Please wear your London Marathon t-shirt to Cassiobury parkrun #283!

Hello parkrunners,

The countdown to the weekend starts here!

And we have a different sort of plea for you on this Friday morning ...

Did you run the London Marathon (or indeed any other race) last Sunday? Or have you run London in the past? And are you coming to Cassiobury parkrun tomorrow?! (Ok, that last one's a silly question, right - of course you are!) We would be delighted to see you wearing your London Marathon t-shirts of all descriptions - this year's or retro, finisher's prize or volunteer memento; or other recent race t-shirt - with pride! Relive the glory and celebrate your achievement all over again :)

Can't wait to see you there!


(PS - don't forget your barcode ... no barcode, no time, no exceptions!)


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Please take a moment to remind yourself of the covid codes for walkers and runners and for volunteers. Thank you.