Catterick parkrun is cancelled on 26 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event #135 – 14th March 2020 – Run Report

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Bedale and Askew runners (BAR) took over the hosting of Catterick parkrun this morning, celebrating the graduation of their most recent Couch to 5k group and a special day for parkrun regular Carrissa hosting her ‘Hen do’.

Thank you for letting us hold the takeover, I am always so impressed with the atmosphere at Catterick and that shows in the ease of getting support in the huge turnout of BAR members.

On a damp morning the atmosphere was brought alive with the regular Catterick spirit, supported by 38 fabulous volunteers helping the smooth running of the event. Along with the cheering, high fiving and bell ringing support BAR swelled the running support with extra pacers Paul Berry, Will Retchless, Ann Harrington, Nichola Malton, Louise Baker and Michelle Dinsdale. All with excellent pacing, close to their target times, chatting and cheering along the way.

A massive 25 BAR members running, including 8 first timers many of whom are Cto5k graduates. Congratulations to Chris Pritchard, Charlotte Rudd, Poppy Bean, Nina McWhinney, Fiona King, Fiona Fieldhouse, Mel Thornton-Grace and Tailwalker Mary McDonald on completing their first Parkrun. Congratulation to Beth Capel and Claire Bean for showing that if at first you don’t succeed try again! You will come back stronger; Claire showed this with a personal best in 35:01, and Beth 4 seconds faster than her first Parkrun time in 33:12.

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Huge congratulations goes to BAR Chairman’s daughter Matilda Ellis achieving a PB and new JW10 course record of 21:39, taking nearly 1 minute off her previous course record with an amazingly strong run.

This week 235 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 59 were first timers and 27 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 20 different clubs took part.
Milestones were achieved - Richard FLINTOFF (100) - Nicholas BARRON (50) – Ann HARRINGTON (50).
The event was made possible by 38 volunteers:

Paul BAINBRIDGE • Louise BAKER • Sarah CIRCO • Ann HARRINGTON • Nell and Imogen HEWITT • Michelle DINSDALE • Karen ALFORD • Will RETCHLESS • Grace and Zabi DASHWOOD • Claire TEMPLE • Claire ROGERS • James BARTRAM • Matthew RANDALL • Paul BERRY • Paul ELLIS • Stuart BLACK • Alan GILPIN • Sharon ELLIS • Melva STECKLES • Joanne and James WIGGLESWORTH • Alison GRAYSON • Rebecca BARKER • Jessica MALLINSON • Julie ELSEY • Judith NEWELL • Nichola MALTON • Sarah PARDINGTON • Andrew YOUNG • Mark TEMPLE • Ali MASON • Chris BURTON • Mary MCDONALD • Katy BAMBER • Trevor and Linda MCDERMOT

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Catterick parkrun Results Page.  You can see the full photo album here

Catterick parkrun started on 17th June 2017. Since then 5,857 participants have completed 25,024 parkruns covering a total distance of 125,120 km, including 5,103 new Personal Bests. A total of 477 individuals have volunteered 2,998 times.


International Womens Day – Event 134 – 7th March 2020

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Fantastic Catterick parkrun turnout on yesterday’s March morning for the special Ladies’ Takeover event.

Thank you to all 299 people who ran, jogged, walked, and those who volunteered and supported Catterick parkrun; what a family we are, a family of happy, smiley, cheerful, supportive people.....with maybe just a hint of 'bonkers' thrown in.

It was in support of #ThisGirlCan and International Women's Day, and also hosted a collection for the Food Bank in Richmond. There were 53 first timers, 58 new Personal Bests, and 34 different clubs represented.

Welcome to all our new participants !

I remember well how I felt on my first ever parkrun here at Catterick; right up until the start I worried about everything to do with parkrun:- where do I park? -where do I go? -have I got my barcode? -am I prepared for this? -will everyone be amazing, young, fit runners? -am I wearing the right clothing? -will I look out of place? -does my bum look huge in these leggings? -will I be last? -am I too old? -will I manage 5km? -should I turn round and go home?......these were just a few of my questions.

When I was young I was a sprinter, I never attempted much more than 100 metres and there I was over 60 years of age turning up for a 5km parkrun !

I needn't have worried though, everyone made me feel so welcome and were so encouraging and supportive. I have met some amazing people who I would never have spoken to were it not for parkrun, all with a different story.

81 parkruns later I am still attending, still enjoying it and reaping all the benefits to my health and wellbeing.

To sum it all up in a few words
Can this girl?
This girl will try

Here's to many more,
and thank you for all the donations to the Food Bank.



Great stuff Elaine x and Happy Sunday morning everyone.

Welcome to the longest combined parkrun Run Report + Photo Album known to man. Actually, we had so much going on yesterday that really should say ‘Known to Women’

It was terrific to see so many wearing Purple for our special #IWDparkrun at the racecourse. Visitors came from Durham, Leeds, Sunderland, Gateshead, Stockport, Hartlepool, Runcorn, Doncaster, Southampton, and more , including a friendly bunch from Aycliffe Running Club ! The most experienced was Finlay PENNINGTON (283 parkruns) who joins us often.

And of course, the Food Bank tables were groaning under the weight of donated items. Brilliant generosity yet again Catterick parkrun folks xx

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TOP performer in the conditions (could have been colder and windier) was Karl EDWARDS from Hartlepool with an 84.6% age graded run. His time was 19:38 in the V60-64 category. Also scoring highly were Lee DAVIES and Peter MILBURN, and in the Junior ranks young Wilf.
It would be only right, given the occasion, to have a few facts and Figures about WOMEN and Catterick parkrun, so let’s see now . . .

We were delighted to hand out free #ThisGirlCan t-shirts to our newcomers, with Team Caterpillar very noticeable. Thank you for donating these Lucy @NorthYorksSport x !

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A special welcome email had been sent out the night before and we hope you all enjoyed your first parkrun experience LADIES ! This message was received from one of our newbies . . . “ Hi Linda and the rest of the team, Thank you for such a fabulous welcome today - I really enjoyed my first parkrun. It is such a friendly and inclusive experience. And thanks for the T shirt - I’m still proudly wearing it ! Have a lovely weekend, Shell “

50th Milestones yesterday were reached by Penny JOHNSON from the Ayecliffe club, and Mudd Queen Charlene KING. Also young junior Jessica ARNOTT reached her 10th parkrun. Not to forget our two tiny Tail Walkers Katie and Emily who are both now on 50 senior parkruns. That’s pretty amazing for ones so young. CONGRATULATIONS all you Females !!

Annelie WHITFIELD (v55-59) turned in another of her quality runs with a time of 22:01 and 83% Age Grade rating, followed by Susan MILBURN (Ayecliffe again) and Myra JONES from Rounday parkrun. Other high achieving WOMEN were Gail SMITH, Pauline WHITTAKER, Louise GOSSAGE, Nicola SIMPSON, Caroline TEASDALE, Pat EDWARDS, Marian HUNTER, Rebecca SMITH, Jacquie BARLOW and Sally BAINBRIDGE. And not to forget young ISLA !

We would absolutely love to see more LADIES over the age of 60 having a go at three laps around the racecourse. Some have been mentioned already and others will be further down, but these also did their bit for the ‘sisters’ yesterday and therefore, are officially Trail Blazers !

Judith MOKS, Viv WILLIAMS, Liz THOMPSON, Linda KENDALL, Jean RAINE and – naturally - that superb Over 80 - Val MITCHELL !

It’s a bona fide fact, worth mentioning, that our best Age Graded Performances at Catterick have been made by WOMEN. While the parkrun World Record is 15 Mins 49 secs, our fastest FEMALE remains Sarah TUNSTALL who recorded 17 Mins 53 Secs back around Xmas time 2017.

Of our most regular participants, FEMALES outnumber the men by something like a 100-93 split. We are well known as the Gurkha parkrun, however it’s WOMEN who are more likely to be among the most keenest, say those who take part at least 3 times per month.

The LADIES’ TAKEOVER was made possible by a wonderful 33 Volunteers. The GIRLS really turned out in force and had covered well over THIRTEEN HUNDRED parkruns between them.

As Cheryl KEEDY lovingly posted . . . “ You guys are the best .... I wake up going oh should I go to park run ....then message a few pals to see if they are going ...... I get there thinking it’s my day off I could have stayed in bed ... I start the run laughing and clapping and I go home loving it and feeling brilliant with a smile on face .... Catterick parkrun Team you rock x

Also received . . . . “ Thanks a lot from Aycliffe Running club for a well organised parkrun with an abundance of enthusiasm from the volunteers “ and from Al HOWATT-BAKER “An absolutely fantastic parkrun today and so many turned out. A sea of purple runners!! It was amazing to see so much donated to the table too. Ladies may you all have a fantastic international women’s day on Sunday. See you all next week in pink ! “

. . . . It was because we had these amazing characters resplendent in so many PURPLE ‘25’ vests, or tops, jackets, scarves, raincoats, rara skirts, sashes, gloves, legwarmers or tracksuits :

Izzy WILKINSON • skilled Run Director and Briefing, essential Dancer
Linda MCDERMOT • Timekeeper, First Timers Briefing, Event Set Up, Close Down, Results Processor, Catterick parkrun Co-Event Director,.
Hazel LEAH • Funnel Manager, First Timers Briefing, Communications Person, heavily expectant Event Music Playlist provider,
Angelika SKAVN • first time on Finish Tokens
Grace DASHWOOD • Barcode Scanner and 12TH BIRTHDAY. Many Happy Returns from all of us Grace !
Grace GILPIN • Number Checker
Suzanne GREGORY • first time Marshal on Silent Corner , Richmond Storehouse Manager
Claire TEMPLE • Roving Marshal
Gilda FOSTER • Marshal on the bottom bend
Ruth HANCOCK • Marshal at the Start
Melva STECKLES • Food and Cake Preparation and Marshal
Charlotte PETHEN • Funnel Marshal
Anita DAHAL • Marshal
Liz LOCKEY • Tail Walker
Suzanne HARPUR • Tail Walker
Emily HARPUR • Tail Walker (under 10, recently achieved 50th senior parkrun !)
Katie HARPUR • Tail Walker (under 10, doing her 50th senior parkrun !)
Pam BRAMLEY • Tail Walker
Tracy DICK • Tail Walker
Kathleen HALL • Tail Walker
Nicki BUCKETT • Token Sorter and 30 Min Pacer
Sarah PARDINGTON • Token Sorter
Ann HARRINGTON • Token Sorter
Zoe MASON • 22 Min Pacer
Elaine MEADOWCROFT • Report Writer as above
Sarah CIRCO • Volunteer Co-ordinator who put all these together

Thanks also to • Paul BAINBRIDGE • Alan GILPIN (album attached) • Tom CIRCO • John HUNTER • James HOULDING • Yem GURUNG • Trevor MCDERMOT

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Yet another memorable event. We’ve seen over 5,000 Personal Bests in our time at the racecourse, and this one was certainly saturated with Girl Power

If you are still reading this then medals are being struck in your honour.
Next week we host another Takeover by Bedale & Askew Runners who will be graduating their latest Couch to 5k programme. The Swift Tees Group are also arriving on tour.

And then there's the small matter of Carrissa WOOD's Hen Do !!

We can’t wait !

Have a great time till then


(t'other writer, wearing curlers + diamante purple ballgown)

This Girl Can
North Yorkshire Sport
Sport England


Yesterday’s full results and a complete event history can be found on the Catterick parkrun Results Page.  See the full photo album here 

Catterick parkrun started on 17th June 2017. Since then 5,797 participants have completed 24,789 parkruns covering a total distance of 123,945 km. A total of 469 individuals have volunteered 2,961 times.


Event #133 – 29th February 2020 – Run Report

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It was typically breezy day yesterday but could have been worse, and as for the light rain forecast, well it was so light we didn’t even notice it. Well done to all Two Hundred and Forty-Five of you who made their way round the circuit. The numbers show we had 33 first timers, 36 new Personal Bests, and 18 different clubs taking part. And then the drinks were drunk and cakes demolished, which is just what we like to see !

Don’t know if any ‘Leap Day’ Ladies proposed marriage, so do drop us a line if such happened. Especially in the case of acceptances. Refusals can be fixed in 2048 !

The most experienced parkrunner at the racecourse was Tim POCOCK (333) by a whisker from Dominic COLLEY (332). Visitors were welcomed from North London, Surrey, Slough, Lancashire, Scotland, Cheshire and Leicestershire, besides the usual smattering of tourists from Yorkshire, Teeside and Durham.

Run Director Dinesh acknowledged a clutch of Milestones that arrived together like London buses. We saw Mark SMITH reach his 100th parkrun,while Peter COLLINS, Angelika SKAVN and Matt RANDALL all hit 50.

Well Done Each ! We are most proud of you!

Top performer and Age Grade score of 83% was Mark FORREST (V55-59) with his time of 18:23, followed by first over the line Rob SCOTT and Stephen MORLAND.

Oh, and by the way, our Congratulations to Rob’s brother Marc (also Richmond & Zetland Harriers) who a few hours earlier in the States set a new European Indoor 5,000m Record of 13:08 ! . . .

Best Female performance was (of course) Grace GILPIN (V55-59) equalling her PB in 24:18, followed by Gail SMITH and Nicola SIMPSON. Top Junior yesterday Isla SIMPSON.

There would not have been an event without the contribution of our 22 volunteers, whose time and efforts are saluted ! The prize draw for those who have helped through Jan + Feb was deservedly won by • Kevin OSBORNE, name skilfully picked out of the hat by none other than • Mason OSBORNE

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, child, outdoor and nature

Our other hi viz heroes were :

• Bridie and Brian KINNANE • Eric KIRBY • Noel RAMSEY • Sarah and Tom CIRCO • Claire BOWMAN • James HOULDING • Yem GURUNG • Dinesh SHAKYA • Leon REEVE • Sheila CANTRELL • Ben MINERS • Janet WILLIS • Colin HARROWER • Izzy WILKINSON • Alan HOWATT-BAKER • Trevor and Linda MCDERMOT

And Thank You as always • Alan GILPIN for the album (see here)

Next Saturday we celebrate #IWDparkrun and the #ThisGirlCan campaign and therefore ask -

- . . . that New female participants confirm their barcodes to and win a T Shirt donated by @NorthYorksSport. We’ll be handing these out at the FT Brief on a ‘first come first served’ basis. (see here for more details)
- . . . that as many of you wear something PURPLE in support of International Womens Day
- . . . that lots of females, of all ages, please consider volunteering for the Ladies’ Takeover for the same reasons.
- . . . that people bring a spare, kindly item for our latest Food Bank collection. Donation tables will be set up on the way in.

Together let’s make it another memorable morning !

Despite the ongoing Stormy season, we’ve been able to keep Catterick parkrun going through all the logistical worries, the flooding and road works. With continuingly impressive numbers too. So go on, give yourselves a big pat on the back.

Your Run Report Writer

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Catterick parkrun Results Page.

Catterick parkrun started on 17th June 2017. Since then 5,744 participants have completed 24,490 parkruns covering a total distance of 122,450 km, including 5,017 new Personal Bests. A total of 468 individuals have volunteered 2,928 times.


International Women’s Day – 7th March – T-Shirt giveaway!


UPDATE - That's it folks, all the #ThisGirlCan t-shirts have been reserved! So to those folks who have requested one and had confirmation that you are on our list, please be sure to turn up for the first timers briefing at 8.50 on Saturday to pick up yours. We'd love to get a picture of you all wearing them to share with North Yorkshire Sport as a thanks for donating them so make sure you come ready to smile

If we have any no shows, any spare t-shirts will be given out at the RDs discretion. See you Saturday!

As part of International Women's Day, parkrun is looking to celebrate femaleparticipation and we would love to welcome as many women and girls as possible to parkrun on Saturday 7 March. For clarity, our parkrun is still for everyone, this isn't about excluding men but rather encouraging woman.

Research shows us that, across the world, women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun. Despite the fact that females make 54% of registrations, they are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and to continue participating.

So as part of this special day and hopefully to encourage some new ladies to join us, we have 11 'This Girl Can' t-shirts to give away.

As we say, we want to encourage brand new parkrunners, so ladies, to qualify please follow the below -

1. You should be brand new to parkrun i.e. not completed a parkrun before
2. Ensure you register prior to the event and print out your barcode. You only need to register for parkrun once, once you are registered you are a member for life.
3. Once you have your barcode, please email the office with your barcode number, so we know you are registered and will be coming on the 7th.
4. We will then reserve you a t-shirt to be collected at the first timers briefing on the 7th. Simples!

So if you've been thinking about joining us for a while but are unsure/nervous now is the perfect time! We are a friendly bunch and you'll be well looked after. If you have any questions please just get in touch!

And to all existing parkrunners why not bring your mother, your sister, your niece, your daughter, your grandmother, your best female friend etc. especially if they've talked about doing parkrun but have been nervous about it! This is the perfect opportunity to convert them and maybe gain a new running buddy!

(N.B. The t-shirts will be reserved on a first come first served basis and you must turn up on the day to receive yours. If we have any no shows, or any left over they'll be distributed at the Run Directors discretion).


Event number 132 – 22nd February 2020  - Run Report by Tim

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Not so much a baptism of fire, but a baptism of hail! Although I have volunteered at Harrogate and Ripon parkruns, this was my first time as a Catterick marshal. Not so for my partner Charlotte at Spot Two on the back straight; she qualifies for a 25 Volunteer t-shirt after today – and a windier run she couldn’t have picked for her milestone! There does tend to be a gentle breeze drifting across Catterick racecourse most Saturdays and today’s was just a knot or three of windspeed stronger, with Charlotte disputing my cries of encouragement to runners that “the wind is dying down and you are speeding up"!

I have done 50 different parkrun courses and Catterick is, by some distance, the best in terms of the support runners receive from volunteers. I chatted with another marshal before the start who said he finds himself running faster every time he goes through the finish zone on the three-lap course, such is the cacophony of cheers, music, horns and belles, plus the boost of high-fives from volunteers and even manic marshal dancing!

Charlotte and I did our bit to add to the noise out on the course on what was a tough day for runners, what with the, er, gentle breeze that did its best to drown us out too. Thanks then, to all parkrunners who smiled, thumbed-up or thanked us, which wasn’t always easy as Charlotte and I were, by common consent, on the windiest part of the course.

The sun however, did shine for most of the run, but it was a race between a big black cloud and the tail walkers as to who would reach us first. The walkers won – but the hail had the last word as it hit us, quite literally, just before we reached the car. Still, Charlotte can at least proudly pin a ‘Hailed on in action!’ medal to her 25 Volunteer t-shirt!


Well it certainly was a wild one this week, but that couldn't keep a brave 171 of you away, disappointing to lose our 200+ every week this year streak, but given the conditions we can perhaps just about forgive some of you for favouring your beds this morning!

Despite the brutal headwind, 12 of you still managed a new PB, quite miraculous really!  I expect next time we get a calm day you'll be knocking several minutes off your times if you can run a PB in today's conditions!  We had 7 brand new participants who had quite the welcome to the parkrun family, hopefully they have seen the worst of the weather Catterick has to offer and will return for a finer run next week.  We welcomed 15 tourists joining us at Catterick for the first time too, visitors from Liverpool, Ipswich, York and Leeds. We hope you enjoyed our parkrun, we certainly had some lovely comments from a few people this morning, makes it all worth while.

A special mention has to go to Fiona MATHESON who joined us from her regular Falkirk parkrun.  Little did we know we had running royalty in our midst, Fiona has multiple world records to her name and she certainly didn't disappoint today, coming in as first female in a time of 19.19 and setting a new age grade record at Catterick of 96.29%!! Very impressive stuff.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, shoes and outdoor

Just the one milestone to mention today, Bill LAMB hit his 50th, well done to you.  I notice in today's results a number of you are on 49 or 99 so expect a few more milestones to be achieved in the coming weeks.

There really aren't the words to thank our 27 volunteers enough today.  Despite the howling wind, and the rather painful hailstones towards the end, they all kept smiling and kept that wonderful Catterick spirit going.  We know from speaking to our tourists that our atmosphere is one of the best going and that's all thanks to you guys so keep up the good work!

Thanks go to -

Tim POCOCK • David FOX • Eric KIRBY • Trevor MCDERMOT • Linda MCDERMOT • Ann HARRINGTON • Michelle DINSDALE • Hazel LEAH • Katrina DUNN • Tony RYDER • Ian HOULDING • Atmaram DAHAL • James HOULDING • Yem GURUNG • Ollie HOULDING • Claire HOULDING • Kevin OSBORNE • Susan WELCH • Charlotte PETHEN • Alan GILPIN • Izzy WILKINSON • Melva STECKLES • Ruth HANCOCK • Angela CLAY • Greg JAMES • Gilda FOSTER • Alan HOWATT-BAKER

As ever, today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Catterick parkrun Results Page.  You can see the full photo album, thanks to Alan here

Whether you ran, walked, jogged or volunteered, thanks to everyone who joined us this morning.  We hope you all enjoyed it and we'll look forward to seeing you next week in hopefully much calmer conditions!!

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