Cardiff parkrun and 2011

Many of you will know that during the course of 2011 we have been engaged in a dialogue with Cardiff Council that at one time threatened the continuation of parkrun. I am delighted to be able to tell you that we have now established a positive partnership with the council, who fully appreciate the contribution that parkrun makes to sport, recreation and improved health and fitness. Indeed the council have suggested to us that we apply for 'community chest' funding to enable us to improve our signage and to buy radios for the volunteer marshalls. The purpose of this equipment will be to ensure the safety of all parkrunners and park-users alike.
So we can now look forward to another great year for parkrun in 2012 - we are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and then every Saturday at 0900 as usual.  And of course we hope that you will be able to volunteer at some point in 2012. 
In any event keep running, keep the path clear and have a great Christmas!!

Cardiff parkrun Team