#45 20 February 2021 – Milestone countdowns!

I’m not quite sure why good weather gives me the urge to write a report, should anyone wish to volunteer their own thoughts on a weekly basis, then feel free.

The sun often shines in the Falkland Islands, or at the very least it doesn’t rain all that often, but a windless day is far less common and even less so in conjunction with some decent sunshine. Whilst I do appreciate a windless run, you do get used to the constant wind, keeping you cool.

The good weather, as always, showed with a great turnout of 36 participants, in a field littered with personal bests. 11 in total, including our latest new recruit Robert Fieldhouse, who also had the pleasure of being our 450th different person to participate. I got a personal best myself, improving by a few seconds on the time I posted at Mount Pleasant in easier conditions, but it’s nice to finally return my personal best to my home run. There are far too many to mention, but it was good to see the people discussing “PB conditions” in the pre-start to come good!

We are approaching a number of milestones with regards to our parkrun. #45 is not so far away from the big #50! In more normal times, maybe that wouldn’t be seen as such a milestone, it should in theory occur only a few weeks prior to the first anniversary. But in these COVID times we find ourselves in, our one year anniversary was in October on parkrun 28. Any thoughts on how to celebrate would be welcome.

More thoughtfully, we are also approaching the one year anniversary of parkrun being shut down the world over, which will occur on parkrun 49 (20 March). We can count our blessings that we’ve been allowed to restart, but our thoughts remain with all those parkrunners worldwide who await eagerly the return of their own local events.

To anyone who keeps an eye on the results, I note we’ll be hitting a few milestone goals that could happen at any time. We currently sit at 1898 parkruns completed, which means our 10,000ths parkrun km is only a few events away. As already mentioned we’re up to 450 different participants, I’m not sure when we’ll hit 500 or if I’ll even notice it, we probably average 1 new person per event at the moment, but we will keep an eye out.

As always, special thanks to the volunteers, Ros, Sally, Wendy, Zoe and Richard. We always need more volunteers and there are plenty of ways to get involved. No role is difficult and advice and help is always on hand, but it would be great to call upon a wider pool of volunteers as we move into the winter months.

Thanks until next time