Race For Life and Pretty Muddy events in Cassiobury Park – Saturday 18th September 2021

If you’re coming along to Cassiobury parkrun this Saturday (18th September), please be aware that the Watford Race for Life and Pretty Muddy events are also taking place in the park, starting near The Hub and the splash pools, from 10:30hrs. The Gade Avenue car park will be closed to the public on Saturday, so please allow a little extra travel time and plan your parking accordingly – even better, why not cycle, jog, or walk to parkrun this week? Around 700 participants are expected – give them a cheer if you see them after parkrun … and good luck to you if you’re one of those participants!


Cassiobury parkrun #279 – 11th September 2021

Today’s results • Event history

Before we launch into the run report, we’d just like to remind you about a few parkrun guidelines that you agree to follow when you sign up:

  1. Children under 11 MUST be within arm’s reach of their responsible adult at all times before, during, and after the run. This means that your U11 must not sprint off ahead of you before the finish line – you must have them within reach (not just in view!) of you until the finish funnel. If your U11 is far enough ahead of you that we cannot visually identify which adult is accompanying them, please expect that we will talk to the child to make sure that they are not alone – the U11 rule is a parkrun insurance requirement, as well as being common sense and in the interests of the child themselves, their parents/guardians, and our volunteers (who cannot take responsibility for unattended children). Thank you.
  2. Finish funnel etiquette is that, once in the funnel, you must stay in it until you exit past the tokens people – DO NOT duck out of the funnel. Don’t duck into it either – if you miss the timekeepers then they won’t have recorded a time for you and the position token you receive ought to go to someone else. Do not “double cross” the finish line – if you’ve already run your own parkrun and finished legitimately, by all means go back and support your friends and family as they cross the line, but do NOT cross with them if you’ve already finished your own run.
  3. Don’t high-five, and don’t spit. There are lots of non-contact ways of showing your encouragement other than high-fiving … and spitting is NEVER pleasant to witness, ESPECIALLY not in light of a global pandemic – we don’t really need to press this point, do we?!

We mention these points as volunteers noticed several minor infractions on Saturday, making their jobs slightly harder and certainly (in the case of the first two) giving the results processors more work to do in identifying who should rightly receive which times and positions. Please stick to these simple rules to help make your parkrun safer, smoother, and more efficient. Thank you.

This week 443 people ran, jogged and walked the course. This was our highest attendance since English parkruns returned at the end of July (topping the 436 who showed up to Event 275 on 14th August ). Northern Irish parkruns returned on 26 June, Scottish parkruns on 14th August, and Welsh parkruns on 21st August. Happily our two local junior parkruns are also now both operating as normal, with King George (Bushey) joining Leavesden just last week. A list of local and Hertfordshire junior parkruns (Sunday mornings, for 4 to 14 year-olds) can be found under “Other Local Links” on our website.

At Cassiobury, 34 people were first timers, and 14 of those completed their first ever parkruns. WELCOME to:

  • Dan MARKOU • Matthew PADGHAM • Charlie PADGHAM • Andrew REES  • Abbie CURRINGTON • Sam BROWN • Jennifer PADGHAM • Jennifer REES • Karen CORNEJO • Coral JOBSON • Vanessa COOPER • Muhammad Ali CHANDOO • Emma MCCARTHY • and Kirra MOSER.

Representatives of 22 different clubs took part. With both St Albans and Jersey Farm parkruns cancelled this week, we were joined by, among others, St Albans Striders members Stuart MIDDLETON, Martin CRISP, Richard EVANS, and Matthew BEDFORD who ran; as well as Colin BRAYBROOK who kindly volunteered and cycled here and back from and to St Albans.

56 athletes recorded new Personal Bests – some of the most prolific were:

  • Sean COLLUM (17:27) • Sohan SHAH (28:02) • Declan CALVEY (21:44) • Alice WARNE (26:28) • Debbie Woodward (24:13) • John BENNETT (25:43) • Andan GURUNG (25:34) • and Catherine TURNER (21:51).

Special mention goes to junior runner Eli WALKE who ran a new PB of 30:06 to finish in 262nd place.

A new age-graded record! Congrats to Sarah ROBERTS of Dacorum and Tring AC whose new PB of 22:48 also saw her record the highest age-grading of the day and indeed ever on our course – an astonishing 99.27%! Her previous run here was almost exactly two years ago, when her time of 22:59 garnered her an age-grading of 95.29%. The previous age-graded record was held by Claire DONALD of Purple Patch Runners whose time of 18:23 and age-grading of 98.46% stood for over 6 years, from Events #22 to #279.

At our 279th event, the 279th finisher was Mo KOYEJO, with a new PB of 30:31. Last week, at our 278th event, Mo finished in 278th place in her debut run!

We said a sad farewell to two popular parkrunners and parkvolunteers – Katherine and Matthew BEANEY (and their youngster Daniel), who will shortly be moving to Scotland. Cassiobury parkrun’s loss is Camperdown parkrun’s gain! We are sorry to see Matthew and Katherine leave, but of course we wish them all the very best with their new adventures and the next phase of their lives, and we certainly hope they will come and visit us here whenever they are able to do so!

  Beaney M and D post-run Beaney group

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

  • Linda MCQUAID • Colin BRAYBROOK • Katie DI PAOLO • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Linsey MAYNARD • Martyn MAYNARD • Stephen LUMMIS • James MARTIN • Rustum KHEDKAR • John O'CONNOR • Peter FLANAGAN • Josephine HARVEY • Glyn JAGGER • Suhayl KASSAM • Neil HERRING • Paul LANGSTON • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Stephen HOBBS • Rich POWELL • Amanda SEARS • Libby LEES-POWELL • Scarlett SIMMONS • Molly FLANAGAN • Sophie ARGENT • Dominic OREILLLY • Spencer HOBBS • Annie WHITTON • Bill O'NEILL • and Susan GASZCZAK.

We send our good luck wishes to volunteers who were saving their energy for upcoming races:

  • Glyn JAGGER in the Great North Run, Dominic OREILLLY in the Brighton Marathon, James MARTIN in the Richmond Marathon/Half Marathon, and Martyn MAYNARD for next week’s 2-mile Serpentine Swim.

A total of 1,022 individuals have volunteered 6,677 times. If you would like to be volunteer # 1,023, please check out the future roster and a description of the roles, and email us at cassiobury@parkrun.com – please include your name, barcode number, and the date on which you can help. We encourage you to download the Virtual Volunteer app on your smartphone and practice with it at your leisure, in case you fancy volunteering as a timekeeper or barcode scanner in the future (don’t worry, though, full briefing and support is given for all the volunteer roles on the day). Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered for a future week – we can’t do it without you!

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 12,399 participants have completed 96,803 parkruns covering a total distance of 484,015 km, including 16,628 new Personal Bests.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253). The Age Grade course record is held by Sarah ROBERTS who recorded 99.27% (22:48) on 11th September 2021 (event number 279).


Cassiobury parkrun #278 – 4th September 2021

EDIT: Link to the photos - thank you once again, Gary, for taking them!


This week 420 people ran, jogged and walked the course. Today's full results can be found on our website here.

It was my first run back after all the kerfuffle of the last eighteen months or so, and I was excited and nervous in equal parts. In some ways it has felt very strange to be back in such a large crowd over the last seven weeks, even outside, even though I’ve been volunteering rather than running (so can keep as much distance as I want) … and in some ways it has felt completely normal, as it’s the same pretty park, the same lovely people, the same routine of course-checking, pre-event set-up, briefing volunteers, and so on (albeit we’re all a wee bit rusty, and I have various lists to refer to in order to make sure I’m not missing anything!).

Attendance has been up and down over those weeks, no doubt due to a number of factors, but perhaps this week’s attendance at the higher end indicates that people are now returning to schools and workplaces, and settling back into a routine which, happily, includes parkrun once again.

RD Glyn has produced a spreadsheet to predict how many finishers we might have. His prediction was 431 (well, 431.14, to be precise!), and there were 420 in the end … so, not far off! Let’s see what he comes up with for next week!

Screenshot (871)

Before the run I chatted to several people, including Stephen BLAKEY and Angela KITCHING, both familiar faces at Cassiobury. However, neither mentioned that this was a milestone event for them! Blakey volunteered for the 25th separate occasion (setting up beforehand, and barcode scanning after finishing in 3rd place with a time of 18:07), thereby earning his aubergine volunteer shirt. He first volunteered in March 2015 and has completed 29 tasks at those 25 events. Angela completed her 50th parkrun and now joins the ranks of the red-t-shirted 50 run club members. Impressively, ALL her parkruns have been here at Cassiobury, and this week she marked her milestone with her fastest time since parkruns returned in July (27:13) – indeed, this was her fastest time since her PB was set in June 2018. CONGRATS to both!

Milestones were also celebrated by:

  • Carole ROBERTS (25) • Jonathan HOLMAN (25) • Ben GUEST (50) • Katie LUNARDI (50) • Sohan SHAH (50) • Linda HALLAHAN (100) • and Sarah Katherine JONES (250).

35 people were first timers. WELCOME to the 16 who took the plunge and completed their very first parkrun – we hope to see you all back again soon!

  • Vinnie GARDNER • Harrie DOBBY • Tara GARDNER • Joanna ADKINS •  Charlotte ROSE • Mo KOYEJO • Caroline JOYNSON • Allen CONQUEST • Joe MAUDSLEY • Michael STEVENS • Seth MOSER • Kevin ROBBINS • Johnny FARMER STIRLING • Khalid KAZI • Jaya BAILLEUX • and Jack HALL.

52 athletes recorded new Personal Bests – WELL DONE to all! Too many to list, but those on 40 or more parkruns who are still setting new PBs are:

  • Michael NORMAN (21:39) • Nicholas CROWTHER (18:21) • Richard CATCHPOLE (31:53) • John CURRAN (27:34) • Rob HON (23:14) • Robbie LORD (26:47) • and Sadie VILE (26:02).

The most prolific runner was Mark COLBY who has completed an astonishing 502 parkruns, and today finished in 216th place in a time of 28:23. This was his second visit to Cassiobury, having previously run here in May 2015, at Event #13.

At our 278th run, the 278th finisher was first timer Mo KOYEJO, running her first parkrun with a debut time of 31:03.

Representatives of 28 different clubs took part. One such club was Vegan Runners, and our monthly meet-up came to Cassiobury this week with six club members listed in the results and three more taking on volunteer roles. VR Gary SHERIN was this week’s photographer, and a link to his photos will be added shortly. The Cha Café has a great range of vegan options and even ran out of sausage rolls this Saturday … but happily had plentiful supplies of toasted tea cakes and huuuge cookies!

2021-09-04 VRs

VolunteersA total of 1,016 individuals have volunteered 6,647 times, and this week’s event was made possible by 39 volunteers:

  • Russell MATTHEWS • Robert WALLACE • Stephen BURGESS • Linda MCQUAID • Linda HALL • Sacha MOFFATT • Sharon DAVIDSON • Charles HENDERSON • Katerina FELLAS • Michael HARPER • Mandy LLOYD • Stephen BLAKEY • Alistair BALDERSON • Graham DAVIES • Carys DAVIES • David O'DELL • Glyn JAGGER • Suhayl KASSAM • Helen REEDER • Kevin BARRETT • Paul HARRIS • Philip BOWMAN • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Gary SHERIN • Paul STEVENSON • Stephen HOBBS • Keith HEWETT • Simone KNAGGS • Lily HARPER • Danny BRODERICK • David SUTHERLAND • John HOLLOWAY • Sophie ARGENT • Donna BANKS • Dana BRODERICK • Pierce BRODERICK • Danny RUSSELL • Caron WILLIAMS • and Nick HESTER.

We’ve found that many of the volunteers in recent weeks are old hands at it and have performed many of the various roles before. Whilst this is awesome in itself, and we are very grateful to have people who can just jump in and take on a task with little or no briefing, we would also LOVE to welcome some new volunteers, and we encourage you to take a turn at volunteering and at least try it just once! parkrun is for EVERYONE, and that includes trying out a volunteer role occasionally as well as just running and hoping that all the volunteer spots will be filled by the mythical “someone else”. All the tasks are easy and fun, full briefing and support is given, and it gives you a peek behind the scenes. Please do email cassiobury@parkrun.com if you can fill one of the empty spots on the roster in the coming weeks – most especially if you are new to volunteering! THANK YOU!

Please also consider opting in to receive our emails so we can let you know when we’re short of volunteers. Please bear in mind too, though, that if you have opted out then we have no way at all of getting in contact with you – perhaps with a query about your result, or if we have lost/found property of yours. Look for the orange “manage my profile” button in your latest results email to opt in to hear from us.

Screenshot (873)

It was lovely to have all 5 current run directors in attendance, volunteering and running; as well as 3 ex-RDs; and members of other local parkruns and junior parkrun teams.

In conclusion … my first run back went much better than I might have expected, thanks to chatting to other runners and passing the time swiftly, I enjoyed myself immensely – pre-run, mid-run, and post-run! – and I look forward to running at “home” again before long!

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then 12,365 participants have completed 96,360 parkruns covering a total distance of 481,800 km, including 16,572 new Personal Bests.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253). The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).

Happy running, until next week!

Sharon x


Cassiobury parkrun #277 – 28th August 2021

Cassiobury parkrun
Event number 277
28th August 2021


Just how amazing are some of our volunteers??

David FENWICK arose at 04:30 on Saturday morning, ran 18 miles, ended up in Cassiobury Park in time for his briefing at about 08:15, and cheered you all on as the marshal at the Rickmansworth Road corner. Well done, David!

If you ran this Saturday then you would have been handed your finish token by Stephen CADWELL – he will be busy on the next 2 Saturdays cycling between Lands End and John O'Groats, but has offered to jump straight back in to volunteering on 18th September, and has undertaken to try out a variety of tasks to get to understand parkrun better. Best of luck with your cycle adventure, Stephen.

Next week you might have your barcode scanned by Russell MATTHEWS – he’ll be resting his legs on Saturday in advance of doing the London Duathlon on the Sunday 5th, along with Paul HARRIS, and we wish them both good luck.

You might not be aware of Donna BANKS next week, but she will be number checking in the background, making sure that the timekeepers and tokens people are in sync and that your time and position are as accurate as possible. She is saving her energy for the Oakley 20 mile race the next day, and again we will be sending good wishes her way for her event.

A couple of runners didn’t fare as well, having somehow got lost on their way to their local parkrun and made quite the navigation error …

“Good morning Cassiobury, we took a wrong turn at Bushey Arches this morning and ended up here. We will do a recce and be back soon.”

Vince 28-08-21 Lands End


We look forward to hearing about their touristing … if they can find their way back to Cassiobury next week!

ALL 381 finishers were superstars at Event #277 – congratulations to all who took part! 45 visited us for the first time and, of those, 23 were new to any parkrun. Making their parkrun debuts were …

  • Sameera SIVA • Lisa COLWILL • Sacha MOFFATT • Sundip PATEL • Rose STEVENTON • Paul BLAIN • David MULHOLLAND • Kimi SHAH • Aryana RAMROOP • Ertan HATAYSAL • Heather ALLEN • Mehmet HURER • Eloise MOSER • Pampha THAPA • Gerry GRIFFIN • Anjali MOSER • Ben LYONS • Russell DOWSE • Kiran ALLEN • Matt NORWOOD • Miguel BLANES • James MOYNIHAN • and Sammy BENNETTS. Welcome to all.

55 people recorded new Personal Bests – one of these was Nav SINGH who has been aiming for a sub-20:00 finish, having run 20:00 exactly last week, and achieved another brilliant PB of 19:52. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

The most prolific runner was Helen GIBBINS, completing her 281st parkrun. The 277th finisher at our 277th event was Riaz FIDAHUSEIN, in an aesthetically-pleasing time of 32:23. Milestones were run by:

  • Keith HEWETT = 100th parkrun (89 of these have been at Cassiobury, with his PB of 24:09 set just before lockdown last year. He has volunteered on 8 occasions, including at Leavesden junior parkrun)
  • Aaron Sean GARCIA = 50th parkrun
  • Graeme DINE = 50th parkrun
  • Jessica FLINT = 25th parkrun
  • Amit VANJANI = 25th parkrun
  • Tehseen MUSTAFA = 150th parkrun (unofficial milestone!)

The event was made possible by 30 super volunteers, without whom there would be no parkrun – it’s as simple as that! We need to fill these 30 different roles to ensure that each event can be held safely and smoothly. A total of 1,012 individuals have volunteered 6,608 times at Cassiobury. This week our thanks go to:

  • Linda HALL • Helen MACAULAY • Katie DI PAOLO • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Katerina FELLAS • Panos FELLAS • Kathryn MAYNARD • Tim MAYNARD • Abigayle BLANSHARD • Alistair BALDERSON • John O'CONNOR • Shirley FARTHING • Katherine BEANEY • Carys DAVIES • Lena PATEL • Ravi PATEL • Suhayl KASSAM • Greg HILL • Neil HERRING • Stephen HOBBS • David FENWICK • Alison HILSDEN • Scarlett SIMMONS • Sadie VILE • H SINGH S • Imogen VAN BENSCHOTEN • Mary FARRY • Bill O'NEILL • Stephen CADWELL

If you can offer your help for any future week, we would be delighted to have you – just email cassiobury@parkrun.com and let us know your name and barcode number, and a date on which you are free. This can be as far ahead into the future as you like! We still need around 10 more volunteers to complete next week’s list, but there are also plenty of blank spots for you to try out further ahead. Please check out the roster here and the roles here. Thank you.

Full results can be found here and a complete event history here on our website.

No official photographs were taken this week.

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then, 12,330 participants have completed 95,940 parkruns covering a total distance of 479,700 km, including 16,520 new Personal Bests.


Cassiobury parkrun #276 – 21st August 2021


We don’t have a volunteer photographer every week, so there won’t always be official photos. It’s no longer a standard role on our roster, but a “nice to have”, if someone does happen to kindly volunteer. Photographers also take on the task of uploading their photos to an album that we create for them. Each week’s event will have its own Google Photos folder with a unique link, and, when we do have photos to share with you, we will provide the link to that week’s album. Historically, the albums were on Flickr, but this is no longer used. If you would ever like us to remove a photo of you at Cassiobury parkrun for any reason, please just let us know and we will be happy to comply (photography policy).

Recent albums can be found here:


parkrun’s covid framework, under which we currently operate, states “(Required) Pre-event briefings must only contain information critical to the safety of participants and the smooth running of the event”. This means that we are not making milestone or tourist announcements during the pre-run brief … so we use the run reports to celebrate your achievements!

Funnel manager Helen WOLSTENCROFT completed her 25th separate volunteer occasion. On those 25 days, she has undertaken 36 tasks, all of them at Cassiobury. Having got tantalisingly close to this milestone just before lockdown, she has now qualified for her purple “25” t-shirt, and we look forward to seeing her sporting it proudly before long. Thank you for all your help, Helen!

There were two unofficial - but no less impressive! - milestones from the KASSAM family. Munawer ran his 200th parkrun and was suitably attired for the occasion – see pic! 188 of these have been at Cassiobury, and his PB of 29:10 was set in March 2017. He has also volunteered on 70 occasions. Asmina ran her 150th – 132 of which have been at Cassiobury. Her PB of 34:57 was set in October 2017. She has volunteered on 75 occasions. Both are regulars as well at Canons Park, and Leavesden and King George junior parkruns.

200 parkruns nomaste

Jago DURANT ran his 50th parkrun, also suitably kitted out, and brought along his entourage, who posed for photos afterwards (see pics). 19 of his runs have been at Cassiobury (including one as tail walker), and he has done a fair amount of tourism, having run at 21 different venues, including the sadly now-defunct Ellenbrook Fields, Yeovil Montacute (which is currently “paused”), and parkrun du Chateau de Pierre de Bresse in France.

Jago 50

Jago 50 gang

Several people joined the newly created 25-club for runners: Adam MOORE, Michael SCHOFIELD, John BAYLEY, Ali PANJU, and Graham GRAY.

The “10” club is a very exclusive one as it applies only to junior parkrunners. This week James MASINI qualified to join this elite set, and we look forward to seeing him in his new white t-shirt soon.

James Masini 10th

James MARTIN has run a grand total of 193 parkruns but this week marked the 150th time he has run here at Cassiobury.

Milestone clubs and t-shirts are changing from 1st September 2021, and more information can be seen here.


This week’s event was made possible by 28 volunteers, whose help is very much appreciated:

  • Robert WALLACE • Linda HALL • Tim COOK • Wai Meng AU-YEONG • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Charles HENDERSON • Katy WOLSTENCROFT • Michael HARPER • Mandy LLOYD • Helen WOLSTENCROFT • Scott MITCHELL • John O'CONNOR • Fiona MEPHAM • Katherine BEANEY • David ARMITAGE-BRAIN • Peter FLANAGAN • Josephine HARVEY • Suhayl KASSAM • Jerry ENGLAND • Paul STEVENSON • David FENWICK • Michael HALPIN • Ryan CROOKES-WEST • Danny BRODERICK • Sophie ARGENT • Michelle TEXEIRA • Mary FARRY

We are very grateful indeed to all our volunteers, including those who have already put their names forward for a future week, and we encourage you to take a turn and volunteer occasionally whenever you can. All the tasks are easy and fun, and briefing and support is given on the day. There is a great range of roles, so something to suit everyone! Please talk to us about any barriers you feel exist as we are always happy to make accommodations to enable anyone who wants to be involved to do so.

More about the volunteer roles can be read here, and our future roster can be seen here (ALL the blank spaces need to be filled before each Saturday!).



This week 409 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 69 were first timers and 63 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 38 different clubs took part.

Today's full results can be seen here and the complete event history here.

The male record is held by Adam BOWDEN who recorded a time of 14:42 on 26th December 2015 (event number 45). The female record is held by Ellie BAKER who recorded a time of 17:05 on 16th November 2019 (event number 253). The Age Grade course record is held by Claire DONALD who recorded 98.46% (18:23) on 25th July 2015 (event number 22).

Cassiobury parkrun started on 28th February 2015. Since then, 12,285 participants have completed 95,559 parkruns covering a total distance of 477,795 km, including 16,465 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,009 individuals have volunteered 6,578 times.




Cassiobury parkrun #275 – 14th August 2021

You may have noticed Natalie marshalling just two weeks ago whilst pregnant. Both Nathalie and husband Will are regulars at Cassiobury so it was highly unusual for them to drop out of volunteering last week. Their excuse was a good one, they had just become parents to baby Clara.

Both returned to parkrun this week, with Will barcode scanning and Natalie as a roaming marshal, mostly helping our tail walker Katherine and her baby.

So as a new twist to the run report – an occasional series of interviews with some of our regular runners and volunteers, starting with Natalie and Will, over to you....

NatalieKatherineWill barcode scanning

When and where was your first parkrun, and how many have you each done since then?

Natalie - My first parkrun was 12th March 2016 at Southwark parkrun in London and I have done 134 parkruns. It's a massive part of my weekend since day one.

Will - My first parkrun was Ally Pally in London on 10th August 2013 and I have done 139 parkruns.

Is there any aspect of that first run that you particularly recall?
Will - I went off too quick! Didn't realise Ally Pally is notorious for a big hill.

Natalie - The social side! It was amazing. There was a Wetherspoons nearby that we all went to every week, getting to know the core team and making good friends.

What or who got you into parkrun?
Will - My flatmate Ian asked me to come along. I'd seen him come back the week before and he'd explained it - it sounded fun!

Natalie - I think I'd signed up a really long time ago but never actually run. I think I was trying to make new friends and it got recommended to me by someone from a boot camp I was going to - I had to choose between it and boot camp!

Have you been a tourist, and what is your favourite tourist course?
Will - I enjoyed Vogrie parkrun in Edinburgh as its all cross country.

Natalie - We've done loads of tourism, some local, some on weekends away - we always try to. I would have to say Brighton & Hove parkrun as it was the morning after Will proposed to me and I got a PB - I think I was still on cloud 9 and wanted to impress him!

Natalie, it’s my understanding that you’ve trained before and during your pregnancy. What advice would you give for women who are pregnant and want to continue their walk/job/run at parkrun?
I would say as long as you are taking it easy and being careful, absolutely carry on and enjoy it - I ran until week 34 of my pregnancy when it felt right to stop. I was repeatedly advised by healthcare professionals that it was fine, checked all the guidance and it meant I stayed active throughout and felt so much better than I think would have if I had stopped. It was amazing for my mental health and meant I could catch up with friends in a safe way when legal during lockdown. I was desperate to be still running when parkrun came back but just missed the boat when it got delayed, however was so lucky that I was able to volunteer right at the end and really enjoyed it. I'll be back as soon as I'm allowed!

Will you're frequently our first male finisher with a PB of 16:56. Do you think the tiredness that comes with the birth of baby Clara will slow you down? Do you have any plans on pushing Clara around parkrun so that she becomes the fastest female in a pushchair? 
Haha I'm a bit more relaxed these days! Running is more about socialising - can't wait to push Clara round in a pushchair though but it will be pretty pedestrian! I don't want her to fall out the buggy when turning corners.

Which volunteer role do you each enjoy the most, and why?
Natalie - I would have to say guide running actually, not that I'll be able to do that much anymore! It's amazing to help someone else take part.

Will - Timekeeper - you have to really concentrate !

Do you have a parkrun goal for the future?
Natalie - I want to set an actual PB of 21:30  - I set it at not parkrun and obviously am going to be way off that for some time now!

Will - More tourism! Including Woolacoombe Dunes which is near to where I'm from. Apparently it's the hardest one.

Can you share your top running tip?
Natalie - Don't let your head get in the way, running is fun! Enjoy every step and smile - it makes it easy.

Will - Consistency! If you're going to do a long run once a week, never miss it. Unless you have a baby, that's a fair excuse.

What was your best/favourite/funniest parkrun moment?
Natalie - We dressed up as superwoman and hotdog for our 100th! That was so much fun.

Will - I was pretty obsessed with sub 17 for a while, now I can quit running a happy man.

Hotdog and Superwoman 100th runs


Thank you Natalie, Will & Clara


We're not currently able to give shout outs for milestones or tourists as we need to keep the run brief under two minutes whilst operating under the COVID framework, but that won't stop us highlighting your achievements here!

Congratulations to junior Nathan White on completing his 50th parkrun today, with 43 of the 50 being at Cassiobury.

Nigel Cavill, joined us at Cassiobury for the first time in order to complete his 100th parkrun. His normal parkrun is Ellenbrook Fields.

Finally, who could miss Salim Hamir and his support crew all there to help him celebrate his 100th parkrun, 94 of which have been at Cassiobury.

Salim Hamir with 100 ballon

Photographs Galore

Welcome to the 59 who were completing their first-ever parkrun and congratulations to all 436 finishers. Well done to a massive 65 of you who recorded new Personal Bests.

We were lucky enough to have two volunteer photographers today; Mark Nicholls and Tim Coysh. Between them they snapped 1120 photographs so you're sure to find at least one of yourself here: Cassiobury parkrun #275 14th August 2021.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cassiobury parkrun Results Page.


Huge thanks to the 37 volunteers who made your event possible.

Gail WINTER • Russell MATTHEWS • Linda HALL • Tim COOK • Mark NICHOLLS • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Christine CANNING • Charles HENDERSON • Will FROST • Mandy LLOYD • Tim COYSH • Helen WOLSTENCROFT • Katherine BEANEY • Peter FLANAGAN • Josephine HARVEY • Glyn JAGGER • Natalie FROST • Paul HARRIS • Will BROTHERSTON • Emma JEFFREY • Paul STEVENSON • Stephen HOBBS • Kelly JAGGER • David FENWICK • Chantal PEZOT • Alison HILSDEN • Simone KNAGGS • William LOUCKX • David SUTHERLAND • Martin GARDNER • Sophie ARGENT • David BORLASE • Carole SMITH • Phillip BARTON • Mary FARRY • Nick HESTER

You may have noticed that someone new stepped up to deliver your run briefing this morning and didn't they do well. Stephen Hobbs is currently training to become a run director and he's doing an amazing job. We wish him all the best and hope he agrees to join the core team at Cassiobury, results processing really isn't that scary honest!

Stephen BriefingStephen at the finish

The future roster can be seen here, and offers of volunteering (always gratefully received!) can be sent to: cassiobury@parkrun.com.


It saddens me deeply that I feel I must end this run report in a less cheery manner. Today an inappropriate comment was made by a parkrunner to a fellow parkrunner. Please respect your fellow participants and help us build a supportive community event. The comment made today has no place at our event nor indeed in society full stop.

The parkrun code






Casiobury parkrun #273 – 31st July 2021 – second week back post-pandemic

It was fabulous to welcome 355 of you back at parkrun for our second week post-pandemic. It’s easy to see how much parkrun has been missed and how glad everyone seems to be to be back in our friendly parkrun community. Long may it continue.




WELCOME to the first timers! 23 people completed their very first parkruns and we extend a warm welcome to them: Riya PADMARAAJA, Clare HANCOCK, Mark HANCOCK, Kalaivani GUNASEKARAN, Kinika OPALEYE, Eugenia LAM, Stefan LAM, Philip JENNINGS, Caroline THOMSON, Sarah WYNNE, Jack SAUNDERS, Philippa HALLAM-PARKER, Sia HIRANI, Ellie GILBERT-RYAN, Zoe ACUTT, Jonathan BROWN, Laura BRUN OREJAS, Susthama KIM, Kenneth SPEARPOINT, Alexander BROWN, Bekah DAVIS, Joe PATEMAN, and Archie MARSHALL.


19 tourists came from far and wide, with Damian BAKER being the most prolific tourist visiting us for the first time – this was his 309th parkrun.


A couple of homegrown unofficial milestones were celebrated: Charles DYTHAM ran for the 200th time at Cassiobury – he was present at our inaugural run in February 2015 and has run 277 parkruns in total. Family members Lindsay, James, and Yolande were at the finish line to cheer him in. And Linda HALL ran her 200th parkrun in total (187 of which have been at Cassiobury), with husband Graham also in attendance.


There were also a few official milestones. Because we now have to include extra covid-specific safety information in the pre-run briefing, we’re unable to congratulate new milestoners before the run, so you get a very special mention and adulation here! Michael NORMAN chose Cassiobury for his 100th run – this was his first visit here, with most having been at Eastville (35) and Cardiff (22). Running their 25th parkruns (a new milestone club) were Matthew KOWALEWSKI, Jennifer BENGE, and Raza JESSA. And young Thomas KITCHING completed his 10th parkrun (the first milestone for juniors). CONGRATS to all!


With a super-speedy 59 of you scoring new PBs, there were too many to list by name, but WELL DONE to you all, and a special mention goes to Daniel BALDERSON with his PB of 27:25, down from 27:51 nearly two years ago.


A few random shout-outs … Linsey MAYNARD had an outstanding run to finish within just 9 seconds of her PB … Paul HARRIS marked the start of his well-earned retirement with a fantastic new PB of 23:59 … and Will and Natalie FROST ran and volunteered for perhaps the last time for a wee while, and we wish them all the best for the coming weeks and months.


35 people who signed up to parkrun this week have registered Cassiobury as their home run, and we look forward to them joining us soon.


Sadly there were a few “unknown” athletes in the results – this is your friendly weekly reminder that, if you want to record an official finish time, you need to present a PHYSICAL barcode (on a piece of paper or on a wristband or tag – NOT on a phone screen) at the run itself, as volunteers cannot spend more of their free time manually adding barcode numbers of those who have forgotten to bring them, and it’s not fair on surrounding parkrun teams for one event to set their own rules about whether to accept written-down barcodes. No printed barcode, no time, no exceptions – please don’t ask us to add you in manually!


There were NO missing finish tokens, which is awesome! Thank you for returning our finish tokens … they are NOT souvenirs and if you take them home then we have nothing to give next week’s finishers!





30 amazing volunteers made this week’s run possible – THANK YOU to Sophie ARGENT, Wai Meng AU-YEONG, Stella BADDELEY, Warren BAKER, Alistair BALDERSON, Daniel BALDERSON, Katie BALDERSON, Thomas BALDERSON, Donna BANKS, Katherine BEANEY, Danny BRODERICK, Sharon DAVIDSON, Carys DAVIES, Karen ENGLAND, Natalie FROST, Linda HALL, Josephine HARVEY, Charles HENDERSON, Christy HILLMAN, Glyn JAGGER, Simone KNAGGS, William LOUCKX, Sacha MOFFATT, Vix MOORE, June NICHOLLS, John O'CONNOR, Bill O'NEILL, Kate PICKARD, Petra WARNER, and Anya WESOLOWSKI.



We now need more marshals and funnel managers than ever before, as well as a ratio of 1 barcode scanner for every 50 parkrunners (to avoid queues building up), so we really can’t do it without you lovely lot. If every one of the 355 finishers volunteered just once, we would have a full roster for about the next 10 to 14 weeks! You can find out about the various roles here and send your offer of help to cassiobury@parkrun.com, stating your name and barcode number (to make it easy for us to find you on the system). If you would like to try your hand at timekeeping or barcode scanning, please download the latest version of the official parkrun Virtual Volunteer app … and have a sneaky practice at using at home on your own barcode!


See you next week!


The BIG comeback!! – Cassiobury parkrun #272 – 24th July 2021

The headlines:

What an amazing day, so many smiles, maybe a few tears, loads of first timers and PBs, and definitely a cup of tea and a cake from the Cha!

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

Sharon does the first-timers briefing in the new finish area


It was so wonderful to finally be back doing parkrun in Cassiobury Park, after such a long time away. The weather forecasts had threatened rain beforehand, and even thunderstorms, but in the event we were let off with a bit of drizzle.

The volunteers started arriving at about 7.45 to unload the kit from the storage box. During the break the Run Directors have had a clear-out, and parkrun HQ have issued us with some nice new pink high-viz jackets (the old yellow ones will go back for recycling), so we were feeling all set.

The course change seemed to go well - there were lots of reasons for the change, but I must say I think it was nice to have more space both at the start and the finish. For now the storage box is still in the same place near the croquet club, but we'll see what we can organise with the council once we're feeling a bit more settled.

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors

A gathering crowd of parkrunners at the new start


The volunteers:

As ever we are so grateful to all out volunteers who helped put on a safe and fun event. A quick reminder that you can volunteer too - all the roles are very straightforward, it's lots of fun and you can learn a little bit about what happens before and after the run as well. Just email us at cassiobury@parkrun.com, and we'll get you organised.

This week's high-viz heroes were:

Rod HEWSON • Robert WALLACE • Jill ROGERS • Douglas MCQUAID • Tim COOK • Mark NICHOLLS • Jane WELCH • Sharon DAVIDSON • Ann DAVIDSON • Linsey MAYNARD • Martyn MAYNARD • Julie ROLLS HARPER • Claire FITZGERALD • Alistair BALDERSON • John O'CONNOR • Thomas BALDERSON • Katie BALDERSON • Katherine BEANEY • Daniel BALDERSON • Peter FLANAGAN • Ian REEDER • Josephine HARVEY • Glyn JAGGER • Natalie FROST • Anya WESOLOWSKI • Paul STEVENSON • Stephen HOBBS • David FENWICK • Alison HILSDEN • Lynne MEDINI • Sadie VILE • Camila GRASSO • Bill O'NEILL


The numbers:

We had 318 runners and walkers and 33 volunteers. 19 of the participants were making their parkrun debut with us in Cassiobury - welcome to the fun, and I hope you find it as addictive as the rest of us. We also had 17 people who have parkrunned (is that a verb?) before, but this was their first time at Cassiobury - hope you liked it!

At the other end of the scale, we had 5 members of the 250 club join us on Saturday - Russell Matthews on 292 runs, Charles Dytham and Helen Gibbens on 276, Vince Deritis on 261 and Rasmi Nanda on 260.

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and outdoors

Russell Matthews shows off his green 250-club top


The milestones:

2 people joined the 100-club on Saturday. Congratulations to Michael Dudley (50 of his 100 parkruns have been at Cassiobury, and he became a parkrunner in 2017) and Andrew Powell (57 of his 100 parkruns have been at Cassiobury, and he also became a parkrunner in 2017)

I also know that Colin Taylor was doing his 50th run at Cassiobury - thanks for joining us Colin!

We have to keep the run brief short and to the point in the new world, so if you have anything you want us to celebrate, send us a few details and we'll include it in a run report or on a Facebook post!


The photos:

Tim Cook was busy taking photos and his full album can be found on our Facebook page HERE! Look out for his video of the participants all setting off as well, which is HERE!

I've included a few here for you to look through, until we meet again next week.

May be an image of 3 people, people playing sport, people standing and outdoors

May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoors

May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoors

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoors

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and outdoors



The good news that you’ve been waiting for …

Dear parkrunners,

We expect that you may have seen the good news today from parkrun HQ – parkruns in England have permission to restart on 26th June! You can read the full announcement here. We are grateful to parkrun HQ and to the Cassiobury Park management for their efforts and support in getting us going again at this time.

We can’t wait to see you back at Cassiobury and wanted to write to update you about a few points.

We would be grateful if all parkrunners would familiarise themselves with the new Covid guidelines. Following these will ensure, as far as possible, that our event remains as safe and compliant as it possibly can be and that future events are not jeopardised. FAQs are answered here.

Please be aware that the start and finish lines have been changed – the new course map can be seen on the news page of our website, whilst we wait for the course page itself to be updated. The course itself is largely the same, but you now need to meet near to the bandstand. The good news is that there is a very slight downhill to finish, and that the start and finish points are nearer to each other!

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and the news page of our website for the latest updates in the countdown to the 26th.

As ever, parkrun happens only with the input of its amazing volunteers, and we are now taking names to add to our future roster – we need YOU! Please take a look at the roster and email us at cassiobury@parkrun.com if you would like to add your name for a role in the coming weeks (please include your athlete barcode number so that we can find you on the system). No need to tell us if you aren’t in a position to volunteer, though. The guide for volunteers can be found here.

If you’re new to volunteering, you can find out about the different roles here.

All volunteers are encouraged to download and practice with the “Virtual Volunteer” app on their smartphones. If you are barcode scanning or timekeeping, you must have this downloaded on your phone as we do not have stopwatches or scanning devices for you to use any more – all timing and scanning will be done on mobile phones (and instructions will be given for submitting your results post-run). You can read the guide and download the app here.

We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for particular volunteer roles, but please bear in mind that there are certain mandatory roles that we need to fill to ensure that the event can go ahead safely and in line with the new protocols.

If you have any questions, please get in touch (but please be patient waiting for a reply as we hope we will be rather busy dealing with all the volunteer requests!).

Thank you so much for your support and your interest in Cassiobury parkrun, and we look forward to seeing you very soon "</p


Course amendment – new start and finish area – June 2021

When we restart in June 2021, we will run on a slightly modified course. The course itself remains largely unchanged - but the start and finish areas have changed to allow more space for safety and social distancing reasons. The new set-up can be seen below whilst we wait for the course page of the website to be updated. Please familiarise yourself with the new layout, allow extra time if necessary to make your way to the start line ... and we will look forward to seeing you there before long!


New course pic



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