Cardiff parkrun cancelled – 27th November 2021

88822F77-69FD-44E5-8CDE-80EC11F10520Unfortunately Cardiff parkrun is CANCELLED today , 27th November 2021. There is a tree down at the start area. We apologise for the disappointment this may cause, but the safety of our runners and volunteers is paramount.


Event #655, 20 Nov 2021 by Paula Brown

A group of us from a running club in Bristol set off (too early!) on a misty Saturday morning to come to do Cardiff parkrun. I hasten to add that we came to visit running friends and not simply to nail a PB on a flat parkrun!


This week's parkrun experience also furthered my personal goals of getting me within smelling distance of my 50th volunteer T-Shirt and with at least sight of its 100th running equivalent.

Writing as a tourist runs the risk of telling regular runners what they already know! So I won't go on about the flatness of the course or the wonderful site. However, I will say that, as an visitor, I loved running by the river and took great pleasure in the bit just over halfway where we would be heading up a long incline back in Bristol (did I mention Cardiff is a flat course?).


The Cardiff parkrun folk run a tight ship and it was always clear which side we were running on, where we were heading etc. As a tourist it's always hard to find your 'people' and generally pace and orient yourself but this was made easier by the seamless organisation.

We particularly enjoyed the marshals who brought music and added dancing. Some cursory dabbling in amateur sports psychology websites revealed that, while runners experience a ‘runner’s high’ (surges in the prefrontal and limbic areas of the brain producing waves of lovely feel-good endorphins) volunteers don't miss out. A plethora of studies on the ‘helper’s high’ explains that volunteers experience benefits such as greater health and increased longevity in ‘highs’ similar to those experience by runners.

On the way home I calculated (somewhat roughly) that volunteering at least once every 13 weeks might well do the trick (with 600 odd runners each week and over 50 volunteers needed). N.B. it's International Volunteer Day on 5 December 2021!

After the run, runners back at Costa seemed to also enjoy the smug post-run feeling which, it seems, is due to euphoric-feeling endocannibinoids. Later yet, our carload of runners indulged in much stat-gazing fuelled by the neurochemical dopamine, which is related to rewards and addiction.

For the fully-fledged diehard parkrun stat-nerds among you, there were 687 runners with 99 new PBs (including the first 4 runners). Well done those runners smashing, or gently breaking, previous times.

By rough calculation, 240,450 collective calories were burned in under an hour. There were 70 first timers at Cardiff today of which 20 seemed to be new to parkrun altogether and very welcome they are too.

Marshalls and runners alike share the same deeply satisfying sense of having achieved something before 10am on a Saturday morning. All in all, a great way to start the weekend or a ‘tonic’ as my grandmother used to say. Thanks for having us Cardiff, we'll be back. Please do visit us in Bristol too.

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Christmas Day and New Years Day at Cardiff parkrun

The core team at Cardiff parkrun can confirm we'll have a parkrun on Saturday 25th December, 09:00.

Get those (family friendly please) fancy dress outfits ready!

We will also have a New Years Day parkrun on ... you guessed it, Saturday 1st January 2022, 09:00.



Cardiff parkrun Results – 24th November 2018

Event #570 - 24th November - Delayed Results

Well Done to this week's 735 finishers and our enthusiastic team of 35 helpers, everything seemed to go pretty smoothly.

Unfortunately there's a technical issue which is preventing me from accessing some of the data, it's being looked into by the team at parkrun HQ. At this point we don't know when we'll be able to publish results, my hunch is that there's going to be a considerable delay - please don't chase them up, it won't make them appear any quicker :-)

Thank You All for continuing to to support the event, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


New Years Day 2019 @ Cardiff parkrun

We will once again be holding an extra Cardiff parkrun on New Year's Day 2019, we will be using the normal Blackweir course and start at the usual 9.00am.

We look forward to seeing you all with us to kick off your 2019 celebrations - join us for a run and help cure the hangover :-D 

Thanks Phil

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