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Hi All

I have the latest delivery of t-shirts which I will have with me tomorrow, I also have a load to t-shirts that haven't been collected. Below is a list of ALL the t-shirts I have ~ if your names isn't there then sorry I haven't got it.

Could you please pick them up ASAP, otherwise I'll end up sending them back to parkrun HQ.



100 club – Black
Tim Green ; Stuart Crees ; Rich Baker ; Neil Edward Davies ; Howard Owen ; Tony Carzana ; Gwenno Thomas ; Sara Thorne ; Bill Snowdon ;

50 club – Red
Sarah Perons ; Paul Dominic Jones ; Martin Bidwell ; Tim Webb ; Susan Bowes ; Stewart Harding ; Julia Evans ; Wayne Beynon ; Tim M Lewis ; Nick Masefield ; Christian Cobbold ; Allan Price ; Andrew Woodfield ; Daryne Keogh ; Peter Hanna ; Lorna Edwards ; Daphne Austerberry ; Allan Price ; Matt Govier ; Gareth Redding ; Ross McMeeking ; Jill Hancock ; David Goodall ; Don O’Driscoll ; Barbara Hancock ; Kevin Fisher ; Mike Bryant ; Jane Petterson ; John Ferriday ; James Nathan Hodgson ; Richard Street ; Stephen Bool ;

10 club – White
Tom McCann ; Joshua Stevenson-Hoare ; Kirtikeya Pathak ; Andrew Kelly ; Iwan Smith ; Liam Hatch ; Dylan Nazareth ; Griff Meehan ; Ben Steven Smith ; Harri Williams ; Rhys Potter ; Zoe Holloway ; Izzy Bushrod ; Harry Morris ; Daniel Morgan ; Jazmine Briganti ; Ioan McDougal ; Georgina Morgan ; Dan Wade ; Katie Long ; Ellis Rhys Jones ; Megan Bunney ; Bethan Frost ; Chloe Boorman.


New Years Day @ Cardiff parkrun

**** NEWS UPDATE ****
There WILL be a Cardiff parkrun on New Years Day ~ usual start time of 9.00am
Thanks to everyone who has Volunteered to organise this as I'm away.
Have a Good New Year and 2014


Cardiff parkrun New Year’s Day run

Just to let you know that we will not be organising a Cardiff parkrun on New Years Day. I will be away and I haven't had any takers to put it on.



Christmas Day 2013

Hi Guys'

Just to confirm that there will be a Cardiff parkrun on Christmas Day, it will be the usual start time of 9.00am. So we invite you to join us and kick off your festivities with a gentle stroll around the park.



Cardiff parkrun Saturday 19th January ~ Re: Snow

My intention in the morning is to turn up at the start as normal, as long as the path is not icy then we will be going ahead, I intend to take the same approach as in the past ~ as long as I deem the path is runnable the event will go ahead, but the runners will be told that it is their choice and that if they are not happy then don't run. The message will be the course is Runable but not Raceable!!!


Festive Running at Cardiff parkrun


With time counting down to the Festive period, here are the details for our runs at Cardiff parkrun :

Saturday 22nd December          Santa/Festive Run       9.00am  as usual

Christmas Day                           Extra Run starting at 9.00am

Saturday 29th December          normal Saturday parkrun

New Years Day                         Extra Run starting at 9.00am


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