Central Park junior parkrun #50

It was a very sunny morning and a much better one than last week at parkrun #50 which meant that there was a lot more people - 76! The first timers were Danny Burbridge, William Taylor, Layla Brand , Leo Brando, Abbigail Forvargue, Romie Adams, Ruben Esward, Jessica Forvargue and George Tracey.

The children with PBs were Edward Judd, Shae Gowler, Lola Fletcher, Ryan Ingram, Sam Bull, Jeremy Taylor, Freya Hawkswell, Jasmine Heron, Connie Goodley, Max Brighten, Jessie Goodley , Lucian Smith, Florence Wild, Ollie Hammond, Evie Fletcher, Zachary Staplton, Belle Fisher, Gracie Morris, Isabel Exton, Max Adams, Luke Goodwin, Ada Masterson, Tilly Sheppard, Penny Stringer and Mohid Latif.

The first 3 finishers were Edward Judd, Shae Gowler and Lola Fletcher.

Well done to all the runners and thank you to all the volunteers who make it happen
by Nell Jackson.