Happy 10th parkrun to us

Today we ran our 10th parkrun. It may be an small milestone, but no less significant for it. Our average attendance has been 61; granted, that may be skewed by our monster first run (170!), but we have had over 20 runners every week, all the more impressive considering the wind and the temperature on some of those days. As a volunteer, it makes it all the more worthwhile when runners turn out in numbers in spite of the weather.

That being said, our numbers were relatively low today (32); whether that's down to the christmas break or the festive excesses who's to say. Hopefully the New Year's resolution virtusosity will bring the runners out in their droves for our special January 1 event.

Hugh Marsden, a stalwart of running in the Falklands, clocked the fastest time today, and was the only runner to come in under 25 minutes (the strong warm wind didn't help). Rachel Whitfield was the fastest lady, sneaking in under 30 minutes at 29:31 and five seconds ahead of Daphne Gomez-Reid. The first junior was Max Mountford, who obviously didn't get the memo about the wind and managed to clock up a PB of 30:25 (and beat dad Chris by one second to boot).

As mentioned, we are holding a special event on January 1, 10 am. For those of you not aware, New Year's day is the one day you are allowed to participate in more than one parkrun on the same day. This is possible because, unlike normal Saturday parkruns, special events are staged at different times. Unfortunately, unless you have mastered super-super-sonic travel, and can make it from or to the Falklands in between another parkrun (the nearest is in South Africa) in time, it's something of a moot point. Still, good to know for the future.





New Year’s parkrun

Hi everyone,

We had a great response to our online poll and we are happy to confirm that we will be holding a New Year's day parkrun on 1 January (duh...) at 10am to give you a little more time to dust off the cobwebs of 2019.

We are not holding one on Christmas day, but we will continue as normal on December 21 and December, same time (9am), same place (Cape Pembroke Lighthouse road). We are hoping to bring a little seasonal cheer into the proceedings on December 21, so feel free to come along with your best Christmas jumpers, hats, or other assorted paraphernalia (as long as it is safe to run in!).

Hope to see you all there.

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