks I don’t even worry about that!). It has been great for both my physical and mental health and I can’t see me giving it up anytime soon. Thank you to my friends who joined me this week for my celebratory 100th run (and cuppa at the Grounds Cafe afterwards). Especially Beka KIMBERLEY who introduced me, Kirsty HOLDEN who tried her first parkrun (the challenge is to come back for your second….) and Chris MOORE who forgot his barcode! #DFYB Chris!

I have recently started to regularly volunteer and car park duty is my favourite. Not only does it mean that you can run afterwards (bonus) but you get a mini warm up (stretching out your arms and legs directing traffic) and a chance to catch up with others who regularly volunteer. This week’s parkrun would not have been possible without the help of the following volunteers: Stewart AITKEN, Jessica BARRICK, Lisa CLATWORTHY, Catriona COLE, Gary COLE, Chris DARLING, Alison DURSTON, Lloyd FLEMING, Lois HARRIS, Mary HOLMES, Hayley HORROD, Martin Daniel HORROD, Susan HORROD, Kaitlyn HORROD, Gwyneth HORSCROFT, Denis HOWLETT, Paula HUGHES, Marisa JOHNSON, Michaela JOYSEY, Parminder LALLY, Kirsten LAMB, Fiona MACDONALD, Jonathon MARSH, Maria MARTIN, Richard MARTIN, Valerie MORGAN, Robert MORGAN, Ben MOSS, Leslie PAUL, Mike PITT, Sue STEARN, James STOCKER, Brent SWANN-AUGER, Beccy TAYLOR, Joe TOWNSEND, Anna TUKE, Claire WALKER, Gemma WATT

If you are thinking of trying volunteering ask around next week and find out which role would suit you (some allow you to run/walk before or after e.g. car parking, set up, run report writer etc) or take a look here: . I have a list of 40 things to do before I’m 40 (one of them was to get to my 100th parkrun - check) and now I’m trying to get to my 25th volunteering (should be achievable!).

This week was the start of the Easter holidays for some, and we saw 464 people run, jog or walk their way around the beautiful sunny (and puddle-free) Milton Country Park. Our Run Director this week (Chris) was having a great time with the air horn both at the start and as I came round after the first mini lap. There were also a lot of supporters along the main stretch cheering us all on and enjoying the sunshine and newly commissioned play park whilst they waited for us all to come in.

Just 4 people shy of the event number… I can’t tell you who came in position 468 today. However, 51 people were first timers at Cambridge Parkrun today (amazing!) and of those 18 were doing their first ever park run (fab!). Of the 18 people who came back for their second ever parkrun (BIG achievement - well done), 15 of them achieved a PB.

Notable achievements this week include Stuart POOL and Harry CONNOR both running their 50th Parkrun, and Steven ANDERSON running his 411th (Wow!). Joseph SMITH was first into the funnel today at 16:09 for the men and Rebecca SHARPE for the ladies at 19:11 achieving a PB. Paul MAKOWSKI and Stephen HOWARD both achieved amazing age graded scores (over 80%).

Well done to those who picked themselves up after a fall this week (keep an eye out for those pesky tree roots everyone), or who helped those who had fallen. As I said before - I love the community spirit at parkrun.

As always a big thank you to the core team and to Milton Country Park for hosting us. Milton Country Park is a charity so if you can please try to contribute (I’d recommend sampling the ice cream at the Grounds Cafe).

I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks after I’ve ticked off a few more of my 40 things to do before I’m 40.



Run report Cambridge parkrun #465

Hurray! Spring has sprung, and after last week's puddles and mud, it was a lovely dry morning and a firm course that welcomed 452 runners, joggers and walkers and the 39 volunteers who made it all happen this week. Liz was tail walking (nobody comes last at parkrun!) and says that it was really nice to take a bit of time to enjoy the park. Plus, we were told in the briefing that the brambles had been cut back, which will have pleased Patrick in particular, as I know that the brambles got his hat last week and he had to go back for it!

A warm welcome to 42 people who ran their first parkrun this week. Special mention goes to the graduating Let's Run couch to 5k group - I spoke with Josie on finish tokens and she was very excited to hand you your tokens after running with you in Sawston. We hope you enjoyed it and please come back soon.

Of course, some first timers were parkrun tourists, and this week they included speedy Piotr KUHN from Gdansk, Poland who was on his first parkrun in England, Ben PHELAN from Clair parkrun in West Sussex, Pat TWOMEY all the way from Ballincollig in Ireland, Daniel MILES from Bradford, Christopher HAWKSWORTH and Sue BROWN from Greater London parkruns, Nikki FLANNIGAN from Winchester, Tara NEEDHAM from Milton Keynes, Ben HAMMOND from Kings Lynn, Julie LOCKE from Thetford, Jonathan MUMBY from Peterborough, and Tess DAVISON from Horsham. Welcome! We hope you liked your first run at Cambridge!

A big thanks to this week's volunteers! Parkrun is awesome every week, thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of lots of people. This week's team was: Ann TAYLOR • Helen HENRY • Peter STEVENS • James STOCKER • Claire WILSHAW • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Katie TWEEN • Caroline MCGONIGAL • Josephine JOHNSON • Jim MOWATT • Laura Jane WINTER • Jo LONGLAND • Pamela ABBOTT • Claire BROWN • Sharen HALFPENNY • Mick JOHNSON • Kate COLLINS • Catriona COLE • Liz STEVENS • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Ross DUNSMORE • Paula HUGHES • Jon SCHNEIDER • Bob PEACOCK • Hilary SELLARS • Jill NOBLE • Martin KILDUFF • Danielle GUY • Stuart PAYNE • Sarah COUCHMAN • William CURTIS • Jane CRAWFORD • Susan HORROD • Thomas BURKE • Valerie MORGAN • Nicola EDE • Kristy GUNERATNE • Dorothea TROTTER

If you can help with next week's run (or if you can persuade a willing partner etc.), do email, preferably sooner rather than later so that Michaela, next week's volunteer co-ordinator, can have a nice easy week! You can see which roles are available at if you want to pick one, and all the tasks are straighforward - Michaela will explain what to do on Saturday morning if it's your first time on a role.

Congratulations to the 76 people who ran their fastest time at Cambridge today. That seems like a lot of PBs! I see that 25 of them went to those on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th runs (a good reason to come back for more!), while David TIDESWELL, Alexei MOULTON, Paula HUGHES, and Matthew FAUPEL showed that PBs are certainly still achievable after lots of runs too. Paula - 30:28 is massive :-)

There were PBs at the front too: Joseph SMITH was first finisher in 15:34 - that makes him the fastest first finisher since Sept 2017, so don't worry if he seemed to be overtaking very early on! William NEWCOMBE also managed a PB for second place and scored the highest age grading this week at 83.58%, while Patrick O HARE equalled his PB for third. Were you chasing a speedy junior? Lucas ZAKRZEWSKI led the JM10's on his 131st 5k parkrun this week, while Hester COLBY was first JW10 on her 111th run. For the ladies, well done to Rachel LINDLEY, who was clear first female this time. Olivia BAKER was second with a fast finish to sneak in just ahead of Helen BARRY in third (even though Helen herself ran a fastest recent time). I confidently predict more PBs in the near future for Olivia - it's not everyone who runs their first Cambridge sub 20 and thanks all the marshals on the way round!

Congratulations to everyone who turned up and everyone who came back. The couple of paragraphs above wrote themselves, but it's really hard in a run report to do justice to the range of achievements, since many of them, and actually many of the ones that matter in real life, don't show up in results. This paragraph is harder to write but is nonetheless here to remind anyone in doubt that people get it, and that turning up and participating is the thing that matters. So, shout out here for the more difficult runs and walks and the unremarkable ones too, and long may we have such a friendly community at Cambridge.

....which brings me to some people who have turned up and completed or volunteered at a lot of parkruns, earning themselves a milestone T shirt this week. I'm sorry I don't know how to get at the 25 volunteer club stats, but I can tell you that we had 6 people doing their 50th run this week: congrats to Mike ALCOCK, Sue STEARN, Camilla SPRAGUE, Katherine REED, Chris FOLKARD and Graham STEVEN. Special mention for Katherine, ash she is in the JW11-14 category and has actually run 53 junior parkruns as well as her 50 Saturday parkruns! Well done for your 5k PB on Saturday. Cameron FEHR ran his 100th parkrun this week - he started in June 2013 so that's getting on for six years of parkrunning! I'll also stretch the official milestones to mention Chris HOWELL, who ran his 200th run today and his fastest time this year. Chris says that 200 runs is definitely a 'thing' for his friends even if there's no milestone T shirt so he wanted to be in the run report!

That's all folks! If you want to know more, this week's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cambridge parkrun Results Page. Otherwise, thanks for reading, and see you next Saturday morning!


Cambridge parkrun run report – 21st April 2018

What a difference a week makes. A warm and sunny parkrunday which we hope you all enjoyed. While the course has mainly dried out, there was still the odd puddle and sticky bit. The swamp on the first loop is putting up a fight!

This week your parkrun was brought to you by 32 volunteers, thanks to all of them for giving up their time: Helen HENRY • Claire WILSON • Joshua HENRY • Julia SUDBURY • Alison MEADOWS • Rebecca TAYLOR • Colin WEST • Rob MOIR • Michaela JOYSEY • Emma GREAVES • Tracy HUTCHISON • Mary HOLMES • Pamela ABBOTT • Sarah LEE • Janay FEHR • Andrew SCARLETT • Catriona CURRY • Joshua CLARK • Karoly ERDOS • Liz STEVENS • Val MOORE • Henry J BEETON • Brent SWANN-AUGER • Robert BEETON • Wendy JOHNSON • George PAKE • Nik BANKS • Anna TUKE • Joseph KEARNEY • Max MARTIN • Susan HORROD • Liz GIBSON

We’d love to have you volunteer – have a look at the roster here to see what you can do.

Many thanks to Milton Country Park as well. As mentioned in the run briefing, they haven’t had it easy with the weather being so atrocious recently, so thank you to all of those who have paid for their parking or donated at the gate – this goes towards keeping the park open and maintained. They also have a variety of events and regular activities happening throughout the week. If you are a keen sort, you can always pop along early on a Saturday morning for a bracing swim before your run.

So, on to the run. This week a whopping 585 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 45 of you were first timers (hope you enjoyed it and that we’ll see you back soon!). There were also 86 new Personal Bests – well done!

For the ladies, Kristy GUNERATNE was first in a time of 20:27, pretty close to her PB, followed 22 seconds later by Emma DAVIES doing her first parkrun and it looks like there was a battle for 3rd with only a second separating Joanna HARRALL (20:53) and Rachel YOUNG (20:54), who both PB’d.

In the men’s division, Jacob FREEBOROUGH came in with a time of 17:01, followed by Adam TAPLEY in 17:12 and Tom KEMSLEY in 17:22 (second parkrun and beating his previous time).

If we look at the Age Grading, Mary HOLMES achieved an 85.75% this week – wow!

Two runners achieved their 100thparkrun – Neil BANKS and Will WINTER (who’ll be celebrating a special 101 soon), Eleanor HALFPENNY ran her 50th and three juniors hit 10 runs – Annalie BARKER, Harry FREEBOROUGH and Findlay MARSH. Looking forward to seeing you in your new T-shirts!

It was our 419thCambridge parkrun, and the runner in position 419 was Gary DADD on his 26thouting. Here’s my favourite bit - aesthetically pleasing times: Mark YEATES 21:12, Stephen BENNETT 22:22, Brody KLUND 23:45, David MERCHANT 25:25, Pamela CLARKE 26:26, Merel PANNEBAKKER 29:29, Karen OSTENFELD 30:03, Elena CHICULITA 31:13, Mary MITCHELL 34:43 and Gillian HEATH 35:53.

Finally, a couple of reminders: we don’t ask for much, so please don’t forget your printed barcode (paper or plastic token or wristband etc – no screens or scribbles on bits of paper or reciting from memory etc) and please remember all other park users have the same right to be there as we do.

See you next week!

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