Cassiobury parkrun #289 – 20th November 2021

This week 407 people ran, jogged, and walked the course, including representatives of 30 different clubs

Greg HILL ran with his baby granddaughter Florence for the first time.

At our 289th event, the 289th finisher was Felicity PAGE, in 31:21. This was her 24th parkrun (so the next will mark her first milestone!) and 22nd at Cassiobury.

Our picks for the “aesthetically-pleasing parkrun times of the week” go to:

  • Lynda HERRING for her time of 41:14 (finishing in 381st place) – we hope she had a similarly good result in the Watford football game later that afternoon!
  • and Linsey MAYNARD for her time of 30:30 (finishing in 265th place) – just two weeks after racing in the Reading Half Marathon.

Ann DAVIDSON ran her fastest time of 2021 – 34:17 – to finish in 331st place.

Sean COLLUM and Bobby BROOKS overcame travel adversity in the form of temporary traffic lights and police road closures to join the field just after the start and come flying through the pack! For one it was a chance to take it easy, with the pressure off by not starting with the masses; and for the other it meant a faster-paced run as he felt that he was catching up throughout! Well done to both!

Today’s results can be seen here.

A timely wee reminder that we operate under the current parkrun HQ covid framework. Please continue to do your bit to ensure that you and your fellow parkrunners are kept safe. Do not attend parkrun if you show any signs of covid.

40 people were new to Cassiobury (24 tourists and 16 first timers):

  • Nick WEALLEANS of St Theresa’s AC (Leeds) ran his 398th parkrun here today, in a time of 26:15. He was the most prolific parkrunner in attendance – this was the 233rd different venue he’s visited and 12th new venue this year.
  • James LESTER of Wolverhampton parkrun chose Cassiobury for his 291st run, and finished in 26:08. This was his 30th different venue. His conclusion: “10/10 would recommend”. Thanks, James!
  • Holly OCHILTREE is a run director at Stevenage junior parkrun, has volunteered on 143 occasions, and visited us for the first time today for her 181st parkrun. She finished in 47:23.

Welcome to those who completed their first parkruns:

  • Nana AMOAKO • Konstantine TZIRTZIRIS • Josh MASTIN • Joanne MARSHALL • Mikey STEVENS • Helena GRAHAME • Harriet BAINES • Richard PARMINTER • Osolya BABICZKI • Balazs KELEMEN • Arun Ashish CHAUHAN • Toni WHEELER • Krishna PATEL • Anne GODDARD • Paul GODDARD • and Sian ROUSE.

62 athletes recorded new Personal Bests:

Archie MARSHALL, in first place, ran 16:51 – this was just his third parkrun, and he also ran a PB on his second.

Proving that PBs are never out of reach, no matter how many events you’ve run, were:

  • Paul VALE (261 runs; PB of 22:12) • Michael SHIRT (160; 22:20) • Kassim MEGHJEE (139; 25:53) • Emma Jay GARDNER (123; 22:51) • and Krishna RAGHAVAN (102; 22:50).

Special mention goes to Spencer HOBBS, with his second new PB in a row – 23:54, to finish in 92nd place. We hear that he’s running faster these days in an effort to get home quickly to see his new kittens!

Conditions were cool and calm, obviously conducive to fast times.

7 parkrunners joined a new milestone club:

  • Michael HARPER ran an unofficial milestone of 150 runs … on the same occasion that wife Julie ROLLS HARPER ran her official 100th parkrun! Completing the Harper line-up was daughter Lily, who greeted her mum with a big congratulatory hug after finishing her own run.
  • Also clocking up 100 runs was Simon LAWRENCE of Watford Joggers … we expected him to float around the course carried by the celebratory balloons that were hard to miss!
  • 25 runs were completed by: David GOLEBIOWSKI • Clare SULLIVAN • Matthew LEUNG • and Matthew COOMBE.
  • Aliraza DAMANI completed the first milestone for juniors, which is 10 runs.

Plenty of new purple “25” run t-shirts were already on display. You can check your progress towards each club via your profile; and don’t forget there are now also t-shirts for volunteering, so you earn the right to claim a new t-shirt when you have helped out on 25, 50, 100, and 250 occasions!

The event was made possible by 35 volunteers:

  • RD = Alistair BALDERSON
  • Marshals = Bob WALLACE • Ian REEDER • Josephine HARVEY • Max PREECE • John O'CONNOR • Gerwyn Ll WILLIAMS • Jo PERRY • Lynne MEDINI • Russell CLEAVER • Martin GARDNER •
  • Funnel managers = Sophie ARGENT • Finn CASSELTON • Martyn MAYNARD • Alison HILSDEN
  • Tokens and number checking = Anya WESOLOWSKI • Joe THOMPSON • Alexandra HILL • Simone KNAGGS
  • Timekeepers = Bill O'NEILL • Olga DANYLUK
  • Barcode scanners = Emily MCKILLOP • Abbie HEWETT • Jill ROGERS • Danny BRODERICK • Susan WATTS • Stephen CADWELL • Angela KEOGH • Andy ROSAMOND
  • Tail walkers = Fiona MEPHAM • Donna BANKS
  • Behind the scenes = Esther LAXENAIRE • Daniel BALDERSON • Kulsum MEGHJEE • Sharon DAVIDSON

Special mentions go to first-time volunteers Russell CLEAVER and Jo PERRY – thank you for giving it a try, and we hope you enjoyed your morning!

A total of 1,051 individuals have volunteered here 7,002 times.

We would love to welcome new volunteers, and you can be assured that we will talk you through your role and make sure you are comfortable doing it, and we’ll never ask you to do something you’re not happy with. If you’d simply like to know more about volunteering, please have a chat to the run director on any Saturday morning.

Please take a look at the future roster, and email if you can fill any of the empty spaces for the rest of the year – in particular for our special runs on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. These will not able to go ahead unless we have the usual number of volunteers! Thank you, and thanks to everyone who has already volunteered.

A shout-out to the (not)parkrunners!

It’s good to see that several regulars are still logging their (not)parkrun times – a few who have been back to Saturday parkruns, but also one or two who haven’t yet recorded a parkrun time this year for various reasons! (not)parkrun is a great way to record up to 7 times each week and to stay involved … please keep your results coming in. Kim CLARK and Adam NASH logged the fastest female and male times for this week so far (28:41 and 28:47), and we welcome first timer James FOX (33:19).


Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 12,750 participants have completed 100,673 parkruns covering a total distance of 503,365 km, including 17,164 new Personal Bests. Historical results can be found here.

Local races:

Good luck to all parkrunners who are taking part in tomorrow’s Watford Joggers Autumn 10k.

There is still time to enter the 5k Santa Dash on Sunday 5th December, in support of Watford Mencap – more info here.


Cassiobury parkrun #288 – 13th November 2021

This week 375 people ran, jogged, and walked the course, of whom 43 were first timers and 31 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 24 different clubs took part. The new visitors with the highest number of parkruns were Chris ZAREMBA of Black Park – this was his 338th parkrun and he finished in 30:19; and Adam SHARMAN of Milton Keynes – this was his 280th parkrun and he finished in 43:28. At our 288th event, the 288th finisher was Rotem METUKI, in 33:12 – all of her 21 parkruns so far have been at Cassiobury, and she has volunteered once, as a token sorter. This week’s full results can be found here.

Milestone congrats!

  • 200 (unofficial) = Greg HILL • Naomi WALTERS
  • 50 = Nigel TEXEIRA
  • 25 = Emma BUNN • Valerie STEELE

More information about the milestone clubs can be found here.

Volunteer thanks!

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

  • Mark NICHOLLS • Christine CANNING • Alistair BALDERSON • June NICHOLLS • Claire CASSELTON • Daniel MAPP • Finn CASSELTON • Suhayl KASSAM • Joe THOMPSON • Kulsum MEGHJEE • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Fruitful OLUPONA • Esther LAXENAIRE • Stephen HOBBS • Emily MCKILLOP • Alison HILSDEN • Alexandra HILL • Susan WATTS • Sophie ARGENT • Nick FLINT • Caron WILLIAMS • Mary FARRY • Bill O'NEILL • Stephen CADWELL • Gerwyn Ll WILLIAMS • Olga DANYLUK

Kelly BYRON volunteered for the first time; and Sarah JONES of Rickmansworth parkrun volunteered at Cassiobury for the first time.

A total of 1,049 individuals have volunteered 6,967 times. More information about volunteering at Cassiobury parkrun can be found here.

If you would like to help secure parkruns on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, please send in your offers of help sooner rather than later! Email Thank you.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253). The Age Grade course record is held by Sarah ROBERTS who recorded 105.58% (21:48) on 9th October 2021 (event number 283).

Since Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015, 12,710 participants have completed 100,266 parkruns covering a total distance of 501,330 km, including 17,102 new Personal Bests.


Cassiobury parkrun #287 – 6th November 2021

This week 413 people ran, jogged, and walked the course, including representatives of 27 different clubs.

One of the most prolific runners was Rasmi NANDA – with 275 parkruns to his name, he has run at 118 venues, and has the t-shirt to prove it! He should also recently have been in receipt of a shiny new red t-shirt for volunteering, as he has managed to fit in 53 separate volunteer occasions alongside his 1,375km of parkrunning.

2021-11-06 Rasmi 100 venues t-shirt

Six-month old Archie took part in his very first parkrun, being pushed along in his buggy by dad Scott COCKFIELD, with mum Alex SMITH running her first parkrun this year after walking one in September (sorry, Scott and Alex - we messed up the lighting in your pic, otherwise we would have included it here :( ).

At our 287th event, the 287th finisher was Claire MILLER, in a time of 30:19. She first ran at Cassiobury in August 2015, at our 23rd event, and since then 53 of her 75 parkruns have been at Cassiobury. Her first parkrun this year was at Lanhydrock in Cornwall, which she has run 4 times. She has volunteered at Cassiobury on 3 occasions, as funnel manager, timekeeper, and marshal.

The highest age-graded run was by the first female finisher Sue ELLIOTT of Chiltern Harriers, who scored 82.46% with her new PB of 21:40, at her first parkrun this year (she has run 20 in total, 4 of which at Cassiobury).

12 people ran milestones – well done to you all!

  • 10 (juniors only) = Josie LENDON-LE ROUX (with a new PB of 37:51!) • Eloise MOSER
  • 25 = Tom PREEST • John HOUSTON • Fraser IRONSIDE (new PB of 25:21!) • Phoebe NICOLAOU • Ashley BUNN (new PB of 23:19) • Lee BUTLER • Marc SINGER (first timer!)
  • 50 = Susan SIDDERS
  • 100 = Archi BAG
  • 200 (unofficial) = James MARTIN

Upcoming milestones! Advance congrats to …

  • 200 = Greg HILL
  • 100 = Julie ROLLS HARPER • Lucy CLUTTON
  • 50 = Megan STOCK
  • 25 = Tara DELER-HOY

2021-11-06 JM 200th parkrun

41 people were first timers

Welcome to those making their parkrun debuts:

  • Jenny DUNN • Xander TUNCER • Vinay KANDY • Sharron GURNEY • Chloe ARNOLD • Cassius KOYEJO • Tania GARCIA RAMOS • Alexandra NUNN • Mansoor MALIK • Jenny HOWARD • Berangere BOTTO …

… and to a few of the most well-travelled tourists, who all came from the St Albans/Jersey Farm/Ellenbrook Fields areas:

  • Stephen HONEY (154 runs in total) • Matthew BIGG (137) • Tanya HONEY (130) • Ashley FINESILVER (102)

65 athletes recorded new Personal Bests

PBs by athletes on more than 50 runs were:

  • Rob HON (20:55) • Joel SMITH (29:28) • Rob FURNELL (18:11) • Martin GARDNER (26:14) • Catherine CARROLL (24:09) • Maria WAITE (29:27) • Andan GURUNG (24:54) • Simon HUNT (24:26) • Jos BARLETT (23:21)

Great running by you all!

We heart volunteers :)

A total of 1,047 individuals have volunteered 6,939 times at Cassiobury. This event was made possible by 33 helpers ...

30 volunteer veterans:

  • Keith HYLANDS • Robert WALLACE • Helen MACAULAY • Katie DI PAOLO • Ann DAVIDSON • Helen GIBBINS • Linsey MAYNARD • Martyn MAYNARD • Alistair BALDERSON • John O'CONNOR • Amrat THORPE • Claire CASSELTON • Brian ASHFORD • Josephine HARVEY • Suhayl KASSAM • Kulsum MEGHJEE • Carl ATKINS • Esther LAXENAIRE • Sylvia ASHFORD • Emily MCKILLOP • Simone KNAGGS • Alexandra HILL • Ella SUTHERLAND • Scarlett SIMMONS • Bill O'NEILL • Stephen CADWELL • Gerwyn Ll WILLIAMS • Nick HESTER • Olga DANYLUK • Sharon DAVIDSON

And 3 very welcome first-timers:


Please email if you can fill one of the vacant slots on the future roster in the coming weeks. We might … just might!! … be starting to think about Christmas Day and New Year’s Day runs, but we won’t be able to confirm until we have enough volunteers, so please send in your offers early if you want to secure these seasonal extras!

2021-11-06 volunteers

(One of these days we'll remember to get a snap of ALL the volunteers by the finish area before they leave, not just those who help with post-event close-down and end up posing by the storage locker!)

This week's full results can be found here and the complete event history here.

Since Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015, 12,667 participants have completed 99,891 parkruns covering a total distance of 499,455 km, including 17,071 new Personal Bests. The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253). The Age Grade course record is held by Sarah ROBERTS who recorded 105.58% (21:48) on 9th October 2021 (event number 283).


Cassiobury parkrun #286 – 30th October 2021 – Halloween special!


Appropriately timed on Halloween weekend, a mysterious portal to the underworld had opened up on the path near the junction with The Gardens entrance to the park, late in the week, just before parkrunday. The park management referred to this prosaically as a “sinkhole”, but, seeing as the dimensional linkway appeared to have closed up magically by Saturday morning, just as suddenly as it had appeared, nothing you can say now will convince us that it was anything less than a wormhole to another space and time.

portal to the underworld

Our huge thanks go to the park management team for taking steps to warn us – and then for sorting it all out before it even became a problem! Much appreciated.

Thankfully, we didn’t lose any parkrunners to the underworld. It was, however, the lowest turn-out this year (since early 2018, in fact) – no doubt due to the grey skies and eventual heavy rain! – with 262 people running, jogging, and walking the course (… so perhaps some were lost to an alternative universe?!).

These included 19 junior runners, and several enthusiastic dogs, including Otto the German Shepherd who couldn’t contain his excitement at seeing his human after she finished her run, and one very noisy and equally excitable hound who tried to add his or her voice to the pre-run briefing! A couple of wee reminders: under-11s must be within arm’s reach of their responsible adult at all times before, during, and after the run; and the rule is max one dog per runner, and you must ensure that your dog doesn’t cause upset to other runners. Thank you.

Sadly there were 14 runners listed as "unknown" in the results ... please note that you must bring your physical barcode (NOT on a phone screen) and get it scanned before you leave, if you want your official result.

Pumpkin = Mrs O SH pumpkin Table = pumpkin Table = spider

Halloween was marked by many runners arriving in fancy dress of all sorts, from the scary to the fun, and spot-prizes of bags of sweets were given to the lucky runners who found a pumpkin sticker on the back of their finish token.

SH tokens  SK Skittles


Table = all

We usually name the runner who finished in the position that corresponds to the run number … but the low turn-out meant that there was no 286th finisher at our 286th run! So, our random shout-outs for this week go to a couple of regulars: in 28th place was Jerry ENGLAND, in 21:43 – 118 of his 123 runs have been at Cassiobury, and he has volunteered on 9 occasions; and in 86th place was Lizanne HILL, in 25:35 – 107 of her 117 runs have been at Cassiobury and she has volunteered 3 times.

20211030_093534~2 20211030_093558 20211030_093800

At her 194th parkrun, Katie BALDERSON finished in 194th place – 2 weeks ago, on 16th October, she was the 284th finisher at our 284th event!

Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

20211030_093833 20211030_094048 20211030_094121

18 people were first timers

Welcome to the tourists:

  • Chris VERNON (Brockwell parkrun) • Michael John MORFEY (Tooting Common) • Jessica BUTTIGIEG (Clapham Common) • Oliver KENNEY (Highbury Fields) • Ross CROOK (Gadebridge) • Russell MORRIS (Harrow) • Scarlett STRUDWICK (Aldenham) • Mark HEAD (Tring) • and Steven FLETCHER and Elaine FLETCHER (Gateshead).

Thank you to Elaine for her lovely comment on our Facebook page: “Tourists at Cassiobury this morning. Lovely flat course compared to our local very hilly ones. Will definitely be back again when we’re next in the area. Thank you to the lovely lady that did the first timers briefing for making us very welcome and to the werewolf run director who ensured our son (first adult parkrun for him) got some Halloween sweets at the end. Hopefully next time we can run it in the sun rather than the rain”.

And to those making their parkrun debuts:

  • Kevin MCCOURT • Luke ROCHE • Matthew FLETCHER • Laurentiu BOLUC • Imogen MCLAUGHLIN • Patricia JERVIS • Pedro JERVIS • and Amanda PARROTT.

31 people recorded new Personal Bests

Congrats to a few of the most prolific:

  • Caron WILLIAMS (34:44) and H Matthew HOWARTH (19:55) – backing up our theory that volunteering makes you run faster!! • Becky TEES (33:20) • Moira ANDERSON (34:13) • Michael NORMAN (21:11) • Jenny HUMPHREYS (22:39) • and Mandi BRUNETTI (34:35 – by 1 precious second!).

And special mentions go to:

  • Jules FOSTER (37:22 – her 4th PB in a row, and 5th this year, lowering her previous best by over 90 seconds from 38:56!) • junior athlete Martha HOOPER (35:27 – she only started parkrunning in August, and has set 3 PBs and taken over 4 minutes off her debut time!) • and Becki BRUNETTI and Natalie FROST who both ran their fastest times since having babies earlier this year.


A total of 1,044 individuals have volunteered 6,906 times. This week’s event was made possible by 34 volunteers:

  • Werewolf run director = Stephen HOBBS
  • Marshals = David FENWICK • James MARTIN • John O'CONNOR • Navpreet SINGH • Rob PARGETOR • Stuart SIDDERS • Suhayl KASSAM • Susan SIDDERS • Tom CHEETHAM
  • Funnel managers = Alistair BALDERSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Glyn JAGGER • H SINGH S • Mark Andrew NICHOLS
  • Number checking and tokens = Audrey HOBBS • Sophie ARGENT • Susan WATTS
  • Barcode scanners = Alexandra HILL • Anna SMITH • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Emily MCKILLOP • H Matthew HOWARTH • Karen ENGLAND • Paul HARRIS • Thomas BALDERSON
  • Timekeepers = Bill O'NEILL • Stephen CADWELL
  • Tail walkers = Mary FARRY • Rod HEWSON
  • “The lovely lady that did the first timers briefing” = Caron WILLIAMS
  • Behind the scenes = Esther LAXENAIRE • Fiona MEPHAM • Sharon DAVIDSON

20211030_094148 AED = witch GJ = nose

We have plenty of spaces to fill on the future roster for the next few weeks – don’t wait for that reminder email, but please email asap if you can help! More info about volunteering can be found here and here. You might also be interested in parkrun HQ’s Volunteer Hub. And remember that you will earn a volunteer t-shirt when you have volunteered on 25, 50, 100, and 250 occasions!

There were no new members of volunteer clubs this week, but the milestone runners were:

  • 25 = Massimo TREBAR • Kieran KILGANNON • Vicky HILLS • and Jane CROWDER
  • 50 = Marilyn NOYES

Congrats to you all – check your profiles to see when you can claim your t-shirts, and we look forward to seeing you wearing them before long!

Well done to everyone who was “running scared” at our Halloween special … we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

running scared

Ps – please be advised that next week there will parking restrictions on the roads surrounding the park, due to the fireworks display in the evening, so please keep an eye on our social media and other local interest pages for more details. If you can, please walk, run, cycle, or take public transport to parkrun on 6th November!

Fireworks warning sign


Cassiobury parkrun #285 – 23rd October 2021

This week 395 people ran, jogged, and walked the course, including representatives of 26 different clubs

The full results can be found here, and Tim Coysh’s excellent photos can be seen here.

At our 285th event, the 285th finisher was local junior parkrun RD Alex REVENS, pushing his baby daughter around in her buggy. Even before she can walk, we understand that she has been a part of every parkrun that has happened this year! Mum Sophie was also a first time visitor to Cassiobury (…and has missed only 1 parkrun this year!).

In the past week, 22 people who have signed up to parkrun have set Cassiobury as their home run, and we look forward to welcoming them in person before long.

62 people recorded new Personal Bests

A select few of these PBs were by:

  • John RYAN (24:33) • Joanne PARKER (19:06) • Rich POWELL (20:15) • David SUTHERLAND (19:38) • Nicola TROTMAN (25:20) • Haroon MUNIR (25:12) • Julian GOOD (18:00) • Alice WARNE (26:26) • Richard CATCHPOLE (31:51) • Declan CALVEY (21:16) • and Jason BAILEY (25:21).

13 people completed milestone runs – congratulations!

  • 100 = Gail WINTER • and Krishna RAGHAVAN.
  • 50 = Rob HON (with a new PB of 21:14!) • Tiya PURBHOO • Charlotte HOPPE • Martin GOOD • and Aileen BRENNAN.
  • 25 = Caron WILLIAMS • Edward NEWMAN • Mark FORRESTER • Riaz FIDAHUSEIN • Beejal CHANDE • and Masooma JESSA.

31 people were first-timers

Welcome to the 18 newcomers who completed their very first parkruns:

  • Nicholas THOMAS • Reuben LEATHER • Charlotte OGRADY • Ashleigh EDWARDS • Ayush PATEL • Stephen PENNY • Bairam CHAMPIP • Wasim DOMAH • Eloise LINEHAN • Sophie BURNS • Charlotte HEARN • Rosey EASTWOOD • Robyn EASTWOOD • Jane MASTIN • Miss SMITH • Lauren ANNENBERG • James GOCKELEN • and Aurora BELL.

Tourists included, among others:

  • Sean BYRNE of C Wiles RC (184 runs in total)
  • Laura STEVENS of On The Run Aylesbury / Crane Park parkrun (165 runs)
  • and Jenny HUMPHREYS of Queens Park Harriers / Gladstone parkrun (108 runs)

The event was made possible by 37 super volunteers:

  • Rod HEWSON • Wai Meng AU-YEONG • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Michael HARPER • Tim COYSH • John O'CONNOR • Glyn JAGGER • Natalie FROST • Suhayl KASSAM • Neil HERRING • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Esther LAXENAIRE • Tom CHEETHAM • Stephen HOBBS • David FENWICK • Chantal PEZOT • Emily MCKILLOP • Ethan JAGGER • Simone KNAGGS • Lily HARPER • Alexandra HILL • John HOLLOWAY • Susan WATTS • Vicky HILLS • H SINGH S • Caron WILLIAMS • Mary FARRY • Bill O'NEILL • Stephen CADWELL • Susan GASZCZAK • Gerwyn Ll WILLIAMS • Toby BASSETT • Heidi JAGGER • Olga DANYLUK • Leonard SINGH • and Laura ELSEY.

A total of 1,042 individuals have volunteered 6,872 times at Cassiobury. Making their volunteering debuts this week were Olga DANYLUK • Laura ELSEY • Ethan JAGGER • Heidi JAGGER • and Leonard SINGH … thank you for taking the plunge and giving it a try!

Your parkrun cannot happen without enough volunteers! Who are the volunteers? Well, they’re parkrunners just like you! If every one of the 10,000+ runners who have registered Cassiobury as their home event would be kind enough to volunteer just once here for every few runs, the rosters would be filled throughout the year. First-time volunteers are always welcomed, and briefing and support is given. To offer your help for any future week (as far ahead as you like ... don't wait to get a reminder email!), please drop us a line at at the earliest opportunity – let us know the date and role you’re after, as well as your name and barcode number so that we can find you on the system. Thank you.


Next Saturday (30th October) we would be delighted if you would get into the Halloween “spirit” (ahem!) and dress up – you can be as scary or as amusing as you wish! Here are some memories of Halloween at Cassiobury in 2015 and 2017 – were you there??


Cassiobury parkrun #284 – 16th October 2021

Useful links:

This week 417 people ran, jogged, and walked the course

First into the funnel was Sam ADCOCK (in 17:07) who has finished first at 5 out of the 13 events back since July. Bringing up the rear were the tail walkers David BORLASE, with first-time visitor Paul FRANK (more usually of Northampton parkrun), in 1:01:27 and 1:01:28.

The 284th finisher at our 284th event was the fabulous Katie BALDERSON (in 31:43) who has run here 168 times out of her 192 parkruns and has also volunteered at Cassiobury and Leavesden on 40 separate occasions – meaning that she is only 10 steps away from earning her red volunteer milestone t-shirt!

At his 19th parkrun, Oberon BELL finished in 19th position (in a new PB of 20:15). At his 93rd parkrun, Hasnain PANJU finished in 93rd place (in 24:03).

The most prolific returner was Andy MAXTON of Ebbisham Sports Club with 514 parkruns to his name.

Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.

Milestones – congratulations!

  • 250 = Dominic EVANS • Claire DERITIS (at Hampstead Heath)
  • 50 = Jamie MAY
  • 25 = Vix MOORE • Caroline BIRCH • and Paul MALONEY
  • 10 (juniors only) = Jura AHMAD

44 people were first timers – welcome!

The most prolific first-time tourist was Andy EVANS of Tring AC who chose Cassiobury for his 305th run.

Also visiting from Tring were Steve BLADEN • Peter LEIGH • and Richard MURPHY; and other tourists included Patrick COX from Cannon Hill and Chris SZABO-HEMMINGS of Frimley/Rushmoor.

Another first timer was Joanna PARKER of St Albans whose debut time here of 19:19 bagged her the highest age-graded run of the day – 87.83%

Those completing their very first parkruns were Ameen DOMAH • Julie MANEY • Marcelo BUSTAMANTE • Javi BUSTAMANTE • Rebecca PALMER • Lianne ABBOTT • Yaneez LOWTUN • Amil TOLIA • Jack MAGEN • Josh MANEY • Matthew MCDONOUGH • Lee MACKENZIE • Sophie ROWAN-ROBINSON • and Marcus GULDBERG-ALLEN.

48 athletes recorded new Personal Bests – great job!

These include, among others, Mandi BRUNETTI (34:36) • Ted TURNER (27:32) • Daragh BRADY (22:18) • Nigel CAVILL (20:31) • Philip TEMPEST (32:33) • Ryan CROOKES-WEST (19:37) • Howard CHANDLER (38:04) • Rupert WALKE (24:02) • Shaun O’NEILL (27:07) • Sohan SHAH (24:50) • and Martin GARDNER, whose result of 26:26 earns the distinction of “aesthetically pleasing parkrun time of the week”.

The event was made possible by 34 volunteers – thank you!

  • Rod HEWSON • Tim COOK • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • John O'CONNOR • Beth COOK • Amrat THORPE • Martin SEARLE • Andy ROSAMOND • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Paul FRANK • David FENWICK • Michael HALPIN • Simone KNAGGS • Abbie HEWETT • Robert BROOKS • Danny BRODERICK • Alexandra HILL • Ella SUTHERLAND • Susan WATTS • Scarlett SIMMONS • Sophie ARGENT • Pierce BRODERICK • Sadie VILE • H SINGH S • David BORLASE • Carole SMITH • Annie WHITTON • Caron WILLIAMS • Bill O'NEILL • Stephen CADWELL • Gerwyn Ll WILLIAMS • Toby BASSETT • and Nick HESTER.

A total of 1,037 individuals have volunteered here 6,835 times. This week’s first-timer volunteers were Andy ROSAMOND and Paul FRANK.

We need to fill a minimum of around 25 to 30 volunteer slots each week in order for parkrun to go ahead safely, fully marshalled, timed, and scanned. If you can forego a run and fill one of these slots one week, we would be delighted to hear from you – please email with your name, barcode number, availability, and role preference if any. Thank you.


Cassiobury parkrun #283 – 9th October 2021

Belatedly, here is the link to Greg’s photos of Event # 282, on 2nd October 2021. Thank you, Greg!


This week 404 people ran, jogged, and walked the course - including representatives of 25 different clubs - made possible by 33 volunteers

The first two finishers entered the funnel a minute ahead of the next runners – Sam ADCOCK ran a new PB of 16:24 and Robert EVESON of Stragglers (16:29) was a first time visitor here with 380 runs to his name (he was the most prolific finisher today).

By coincidence, this week’s first female finisher (Kate LOACH) finished in the exact same time as last week’s first female finisher (Rachel HAMILTON) – 21:46.

The 283rd finisher at our 283rd event was Jennifer BENGE of RunThrough in 31:41.

If you were the “unknown” runner in position #297 … please return our finish token when you can! There was only one token missing this week. Please remember, folks, that finish tokens are not souvenirs, and that there is a cost to the event to replace tokens that go walkabout. Thank you.

Do not take the finish position token home

Full results can be found here.

Many runners turned up in their London Marathon t-shirts from this year and yesteryear, with the new t-shirts being impossible to miss!

2021-10-09 Glyn and banner

Thank you to all the volunteers

  • Russell MATTHEWS • Linda HALL • Abigayle BLANSHARD • Michael HARPER • Mandy LLOYD • John O'CONNOR • Kate PICKARD • Josephine HARVEY • Glyn JAGGER • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Stephen HOBBS • Keith HEWETT • David FENWICK • Chantal PEZOT • Emily MCKILLOP • Nathan PASKELL • Kerry STOCK • Abbie HEWETT • Lily HARPER • Alexandra HILL • Susan WATTS • Scarlett SIMMONS • Sophie ARGENT • H SINGH S • Carole SMITH • Mary FARRY • Bill O'NEILL • Valentina KNOWLMAN • Stephen CADWELL • Gerwyn Ll WILLIAMS • Toby BASSETT • Ann DAVIDSON • Sharon DAVIDSON

A total of 1,035 individuals have volunteered 6,801 times at Cassiobury. Three of this week’s volunteers – Abbie, Toby, and Valentina – took the plunge for the first time (with Valentina giving the briefing for first timers and tourists, then going on to run a new PB of 23:56 … proof that volunteering helps you run faster?!). If you’d like to know more about volunteering, please click here; and for the future roster click here. Thank you.

2021-10-09 vols -2

32 people were first timers

Welcome to those who were new to ANY parkrun: Iain CLARKE • Luke HABBIJAM • Conor CARNEY  • Agnes TURK  • Oliver FALEK  • Simon DOUGAN • Izabela KURPIEL  • Warren SHAW  • David BARTON  • Suzannah COLSTON  • Jerry WALLIS  • Deepricha THAKUR  • and Abiodun ADEOYE.

Tourists included Nick BAGGOT and Juli WOOD from Maidenhead, who stopped by with some lovely comments about our park, event, and volunteers. They had first attempted to visit Cassiobury on the iconic “leap day” – 29th February 2020, the only chance to parkrun on this date until 2048! – when, sadly, we had to cancel due to flooding, so we’re very pleased that they made it this time and that they enjoyed their visit! After a misty start to the day, the sun appeared and the cool and calm made for ideal running conditions, so they definitely saw the park at its autumnal best.

2021-10-09 Juli and Nick

If there is a parkrun equivalent of a “student exchange program”, we were unknowing participants today! The first runner to turn up in the morning was the aforementioned Robert EVESON from Bushy, where parkrun all began 17 years ago; and, simultaneously, Cassiobury regular Susan GASZCZAK made the Bushy pilgrimage appropriately attired in her new purple 25 milestone t-shirt. Please see link to news about new milestone t-shirts.

2021-10-09 Susan G at Bushy

60 athletes recorded new Personal Bests

PBs by runners on more than 50 runs were: Helen MACAULAY (21:58) • Daniel BALDERSON (25:37) – outrunning dad Alistair on this occasion! • Emma Jay GARDNER (23:05) • Catherine CARROLL (25:33) • Martin GARDNER (26:41) • Matthew POTTER (23:03) – at his 69th run, Matthew finished in 69th position • Scott SMITH (27:07) • Lisa KEOGAN (21:53) • Jayesh PURBHOO (19:56) • and John CURRAN (26:24).

Special mentions go to young Eli WALKE who recorded yet another 2021 PB, of 28:42; to returning visitor Lucas HUMPHREYS who lopped off over 9mins to finish with a new PB of 31:04, having trained on the tough Gadebridge course; and to Graham HALL who marked his 10th parkrun with a new PB of 28:04.

2021-10-09 Lucas and Tracey

VERY special mention goes to Sarah ROBERTS of Dacorum and Tring – just 4 weeks ago we reported that she had set a new age-graded record, and we doubted that this record would ever be broken … well, she’s done it again! Sarah ran a new PB of 21:48 and Cassiobury’s age-graded record now stands at an amazing 105.58%.

Well done to all!

Milestone runs

  • 150 (unofficial!) = Hudson HERRING (with Charlie the Jack Russell!)
  • 100 = Danny BRODERICK • Bobby BROOKS  • Mohammed MASKIN
  • 50 = Nicholas CAMPBELL  • Martin AUSTIN
  • 25 = Jake RAYNER  • Amy PHILLIPS  • Maggie PROSTKO
  • 10 (juniors only) = Jordan WALTERS

Congrats to all! Check your profiles* to see how to claim your official milestone t-shirts. (*Go to a recent results or volunteer email and click through from the orange "manage my profile" button)

See you next week, folks!

2021-10-09 runners 1 2021-10-09 runners 2 2021-10-09 runners 3 2021-10-09 runners 4 2021-10-09 runners 5 2021-10-09 runners 6 2021-10-09 runners 7


Cassiobury parkrun #282 – 2nd October 2021

**Official photos (by Greg) can be seen here - thank you, Greg!**


The London Marathon (on the streets of London and virtually) is taking place this Sunday and we wish all parkrun competitors the very best of luck. These include our volunteers Rachel, Sarah, David, and Charles, and no doubt many others we’re not aware of (sorry!). Best wishes to you all.

Perhaps marathon tapering accounted for a dip in the parkrun attendance – this week, on the 17th anniversary of the very first parkrun (then called the Bushy Park Time Trial), when 13 people took part, 372 people ran, jogged, and walked the Cassiobury course. Quite possibly the weather put off a few more (though the rain helpfully held off until about 10:01, thanks to Alistair’s letter to the BBC!), and the petrol shortage might have persuaded others not to travel far. 210 runners were male; 135 were female; and 27 were “unknown” (don’t forget your printed barcode!). The 282nd finisher at our 282nd event was James HUTSON in a time of 32:45. This event’s results can be seen on our website here and the complete event history can be found here.

2021-10-02 parkrun 17th anniversary

23 people were first timers

Welcome to the newcomers (completing their first-ever parkruns):

  • Chris CORNISH • Joe KEMPSON • Andrew MACLEAN • Nadine CLARKE • Mark FROST • Ester URSO • Jena ELSEY • Olga DANYLUK • Alex BRADLEY • Shenaz ELSEY • Zade ELSEY • Alex ELSEY • and Bryan TAYLOR

And to the tourists (have already parkrun elsewhere):

  • Amy HOLLAND • Wan Ru SHUE • Sarah JEWKES • Paul BAIRD • Matthew KIRBY • Mark GRIMES • Matt JERVIS • Peter R DOWN • Maxine DOWN • and Rachel COX.

47 athletes recorded new Personal Bests

PBs by some of the most prolific parkrunners were:

  • Pierce BRODERICK (21:58) • Joanna BRYANT (28:03) •  Claire CASSELTON (22:16) •  Michael NORMAN (21:26) •  Emma Jay GARDNER (23:09) • Helen MACAULAY (22:15) •  Grace HARVEY (22:40) • and Charlie EDWARDS (17:13).

Congratulations to those who ran a new PB or completed a milestone run!


  • 300 (unofficial!) = Russell MATTHEWS
  • 150 (unofficial!) = Jeff PETERS
  • 50 = Sean COLLUM • Glen TAYLOR • Joanna BRYANT • John CURRAN • Charlotte HAWES • Oya ORHAN • and Fatim PANJU
  • 25 = Hannah Alice KELLY • Sarah ROBERTS • Olayinka BOLAJI • and Jules FOSTER
  • 10 (juniors only) = Sean CURRAN
  • 50 run directing stints (RDs only!) = Alistair BALDERSON
  • 50 volunteers stints at Cassiobury (arbitrary!) = James MARTIN

2021-10-02 Russell M 300 runs in total

2021-10-02 James M 50 volunteers at Cassiobury

Representatives of 22 different clubs took part

A new name on Cassiobury’s club list was Victoria Park Running Club – first-claim member Mark Grimes finished in 31:09.

The event was made possible by 35 brilliant volunteers:

  • Linda HALL • Jill ROGERS • Wai Meng AU-YEONG • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Charles HENDERSON • Simon DADOMO • James MARTIN • Alistair BALDERSON • John O'CONNOR • Katie BALDERSON • Jessica HOOPER • Claire CASSELTON • Paul MINKOFF • Suhayl KASSAM • Greg HILL • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Rachel GRIBBEN • Sarah NEWMAN • Sajjad TEJANI • Ross MAY • David FENWICK • Emily MCKILLOP • Kerry STOCK • Robert BROOKS • Alexandra HILL • Christy KOWALEWSKI • Scarlett SIMMONS • Mariusz FALEK • Sophie ARGENT • Martha HOOPER • Katie LLEWELLYN • Caron WILLIAMS • Stephen CADWELL • Gerwyn Ll WILLIAMS.

A total of 1,032 individuals have volunteered 6,768 times. This week’s 4 first-time volunteers were Sarah NEWMAN • Martha HOOPER • Jessica HOOPER • and Ross MAY  – thank you for giving it a go!

October’s roster is looking rather bare at the moment – please email at the earliest opportunity if you can fill one of the empty spots. Here’s a helpful summary of what the volunteers do.

Event summary:

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015 and we're planning to celebrate our 7th anniversary in style on 26th February 2022. Since then, 12,501 participants have completed 98,000 parkruns covering a total distance of 90,000 km, including 16,805 new Personal Bests.


Cassiobury parkrun #281 – 25th September 2021

This week, 442 people ran, jogged, and walked the course, in times ranging from 17:24 to 1:03:16. 255 runners were male; 164 were female; and 23 were “unknown” (don’t forget your printed barcode!). There were athletes in age categories from the under-10s to the over-80s. The 281st finisher at our 281st event was Emma O’CONNOR with a new PB of 31:09. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the results page of our website.

44 people were first timers

These included Charlotte POMFRET who came along with cousin Russell to complete her very first parkrun, having finished some virtual versions during lockdown and accompanying son Flynn in several junior parkruns. Her debut time was 26:24. Well done, Charlotte, and we look forward to seeing you again before long!

Joining Charlotte in their first-ever parkruns were:

  • Anna MCMAHON • Madeeha MERALI • Gordon SCOTT • Abigail SCOTT • Damilola COKER • James KING • Barbara MCMAHON • Jennifer EDWARDS • Michelle RAWLINS • Emma PAINTING • Claire PAINTING • Michelle GENNELLY • Rosie WATSON • Paul BENTLEY • Lillie LEATHER • Nelly SHAW • Sam SLATER • Colm QUINN • Daniel CLARKSON • Callum LLOYD • Jamie STICKLAND • John STAINER • Tom SAUNDERS • Hubert DELLON • and Oisin ROYSTON. Welcome to you all!

The most well-travelled first-timer was Ian EMETT who chose Cassiobury for his 271st parkrun.

63 athletes recorded new Personal Bests

A handful of notable PBs were by:

  • Micheal O’SULLIVAN (17:24) • Martin GARDNER (26:51) • Shaun O’NEILL (27:39) • Tim BOYALL (22:13) • Margaret FANAGAN (24:42) • Andan GURUNG (25:18) • and John GRIGGS (23:09).

Congrats to everyone who ran a new PB or completed a milestone run!


  • James DUNSTONE and Nick WOODWARD ran their 100th parkruns in times of 24:39 and 22:09 respectively.
  • The 50 milestone was reached by Kathleen MCMAHON (in 57:34) • Neil THARBY (45:10) • Scott MITCHELL (29:55) • and Navpreet SINGH (20:26).
  • Clocking up parkrun #25 were Stephanie KIND (38:54) • Patrik KONTINA (31:06) • George THOMAS (29:14) • Nick FLINT (29:03) • Anil KUMAR (28:36) • and Ben RAYNER (23:20).
  • Samuel WALKE reached the first milestone for juniors, 10 runs, with a new PB of 33:04.
  • Emma JEFFREY ran an unofficial milestone of 150 runs, in a time of 25:37.

Representatives of 28 different clubs took part

Two new clubs were added to the club list at Cassiobury with visits by Helen Susan LEWIS of Angels Running Club and Alan SIMPSON of Singapore Shufflers.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers:

  • Philippa GRIFFIN • Hannah Jean MCQUARRIE • Tim COOK • Wai Meng AU-YEONG • Emma Jay GARDNER • Ann DAVIDSON • Helen WOLSTENCROFT • James MARTIN • John O'CONNOR • Beth COOK • Amrat THORPE • Josephine HARVEY • Suhayl KASSAM • Neil HERRING • Lyn MELLOR • Carl ATKINS • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Stephen HOBBS • Angela NEMBHARD • Phoebe LILL • Alexandra HILL • Scarlett SIMMONS • Mariusz FALEK • Sophie ARGENT • Caron WILLIAMS • Stephen CADWELL • Gerwyn Ll WILLIAMS • and Nick HESTER.

A total of 1,028 individuals have volunteered 6,733 times. Please try volunteering by checking the gaps on the future roster here then emailing with your name, athlete barcode number, and the date on which you are available to help. If you’d like to know more about volunteering, chat to the run director on any Saturday morning – they should be easy to spot in the black and white volunteer vest. No volunteers = no parkrun!


Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then, 12,478 participants have completed 97,628 parkruns covering a total distance of 488,140 km, including 16,758 new Personal Bests.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45) • The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253) • The Age Grade course record is held by Sarah ROBERTS who recorded 99.27% (22:48) on 11th September 2021 (event number 279).


Cassiobury parkrun #280 – 18th September 2021

The sun shone … the run all went smoothly … 383 happy parkrunners crossed the line … we have some awesome photos, thanks to Wai Meng AU-YEONG … no parkrunners mistakenly completed the Pretty Muddy obstacle course and no Pretty Muddy or Race For Life participants finished parkrun! … there were no queries about the results … so we can conclude that Stephen HOBBS’ debut as Run Director was a huge success! Congrats, Stephen – it’s fab to have you on board.

2021-09-18 Stephen's debut as RD

We were delighted and touched to receive this lovely email after the run:

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to the organisers, marshals and runners of the Cassiobury Park Run.  
Prior to a few weeks ago, the only time I had run was for the bus or for the toilet!  
With the encouragement of my friend (a runner and a marshal), I attended my first park run last month with an objective of not coming last and with a time of sub-40 minutes.  To my amazement I completed the 5K in 30 minutes.  
Even more amazing is that I have continued to attend every week since, and each week I have achieved a new personal best.  This has only been possible because of the encouragement of the amazing marshals and motivation provided by fellow runners.  
I plan to register as a volunteer marshal shortly."
Thank you so much to the sender - it's always nice to know what new runners make of Cassiobury parkrun!

This week 383 people ran, jogged and walked the course.

Event #280’s results can be seen here and the full event history here.

At our 280th event, the 280th finisher was Jonathan KAYE, in a time of 31:54 – this was his 12th run at Cassiobury and 18th in total.

Our picks for a few random “aesthetically pleasing parkrun times of the week” (APPTOTW) are: Richard NYARIKI’s 22:22, Pierce BRODERICK’s 22:33, Paul DREGGS’ 23:23, Michelle AYRES’ 33:11, James MASSEY’s 24:24 (new PB), Alan STEPTO’s 24:42 (new PB), and Phoebe LILL’s 27:27 (new PB).

Official milestones were run by: Steve ROUSE (100), and Jeremy HOGARTH, Luke GRIBBEN, Caron MOSS (25).

An unofficial milestone of 200 runs was reached by Soong-Kong AU-YEONG.

Kathleen MCMAHON mentioned her 50th run … and we note that officially this will be marked at her next parkrun.

35 were first timers

Welcome to those completing their very first parkruns: Jude BELL, Toby BASSETT, Stephen KENT, Monty MACKNEY, Steve FOSTER, Harry MCGRATH, Titus MANGU, Harriet CAMBER, David ROBERTS, Daniel WAYGOOD, Charlotte WAYGOOD, Liam STICKLAND, Tim ROBSON, Freddie MCGRATH, Jenny GRAHAM, Hannah ALIDINA, Karun ALIDINA, Eleanor WHYTE, Isobella COLMAN, and Kimberley COLMAN.

The most prolific tourist was Simon NICHOLSON, who chose Cassiobury for his 148th parkrun.

67 recorded new Personal Bests.

A handful of those (who are on 100 or more runs) were: Carlton BLAKE (29:35), Clare TYLEY (25:43), Liz HARDING (23:17), Catherine TURNER (21:38), Gwynfor TYLEY (20:04), and David HAYLETT (17:31).

Special mention goes to a trio of young GRIBBENs, in their 2021 return to parkruns: Luke recorded a new PB of 25:37, Oscar 26:24, and Isaac 31:48. Clearly they’ve been doing some quality training in the absence of parkruns!

Representatives of 25 different clubs took part.

Interesting, none of the first time visitors were club members, so no new clubs were added this week. Did you know … links to the clubs who have fielded the most runners at Cassiobury can be found on the “links” page of our website? And if you click on any club name in the results, you can see more details about that club and its runners who have run here.

The event was made possible by 28 volunteers – thank you to each one!

Rod HEWSON • Linda HALL • Wai Meng AU-YEONG • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Abigayle BLANSHARD • John DAVIDSON • John O'CONNOR • James DUNSTONE • Edwin MARIE • Paul LANGSTON • Angela KEOGH • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Stephen HOBBS • David FENWICK • Alison HILSDEN • Hayley PIPER • Lu SIMONS • Robert BROOKS • Fatim PANJU • Alexandra HILL • Martin GARDNER • Mark ARGENT • Sadie VILE • David BORLASE • Mary FARRY • Stephen CADWELL • Susan GASZCZAK

If you can volunteer for any future week, please email with your name, barcode number, and date of availability. Check out the roster here to see all the empty slots that we need to fill. All the roles are fun and easy to do, and you will get full briefing and support on the day. No ongoing commitment is required – please just try it at least once!


The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253). The Age Grade course record is held by Sarah ROBERTS who recorded 99.27% (22:48) on 11th September 2021 (event number 279).

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 12,434 participants have completed 97,186 parkruns covering a total distance of 485,930 km, including 16,695 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,026 individuals have volunteered 6,705 times.

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