Cassiobury parkrun is cancelled on 11 July 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Lockdown update – 27th June 2020 – Stay safe

Hello, parkrunners :) We hope you are well and having a good week.


Have you been (not)parkrunning this week? If not, you can find out more here – what it’s all about, and how to log your times. In brief, run a 5k, sign in to your profile here, add your time, then check this week's results on the website here (historical results can be seen here). In the absence of “actual” parkrun, it’s exciting to see names being added to the results throughout the week … so keep up the good work! As long as your home run is set as “Cassiobury”, your result will show up here. At the time of writing, 23 people have recorded 28 runs this week, and it’s nice to see both familiar names and some newcomers there.


Although certain restrictions seem to be easing, it’s still a very strange world we're in at the moment, and care is still needed to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. If you’ve been working during this period, we are sure you’re being kept busier than ever, and we hope that you are able to get time for yourself and to walk or run and clear your mind. If you’re at home for whatever reason, we hope you are keeping active and engaged, and able to get out and about and stay positive.


Whilst we’re unable to see all our parkrun pals in one place once a week, it’s always heartening to pass someone in a parkrun t-shirt when out jogging! Wear your milestone or apricot t-shirt with pride, and maybe give a wave and a smile to anyone else you spot wearing one – you might not know them, but you might make their day!


Stay safe be kind rainbow pic


Lockdown update – 20th June 2020 – the first week of “(not)parkrun”, and a look at New Zealand parkruns

Congratulations to parkruns in New Zealand, which, it was announced this week, are due to restart on 4th July. Whilst it seems that we are still far from this point in the UK, we are very pleased for New Zealand’s parkrunners! We did some reading about parkruns in New Zealand this week and here’s what we found:


>There are currently 29 parkruns in NZ, with one more seemingly ready to get started fairly soon.

NZ parkruns map


>The first parkrun there was Lower Hutt – an out-and-back course along the Hutt River, about 20km from Wellington on North Island – which started on 5 May 2012. At its inaugural event, there were 84 finishers and 5 volunteers; at its most recent event (#419, on 14th March 2020), there were 301 finishers and 14 volunteers. In the last 8 years, 6,563 people have run at Lower Hutt and 607 individuals have volunteered. The first finisher at that first run (Nick Horspool) clocked 15:25 – this record still stands, though it was equaled on 1 January 2015, the 142nd event, but has not been beaten.


Lower Hutt

Lower Hutt


>The NZ course records are Luke Scott’s 14:53 (at Palmerston North, on 14th March 2020, the last weekend on which parkruns took place) and Angie Petty’s 16:40 (at Hagley, on 23rd December 2017).

>NZ’s attendance record is 523 – this was at Hagley on 25th January this year. As was the case for many parkruns in the world, new attendance records were set on 1st January 2020 for Balclutha (128), Porirua (275), and Hobsonville Point (311).





>It is not possible to complete the “alphabet challenge” in NZ alone, as there are no parkruns beginning with J, N, O, R, S, U, V, X, Y, or Z [NB: there are no “X” parkruns anywhere].

>It is possible to complete three-quarters of the “compass challenge”, by visiting East End parkrun, New Plymouth; Western Springs; and Palmerston North.

Compass points

>There are no junior parkruns in NZ (yet…?!).

>Several parkruns in NZ share their names with places (if not parkruns) in the UK, including Blenheim, Cambridge NZ, and Cornwall.


46 parkruns across the globe should be celebrating their anniversaries this weekend. These include our friends and neighbours at Aldenham, just north of Watford (5 years); the UK’s 3rd oldest parkrun, Banstead Woods, near Coulsdon in Surrey (13 years); and NZ’s Flaxmere (1 year) and Pegasus (4 years).





Back in the UK, don’t forget that this is the first week of “(not) parkrun”, and you have until the end of Sunday to submit your times to be included in this week’s results. More information here. We look forward to seeing how Cassiobury’s parkrunners get on! Results appear here and seem to be visible almost immediately after they are submitted.


Happy (not)parkrunning, everyone!



We like the look of Balclutha’s virtual cafe experience!




  • If you've been missing seeing your name in the results over the last 13 weeks, don't forget to submit your times for "(not)parkrun" before the end of Sunday. You can record a time for each day (Monday to Sunday), and your fastest time that week will be included in that week’s results.
  • To log your times, sign in to your profile here, follow the steps below, click SUBMIT, then check the website for the results. We look forward to seeing how Cassiobury's parkrunners get on!
  • (not)parkrun FAQs here.

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Lockdown update – 13th June 2020 – the launch of “(not)parkrun”

Good morning, lovelies :) We hope you've managed to dodge the rain this week ... it looks as if the sun is back just in time for notparkrunday!

You might have noticed that virtual runs are all the rage these days - check out the virtual challenges from the Watford 10K Charity Run for VE Day and Keech Hospice Care's run, ride, or walk.

Screenshot (356)

Watford 10k virtual run

And, excitingly, parkrun UK has announced the launch of "(not)parkrun", enabling you to log a 5k time and receive an official virtual result once a week. This is absolutely not a replacement for parkrun - it's just a bit of fun in the absence of the parkrun we know and love. Click here for more info, and here for the FAQ.

And the 9th June coronavirus update can be found here.

Thank you to all of Cassiobury's parkrunners who posted their photos and runs last week - please keep sharing, as you never know who you might be inspiring!

Dani Kirwan - flowers

Caron Williams - fancy dress

Clare Pope Masini   - juniors

Martin Kearns - course

Susan Gaszczak - flowers


Lockdown update – 5th June 2020 – by Russell and John (Chair and Secretary of the Bridgewater Surgeries Patient Participation Group)

In ye olden dayes of parkerun [i.e. pre-virus!], we would often have a “takeover” of the volunteer roster, whereby a local group (for example, a running club or a charity) would provide volunteers for the marshal roles and finish area crew in order to highlight and promote the group itself or an upcoming event. Following the introduction in the last couple of years of the partnership between parkrun and GP surgeries – aiming to use exercise and good habits to help improve the nation’s health – a takeover at Cassiobury was scheduled for this week by the Bridgewater Surgeries Patient Participation Group. Russell Cleaver (Chair) and John O’Connor (Secretary) had been planning this since the start of the year, and, in lieu of joining us on Saturday morning, they have shared their thoughts about the present situation. Thank you for the reports, gents, and we look forward to the takeover happening once parkruns are up and running again!


In Lockdown - Comments from a parkjogger and a Helper

Russell writes: It was not meant to be! The Cassiobury parkrun scheduled for Saturday 6 June had been planned to be ‘taken over’ by Bridgewater Surgeries as part of a promotional ‘health & well-being’ project. The Patient Participation Group (PPG) was about to start recruiting participants, marshals and cheerleaders when the coronavirus outbreak stopped us dead in our tracks! Like so many other of our life events, this will now be moved forward until we all move back to some form of normality. But when our beloved parkrun resumes, how will it all fare? Some research is saying we are under-exercising and overeating in response to stress. Personally, my wife and I have stuck to a rigorous fitness routine which includes a weekly 1-hour early morning jog around leafy Nascot and Cassiobury Park inspired by the brilliant sunny weather. But we are also comforted by seeing the many other runners pounding the streets. So when parkrun returns, watch out for a cluster of PBs!

Here's Russell doing a virtual pilates session using 2kg water-filled milk bottles:

PPG - Russell Cleaver 3 (2)

John writes: I’ve become familiar with sections of the parkrun route as I tramp around Cassiobury Park almost every day, applying social distancing rigorously and out pacing every other park user except one. My regular route then reaches the farthest part of Whippendell Woods via some steep hills with me puffing and cursing. It never gets any easier. Most people avoid eye contact, some smile and a few speak an occasional word. How very English. I’ll be delighted when parkrun begins again. I‘m contributing to four covid-19 related research programmes by completing weekly questionnaires and also reporting daily on the Covid Symptom Tracker. Researchers always need more participants so if you’re interested I can give you some contact details.





parkrunners, please keep sharing with us your lockdown exercise stories, photos, and routes! You can make a visitor post on our Facebook page, or email

The latest update (2nd June) from HQ's Tom Williams, Chief Operating Officer, can be seen here.

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