Catton parkrun #313 “Much missed, never forgotten”

459 of you gave honour to Lynda Moore and attended her memorial run this past Saturday. If you’ve checked Facebook, you’ll see her husband Brian has extended his thanks to each and every one of you, and that’s extended by the core team too. The Norwich Road Runners turned out in force to support as did many other clubs and people - thank you. Each and every one of you.

Over the past six years, we’ve become a proper community. Even if we don’t necessarily know everyones names, we know our faces, exchanging smiles and nods as we make that loop and figure of eight, know the people in the pack round us. In that time, we’ve sadly lost some of us who were big parts of this community. Every one missed. But family members in almost all cases fill those holes. Mark Ring and Sze-Ming Cheung’s families certainly have carried on in their absence, as has Brian Moore, Lynda's husband (Who incidentally runs his 250th this weekend…. I know a certain Lady who is proud of you, Brian).

I have a theory that people start coming to parkrun for fitness purposes. And then stay to improve those times. And then start to become part of the community. And then remain for the people. So it’s not just a run for fitness, or for better times, it’s a run, (or walk, or jog) that improves us as people. Improves our social circle. Improves our ability to be decent human beings by giving back some time, or helping others on their journey.

I have had a battle with depression myself the past two years. At times, I’ve been really considering if I really still want to remain. Shouldn't shock you. Hope it doesn't. However, one constant in this battle has been Catton parkrun. It’s been there every Saturday, no matter what (well, apart from the beast from the east. Hard to parkrun in an arctic tundra for us Brits.. (The Russian parkrunners manage it tho)). Anyhow… parkrun helps. It really does. Seeing people. Getting out. Releasing endorphins. Being friendly. All having a common goal. Our little community run in the mud has helped people to lose weight, get fitter, feel better along the way. And having that anchor of Catton parkrun every weekend has been one of the factors that has kept me here. Simply because I want to be there next week. I want to see people get their PB’s and ring that bell. I want to see the people who have become friends along the way. It fights the dark skies in my mind. It pushes back those voices that tell me I'm too fat, too worthless, too clumsy, too wasteful... it brings you in.

And as Lynda’s bench says, so very aptly “Helping those achieve what seemed not possible”. If I could tag anything about Catton parkrun and parkrun as a whole as a message, yes, that would be it.

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Mark, Sze-Ming and Lynda were all part of this community and all held to that simple message, even if they didn't realise it at the time. Others, sadly, will leave us along the way, but we, as a community, will hopefully be here as a while for many years to come to carry on their work.

And on that note….

459 of you ran, jogged or walked Catton parkrun this week. :)

We had visitors from Brandon, Sedgfield, Colney Lane and Norwich. We had 15 new parkrunners to any parkrun begin their journey with us. Welcome all of you, hope to see you back next week!

We had milestones aplenty! Rowena Leary returned to us to complete run 250! <3

Then we had Robert Stevens and Jill Gibbs both make it to run #150. No T-shirt guys, just admiration from us.

Earning the black T-Shirt were Emma Greenhall and Kevin Wickham – well deserved guys. Thanks for spending number 100 at our place!

Finally – getting to big run number 50 were Lindsay Stansbury, Lizzi Kilpatrick, Melissa Baines and John Kingsmill! Really awesome work one and all.

Well… I say finally. We can’t forget everyone who came back for that difficult second parkrun. Did you know there are over six million parkrunners worldwide… however only 4 million have done more than one parkrun? Hmm? Therefore we’d like to acknowledge…. Baily GROOMBRIDGE, Matt YALLOP, Martin CHURCH, Alan HEPBURN, Mark SHEPHERD, Ali CALVERT, Ryan MAYES, Rosie HARDING, Sarah CHURCH, Clare SAVAGE, Kay HANBURY, Laura TODD, Pat BALDWIN, Lindsey GRAHAM and Naomi POWER!

I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt have to say it again, parkrun does not happen without the volunteers. So a thank you to….Kathryn ARMES, Mark BETTS, James BISHOP, Jo BYGRAVE, Ian CARTER, Brett CORNISH, Kelly CORNISH, Elliott COX, Isabella DUFFIN, Catherine DUGDALE, Bill EDMONDS, David FIELD, Gary GANNON, Dan GOODWIN, Anne GRAVELING, Andrew G GREY, Elizabeth HALFORD, David HENDER, Steven HITCHAM, Matt HOWES, Samantha ISMAIL-EPPS, Derek JARVIS, Jeya KANDOLA, Gordon MURRAY, Fleur MURRAY, Laura PALMER, Rose REUBEN, Leon REUBEN, Shirley ROSE, Kerrie ROSE, Peter SHACKLETON, Wendy SMITH, Gary SNELLING, Alison STEWART, Lynn TATE, Robin TAYLOR and Andy TIBBLE!

We had the Oak St Medical Practice here as part of their parkrun tour of the Norwich area as a proud parkrun practice. Here they are, thanks to Mickey Longstaff for organising. Good luck this week, we hope to see you all back here soon! Thanks for all your great work in the NHS in what are not always easy conditions. <3

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Two dates for your diary, one good, one not.

October 5th is our sixth birthday and parkrun’s fifteenth birthday. We’re carrying on the fancy dress theme we started four years ago… so C A T T O N…. please dress as something beginning with T!

On October 26th we have a rare, rare, Rarey McRareface cancellation. So go visit a parkrun neighbour! Blickling, Sloughbottom, Brundall, Colney Lane, Norwich, Loch Neaton and Lingwood I’d all call our close neighbours. Give one of them a look! I’ll drift over to Lingwood most likely or Slowbum for the Run Mummy Run takeover. YMMV!

In the words of Freddie Mercury… this Run Report is only dedicated to beautiful people.. and that’s all of you. So we’ll see you next week!


PS. Don’t park on Oak Lane, eh?