Event #65 – 15 December 2018

On a cold and windy morning (little did we know that would be the day's best weather!) 238 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Well done all.

Of course, you lot were all moving so could keep warm, spare a thought for the 26 volunteers who made this event possible:

Oliver LAST • Philippa WATSON • Chris CHEW • Kevin WATSON • Andrew THOMSON • Christopher CONNELL • Jane MANSFIELD • Harry MANSFIELD • Mark SPILLER • Patrick CHAPPEL • Kobus SMITH • Mike WHITE • Catherine HOWARD • Katy BELLERBY • Felix BELLERBY • Florence BELLERBY • Graham SMITH • Jason STATHAM • Scott NUGENT • Julie ROWE • Simon GARDNER • Lindsey FOX • Daisy FOX • Judith ERICKSEN • Luca SANTOS SIMS • Alex HOWARD

Don't forget our Christmas Day and New Year's Day events - we still need a few critical volunteer roles filled to allow the events to proceed so if the thought of running on too many mince pies or with a NYD hangover doesn't appeal then we have a job for you!

Don't forget also that New Year's Day is the only day where you can be credited with two runs - indeed many events stagger their start times to allow this to happen. Our neighbours at Great Dunmow and Westmill are starting at 1030, and local doubles are also possible at Great Notley/Great Dunmow, Great Notley/Chelmsford, and Panshanger/Westmill. The full list of Christmas Day and New Year's Day events is here.

That's all from me; Kevin is your RD next week.