Cassiobury parkrun #279 – 11th September 2021

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Before we launch into the run report, we’d just like to remind you about a few parkrun guidelines that you agree to follow when you sign up:

  1. Children under 11 MUST be within arm’s reach of their responsible adult at all times before, during, and after the run. This means that your U11 must not sprint off ahead of you before the finish line – you must have them within reach (not just in view!) of you until the finish funnel. If your U11 is far enough ahead of you that we cannot visually identify which adult is accompanying them, please expect that we will talk to the child to make sure that they are not alone – the U11 rule is a parkrun insurance requirement, as well as being common sense and in the interests of the child themselves, their parents/guardians, and our volunteers (who cannot take responsibility for unattended children). Thank you.
  2. Finish funnel etiquette is that, once in the funnel, you must stay in it until you exit past the tokens people – DO NOT duck out of the funnel. Don’t duck into it either – if you miss the timekeepers then they won’t have recorded a time for you and the position token you receive ought to go to someone else. Do not “double cross” the finish line – if you’ve already run your own parkrun and finished legitimately, by all means go back and support your friends and family as they cross the line, but do NOT cross with them if you’ve already finished your own run.
  3. Don’t high-five, and don’t spit. There are lots of non-contact ways of showing your encouragement other than high-fiving … and spitting is NEVER pleasant to witness, ESPECIALLY not in light of a global pandemic – we don’t really need to press this point, do we?!

We mention these points as volunteers noticed several minor infractions on Saturday, making their jobs slightly harder and certainly (in the case of the first two) giving the results processors more work to do in identifying who should rightly receive which times and positions. Please stick to these simple rules to help make your parkrun safer, smoother, and more efficient. Thank you.

This week 443 people ran, jogged and walked the course. This was our highest attendance since English parkruns returned at the end of July (topping the 436 who showed up to Event 275 on 14th August ). Northern Irish parkruns returned on 26 June, Scottish parkruns on 14th August, and Welsh parkruns on 21st August. Happily our two local junior parkruns are also now both operating as normal, with King George (Bushey) joining Leavesden just last week. A list of local and Hertfordshire junior parkruns (Sunday mornings, for 4 to 14 year-olds) can be found under “Other Local Links” on our website.

At Cassiobury, 34 people were first timers, and 14 of those completed their first ever parkruns. WELCOME to:

  • Dan MARKOU • Matthew PADGHAM • Charlie PADGHAM • Andrew REES  • Abbie CURRINGTON • Sam BROWN • Jennifer PADGHAM • Jennifer REES • Karen CORNEJO • Coral JOBSON • Vanessa COOPER • Muhammad Ali CHANDOO • Emma MCCARTHY • and Kirra MOSER.

Representatives of 22 different clubs took part. With both St Albans and Jersey Farm parkruns cancelled this week, we were joined by, among others, St Albans Striders members Stuart MIDDLETON, Martin CRISP, Richard EVANS, and Matthew BEDFORD who ran; as well as Colin BRAYBROOK who kindly volunteered and cycled here and back from and to St Albans.

56 athletes recorded new Personal Bests – some of the most prolific were:

  • Sean COLLUM (17:27) • Sohan SHAH (28:02) • Declan CALVEY (21:44) • Alice WARNE (26:28) • Debbie Woodward (24:13) • John BENNETT (25:43) • Andan GURUNG (25:34) • and Catherine TURNER (21:51).

Special mention goes to junior runner Eli WALKE who ran a new PB of 30:06 to finish in 262nd place.

A new age-graded record! Congrats to Sarah ROBERTS of Dacorum and Tring AC whose new PB of 22:48 also saw her record the highest age-grading of the day and indeed ever on our course – an astonishing 99.27%! Her previous run here was almost exactly two years ago, when her time of 22:59 garnered her an age-grading of 95.29%. The previous age-graded record was held by Claire DONALD of Purple Patch Runners whose time of 18:23 and age-grading of 98.46% stood for over 6 years, from Events #22 to #279.

At our 279th event, the 279th finisher was Mo KOYEJO, with a new PB of 30:31. Last week, at our 278th event, Mo finished in 278th place in her debut run!

We said a sad farewell to two popular parkrunners and parkvolunteers – Katherine and Matthew BEANEY (and their youngster Daniel), who will shortly be moving to Scotland. Cassiobury parkrun’s loss is Camperdown parkrun’s gain! We are sorry to see Matthew and Katherine leave, but of course we wish them all the very best with their new adventures and the next phase of their lives, and we certainly hope they will come and visit us here whenever they are able to do so!

  Beaney M and D post-run Beaney group

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

  • Linda MCQUAID • Colin BRAYBROOK • Katie DI PAOLO • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Linsey MAYNARD • Martyn MAYNARD • Stephen LUMMIS • James MARTIN • Rustum KHEDKAR • John O'CONNOR • Peter FLANAGAN • Josephine HARVEY • Glyn JAGGER • Suhayl KASSAM • Neil HERRING • Paul LANGSTON • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Stephen HOBBS • Rich POWELL • Amanda SEARS • Libby LEES-POWELL • Scarlett SIMMONS • Molly FLANAGAN • Sophie ARGENT • Dominic OREILLLY • Spencer HOBBS • Annie WHITTON • Bill O'NEILL • and Susan GASZCZAK.

We send our good luck wishes to volunteers who were saving their energy for upcoming races:

  • Glyn JAGGER in the Great North Run, Dominic OREILLLY in the Brighton Marathon, James MARTIN in the Richmond Marathon/Half Marathon, and Martyn MAYNARD for next week’s 2-mile Serpentine Swim.

A total of 1,022 individuals have volunteered 6,677 times. If you would like to be volunteer # 1,023, please check out the future roster and a description of the roles, and email us at – please include your name, barcode number, and the date on which you can help. We encourage you to download the Virtual Volunteer app on your smartphone and practice with it at your leisure, in case you fancy volunteering as a timekeeper or barcode scanner in the future (don’t worry, though, full briefing and support is given for all the volunteer roles on the day). Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered for a future week – we can’t do it without you!

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 12,399 participants have completed 96,803 parkruns covering a total distance of 484,015 km, including 16,628 new Personal Bests.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253). The Age Grade course record is held by Sarah ROBERTS who recorded 99.27% (22:48) on 11th September 2021 (event number 279).