Event #250 Run Report


250 parkrun events in Carlisle! Whether you've been there from the start or were one of our 9 first-timers last week, thank you for being a part of our amazing community.

I'm hoping that someone from this amazing community will come forward and help complete the roster for tomorrow. Barcode scanner or funnel manager, the choice is yours! Lots of our regular volunteers and runners are away, so if you've ever thought about volunteering but haven't got around to it yet, tomorrow is the perfect opportunity! Drop us an email at carlislehelpers'parkrun.com .

While I talk volunteering, huge thanks as always to last weeks hi-viz heroes:

Alicia CARTER • Allan CAMPBELL • Andrew CARTER • Andy BAKER • Bethany DUFFY • Christine SOUTHAM • Gordon BEATTIE • Gordon THORBURN • Heather ROWE • Ivor NORMAN • Kathryn HOLLIDAY • Keith MILLICAN • Kevin MULVEY • Lindsay GRAHAM • Louisa WEEKS • Louise DUFFY • Matt CHARLTON • Neil ERRINGTON • Nicola JACKSON • Sarah HAMILTON • Steve VINEY • Vicky VINEY • William CARTER

Jobs on our Christmas and New Year's Day runs are up for grabs as well. Both events start at 9am and on NYD there is also the opportunity for a double run with Keswick starting at 10.30am. Check out the parkrun CHRISTMAS COMPENDIUM if you're going to be away over the Christmas period to see if an event near you is on.



There were 194 runners last week for our first really cold run of the season. As well as the aforementioned 9 first timers, we welcomed tourists from Lee On The Solent, Bolton, Medina, Forest Rec and Dumfries junior parkruns. I hope you all enjoyed your trip to Chance's Park.



Just the one milestone to report - congratulations to Michael Nattrass on joining the 50 Club last weekend.


14 of you ran a new PB last Saturday. Congratulations to Lawrence Payne, Lisa Smith, Michelle Moore, Clare Brown, Maggie McLellan, Tori Wylie, Gary Chandler, Katie Williamson, David Ferguson, Andrew McManus, Susan Holliday, Will Barnes, Maria Stevens and Matthew Emmerson.



Don't forget for the next 3 Saturdays we will be accepting donations for the Foodbank. Please bring something along if you can - there will be a box near the start - and take a look at their website HERE to see what they need. Thank you in advance!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Carlisle parkrun Results page.

Have a great Friday, see you tomorrow,

Thanks to Emma Taylor for the great header photo.