Evant #79 junior fun.

Junior parkrun #79 by Jacob Carty

To start, can I say thank you to all the volunteers. Without them this event would not go on.

But its not just adults that volunteer, we love to see junior volunteers. They can do their roles and still run. They are a credit to junior parkrun.

There were 2 marathon wristbands today- Amber Smith and Sophie Campbell. Well done. We will see you at the London marathon very soon

Junior parkrun does not always mean sprinting or running as fast as you can all the way round. We love to see skipping, walking, jogging and even hopping so long as you're having fun.

There were many PB’s today (including myself) and the weather was brilliant running conditions. Not much sun, not much wind. Bit chilly though, especially for the marshals, the high fives keep them warm.

Hope to see you next time, maybe you could be a volunteer too. If you volunteer 25 times you get a super cool t-shirt for free (except postage and packaging costs)

thank you for running today, you all were fab.

Don’t forget your barcode, as there were several people who didn’t get their time. #DNFYB

Volunteers this week: Nigel BELL, Hannah CAMPBELL, Laurence CARTY, James CARTY, Jonah CARTY, Caroline CARTY, Jacob CARTY, Joshua CARTY, Deborah COOK, Gina CRANE, Holly CROSBY, Lance DAWKINS, Raeanne ELLIOTT, Sharon HALL, Sam MORRIS, Thomas MUSSON, Becca MUSSON, Emma PARKES, Arjun PATEL, Nitin PATEL, Robert PILCHER, Abbie SMITH, Katy WILD