Catton parkrun #329 “Parks and recreation”

You know what one of the best thing about doing the first timers briefing is? When I delicately call people over in my singsong little voice and see so many people come towards. It’s been a real treat the past few weeks to see so many new faces, so welcome everyone! You were part of 464 people who attended our slightly muddy run this past weekend – 52 of you were first timers or tourists! Here you all are again. Hope to see you this week!lots

Another great thing is seeing the people you see every week. Regular volunteers, regular runners, regular faces in the park. Even if we don’t know each other’s names we know each other to wave and smile at. I love the community feeling we have at Catton. If you’re new here, please don’t feel shut out, please join us for a chat and a coffee after the run, apart from Event Director Dan, most of us are very unlikely to bite, and he won’t do anything else on a Saturday other than have a gnaw on your arm. (Mrs Dan has also made sure he’s had his shots)

It was cold and muddy on Saturday, reflecting recent conditions I guess. Following Brendan this week, we can probably expect more of the same this week, so please wear shoes and gear for the conditions. ;)

In a purely Run Report Writer Competition style of way, I was inspired by this picture from one of the parkrun podcasts this week that’s from Cheltenham parkrun – if we named our hill, what would you call it? And no, sadly “That ba***rd hill” or variations thereof are not going to win. Best name might convince me to unleash Brtt on a sign mission and I’ll buy you a coffee from Sue and SuperMatt.


Right, We had oodles of milestones this week! IN a reverse order, starting with the 50 Club – a whole year of parkrun, are: Alison Fiddy, Helen Strowger, Neville Yardy, Kieran Lingard, Gavin Thetford, Glenn Masterson, Sandra Hepburn and Victoria Smart! Lots more Red T-shirts going round the park this week I hope!

Celebrating the arbitrarily unofficial 150 runs was Gill Aldus, who has now completed 750km of parkruns (or thereabouts!) . Nice one!

And another unofficial milestone was Stacey Harper, completing 200 parkruns and bringing the legendary green T into sight. J Well done!

I always used to try and give a shot out to everyone who was coming back for their 2nd parkrun… it’s not that I wanted to stop this, but it’s having to take a break until I figure a quick way of doing this with the new results table format – Sorry! Well done everyone though. J

Lots of people have rallied round since a post on social meedja last week to help fill the roster for last week and this week – thank you for that! We can’t put parkrun on without you, so, in a shameless copy and paste from Facebook, lets say thanks to:

About to pop Shelley AMES, Kathryn ARMES, Robert BAKEWELL, Matt BARNES, Mandy BERESFORD, Loud James BISHOP, Smol Brett CORNISH, Sally CUSHING, Mark DOWNES, Isabella DUFFIN, Bill EDMONDS, PB Julie ELDEN, Scary Dan GOODWIN, Pete GRANT, Results King Andrew G GREY, Elegant Elizabeth HALFORD, Chris HARRISON, Relaxed Richard HOLLINGS, Robert HOWE, Benjamin HUMPHREY, Helen JERVIS, Jeya KANDOLA, Captain of the RCU Rachel MILLER, Nick RANDALL, Tail Walker Extraordinaire Rose REUBEN, Tail Walker even Extraordinarier Leon REUBEN, Shirley ROSE, Super Lottie SANDERSON, Lindsay STANSBURY, David STANSBURY, Stump Conquerer Robin TAYLOR, I think shes sneezing Gill THOMAS, Howard TULLY, Susan TURNER, Judith TURNER, Adam YOUNG, Peter YOUNG and Verity YOUNGS!

Finally, not to have a grump, but PLEASE don’t park on Oak Lane for parkrun. If you can get in the little car park, great – but please leave space for an Ambulance or other emergency vehicle to get through.

PLEASE don’t park on Oak Lane itself though. Dan went and put out 42 flyers on cars parked there this past week. 49!!!! One of our neighbours spoke to Dan, and while he was very polite was also expressive in the annoyance that we cause if we park on that road. It simply can’t handle the traffic we leave on it.

Please head to Church Street and use the Rec Ground carpark, the layby, or the Maids Head carpark by the Maids Head pub – the Landlord has said we are welcome to park there as long as we are gone by the time the pub opens.

Ideally – cycle, walk, jog or run here!


Not that I think it’s a clear and present risk, but parkruns can become endangered if they get enough complaints from the neighbours. And I don’t want to have another home parkrun. I like Catton. Nowhere else would let me do the first timers briefing.

Finishing on a positive note – Thanks again for filling the roster, we will see you Saturday where we have a fantastic set of DD’s for you as Run Directors (oooo-er missus) – Dan and David are large and in charge!

See you Saturday!


PS. Don’t park on Oak Lane. Shelley is about to have twins and if too many people complain in the email she might pop!