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About Us

Castle Park parkrun is a FREE weekly 5km event for participants of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9:00am in Castle Park, The Causeway, Bishop’s Stortford, CM23 2DL. It is not a race against other runners, but a 5k timed event and it can really be whatever you want it to be, whether that's for fun or as part of a training plan.

It offers an opportunity for all the local community, regardless of age or gender, to come together on a regular basis to enjoy this beautiful park and get physically active into the bargain. We want to encourage people to run, jog or walk together irrespective of their ability – this event is truly open to all and best of all it really is FREE!

Taking part is easy – just register before your first ever parkrun. The great thing is that you only ever need to do this once! Then just set your alarm for Saturday morning and get yourself there!

Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in The Port Jackson - please come and join us! Maybe swap stories about your run that day, chat to other parkrunners over a cup of tea or coffee and just be an important part of this new community.

So whether you are a complete novice looking to get yourself started on your own "running journey" or a seasoned athlete wanting to use this as a part of your training schedule, you’re welcome to come along and join us.

  • East Herts District Council:

    Your donation will be wisely spent by the event team (as custodians of the local purse) on the upkeep of our parkrun.

    For donations prior to 1 February 2017, 85% was allocated to the event and the remaining 15% to the New Event Fund.

    We are unable to accept donations to events that are made via third party employer contribution schemes.

    We no longer accept cheques for event donations. The only way for individuals to contribute to an event pot is by donating directly through the PayPal link on this page.

    parkrun is completely open about all donations. All donations to this event (and withdrawals that the event teams makes) will be published below. You can also view all donations in this country here.

    parkrun UK is a not-for-profit organisation.


    Donation DateNameRecipientDonationContribution to EventContribution to New Event FundNote
    2018-12-16Jake AttfieldCastle Park£50.00£50.00£0.00
    2018-05-12Round TableCastle Park£350.00£350.00£0.00
    2018-04-29Simon DewhurstCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-28Philip WalterCastle Park£25.00£25.00£0.00
    2018-04-22Patricia PooleCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-21Andrew ArnoldCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-21Richard EddershawCastle Park£25.00£25.00£0.00
    2018-04-21Christopher ConnellCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-21Rohit DayamaCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-19David LambCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-19Simon WallaceCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-19keith phillipsCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-19Vicki HeidkeCastle Park£20.00£20.00£0.00
    2018-04-18Patrick ChappelCastle Park£20.00£20.00£0.00
    2018-04-18Matthew IronsideCastle Park£25.00£25.00£0.00
    2018-04-18Amanda BrownCastle Park£5.00£5.00£0.00
    2018-04-18neil sandersonCastle Park£20.00£20.00£0.00
    2018-04-18Graham SmithCastle Park£15.00£15.00£0.00
    2018-04-18Dennis Udall Dennis UdallCastle Park£25.00£25.00£0.00
    2018-04-18Amy HunterCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-18Sarah FickenCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-18Jane and Phil MansfieldCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-18V J MaddoxCastle Park£2.00£2.00£0.00
    2018-04-18Annabel KaneCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-04-09Kevin WatsonCastle Park£10.00£10.00£0.00
    2018-01-12Hatfield Forest parkrunCastle Park£197.08£197.08£0.00Transfer from Hatfield Forest parkrun


    Withdrawal DateEventAmountNote
    2018-01-31Castle Park£49.98Funnel equipment
    2018-03-01Castle Park£14.54Velcro
    2018-03-01Castle Park£22.02Tent pegs for course signage
    2018-03-01Castle Park£13.28Velcro and glue sticks
    2018-03-01Castle Park£12.59Cart for moving kit
    2018-03-01Castle Park£12.49Football cones
    2018-11-07Castle Park£6.67Key for storage area
    2018-11-07Castle Park£13.32Nokia phone
    2018-11-07Castle Park£5.59Phone case
    2018-11-07Castle Park£8.47Storage box for ED
    2018-11-07Castle Park£2.11Postage to return scanner for repair
    2018-11-07Castle Park£8.34Credit for phone
    2018-11-07Castle Park£42.51Anniversary celebrations
    2018-11-07Castle Park£32.95Event signs
    2019-02-25Castle Park£15.00parkrun Selfie Frame
    2019-05-01Castle Park£10.00New lock
    2019-05-28Castle Park£20.74First aid supplies
    2019-09-17Castle Park£8.33Walkie talkies
    2019-10-03Castle Park£9.99Walkie talkies
    2020-03-18Castle Park£8.00Waterproof phone cases (4)