Catton parkrun #327 – Auld Lang Syyyyyyyyynmahdear

I’m so full of biscuits, cheese and Christmas pudding I can barely move my fingers on the keyboard folks, but it’s time to start with the run reports of 2020!

Going to be short and sweet as our next parkrun is tomorrow – will be good to get back to “normality” – well as normal as we ever get!

434 of you started with us early doors (and then some of you made your way to Lingwood, Brundall, Loch Neaton and Holkham. ) to start your year off the parkrun way!

On Wednesday we had Justine Davenport achieve her 250th run. Justine and her boys have been a firm fixture of Catton parkrun since we started. As shown by Liam Davenport getting his 200th run on the same event.


We also had Martin Harvey and Derek Jarvis achieve their 100th parkrun with us – and Derek scoring his 25th volunteer stint at the same time! Well done both. Special well done to Derek, our tailwalker extraordinaire!

Richard Moore and Rob Lines both made their 50th run with us too!

Thanks to all our volunteers who made it happen –

Gill THOMAS • Nicolette NEILE • Dan GOODWIN • Lynn TATE • Ian EDWARDS • Tracey MARSH • Nick RANDALL • James BISHOP • Peter YOUNG • David PARKER • Sharon LAKEY • Adam YOUNG • Brett CORNISH • Kelly CORNISH • Kyra CORNISH • Luke CORNISH • Jack THOMPSON • Theresa CORNISH • Elizabeth HALFORD • Russell PARKINS • Julie GLASEL • Lynda HOWARD • Adam LAKEY • Helen JERVIS • Derek JARVIS • Miranda ELLIS • Katie PALLANT • Willow PALLANT • Robin TAYLOR • Andrew G GREY • Lucius JONES • Amy BYGRAVE • Mark DUNKIN and Rowan PALLANT

Speaking of volunteers, I think it’s time we gave a special thank you to SuperMatt, Sue and the other friends who turn out to help for all the teas and coffees they serve us throughout the year. Sadly, for *handwavey* parkrun reasons due to the handling of cash, we can’t give them a credit for their help, but they’re here even when on Wednesday, it was dark setting up! Here’s SuperMatt, Sue and Karen on NYD.


OK, back to it for tomorrow! See you there, 8:45 new runners, 8:55 run briefing, 9:00 go! Theresa is your RD tomorrow and will be sticking to a strict schedule. Or else! J


PS. By parking on Oak Lane, you annoy our neighbours. Please don’t!