Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham Event number 479 8th February 2020

Cannon Hill parkrun report - Saturday 8 February 2020

7.30am - Barcode check, sat nat check and off I set - today had been in the calendar for a few months now as fellow Run Mummy Run Anna McManus was due to run her 100th parkrun. I’d been wanting to come across and visit for a while now but travelling from Telford and navigating the M6 and spaghetti junction had put me off.

I arrived in good time, probably a little early, parking ticket purchased and followed my nose (well Lycra clad runner) into the park. I’d ran through here before whilst doing the Birmingham Half Marathon and having only touched the edge of the park was excited to be running the parkrun course - a new recent change to the route too.

I’d heard Cannon Hill was a popular one and regular attendance can be between 800-1000 runners so couldn’t wait to enjoy the atmosphere that waited. I did a gentle warm up mile and noticed the high vis volunteers by the bandstand so knew where to head. Checked in and made myself known to the Run Director and waited then for my other running buddies to arrive.

The feel at Cannon Hill was different as each course is. I’d put today’s into a very well oiled parkrun category. Never before have I seen volunteers queue on arrival - obviously with running numbers there is a lot of support required to allow us to get our weekly running fix.

I really enjoyed my run this morning, I thanked every Marshall as I went past them and took the run a little easier than normal but all worked out well as I reserved some energy for the killer hill at the end lol

I crossed the finish line, and thought the finish funnel worked really well and again well organised back down to the path and took my token - 661. Many volunteers again ready to scan my barcode and token.

I then supported with sorting the tokens in the cafe - bit overwhelming with over 800 tokens but many hands made light work of the task ahead and I enjoyed chatting to two university students as we sorted.

A fab parkrun, my 177th run and volunteered too giving a little something back in return. Thank you Cannon Hill. Marie Mason

This week 863 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 92 were first timers and 133 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 46 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 58 volunteers:

Martin FOSTER • Mary ROSS • Alex SEABRIGHT • David CHAPMAN • Graham LAWRENCE • Keith EVANS • John SUFFIELD • Sylvia HUGHES • Keira VALENTINE • Andrew PAUL • Lisa BLISSITT • Geoffrey HUGHES • Ben CLARKE • Rosina ORTON • Harry ALVAREZ • Mark WITHERIDGE • Adrian O'LEARY • Rachel BROWN • Neil BROWN • Toby HORWOOD • Richard HARTIGAN • Barry WILLIAMS • Debbie RINGHAM • Ron CATTLE • Marie MASON • Richard WILKES • Sam ROBINSON • Issy RAVENHILL • Nick KTORI • Simon BROCK • Emily SHEPHERD • Scott BROUGH • Harriet COLLINGE • Alex WILSON • Kate NICHOLS • Robert SAUNDERS • Natalie GRAY • Anna MCMANUS • Ieuan DARKES • Alex GROVES • Lottie STONE • Debra LEES • Robert MCMANUS • Ceri ARMSTRONG • Sam GARDINER • Neil GREGORY • James OSBORN • Michael RAVENHILL • Corrie MARTIN • Jill SANSUM • Katie BRITNELL • Vasileios LYKOUDIS • Navneet PHULL • Ken NICHOLS • Helen NICHOLS • George DUNSTAN • Jeannie BIRKETT • Flora GREGORY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham Results Page.

The female record is held by Hayley CARRUTHERS who recorded a time of 16:21 on 16th March 2019 (event number 433).
The male record is held by Omer AHMED who recorded a time of 14:38 on 15th June 2019 (event number 446).
The Age Grade course record is held by Tony WRIGHT who recorded 91.83% (16:19) on 26th January 2019 (event number 426).

Cannon Hill parkrun, Birmingham started on 28th August 2010. Since then 25,681 participants have completed 225,476 parkruns covering a total distance of 1,127,380 km, including 36,157 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,967 individuals have volunteered 14,259 times.