Catton parkrun 328 – “Bring back Christmas”

424 of you made it over the line this past weekend in continuing muddy conditions! We were pleased to welcome 41 new people to Catton including 19 people running their first parkrun ever. Big well dones to you. We also had people visiting from Southampton, Mile End, Hampshire, London and Blickling.

Looking ahead into the month our volunteer roster currently has more gaps in it than the London Underground. Please consider helping out and filling that breach, we simply can’t run the event without you. We (honestly) do understand that standing out in the cold isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but we’re in danger of cancelling events if we can’t get more people on the roster.

Keep yourself warm with thank yous’s, clapping, dancing on Disco Corner, spurring people on round Power Up corner… laughing at James trying to run down that muddy hill, helping confused people at Church St go right the first time… there’s lots to do as a marshal, before we even get into the roles at the lodge.

Have a look here:

Then email with the days and roles you can help with. Cheers, great mates!

This past week we were pleased to welcome Thomas Maxwell, Nick Thompson and Veena Dholiwar into the 50 club.

Roly Cook, Nicola Beevis and Eleanor Jarvis all made it into the 100 club, and Simon Snell into the unofficial 150! Well done all!

This past run, we had the lovely Theresa Cornish completing her own NYD double and being our RD for two consecutive occasions. Thanks T!

Along Power up corner you’ll often find the Reuben family volunteering. They bring their own power up signs to inspire you, Rose being, as she is, horribly sickeningly talented. This week however, we’re all in agreement that she surpassed herself with this…


If I draw a cat I have to write “CAT” underneath it so people know what it is! Thanks for all your amazing artwork Rose, and not forgetting Catton parkrun – The Board Game!

We have a creative bunch – in case you missed it, here was a poem put on our Facebook page by Gary Snelling last week. If I was to put Catton parkrun into poetry, it would be similar to this, but with a lot more four letter words regarding our hill. :)
A brilliant offering from one of our regular runners Gary Snelling!!!

Catton Parkrun.

Some of us go to Catton to run & jump.

Most of us go to see if Brett will fall off the stump.

Up he goes and does his spiel.

This makes the dogs bark and squeal!

At the start there's lots of banter.

Off we go! Some walk, some run, some canter.

Pass the fork, up to the tree.

Round the corner, should have had a pee!!

Up the gradient.

The volunteers look warm and radiant.

To the top and to the the cones.

Down the hill. I hope I don't break any bones?

Round or through the water?

Oops! I just been overtaken by someone's daughter.

To the woods we bound.

Now I have been overtaken by a man and his hound.

Disco corner is going strong.

Into the woods the faster we run.

Out the woods running free.

Pass the hut, still need a pee!

Sharp left up the middle. Up the middle. Up the middle.

Down the middle. Down the middle. I really need to piddle!

First lap. Right round the bend.

Will this run ever end?

Pass the tree on the right.

The wind is blowing me round like a kite.

Another sharp right.

Already the good runners are out of sight.

Up the middle. Up the middle. Up the middle.

Down the middle. Down the middle.

Second lap. Left and up the incline.

At top Catton looks divine.

At the cones, down the slope.

I hope to cross the water by a boat.

Round the bend and to the woods we head.

Wondering why we got out of bed?

Through the woods in full flight.

Bearded camera guy gives us all a fright!!

Out of the woods we breeze.

Now every man, woman, and their dog passes me with ease.

Through the finish and funnel we go.

Men sweat, and woman glow!

Get a token and get it scanned.

I'm amazed wearing my Lycra I haven't been banned?

To the hut for a photo. Chat, and drink.

Can't stay long I'm beginning to stink!

Later that day my time pops up for all to see.

Disappointment I'm afraid. No PB!

Next week we will come to Catton to run and jump.

Could this be the week Brett falls off the stump?


Right, that about covers it for this week – short and sweet (insert Brtt joke here again).

Next week, our super duper couple of Andy and Robin are your CO-RD’s, at least this means that Robin may be in jeans and not… you know… those leggings… *MY EYES*



PS. If you park on Oak Lane, our new punishment will be that you have to stare at Robins Leggings in this picture until you think about what you did. :(