Storm, what storm? How lucky were we?

With the news and the Met Office warning us of very strong winds and heavy rain - with the potential for snow on high ground - we were all a little anxious as to what we would be facing for this week's event (our 294th). Happily, Storm Ciara was kind to us and held off a few hours, though it was still bitterly cold for the 13 kind folks who volunteered and made parkrun happen this week: Kyle BRADY • Tony BARCLAY • Emma BARCLAY • Terry HOGG • Roger IRWIN • Ally LAVERTY • Karen MAGILL • Alan MCMASTER • Caroline MCKEOWN • Jianping ZHANG • Maureen CHATTERLEY • Darren MURPHY • Karen TOPPING

This week we welcomed 10 first timers - we really hope you will join us next week! Everyone is very welcome to run, jog or walk at parkrun, it is entirely up to you. There is NO pressure to complete within a certain time, just come along and enjoy yourself!

Congratulations to Brendan Magill, who completed his 100th parkrun today.



Of the 112 people who completed the event today, 19 recorded new personal bests. Well done to you! 15 different clubs were represented.

Sadly, finish token No.55 went on holiday today - we NEED ALL OF THE FINISH tokens, please, please bring it back to parkrun.


We have a couple of special weeks coming up: 2020 is a leap year, with the 29th falling on a Saturday - we will be REVERSING the route that day. The 8th March is International Women's Day, we will be marking it at parkrun on the 7th - we hope lots of ladies of all ages will join us to mark the event.



See you next week - stay safe in the storm.