This week’s pacers; and update about Facebook “events”


Watford Joggers' pacer co-ordinator Pip tells us "I have a lovely spread of pacers for you on Saturday. The pacer slots were like gold dust this month … most slots had gone within about 2 hours of my post and people started bargaining with each other to get one. It's the hottest gig in Watford Joggers!"

Here are the avid pacers, keen to help you to a PB, SB, or YB (or BNB – Burns Night Best!) – we hope that runners will be just as enthusiastic! 

  • 21 - James Turner
  • 22 - Rustum Khedkar
  • 23 - Greg Hill
  • 24 - Anatole Ransom
  • 25 - Mauro Fasti
  • 26 - Kate Pickard
  • 27 - Nav Singh
  • 28 - Sue Defoe
  • 29 - Vicky Williams
  • 30 - Katerina Fellas
  • 31 – Pip Griffin
  • 32 - Bob Wallace
  • 34 - Andreas Schwarz
  • 35 or 36 - Claire Fitzgerald
  • 39 - Linda McQuaid
  • 40 - Andy Lord
  • 45 - Nick Slade

Thank you to all the excellent pacers!

Screenshot (393)

     Fitzgerald, Williams, and Wallace tartans


We thought we’d try make a bit more of the ability to post “events” on Facebook, to help you track the special occasions at Cassiobury. These will all be normal, usual parkruns (9am, Saturdays, same route, etc – no changes there!) but we do mark some special occasions and we’re going to trial posting these as "events". The first two for your diaries are there already – Tartan parkrun to mark Burns Night (25-01-20), and Cassiobury parkrun's 5th anniversary (22-02-20)  – and we are looking ahead to 5th February when we will be excitedly sharing a parkrun nationwide initiative for 7th March! Please check out our Facebook page and the events – like, share, follow, and never miss a special event happening at your parkrun!

We won’t post the pacer days as events, as these happen regularly every month (each last Saturday of the month) but we do usually post the target times, so Facebook is still the best place for you to check for the latest pacer news.


Cassiobury parkrun #264 – 18-01-20 – celebrating the over-40s – by Susan Gaszczak

Welcome to this week's run report celebrating our latest record-breaking attendance, many thanks to Susan Gaszczak for writing the report this week. And thanks also to Steve Meekins for the fabulous photos which you can find on our Google Photos account:


Sat on the sofa this evening pondering what to include in this week record breaking run report! Yes, go on, groan it is another record breaker, 754 like-minded, wonderful people gathered and ran, jogged or walked 5k together! That makes us the 58th most popular parkrun in the country! There are ‘just’ 698 weekly parkruns in the UK.

Welcome to the 89 first timers - especially Thea Truman, age 4 (pictured in her fetching pink trousers) who walked her first park run at 59 mins and 6 seconds! High five that young lady - your responsible adults deserve a little praise too! Surely, she is our youngest parkrunner this week?

This week my daughter, Sarah – a fellow parkrun addict, shared a parkrun post that made me really think:

Image may contain: possible text that says '& A 60 minute 5k is just as tar as a 15 minute 5k #loveparkrun'

5k is 5k! Run, jog or walk and complete it in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 mins – it is all the same.

So, let’s celebrate the parkrunners finishing 40 mins or later. This week we had 96 of our parkrun family complete their 5k in 40 mins or more. Included in those there were:

12 Personal Bests (PB)



25 First Timers (that makes the PBs 37 in my books!)


Well done and welcome! Can I warn you it gets a bit addictive?!?! 21 parkruns and I am hooked!

Love also has to go to the parkrun volunteers! 30 of us volunteered this week. Most roles take only a short time to complete AND you can volunteer and run, jog or walk… Take a look here at the roles available to you.

Thanks Susan. To round things off, here are the usual stats:

Cassiobury parkrun
Event number 264
18th January 2020

This week 754 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 89 were first timers and 119 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 47 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

Helen MACAULAY • Katerina FELLAS • Alistair BALDERSON • John O'CONNOR • Kikawatford WATFORD • Katie BALDERSON • Daniel BALDERSON • Lynda HERRING • Emma JEFFREY • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Marian LLOYD-JONES • Angela NEMBHARD • Sandra CHILD • Steve HODGE • Michael DUDLEY • Simone KNAGGS • Carol BUGEJA • Aileen BRENNAN • Martin GARDNER • Isabella AITKEN • Carole SMITH • Caron WILLIAMS • Mary FARRY • Kiran MISTRY • Susan GASZCZAK • Sarah GASZCZAK • Gema MISTRY • Steven MEEKINS • Gerwyn Ll WILLIAMS • Carolyn SIU

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cassiobury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45).
The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253).
The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 11,685 participants have completed 89,786 parkruns covering a total distance of 448,930 km, including 15,676 new Personal Bests. A total of 968 individuals have volunteered 6,181 times.



Cassiobury parkrun #263 – 11-01-20 – by Vix Moore

I'm pleased to publish this week's run report, thanks to our run report writer for this week,Vix Moore. If you would like to see more of the wonderful photos taken by Ken McMahon, you can find them on our Google Photos account:


Run Report Cassiobury parkrun #263

Saturday 11th January 2020


After recording a massive increase in participants on New Year's Day, you might have thought that would be the peak for the year. But 710 people completed our 5k course this week setting a new course record. It is wonderful to see people of all ages, shapes and sizes coming together for a walk, jog or run in the parkrun. I personally would like to thank all the participants and volunteers who are so supportive and encouraging of each other week on week around the course.

There were 72 first timers at Cassiobury of which 38 people completed their very first parkrun. 56 people completed their second parkrun. Welcome all of you to the parkrun family. 79 people recorded new Personal Bests and representatives of 35 different clubs took park.

Congratulations to Helen MUSSEN and Gareth CUTTING on joining the 100 club and to Sebastian MITCHELL and Abigail COX for completing 10 parkruns as junior. We look forward to seeing you in your milestone t-shirts.

Our 263rd finishers at #263 was Mark Andrew NICHOLS.


There were 11 APPTOTW (Aesthetically pleasing parkrun times of the week)

18:18 Rob FURNELL

24:24 Paul MALONEY

25:25 Cameron BAILEY

27:27 Kirsty ROGERS

28:28 Ru MERRITT

29:29 Peter MICHAELS

30:30 Philip SIMPSON

35:35 Maggie FLINT

37:37 Emma BARTON and Sarah SONFRONIOU

53:53 Alok MITRA


The event was made possible by 31 volunteers:

Linda HALL • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Christine CANNING • Kathryn MAYNARD • Abigayle NORMAN • Vix MOORE • John NORRIS • James MARTIN • Stephen BLAKEY • Alistair BALDERSON • Richard BIRD • John O'CONNOR • Glyn JAGGER • Paul BAKER • Stuart SIDDERS • Susan SIDDERS • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Gill RYAN • Kelly JAGGER • David FENWICK • Simone KNAGGS • Ken MCMAHON • Fatim PANJU • Lynne MEDINI • Michaela BRUNT • Kiran MISTRY • Rohan MISTRY • Gema MISTRY • Rotem METUKI • Ashley FAIRFIELD


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cassiobury parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45).

The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253).

The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).


Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 11,595 participants have completed 89,032 parkruns covering a total distance of 445,160 km, including 15,557 new Personal Bests. A total of 962 individuals have volunteered 6,151 times.


Cassiobury parkrun #262 – 04-01-20 – by Philippa Griffin

Thank you to Pip for writing this run report. Thank you too to Steve for taking the photos, which can be seen here (and a 1m22s video of the start here). If anyone reading this would like to try their hand at being our run report writer or photographer in the coming weeks, please check the roster to see when there's a need, and then email with your athlete barcode number and ask us to add you in.

Full results for Event #262 can be seen here.

The first Saturday run of the year saw a huge crowd at Cassiobury. With 695 finishers, we were only 7 off the record set on Jan 1st, earlier this week.

2020-01-04 - FTB

Before we get into the run details, as someone who ran today, I would like to say (on behalf of all the runners) a huge thanks to the volunteers today. Everything was so well organised, the long finish funnel meant no congestion at the end, and there were plenty of scanners to take our finish tokens and barcodes. If you haven't made a New Year’s resolution and participate at parkrun, perhaps make one to volunteer occasionally. Did you know there are lots of volunteer badges at running challenges that make volunteering even more rewarding? (if you aren't familiar with Running Challenges, look it up at … but be warned, it’s addictive!)

2020-01-04 - thumbs up

Today's facts ... we had 54 PBs – well done all of you. 32 people visited Cassiobury for the first time. Our average age was 40. Of those with barcodes who finished, we had 313 male finishers and 257 ladies.

x-2020-01-04 - funnel  x-2020-01-04 - SJ  x-2020-01-04 - round the corner 2

We had 6 milestones – well done to you all. Enjoy your t-shirts.

  • Kate Loach (100)
  • Paul Baker (100)
  • H Matthew Howarth (100)
  • Paul Dreggs (50)
  • Richard Catchpole (50)
  • Simon Davies (50)

2020-01-04 - MH

Our first male finisher today was Richard Evans in 17m56 and our first female finisher was Angela Trussler in 20m36.

2020-01-04 - round the corner 1  2020-01-04 - JRH and JR  2020-01-04 - PG, SF

What a fantastic start to the year for everyone at Cassiobury Park. 2020 looks like it's going to be a busy and fun filled year.

 2020-01-04 - TM  2020-01-04 - EN  2020-01-04 - SR

The extensive list of volunteers is below. Thanks to all.

  • Alistair BALDERSON  •  Ann DAVIDSON  •  Anya WESOLOWSKI  •  Carole SMITH  •  Danny BRODERICK  •  Emma Jay GARDNER  •  Helen REEDER  •  Helen WOLSTENCROFT  •  John DAVIDSON  •  John O'CONNOR  •  Jonathan MURRIN  •  Judith ALDRIDGE  •  Julian GOOD  •  June NICHOLLS  •  Kate PICKARD  •  Kathryn MAYNARD  •  Keith HYLANDS  •  Lesley KEDDY  •  Linsey MAYNARD  •  Madelaine PENDRIGH  •  Mandy LLOYD  •  Maria WAITE  •  Mark NICHOLLS  •  Martyn MAYNARD  •  Mary FARRY  •  Michael HALPIN  •  Natalie LIGHTMAN  •  Nathan PASKELL  •  Navpreet SINGH  •  Paul STEVENSON  •  Philippa GRIFFIN  •  Pierce BRODERICK  •  Rachel CAIRN  •  Rob WITHALL  •  Robert BROOKS  •  Rowena BEEDELL  •  Sandra CHILD  •  Sarah GASZCZAK  •  Sarah OCKENDON  •  Sharon DAVIDSON  •  Simone KNAGGS  •  Sorrell JONES  •  Stephen HOBBS  •  Stephen PENDRIGH  •  Steven MEEKINS  •  Susan GASZCZAK  •  Tam QUINN  •  Tracy HOWARTH

2020-01-04 - vols


Cassiobury parkrun #261 – 01-01-20 – the first parkrun of the year

Results              Photos

Photos by Steven MEEKINS

Gosh, what a way to start a new year - with a record breaking attendance of 702 runners at our 10.30am Wednesday parkrun, after some sensible people had enjoyed a lie-in and a few more avid athletes had already run a parkrun at another venue! Our previous record was 617 (set on 18-05-19) which means that Allison FORD (38:08) made local history by being the first person to receive a token numbered 618 or above.

A 1m 22s video of the start can be seen here.

A few emergency measures were put in place during the run, and they worked spectacularly - Charles, Katy, Charlotte, and others instigated a human chain to extend the finish funnel; and Linsey and Ann helped to record the final few finishers when we ran out of finish tokens above about 650. Thank you to everyone who stepped in to help in the heat of the moment, and if we didn't catch your name but you'd like to claim your volunteer credit, please email with your barcode number and role.

Speaking of which ... we hope that, with a larger pool of runners, we will also see more offers of volunteering! We have a standard list of roles on our roster each week, but each event's roster is tailored to its own needs, and of course should evolve as the event itself evolves. Last new year's day, for example, when 508 people attended, we needed fewer funnel managers than we do now for a crowd of 700+. With more people queuing to get scanned after their runs, having 5 or 6 scanners instead of 4 or 5 really cuts down the time that people are waiting around in the cold. (Barcode scanning is now a particularly easy "problem" to "solve", as many parkrunners will have come across and be willing to use the Virtual Volunteer app on their phones to scan; and faster runners can whizz around the course in their usual time and then jump in to help with scanning once they've finished). Unofficial guidance suggests volunteering once for every 10 or 15 runs that you so ... if every one of the 9,000+ runners who have registered at Cassiobury did this, we're sure we'd have a full roster every week!

2020-01-01 Cassiobury #260 2

How to volunteer? If you're interested in volunteering, please have a read of What do the volunteers do?, identify an empty slot on our future roster, and then email and let us know a date on which you can help. Please include your athlete barcode number whenever you contact parkrun for any reason, as this is the fastest way for us to identify you on the system. Thank you!

And on to the run itself ...

702 people walked, jogged, and ran the course, in times ranging from 17:30 to 58:26. 363 were male, 293 were female, and 46 did not present a scannable barcode (don't forget your barcode). Bringing up the rear with Mary FARRY was Scooby Doo PETERS, kept on a short lead at all times by Matt SINGLETON!

2020-01-01 Cassiobury #260

126 people visited Cassiobury for the first time and, of those, 21 completed their very first parkrun ever. Welcome to:

  • Maja LLOYD, Rosie MCEWEN, Sofia FOORD, Eddie MCEWEN, Ceri HOLMES, Joshua JAMES, Rachel KELLY, Archana VELLORE SUNDARAMURTHY, Iona MORLEY, Fazz ZAHEDI, Kevin JACKSON, Terry JACKSON, Oliver FORD, Yael R BLOOM, Ayaanali KANJI, Iryna BARTKIV, Shenia WAGNER, Callum CROOKES-WEST, Archie HALWARD, Michael GARCIA, and Damian SCHOGGER.

A few members of the "250" club also visited for the first time:

  • Sue MCINTYRE (479 runs), Tim MCINTYRE (477), Peter MANNION (418), Ian NELSON (323), John TIPPING (314), Tim DAWSON (296), and Sue TIPPING (258).

2020-01-01 Cassiobury #260 Frosty!

56 new PBs (personal bests) were set. Those by runners on 100+ runs were:

  • John KRAUSE (23:24), Helen GIBBINS (21:54), Noah ROGER (21:59), KALPESH INTWALA (26:08), Richard NYARIKI (21:06), Julie TYSOE (35:04), Rachel MOLNAR (29:40), and Ishan SHARDA (19:25).

A few special mentions also to the junior runners who achieved new PBs:

  • Phoebe MOLNAR (29:04), Rebecca MULLEN (34:50), Henry WHITE (22:36), Sventlana NANDA (33:07), Abigail COX (31:17), Tom CADWALLADER (18:45), George WILLIAMS (29:11), Abby CADWALLADER (28:20), Martin DIMITROV (26:27), Eli WALKE (31:15), and Imogen COX (43:59).


Reaching the unofficial milestone of 150 runs were:

  • Sheila TURNER (23:47)
  • Andrew LEMAR (31:08).

Reaching the official milestone of 100 runs were:

  • Richard BIRD (23:47)
  • Pam DRIZEN (25:01)
  • Denise CHARLTON (27:54)
  • Ted TURNER (29:03)
  • Katia ANDREWS (29:26)

Reaching the official milestone of 50 runs were:

  • Mandy JACKSON (27:36)
  • Karis THOMAS (29:00)
  • Niamh O'SHEA (34:37)
  • Helen BRAVINGTON (44:11)

Reaching the official milestone of 10 runs (for junior runners only) was:

  • Annabel PERRY (27:03)

Reaching the official milestone of 25 volunteer occasions was:

  • Natalie LIGHTMAN (after an amazing PB run of 21:44 at Rickmansworth at 9am, Natalie funnel managed and token sorted at Cassiobury)

Congratulations to you all! For anyone else approaching a milestone, please let us know if you'd like a shout-out in the main briefing, as, with so many of you, we can't keep track of when everyone is hoping to do a milestone run!

Final word this week goes to our 39 brilliant volunteers - thank you all so much!

A total of 950 individuals have volunteered 6,071 times at Cassiobury.

Happy new year, and we look forward to seeing everyone again for the next parkrun ... in just 2 days' time!

  Screenshot (126) Screenshot (125) 2020-01-01 Cassiobury #260 TU1

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