Central Park junior parkrun #46

We have been running our junior parkrun for nearly a year now (where has the time gone) and it has been great to meet so many like minded children and their parents, many of which make junior parkrun possible by volunteering to keep us safe.

A massive thanks to everyone, we all appreciate you giving up your time so we can run.

If your bringing down a youngster, or maybe not, but you’d like to get involved, please email us at centralpark-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com or on our Facebook page. There are many roles, they will be explained to you and nothing is really scary, I promise, I’ve done most of them myself.

64 juniors including 4 first timers ran around our lovely park on Sunday morning setting 13 new personal best times along the way - well done!!

We had many “unknown” runners this week so to avoid being one of those in future, remember to print off your barcode and bring it along or (it’s getting near that time) you might want to think about asking Santa for a flashy wristband or shoe tag, available from the parkrun website, with your barcode specially printed and you’ll never forget it again - just remember to change the tag onto your new shoes when the time comes.

Many of our regular runners are closing in on their next wristband so you’ll have to be on best behaviour to make sure Mum/Dad brings you so you can get that bling sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately one young man couldn’t finish his junior parkrun this week. We hope you are feeling much better and we can’t wait to welcome you and your family back once the rugby season has finished.

See you next week!!