Castle Park parkrun event #72

So this week started off well or perhaps not so well... when I was exchanging the RD kit with Francesca at running club on Wednesday night, the kit was stolen! Stolen by who you ask? The one and only Dunmow parkrun core team..... if I were you I'd watch out for those Dunmow parkrunners, they're a sneaky bunch. :)

Now onto Saturday! Whilst the snow was falling and I was slowly becoming more and more frozen stiff with each passing minute, the setup team were in high spirits and somehow not affected by cold - probably something to do with Pavel's coffee! As you may have seen we've brought back the kilometre markers and due to the huge number of runners we are now getting each week, we are trying to organise the start more formally to ease the congestion in the first 500m meters. Please bear with us over the next few weeks as we try to sort out the best solution!
Setup volunteers

351 of you braved the cold this weekend, of whom 34 were first timers - nice to see that the cold didn't put you off! As usual we had our array of tourists from far and wide, Durham and Great Notley were amongst the contenders this week, but the prize this week goes to our tourists from the Isle of Wight.Smile and wve

Thank you all our volunteers this week; Samantha HOOD • Philippa WATSON • Fiona RUST • Kevin WATSON • Melanie WATSON • Matthieu MILITON • Louise PARKER • Simon BARRIE • Justin EDWARDS • Joanne COLEBOURNE • Woody HUDSON • Naomi BARRIE • Mairi MALCOLM • Kobus SMITH • Dana SMITH • Rachel TURVEY • Scott NUGENT • Greta LYONS • Simon DEWHURST • Tory FOOT • Amy PETRIDIS • Ian LYONS • Simon GARDNER • Judith ERICKSEN • Alex HOWARD • Seth HUI.

As usual without our volunteers we wouldn't have a parkrun, so if you find yourself at a loose end over the next few weeks why not try volunteering. I know its going to get cold over the next few weeks, but us in England are obsessed with talking about the weather so I'm sure a little cold won't hurt us. :) I know that Kevin has quite an empty roster next week so if you are able to help us out drop us an email and let us know.

Just one final thing before I stop rambling and let you get back to getting on with your lives.... as you may have seen via Facebook we do actually have a trained and accredited guide runner at Castle Park parkrun. Ellen used to regularly be a guide when the parkrun took place over at hatfield forest, and still has her guide accreditation, so if you know anyone that would like to come along but would need the help of a guide please spread the word and let people know that running with a guide can be arranged.

Right enough from me, I'm sure you've all had enough of me rabbiting on! Kevin's in charge next week, please make sure to give him the same parkrun enthusiasm that you all give to me.

Over and out

Tory x