Here at Cardiff we are in a slightly unique position where we are still using laptops alongside the opticom scanners to record the results, this is only available thanks to Jeff writing some software to allow this to happen, this has been done so that we can continue to use the 2 Wasp scanners that we had and as a result process the registartion quicker.

Therefore, from the 7th July you will need to provide a printed version of your barcode, we will no longer take them from a smart phone or from memory. We provide you the opportuntity to take part in a parkrun every Saturday of the year (and occasionally some additional days) so we don't feel it is too much of an ask to request that you bring a printed barcode with you. The only time we will do a manual entry/correction going forward is if you bring a printed barcode with you but it won't scan i.e. sweaty or creased, but if this happens we will ask you to print a new one - that said, if we have to continually have to ask you to reprint your barcode, we will then stop recording your result.

Sorry if you feel this sounds harsh, but we don't ask a lot of you and I would like to enjoy my weekends as well!!