The BIG comeback!! – Cassiobury parkrun #272 – 24th July 2021

The headlines:

What an amazing day, so many smiles, maybe a few tears, loads of first timers and PBs, and definitely a cup of tea and a cake from the Cha!

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Sharon does the first-timers briefing in the new finish area


It was so wonderful to finally be back doing parkrun in Cassiobury Park, after such a long time away. The weather forecasts had threatened rain beforehand, and even thunderstorms, but in the event we were let off with a bit of drizzle.

The volunteers started arriving at about 7.45 to unload the kit from the storage box. During the break the Run Directors have had a clear-out, and parkrun HQ have issued us with some nice new pink high-viz jackets (the old yellow ones will go back for recycling), so we were feeling all set.

The course change seemed to go well - there were lots of reasons for the change, but I must say I think it was nice to have more space both at the start and the finish. For now the storage box is still in the same place near the croquet club, but we'll see what we can organise with the council once we're feeling a bit more settled.

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A gathering crowd of parkrunners at the new start


The volunteers:

As ever we are so grateful to all out volunteers who helped put on a safe and fun event. A quick reminder that you can volunteer too - all the roles are very straightforward, it's lots of fun and you can learn a little bit about what happens before and after the run as well. Just email us at, and we'll get you organised.

This week's high-viz heroes were:

Rod HEWSON • Robert WALLACE • Jill ROGERS • Douglas MCQUAID • Tim COOK • Mark NICHOLLS • Jane WELCH • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Linsey MAYNARD • Martyn MAYNARD • Julie ROLLS HARPER • Claire FITZGERALD • Alistair BALDERSON • John O'CONNOR • Thomas BALDERSON • Katie BALDERSON • Katherine BEANEY • Daniel BALDERSON • Peter FLANAGAN • Ian REEDER • Josephine HARVEY • Glyn JAGGER • Natalie FROST • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Paul STEVENSON • Stephen HOBBS • David FENWICK • Alison HILSDEN • Lynne MEDINI • Sadie VILE • Camila GRASSO • Bill O'NEILL


The numbers:

We had 318 runners and walkers and 33 volunteers. 19 of the participants were making their parkrun debut with us in Cassiobury - welcome to the fun, and I hope you find it as addictive as the rest of us. We also had 17 people who have parkrunned (is that a verb?) before, but this was their first time at Cassiobury - hope you liked it!

At the other end of the scale, we had 5 members of the 250 club join us on Saturday - Russell Matthews on 292 runs, Charles Dytham and Helen Gibbens on 276, Vince Deritis on 261 and Rasmi Nanda on 260.

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Russell Matthews shows off his green 250-club top


The milestones:

2 people joined the 100-club on Saturday. Congratulations to Michael Dudley (50 of his 100 parkruns have been at Cassiobury, and he became a parkrunner in 2017) and Andrew Powell (57 of his 100 parkruns have been at Cassiobury, and he also became a parkrunner in 2017)

I also know that Colin Taylor was doing his 50th run at Cassiobury - thanks for joining us Colin!

We have to keep the run brief short and to the point in the new world, so if you have anything you want us to celebrate, send us a few details and we'll include it in a run report or on a Facebook post!


The photos:

Tim Cook was busy taking photos and his full album can be found on our Facebook page HERE! Look out for his video of the participants all setting off as well, which is HERE!

I've included a few here for you to look through, until we meet again next week.

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The count-down continues …

THANK YOU so much to all the people who have offered to volunteer for our first event back on Sat 24th July. We've got a full roster already, which is great - so if you were meaning to volunteer but didn't get round to it ... there are plenty of gaps on 31st July, 7th Aug, 14th Aug - you get the picture!

Screenshot (1162)

Looking forward to seeing you all on 24th - remember the new start is at the top of the field near the Bowls Club and the Peace Garden (we'll remind you all again with a map soon).

12 MORE SLEEPS until the return of Cassiobury parkrun!

Hi lovely Cassiobury parkrunners!
  • It's only 12 MORE SLEEPS until we can get back to our favourite way to start the weekend - we'll be back in the park ready to say 3, 2, 1, Go at 9am on Saturday 24th July.
  • But for us to do it, we are going to need your help - as you know, the event only happens because of the people who step forward to volunteer each week. And the new Covid Framework needs a few extra volunteers to work properly as well.
  • So please consider whether you can put your name down for either the 24th or a future date - there are lots of jobs, most very easy, and if you haven't done it before, we can promise you will have a lot of fun. Sure, you have to arrive a bit earlier, but let's face it, we're all bored of Saturday lie-ins now, aren't we...!
  • If you want to be one of our superstars, please email us at (please include your athlete barcode number so we can find you on the system).
  • Check out the volunteer section of the website here, and please read the Covid-19 Volunteer Code below.
Thanks, and lots of love,

Alistair, Sharon, Stephen, Glyn and Tim xxx



Proposed return of English parkruns on 24th July 2021

We remain optimistic about the proposed return of English parkruns on 24th July - we hope you do too, and we're looking forward to seeing you! To prepare for the first events for over 16 months, please familiarise yourself with the new covid-safe guidelines - here is the guide for walkers and runners. We'll share more useful information over the next couple of weeks, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page and website, and encourage your fellow-parkrunners to do likewise, so you don't miss anything important.



HQ’s statement in response to roadmap announcement

Following parkrun HQ’s statement of last Friday, the government’s subsequent announcement means that we are not able to return to parkrun just yet – the next target date has been set for 24 July, and of course we hope that the general picture continues to improve and that we will indeed see you all back in Cassiobury next month!
HQ's announcement can be seen here.

As before, please keep an eye on our Facebook page and the news page of our website, as well as HQ’s own channels, for the very latest position.

Whenever we do return, we will need more helpers than before, to ensure that runners and spectators are kept safe and compliant, and we would be very grateful if you could offer your time to volunteer once in a while. All the roles are straightforward and fun, and briefing and training will be given on the day. Please email if you can be one of the high-viz heroes who make your local parkrun happen! Please include your name and barcode number so we can find you on the system.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already volunteered in response to last week’s request!

The future roster can be found here and a description of all the roles here.

With best wishes from the Cassiobury Run Director Team (Alistair, Glyn, Sharon, Stephen, and Tim) x

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