Event #63

Good Evening Everyone,

Happy December!! Time for Christmas songs!!

I'm sorry this is incredibly late but I only just remembered to do this while editing French Coursework, which says how exciting that is. So I shall now try to write in english with my brain thinking french.

On with the run report:

Saturday started well as it wasn't that cold but it was cloudy. Me being me was only prepared for rain due to my mum telling me to take my umbrella with me. Well done to everyone who came out in the dreary weather.

On Saturday there were 232 runners, joggers and walkers go round the course in the rain. During the run there was some slipping on the field due to the wet and muddy conditions so please, as it is getting muddier each week, take care, especially when going from grass to path.

Thank you to all the lovely volunteers who stood out in the conditions. The event couldn't have gone ahead without you there. If you would like to volunteer in future weeks, please contact us, we'd love to have you on our team.

Our volunteers:

Alan SHINGLER  •  Allison SHINGLER  •  Claire CADZOW  •  Dana SMITH  •  Elanor CADZOW  •  Ellen BROOKS  •  Grace CADZOW  •  Graham MULLY  •  Harry MANSFIELD  •  Jane MANSFIELD  •  John ETHERDEN  •  Judith ERICKSEN  •  Kobus SMITH  •  Matthieu MILITON  •  Natalie RONCO  •  Olwenn GILLESPIE  •  Peter BEATTY  •  Rory MARRIOTT  •  Samantha HOOD  •  Scott CADZOW  •  Scott NUGENT  •  Simon DEWHURST  •  Tory FOOT  •  Velichko KOLEV
I pass onto the very lovely Francesca for this week's run.
I hope you're all having a lovely week and continue to have a great week.