Cannock Chase parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-08 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Welcoming Girlguiding to Cannock Chase Parkrun

So today we welcomed Girlguiding to join us at our Parkrun and I have volunteered, as I am part of both communities (although I am a tourist to this Parkrun) to write today's run report. To be a little different and celebrating Girlguiding I thought I would use the Girlguiding Promise and Guide Laws.

The Girlguiding Promise

I promise that I will do my best: Parkrun isn’t about being perfect or the best at everything and today we saw 362 people run, jog or walk our course. This included 47 new girls, leaders and members of the public attempt a new challenge as well as a massive 63 people achieving a new personal best.

to be true to myself and develop my beliefs: we saw lots of people being comfortable enough to wear their Girlguiding uniform to take part, even if it may not be the ‘coolest’ outfit I certainly am proud to be part of the largest charity working with girls and young women in 145 countries around the world.

to serve the Queen and my community: we had an amazing 35 volunteers, some experienced and some very new to both Parkrun and their role. Paul Brendon SCULLION - Graham WILLIAMS - Gary WILCOX - Zoe BURNS - Keith Parry - Dyanne SARGEANT - Bob DREDGE - Darren MATTOCKS - Tina KNAPPER - Thomas LAND - Simon BROMLEY - Gail DOUGHTY - Helen GOFF - Larry GOFF - Sarah BROMLEY - Marie WARD - Rob TAYLOR - Michael JONES - Brian LANGSTON - Sally COX - Graham BARRATT - Geoff TYLER - Jo JOHNSTON - Sue WILLIAMS - Christopher BUCKLEY - Sarahjane JONES - Joanna FAHEY - Charlotte FAHEY - Jo GREEN - Sian OSBORN - Pamela STANDING - Joanna JENKINS - Fiona ROBERTS - Cat KERR - Lauren THOMPSON. Biggest shout out to you all, your roles made sure we had a successful and safe Parkrun today.

to help other people and to keep the Guide Law: we had amazing support throughout the course and especially at the finish line where we had lots of people cheering everyone on, helping them achieve the sprint finish or even just the finish they wanted.


So, I hear you ask what are the Guide Law’s, well we have 6.
A Guide is honest, reliable and can be trusted: thank you to those who supported members of Girlguiding who are fundraising for international experiences by donating money in return for some scrumptious cake.

A Guide is helpful and uses her time and abilities wisely: we had a number of volunteers from our guiding community using their skills and abilities in a different and new way in order to be helpful.

A Guide faces challenge and learns from her experiences: We had lots of people run, jog and walk the 5km course and found this challenging either as this is their first time taking part, they were chasing that personal best or maybe just feeling tired after a long week at work and still made it out of bed.

A Guide is a good friend and a sister to all Guides: I really saw this today, Parkrun is a great community who come together through running, coffee and for a small donation - today cake. You welcomed us with open arms and couldn’t have been any more welcoming if you tried - THANK YOU!!

A Guide is polite and considerate: I was so proud of everyone today, although a huge shout out to the regular volunteers who helped by showing the Girlguiding volunteers how to perform their role.

A Guide respects all living things and takes care of the world around her: I personally was there to the end and saw first hand that we ensured that the clean up was done, leaving no trace that we had been there. No rubbish, no missing signage, no cake waste. It is the icing on the cake to be part of both the Parkrun and the Girlguiding community.



Event 158 Run Report by Damian Baker

A breezy but actually quite mild morning was the start to Cannock Chase’s 158 th parkrun and my first visit here. All the parkrun talk of the last few days was the arrival of storm Dennis (even his close friends Derek and Donald depending on where you looked). In the end the worst was a couple of toppled cones and later in the afternoon the froth was blown off my takeway coffee! But joking aside, the parkrun team always has the safety of the parkrunners and volunteers at heart and only after an early morning safety check (“thanks!”) and with weather sites saying storms were arriving closer to
midday the 389 of us gathered were lucky enough to be able to take part.

Even though Cannock Chase has passed its 3 rd birthday it didn’t stop and impressive 20 people coming to walk, jog or run the course for the very first time, all getting a big cheer when announced by Run Director Sadie BURNS at the start line.
First time tourists, 33 of them, visited mostly from around the local area, perhaps in some cases a result of a few local cancellations. A warm welcome to you all, particularly those starting on their parkrun journey, we hope to see you back again soon!

The event would not however have been possible though without 41 volunteers (including 8 pacers):

Graham BARRATT, Damian BAKER, Olivia BIRT, Mathew BOWKER, Karen BULPITT, Sadie BURNS, Zoe
DREDGE, Geoff FARMER, Kevin FOLLOWS, Helen GOFF, Larry GOFF, Rebecca JACKSON, Charles
JARMAN, Mark JEFFERY, Michael JONES, Tina KNAPPER, Thomas LAND, Brian LANGSTON, Richard
Geoff TYLER, Sarah UNWIN, Marie WARD, Kelly WEATHERER and Ellen WILLIAMS.

Thank-you to you all but special mention to Darryl COPELAND who joined the “V25 club” having volunteered 25 times.

If you are reading this and want to get involved in future weeks then all
details can be found at
There many different roles to choose from.

Conditions weren’t perfect with the wind that was present but the paths were good and 57 managed to record new personal bests, some I’m sure helped along by today’s pacers.
First finisher was William LAYE with an excellent time of 17:23, closely followed by today’s quickest junior runner Henry WEBB in an amazing time of 17:44.
First female finisher was also a junior, Phoebe O CONNOR
in another amazing time of 21:52.
The highest age grading of the day (81%) went to Alastair PAYNE by recording a time of 18:39 in the VM50-54 category, a category he is narrowly away from holding the record for.

Congratulations to all of the above but also to everyone who came along today and completed the course.
Full results can be found at


Today there were 4 attendance milestones achieved, all completing their 50 th parkrun.
They were

Tom LYONS (all 50 at Cannock Chase), Gareth JONES (45 at C.C.), Ray COLLINS (36 at C.C.) and
Richard D HILL (5 at C.C. – the latest 5, the earlier ones at Conkers).

Congratulations to you all and hopefully you will be able to receive your T-shirts in the not too distant future.

After crossing the finish line and the inevitable post-run selfies we ventured to the Visitor Centre Café for coffees before eventually heading back. Thank-you to all involved for putting on a great

Damian BAKER, a tourist from Daventry, signing off.


Cannock Chase parkun #145

Thanks to Michael Hadland for this fab report of our THIRD birthday!! :)

Cannock Chase parkrun #145 (23/11/2019)

parkrun pic 1

Dogs are welcome at Cannock Chase, albeit not the ghost dog of Brereton! My canine companion for my hundredth parkrun was a spirited sprollie named Beckie. You might wonder, given that she appears here to be heeding the ‘look both ways’ markings, whether or not she is a super dog… possibly… but on this particularly super Saturday the prosaic truth was that she’d spotted a squirrel down that way a few moments earlier. Beckie loves squirrels but is absolutely hopeless at climbing trees! Canicross runners are sometimes deemed to have been ‘assisted’ when they lead out the parkrun field. Let me make it quite clear that I was in no way ‘assisted’ by her. Aside from us starting at the back, which incidentally is often the jolliest place to be, Beckie possesses the following attributes: has inbuilt satnav stuck at straight on; stops for the world and his wife if any such person radiates the vaguest flicker of a smile or food in her direction and then rolls onto her back when a worldly wife offers to tickle her tummy; as a nature dog sniffs the widest range of flora that she deems to have been previously unsniffed by herself (everything); in terms of fauna, yes, mostly interested (not wild boar though); enjoys comparing and contrasting historic muttly emissions; and of course decides to make a deposit when exactly equidistant between the nearest available bins. So may I respectfully suggest to parkrun a new adjunct to times, that being ‘hindered’! When hungry (always) Beckie likes nothing better than to chow down on something that’s decomposing in a swamp. I’m yet to cross a swamp at Cannock Chase so at least all went well in that respect.

The meteorologists had quagmire issues of their own and the forecasted rain did not come to pass, just a fine refreshing mist, the conditions most perfect for PBs, felicitations to those 37 who achieved one, good going.

Congratulations to all 384 who parkran, to first finishers Ben Naudi and Sarah Julius, to Johanne Barratt and Ruth Barker on completing their hundredth parkrun (188 of those 200 took place at Cannock Chase!), the young Jack Heath for his fiftieth (wish I’d retained your zippiness Jack!), Daniel Naudi and Isla Sanders for their tenth. Well done all. A special mention to Bethany on the occasion of her sixth birthday! And oh, almost forgot, I heard whispers that Cannock Chase parkrun happened to be celebrating its third birthday. Three huzzahs! It’s a splendid spot (trust you 57 first-timers will return at least once). Hope you all enjoyed special cake (or similar if you’re averse to cake!)

Cakely thanks to all of you super volunteers (I believe many were from the friendly BASWICH RUN4FUN group who roam the chase unfazed by rumours of the ghost dog of Brereton). Couldn’t happen without you. Thanks also to my teenage niece Megan Hadland for taking photographs and lending me her dog for the morning!

parkrun pic 2

Beckie was keen to meet other super beings at Cannock Chase and was thusly cock-a-hoop to meet these super women. As they’re able to glide through air on currents in the wind the lack of even the vaguest of breezes (no autumnal leaves were troubled during the execution of this parkrun) meant that they had to rely on breath - as we know super women can breathe as forcefully as a keen gust of wind. Thanks both for bringing characterisation to the party, one can never get enough of that!

Long life & cheery chuff, Michael Mushroom (aka Michael Hadland)


Cannock Chase parkrun #144

Cannock Chase parkrun #144 – 16/11//2019
By Will Platt

Three hundred and seventy-four fantastic people, plus the dogs and children in buggies who didn’t have a choice, braved the Autumnal conditions for parkrun number 144, the penultimate event before Cannock Chase parkrun’s third birthday. I don’t think Paul Scholes, whose 45th birthday it was on Saturday, would be able to imagine anything better to do at 9am on a Saturday morning, other than playing football obviously.

The event would not have been possible without the super volunteers so a huge thank you to them, especially those who stepped in at the last minute or did multiple jobs. Thanks to volunteer takeover from Sneyd Striders this week, lovely folk.


First finishers
Rachel GRIFFIN was the first female finisher and achieved her first parkrun victory, after narrowly missing out the week before, with a lightening quick time of 21:33. Matthew CRAEN was the first male finisher with a time of 17:51 (this was his 27th parkrun and one of many victories across multiple venues).

Unknown Athlete finished more than any other athlete this week collecting 33 different finishing positions.

The third of several buggies finished around the 30-minute mark and was ridden by 17-month-old Amelie. Proud mum was looking less fresh than her daughter as she explained that it was already her daughter’s 35th parkrun.

There were tourists aplenty at Cannock Chase on Saturday; a few made the short journey from Stoke-on-Trent wearing team colours (Go on Stoke!) whilst others travelled from further afield. This week’s event featured a mini re-union of basketball players from the University of Sheffield and their other halves and, whist not overly competitive, they finished in the following order:
Gethyn FRISWELL, from Leamington Spa, 20:03
William PLATT, from Reading, 20:52
Dominic NOONE, from Stafford, 21:46
Andreas PAPAMICHAIL, from London, 24:47
Hannah NOONE, from Stafford, 26:29* (*Dog assisted)
Alasdair FALCON, from London, 28:34
Rachel PLATT, from Swindon, 29:44
Emma THOMPSON-FRISWELL, from Leamington Spa, 31:34
David MORRIS, from Market Harborough, DNS
G, also from Market Harborough, DNS
MOBY, from Nottingham, DNS
Anna MOBY, also from Nottingham, DNS

There were a few [insert appropriate word here depending on your relative running experience] people who decided to break up their ultra distance race with their attendance at parkrun. Well done to Kieron SMITHSON and David WALL who took part in “Escape from Meriden” on Saturday.


Massive congratulations to Simon MILLWARD who celebrated his 50th run this week. It was Simon’s 42nd parkrun at Cannock Chase; he picked the remainder of his 50 runs at Walsall Arboretum (3 runs), Chasewater (2 runs), and Burnley, Kettering and Conkers (1 run each).
Well done to junior runners Ben ADAMS and Rosie CHIPPING who qualified for their white t-shirts by joining the 10 club on Saturday.

Journalist Report
This week 374 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 60 were first timers and 47 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 37 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 27 volunteers:

Christopher PINSON-BRADLEY • Graham WILLIAMS • Gary WILCOX • William PLATT • Grace PINSON-BRADLEY • Kimberley DONALDSON • Barry HARRISON • Rachel SALT • Paul GROCUTT • Emily PEARCE • Rebecca BARTON • Darren MATTOCKS • Simon BROMLEY • Gail DOUGHTY • Keith STONEMAN • Rob TAYLOR • Michael JONES • Brian LANGSTON • Christopher ROBERTS • Geoff TYLER • Robert DREW • Brenda LANGSTON • Sue WILLIAMS • Gail WRIGHT • Heather BENNETT • Natahsa GILBERT • Robyn TONKS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cannock Chase parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Lizzie BROWNE who recorded a time of 17:26 on 31st December 2016 (event number 7).

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:04 on 22nd July 2017 (event number 33).

The Age Grade course record is held by Christine KILKENNY who recorded 92.27% (22:39) on 24th August 2019 (event number 133).

Cannock Chase parkrun started on 19th November 2016. Since then 9,710 participants have completed 56,317 parkruns covering a total distance of 281,585 km, including 11,974 new Personal Bests. A total of 620 individuals have volunteered 4,502 times.


When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles!

written by Kelly Butler

Saturday morning: a major sporting event on the telly, heavy rain on the forecast – sounds like time for parkrun!

An enormous thank you to all this week’s volunteers:

Steven ARCHER, Simon BROMLEY, Kelly BUTLER, Sally COX, Richard CRUMP, Gail DOUGHTY, Brian EVANS, Geoff FARMER, Helen GOFF, Justin GREEN, Chloe HAWKINS, Mark JEFFERY, Michael JONES, Thomas LAND, Brenda LANGSTON, Brian LANGSTON, Darren MATTOCKS, Bethan MCGARRIE, Keith STONEMAN, Leon STRINGER, Rob TAYLOR, Geoff TYLER, Marie WARD

Remember what the research shows: those who volunteer at parkrun have the greatest improvement to their happiness, more than the runners. So if you supported England rugby this morning then volunteer next week, it’ll help your mood!

Milestone Magic

Sean Land – 25 volunteer club (a very happy man!) :D

Edward Frost – 100 club :)

Summer Rose and Leah Southall – Junior 10 :)

Runners Results

An impressive 235 of you turned up and splish, splash, sploshed through the course.

We all know that parkrun is a timed run, not a race. Rachel Griffin is worthy of a special mention, she got the highest age grade score today (80.73%) and a new PB!

Well done to the first time parkrunners today – don’t worry, the weather will only get more fun in the next few months. Nicholas Weller, Darren Whitehouse, Matthew Thomas, Julie Wardle, Lucy Bevington, Sarah Haszard and Helen Overmire.

When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles!

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