Catton parkrun #309 “Parasaurolophus Power and Perspiration”

Coo it’s been a warm one! But still 414 of you turned out to sweat, steam and perspire your way round a Catton parkrun in full summer blaze. We were a little cluttered due to the cinema in the park later in the day taking up some space that we normally have available, but despite this, we were pleased to have all of you here!

We had 35 people coming to Catton Park for the first time including tourists from Yorkshire, Birmingham, Eastbourne, Lowestoft, Brundall and Cambridge. For 8 people we were pleased to be the first parkrun for anyone ever. We were very pleased that you came to us first. Look, here you all are. What a good looking bunch! (And Ash the Lurcher making a welcome appearance as new barkrunner!)


Firstly, just want to let you know a couple of future dates for your diary as we look forward to Autumn – on the 21st of September, we’ll be having a memorial run for the much missed Lynda Moore. She was a regular participant and volunteer before becoming poorly with a long term illness. Brian and the Norwich Road Runners will be joining us. Stay tuned for more details on this.

On the 5th of October we celebrate our 6th Birthday (to the day!). And 4 years ago we started our letter challenge. So far we’ve had “C-A-T….” so this year we’re presenting a second T! So dress up as anything involving T. Traffic Cones? Teacups? Tyres? Toadstools? Trainers? Tyrannosaurus? The choice is yours!

Finally, on the 26th of October I’m sorry to say that we will be cancelled. It doesn’t happen very often I’m afraid, but due to an event happening later on in the day at the park, take this opportunity to have a look around our lovely neighbours. We will miss you too!

Right, on with the milestones! This week we had mother and son duo Claire and Barnaby Berridge get to their 100th and 50th run respectively! They brought cake! (Always greatly appreciated). We also had Charles Wood and Ben Warminger make it to 100 runs. Well done gents, enjoy the T-Shirts!

For 50 runs, we had Richard McKechnie, Jo Power and Antonio Pavez make it to the milestone. Well done!

We can’t make parkrun happen without volunteers, so lets also have a round of apple sauce for: John ADAMS, Shelley AMES, Kathryn ARMES, Antony BELL, James BISHOP, Diane COLLINS, Brett CORNISH, Shane DAVENPORT, Bill EDMONDS, Dan GOODWIN, Elizabeth HALFORD, Layla HAMIS, Maureen HAMIS, Nicola HINSLEY, Derek JARVIS, Sharon LAKEY, Caren MAIDMENT, Maree MARKS, Nicolette NEILE, Alison READ, Rose REUBEN, Parasaurolophus Power Up Holder Leon REUBEN, Suzanne SHARMAN, Jessica SMITH, Oliver SMITH, David STANSBURY, Disco Helen VINSEN and Darren WATKINS!

Our first finisher through the heat was our own Trevor Gannon, somehow blazing a trail in 17:58! Our first lady finisher this week was Elie Taylor who smashed the temps with a time of 20:57. I dunno how you guys do it, but I’m amazed!

Right you are, see you all on Saturday 31st for our next foray into the wonderful world of parkrun for event number 310! Brtt and Kyra will be your Run Directors for the day. Well, Kyra will be your Run Director while Brtt does, uh, Brtt things. We're having a Tateover with breakfast provided for all volunteers by the magical Lynn Tate, Gill Thomas and family. So if you want to get in for the free breakfast club - and get your name down. Social Media and run reporting counts doesn't it Lynn? Gill? Oi. Hungry.... :(


PS. Two Goldfish are in a tank. One of them says to the other “Do you know how to drive this thing?”. Don’t park on Oak Lane please!


Catton parkrun #308 “Back once again like a renegade masta”

The omnishambles that is the Catton parkrun run report will return!

Err… now!

Catton parkrun #308 “Back once again like a renegade masta”

So, err… yeah. Still a short one I’m afraid (ooooh matron) but at some point your regularly scheduled insanity will return. Sorry everyone.

*Kicks dust off the desk in Catton parkrun towers, dislodging a sleeping Brtt, and settles down to write*

In a breezy week last week we were delighted to welcome 392 participants to run, jog, jeff, jive, sheep and walk their way round Catton park. We had 36 people join us for the first time, and had tourists from Colchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Kings Lynn, Leeds and Cambridge. Welcome all!

We had some milestones this past week that need acknowledging, firstly let’s hear it for the arbitrary 150 runs for Mark Heybourne! Not official, still brill!

Then our very own Catton parkrun sheep made it to 100 runs this past weekend. Mandy Foyster has run 500k with us. Mandy calls running 500k “Tuesday” but we still love you, Mandy! Good luck with the Spine Race training!!! (268 miles. In winter. On the Penines. argh)

Finally our incredible threesome of achievements is completed by James Gosden who made it to 50 runs and qualified for this first T-shirt. Well done James, wear it with pride!!!

We also like to acknowledge everyone who comes back for parkrun #2 in these reports. DSp’s (Difficult Second parkruns) so a round of applesauce please to:

Darren RUNDLE, Jasmine BACON, Sharna SAYCE, Jo CHURCH, Kate LOVEWELL, Jonathan BEAN, Alison SALMON, Laurie HILL, Joe SAYCE, Mark MIDDLETON, Lisa GEORGE, Chantel DUFFIN, Neil PARK, Chris STOCKER and Pierre CAUCHY!

You know who we love? (The burger truck, Chubbs? – Ed) Er, nope. Volunteers! And this week we were gifted with a full load of them! Big thanks to: John ADAMS, Shelley AMES, James BISHOP, Olivia CHAPMAN, Tracey CLAYTON, Shaun CLEWORTH, Diane COLLINS, Theresa CORNISH, Brett CORNISH, Paul COULTHREAD, Terence DAWSON, Simon ENGLISH, Julie GLASEL, Emma GREENHALL, Andrew G GREY, Elizabeth HALFORD, Andrew HAMMOND, Brian MOORE, Tina MOSELEY, Stephen MOSELEY, Alison READ, Chris RICHARDSON, Emma SAXTON, Lindsay STANSBURY, Robin TAYLOR, Andy TIBBLE, Darren WATKINS, Lewis WHITMARSH and Mr Disco Joe WOODLEY!

Gonna be a hot one this weekend! We’ve got milestones, we’ve got nearly a full roster, we’ve got tea, coffee and cake…. What more could you want? See you Saturday at 8:45 for new runners and tourists when some loud fat man will shout for you, and the run briefing at 9, where we’re going to make sure everyone can hear. Please. Dan’s run directing. He might get (more) violent.


PS. “I wouldn’t buy anything with Velcro – It’s a total Rip-Off!!!!” (the Dad jokes will continue until people stop parking on J(Oak) Lane.


Catton parkrun #306

Catton parkrun #306

Firstly, apologies for the lack of Run Report, live or otherwise, over the past few weeks. I’ve had literally nobody complain about it! Sadly my work life has been very busy the past few weeks and has had me running around all over the country and Europe. I’ve also been going through a bit of a personal crisis. (Stop blubbing Bishop, write faster -Ed).

Still, back now so “Normal” (definition please.. –Ed) service is resumed! So without further ado….

This past weekend 520 people turned out to make their way round Catton Park to honour Sze-Ming Cheung at our second memorial run for this much missed gentleman. We were pleased to welcome 43 people to Catton parkrun for the first time, including tourists from Oxford, Nonsuch, Gorleston, Riverside (Durham!) and Local tourists from Brundall, Blickling, Norwich and Lingwood.

Heading up the volunteer corps this week we had our very own OberUberKommandant, Dan in charge along with the rest of your hi vis crew. Lisa ALBOROUGH, Shelley AMES, Robert BAKEWELL, Jennifer Lynne BETTINSON, James BISHOP, Alex CHARD, Theresa CORNISH, Brett CORNISH, Michael DALE, Ian EDWARDS, Dan GOODWIN, Tawa GROOMBRIDGE, Nicola HINSLEY, Stuart MCCAIN, Noel MEEKS, David PARKER, Richard PETERS, Adele PETERS, Claire RAMSBOTTOM, Alina SANDU, Neil SHIACH, Jamie SMITH, Oliver SMITH, Emily SPRAGGE, Lindsay STANSBURY, James STENNER, Gill WIGLEY and Disco Joe WOODLEY !

For milestones this week we had Emma Greenhall, Chloë Harcourt and Martin Hewetson all make it to 100 runs, Glenn Harcourt, Stuart Swanepoel, Daniel Maskell and Christoper Parke all made it to 50 runs.

Everyone who came back for their 2nd parkrun gets a mention (not if they turned up in the past two weeks or so they haven’t, lazybum – Ed) also! So shout outs to:


Our very own Shelly Shellington Shellworth Shellingronburysmith Armes also hit a milestone this week, making it to 150 volunteer stints! Thanks Shelley!

Adam Ray has designed the following templates for public use to put on your own social media channels! Give them a look, they are like well impressive and ting blud.

Right, that’s about it from me. I promise to be better at getting these out every week (You better, I’ve a ½ Brick in a sock here with your name on it if not… - Ed) no matter what happens.

Have a great run!





Rainbow parkruns for Norwich Pride, Saturday 27 July 2019, 9am

On Saturday 27 July we will be running the rainbow at many of the parkrun events all around Norwich.  We run, jog or walk every Saturday, but this week it's a special event.  To celebrate Norwich Pride we are inviting everyone to wear bright clothing or rainbow colours.  The more colourful the better!


Everybody is always welcome at parkrun, which is a free, weekly, timed 5-kilometre run in the park.  Come and join us and enjoy a run, jog or walk round the course at your own pace.  There's no such thing as 'too slow' and nobody finishes last, because that's the job of the Tail Walker - a friendly volunteer who helps make sure everybody gets round the course safely.


All you need to do is register online with parkrun - - print out your personal barcode and bring it with you.  Arrive by 8:45, in time for the pre-run briefing and enjoy your run / jog / walk.  Then join us afterwards for post parkrun refreshments.


Don't fancy running?  Then why not volunteer instead?  We always need marshals to cheer people on.  See the events' websites for more information about volunteering, or send us an email.


Here’s where you can join a rainbow run:


Brundall parkrun

Countryside Park, Postwick Lane, Brundall, Norfolk, NR13 5RF

Dogs welcome.

More information:



Catton parkrun

Catton Park, Oak Lane, Norwich NR6 7DB - parking at Catton Rec, Church Street, NR6 7DS

Dogs welcome.

More information about Catton parkrun:



Colney Lane parkrun

UEA Colney Lane Playing Fields, University of East Anglia, Colney Lane, Norwich

Dogs welcome.

More information:



Lingwood parkrun

Lingwood Village Hall, Station Road, Lingwood, Norwich, NR13 4AZ

Dogs welcome

More information:



Mulbarton parkrun

The Common, Mulbarton, Norfolk, NR14 8AE

Dogs welcome.

More information:



Sloughbottom parkrun

Sloughbottom Park, Drayton Road, Norwich NR3 2BE

We regret, dogs are not permitted at Sloughbottom due to narrow paths.

More information about Slougbottom parkrun:


Photo by 	Benson Kua, via Wikimedia Commons.


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