New Years Day @ Cardiff parkrun

Hi All

Just to let you know that there will be an extra Cardiff parkrun on New Years Day, it will be the usual 9.00am. Please come along and see in the New Year with us ..... the more the merrier ....



Christmas Day @ Cardiff parkrun

Hi All

Just to let you know that there will be an extra Cardiff parkrun on Christmas Day, it will be the usual 9.00am. Please come along in your Christmas gear.




This behaviour is not acceptable from any of our runners,and anyone found to be acting in such a way will not be welcomed along to our events.

It has also been brought to my attention that some of the faster guys barged one of our spectators who wasn't even walking on the path. Also, a group going back out on a Warm Down pushed the spectator off the path.

Please have the decency to apologize, or if you are identified you will be asked not to return.

We don't ask much of you, but we do ask ~ and it is mentioned every week in the briefing that you give way to other park users, we don't have exclusive use of the paths and to make sure that you leave enough room for other park users to pass.

If you don't listen and help us it won't be the Council closing the event down, I'll make that decision myself!!

So if you want to help us to continue the event then please follow these simple requests :

•         The path in the Start and Finish area must be kept clear at all times.

•         Be aware of other Park users ~ we don't have exclusive use of the paths.

•         Make sure others can pass, don't take up the whole path.

•         Dogs must be on a lead and under control at all times.

•         Wearing headphones is not recommended, but if you do, then one ear only.

•         Run on the Right Hand Side, even on your Warm Down

•         Return your Finishing disc, we need them every week

•         Just to remind you that you take part at your own risk, if you have any issues or concerns then do not run.



If you are missing from the Results and you know what position you finished, or who you were near please let me know and I'll make the adjustments needed.


Phil Cook



Here at Cardiff we are in a slightly unique position where we are still using laptops alongside the opticom scanners to record the results, this is only available thanks to Jeff writing some software to allow this to happen, this has been done so that we can continue to use the 2 Wasp scanners that we had and as a result process the registartion quicker.

Therefore, from the 7th July you will need to provide a printed version of your barcode, we will no longer take them from a smart phone or from memory. We provide you the opportuntity to take part in a parkrun every Saturday of the year (and occasionally some additional days) so we don't feel it is too much of an ask to request that you bring a printed barcode with you. The only time we will do a manual entry/correction going forward is if you bring a printed barcode with you but it won't scan i.e. sweaty or creased, but if this happens we will ask you to print a new one - that said, if we have to continually have to ask you to reprint your barcode, we will then stop recording your result.

Sorry if you feel this sounds harsh, but we don't ask a lot of you and I would like to enjoy my weekends as well!!




Hi Guys

There will be a change of venue for parkrun this week as the park will still be closed due to the Olympic Torch thingy!!!

Can you let anyone you know that this weeks course will be in Pontcanna Fields, with the Start and Finish close to the Riding Stables. 

We'll probably start a little later this week to allow people to get to it.




Problem with Results Saturday 5th May

Thanks to those who have messaged or e-mailed me. I've gone through all the photo's and included everyone that I recognised, but there are still loads of gaps.



they probably won't be ready until Tuesday as I'm in London for the Marathon.

I will sort tem out as soon as I get back from the big smoke  ;-)



Cardiff parkrun 4th Anniversary Saturday 18th February

We will once again be doing the Bring and Share buffet, so please come along and if you can make a contribution it will be very much appreciated.

We will also be giving out the Awards for the 2011/12 season.

We would like to see as many of you there as possible.


Cardiff parkrun and 2011

Many of you will know that during the course of 2011 we have been engaged in a dialogue with Cardiff Council that at one time threatened the continuation of parkrun. I am delighted to be able to tell you that we have now established a positive partnership with the council, who fully appreciate the contribution that parkrun makes to sport, recreation and improved health and fitness. Indeed the council have suggested to us that we apply for 'community chest' funding to enable us to improve our signage and to buy radios for the volunteer marshalls. The purpose of this equipment will be to ensure the safety of all parkrunners and park-users alike.
So we can now look forward to another great year for parkrun in 2012 - we are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and then every Saturday at 0900 as usual.  And of course we hope that you will be able to volunteer at some point in 2012. 
In any event keep running, keep the path clear and have a great Christmas!!

Cardiff parkrun Team

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