Castle Park parkrun Event #62

So the weekend started off not brilliantly when the RD who promised herself she would wake up early on Friday morning to finalise everything, somehow managed to sleep for 17 hours and didn’t wake up till 2.30pm, and then remembered she had a family gathering in London at 6pm – queue panic! Thankfully our high vis heroes stepped up and all was sorted in no time!

Onto Saturday then. Our usual gaggle of setup boys arrived (yes come on ladies lets not let these gentlemen put us to shame), including Matt who decided he wanted to pretend he was the incredible hulk (it seemed), so decided to carry 95% of the setup equipment himself! I meanwhile continued to drink my coffee…


As usual the runners started meandering their way towards the bandstand from about 8.30 and it was very nice to see lots of our first timers turn up early, (hopefully) eager to get going! 29AAE8AA-C659-4814-BE94-B9EBB3F4CF65

Nice to have a couple of milestones this week; Harold Toze hit his 100, having completed 28 runs at Castle park and over 70 at its predessor at Hatfield forest. And the lovely Harry who at aged only 10 reached 50 parkruns, and if he could would probably volunteer in every role each such is his enthusiasm! Harry’s dog toffee was a little jealous that Harry had reached 50 and she hadn’t but, she’ll get there soon. Contragulations to the both of them.

Tourists galore this week, Cambridge, Nottingham, Harrow lodge and the mysterious far away place known as Great Dunmow; hopefully all enjoyed (especially those from far away lands) and we will see you back at Castle Park in the future.

It was fast this week with Brett Rushman setting himself a new PB coming in in just 16:48! 42 other PB’s were also set and 31 first timers finally realised what fun parkrun is and decided to come and join us. Fabulous to see a nice crowd of 312 despite the chilly weather, lets keep up the parkrunning all through the winter! Hopefully the locals weren't deafened by my SLIGHTY over enthusiastic use of the megaphone at the finish line cheering you all on.......

Obviously after all that running cake was definitely deserved, which luckily was provided by Harry and crew – a lovely Victoria Sponge I hear although someone seemed to have misplaced my piece as it never reached me!


Once again thanks to this weeks volunteers, as usual without this fabulous lot none of us would get a run ; Oliver LAST • Philippa WATSON • Victoria MADDOX • Melanie WATSON • Matthieu MILITON • Grace CADZOW • Graham MULLY • Phil MANSFIELD • Harry MANSFIELD • Margaret CONNELL • Amanda EDWARDS • Luke SHEPHERD • Kobus SMITH • Jenny HODGES • Annabel KANE • Em WARRINGTON • Graham SMITH • Jason STATHAM • Scott NUGENT • Julie ROWE • Natasha EVANS • Debbi COLLINS • Simon DEWHURST • Tory FOOT • Simon GARDNER • Seamus POWER – it has been a little difficult recruiting volunteers over the last couple of weeks so if you can volunteer in the upcoming month please do give it a go. A2EB4B9E-50C0-472E-A24A-7603FE8F7D6C

I do hate to be a nag but before I love you and leave you just a couple of reminders;

  1. We don’t have priority over the park, so please where possible keep to one side  so other families, dog walkers etc, can carry on with their activities.
  2. Don’t forget your barcode! If you don’t have a barcode with you, as per parkrun rules we can’t give you a time and it woud be a shame to miss out on that PB!

I now leave you in the capable hands of miss Grace. Have a lovely week ladies and gentlemen.

Over and out

Tory x