Catton parkrun event #171 – Mark Ring Memorial Run 7.1.17

We knew it was going to be a busy day and got ourselves prepared accordingly – extra marshals, somebody looking after the parking on the road, more teas, coffees and cakes available.  What we didn’t expect was quite HOW busy!  An amazing 527 completed the course this week, running, walking and jogging in the memory of Mark Ring.  Of those, 127 were from Norwich Road Runners, Mark’s running club.  Representatives from 23 different clubs were present to show their respects and a large majority of runners wore baseball caps and sunglasses.  There were 103 first timers, many of whom had never actually run before, let alone tackled a parkrun before!  Despite the mud – there really was so much mud! – 31 managed to get a Personal Best time.

Thank you to everyone who participated; it was a fitting tribute to one of the founding runners of Catton parkrun.  Thank you too for your patience on the day.  We ran out of finish tokens and our timers only time up to 500 runners!  There was a huge queue at the finish funnel and even bigger queues for the scanners.  We are aware some of your times and positions aren’t quite accurate – thank you for your understanding this week and for entering into the spirit of the occasion.  Astoundingly, we only lost two finish tokens and one of them was mine!  I’m ashamed to admit that I got a little caught up in helping and completely forgot to scan in and hand my token back.

Everyone was extremely generous with their donations to the East Anglian Air Ambulance, being collected by Rachel Miller.  Rachel will be taking the collection tin to the NRR club this week and bringing it back to parkrun next Saturday.  She will then let me know the total collected.

Thank you to the Ring family for allowing us to do this memorial parkrun for Mark.  I hope that it was a fitting tone and tribute and that you were able to see what a loved and respected man he was.

Skidding, I mean running, through the finish funnel first was Steven Cannell in a fantastic 17.38.  He was followed by Jake Stearman in a fab 17.44 – Jake has finished first twice before.  Chris Mickleburgh finished third in a brilliant 17.53.

First timer Alicia Lacey was the first lady to finish (69th overall) in a super 21.53.  Hot on her heals was Nicole Beck (70th overall) in a brilliant 21.56 – Nicole has finished first once before.  Rowena Leary, who is regularly in the top finishers, but more used to taking pole position for the ladies, was third (76th overall) in a fab 22.15.

The highest age graded score of 84.42% was earned by Nigel Arnold (VM55-59) for his time of 18.50 in 14th position.  The second highest score of 81.53% was earned by Jeya Kandola (JM11-14) for his time of 18.46 in 13th position.  Todd Lake (VM50-54) earned the third highest score of 79.98% for his time of 18.44 in 11th position.  Todd was initially credited as a 10 year old boy after my shaky, rain sodden handwriting was misread.  Thankfully Todd noticed, the results were amended and he can now have a record of his efforts!

Norwich Road Runners Majinder Jagdev and Andrew Brian Savory both completed their 50th run today – awesome achievement.  Simon Howard and Peter Bunn completed their 100th run, Simon doing so with a PB – congratulations to you both!

Catton parkrun started on 5th October 2013, and since then 4,153 different runners, including participants from 200 athletics clubs, have completed 31,531 runs covering a total distance of 157,655 km, and there have been 6,347 new Personal Bests.

We could never bring you a parkrun without our fantastic volunteers.  This week, despite many wanting to run themselves to pay tribute to Mark, we had a full roster of hardworking runners, who did a fantastic job of encouraging everyone through the mud and keeping things running smoothly at the end of the run. This week’s fabulous Catton crew were: Dan Goodwin (Run Director), Shelley Ames, Nick Clarke, Diane Collins, Libby Costello, Shane Davenport, Gav Dent, Lucy Fleming, Stephen Hulme, Ben Hutchings, Ben Kendall, Lynn McGarry, Aston Martin, Rachel Miller, David Parker, Wayne Ramsbotton, Natisha Ramsbottom, Chris Richardson, Miranda Rowlands, David Simpson, Gary Snelling, Kelly-Anne Snelling,  Howard Tully, Steven Utting, Aaron Wright and Deborah Yaxley.

This is worthy of a mention – you will notice that Paul Evans is not on the volunteer list.  This is because Paul did his debut run of Catton parkrun.  Paul was part of the team to set this fabulous little parkrun up and has been Run Director as well as marshal on many, many occasions but has never actually managed to run the course on a Saturday morning.  So, 526 of you ran, jogged or walked with an Olympian today!

Looking on to next week, we are having our first ever paced event with support from Tri-Anglia.  This is an exciting event with pacers from sub 20 minutes onwards.  So, if you want to have a go at pushing yourself into that next time bracket, come along and stick to the pacer in the yellow bib with the time you’re aiming for.

The Friends of Catton Park will, as always, be in the lodge next week serving refreshments.  Thank you to Matt and team for our weekly caffeine and chocolate fix.  I hope this week saw a good amount raised for the park!

Finally, please remember to refrain from parking along Oak Lane.  Instead, please use the ample, free parking at the Recreation Ground on Church Street.  Thank you for your continued support.

See you next week!