Catton parkrun #319 “The Cornish 250 & Friends”

*Angry shouts and screams, clashing and banging noises from Dans “office” at Catton parkrun towers, disturbing the tranquillity of Catton Park on a quiet Friday morning*

“Yes Dan, I know it’s late, but I’ve been busy you see an……” *A partially gnawed traffic cone bounces off James’ head* “Argh, yes, right, David can do it next week, it’ll be good to have a change… ow. “

*Muffled snarls from Dan as he returns to chewing on a squeaky toy*

Ugh. *small signs and sheds float round James’ head, cartoon style*

Right, this past week was a brilliant week of celebration and happiness. 360 people turned out to assist with multiple milestones! We had 40 people visit the park for the first time, of which 12 people were running their first parkrun ever! Here’s a picture of some of them, what a good looking bunch, so much better looking than last week etc etc….

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We had tourists from Watford, Hertfordshire, Kings Lynn, Swaffham, Lincoln (go Imps!) and London. Welcome one and all, hope you enjoyed your visit and you will all come back some day. Especially good to see the Watford lads get along with Die Hard Nodge supporter Brtt. as seen here.

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Milestones? Oh boy didn’t we.

Brtt and Kelly celebrated their 250th run and Brtt’s 100th volunteer stint at Catton! We love the Cornishes. First Family of Catton.

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Terry Dawson completed his “three little ducks” run – 222! Well done!

The legend that is Jack Thompson (VM85-89!!) marked his 200th official run. We say official because we know he’d turned out at least 20 or 30 times before that.

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We also had Flo Harrison (From the Running club “Mustard Ultimate Frisbee”…. I love it!) finish her 200th run. Sadly I didn’t get a snap of Flo, but she was running round with a big 200 on her back!

Lee Forder and Joanne Ring completed their 150th trip round a 5k! Well done both. J

Finally, João Duarte, Christian Lingley, Craig Blakemore and Sally Wilson (awesome outfit!) all completed their 50th this week. Well done all.

It was a really lovely weekend. The weather even largely held out. :) Hoping for another one this weekend!

Our first finisher this week was the Galloping Groom himself, Simon Wright, who ran round in a blistering time of 18:07. Our first female finisher was Natalie Pannell, who zipped round in 21:20. Outstanding work in muddy conditions both!

Finally for the week that was, lets hear it for the volunteers, without whom we’d essentially be standing in a field wondering if it would rain…

Spartathlete Ian R THOMAS • Super Gill THOMAS • Suzanne SHARMAN • Wild Dan GOODWIN • Super Lynn TATE • Loud James BISHOP • Roly COOK • Silver Fox David PARKER • David THOMSON • Carl WHITE • Brtt CORNISH 100/250 • The long suffering Kelly CORNISH • Alison STEWART • Barry HARVEY • Disco Alison MASTERSON • Lottie SANDERSON • Disco Elizabeth HALFORD • Max LATIMER • Shauna GOOCH • Daniel MASTERSON • Robert HOWE • Disco Joe WOODLEY • Anita WILSON • Mia LATIMER • Lewis WHITMARSH • Disco Elizabeth MASTERSON • Alison READ • Verity YOUNGS • Pirate Rose REUBEN • Pirate Leon REUBEN • Isabella DUFFIN • Super Mark DUNKIN and Katie ORBELL!

Right – onto the week to come! We have Theresa Cornish’s Hen parkrun! Bow Ties and Tiara’s are the theme. What will Brtt come with? A Bow Tie? A Tiara? Some weird mix of both? We shall see! Please come and help us celebrate this lovely lady’s special day. :) <3

The park is a bit squidgy after all the rain we’ve had but thanks to the excellent water coursing and drainage from SuperMatt, we’re still very much a GO! You may want to consider the conditions with your running though – remember the bottom of the hill is going to be a mudpit! Trail shoes optional…. But wouldn’t hurt!

Brtt and Kyra are you double duo of doom tomorrow, lets hear it for them! See you then!


P.S. I’ll let the cat say it for me…. Oak Lane.....

Smudge the cat | IT'S A PUBLIC ROAD! I'LL PARK WHERE I WANT TO!! WE DON'T PUT THE CONES OUT FOR OUR HEALTH, LADY! | image tagged in smudge the cat | made w/ Imgflip meme maker