Run Report – September 19th. And we’re back!

On any other run, the report might have been little more than chatter about times and participants. Today, that all seems a little irrelevant compared to the fact that there was a run at all. We are very, very happy to report that after a brief interruption courtesy of Covid, parkrun has returned to the Falklands.

Weather forecast screengrab showing gales and wind chill of -6

A typical spring day in the Falklands

This being 2020, it was never going to be a straightforward return. Displaying a Putinesque desire to demonstrate the reaches of her power, Mother Nature dealt us gale force winds and wind-chill of -6 to welcome us back. Classic Falklands springtime, then.

Amazingly, we still managed to get 30+ runners, and even more amazing the fact that one managed to finish in under 20 minutes. That may not seem much to those of you in bigger parkruns, who are used to seeing spindly gazelles clocking sub-15 finishes without breaking a sweat. But here in blustery Cape Pembroke, where the course record is just over 18 minutes, a sub-20 finish is a big deal. So well done to Tom Harvey for an impressive time. But really, well done to anyone who took part in today's weather.

Photo of Tom Hardy

Tom Harvey

Of course, commendable as it is to run and walk in this weather, it is all the more so to stand around in handing out tokens, or holding a mobile phone with a frozen claw of a hand and trying to keep your nose from dripping onto the screen. So thanks to our volunteers. We say it every week, but today, more than ever, we couldn't have done it without them. While we're shamelessly handing out the props like Gwyneth at the Oscars, special mention also to parkun HQ, who have put in a lot of effort to get parkrun up and running again.

It has been lovely to hear messages of support from other parkruns all over the world prior to restarting this morning. It's no surprise to know that parkrun means a lot to a lot of people, but it's nice to feel that many were running vicariously through us this morning, and humbling to feel part of something that big and global (and that is not a pandemic).

Stay safe, and hope to see you all running again soon.

CPL Team