Event #39 16 June 2018

It was certainly a busy Saturday morning for the core team and all the volunteers!

First of all, we had a record 366 people join us for their parkrun fix, of whom 21 were completely new to parkrun, and a further 30 were enjoying Castle Park for the first time. Our first male finisher was Crispian Bloomfield in a time of 16:33, Liz Bellinger was our first lady in 20:51, and 49 of you recorded personal bests.

We are very grateful to have the support of the Bishop's Stortford and Stansted Round Table and they provided a number of our marshals on Saturday as well as saying a few words during the run briefing and chatting to runners afterwards. You can find out more about the Round Table on their website and facebook page.

We had a number people reach parkrun milestones: Alec Sneddon and Zoe Hill ran their (junior) 10th; Janet Howes ran her 50th; and Melvyn Grimwood celebrated his 100th parkrun. Well done all!

The traffic for the carnival site was a bit busier than we had anticipated, which led to a few stressful moments as vehicles waiting to get on site started backing up onto the Causeway. With a bit of goodwill and common sense the situation was manageable but it's something we'll have to bear in mind whenever there are other events taking place that require vehicle access across the bridge at that time on a Saturday morning.

Last but defintely not least, a big Thank You to the 31 volunteers that made this event possible:

Megan EVANS • Oliver LAST • Philippa WATSON • Chris CHEW • Kevin WATSON • Melanie WATSON • Bekah CRANCH • Patrick CHAPPEL • Sunny NEAL • Rachel ALEXANDER • Kobus SMITH • David LAMB • Graham SMITH • Lori MORRISON • Christopher BENNETT • Victoria CORBISHLEY • Talitha CORBISHLEY-SHERFIELD • Scott NUGENT • Andrew ARNOLD • Clare ARNOLD • Claire LAYER • Andrew TURVEY • Tory FOOT • Paula FROST • Miriam MOUKDAD • Charlie READ • Harry LINES • Phillip STREET • James SUMMERS • Stephen HACKSHALL • Andrew THOMAS

If you've not volunteered before please do give it a go: it's rewarding in its own right, and some of the finish area roles can be combined with a run for sub-22 minute runners.

That's all from me; we're back at the Bandstand next week where Julie will be your Run Director.

Your Castle Park parkrun core team are Alastair, Ben, Chris, Christopher, Ellen, Francesca, Grace, Joanne, Julie, Kevin, Luke, Melanie, Oliver, Phily and Tory