Central Park junior parkrun #44

The day started with a special guest fairy who started the run off and told us more about Anna’s Hope charity and the 5K Fun run on 14 October.
53 children ran\walked today’s event, we had so many first timers and tourists. I couldn’t count them all we hope you enjoyed it here and hope to see you again.
We had 1 half marathon milestone wristband (Emma Middleton) and a whopping 9 new PB times (Kai Chivers, Wilbur Kennedy, Chloe Bull, Ethan Bull, Nell Jackson, Archie Hamlyn –Hall, Theo Kennedy, Samual Freeman, Chloe Smith). So well done to all.
First boy across the line was Kai Chivers in a new PB of 7 mins. First girl was Amelia Reynolds in 7:54

As always, many thanks to all the volunteers who make this event possible. If you would like to volunteer yourself, please contact centralpark-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com or see the Run Director.

BY Olivia Couzens
Age 7


Central Park junior parkrun #43

It was farewell to the sunshine on Sunday, as we ‘enjoyed’ a more traditional British summer’s day, with grey skies and a touch of rain in the air.
Despite the weather and the fact that it’s holiday season, we still had 36 junior parkrunners turn out to tackle the 2km course.
Of those 36, six achieved a new PB, with Riley Vines, George Stevens, Lucien Smith, Florence Wild, Daniel Smith and Martha Crane all recording their fastest ever times.
We also welcomed five new runners, with Jeremy Taylor, Poppy Drake, Megan Drake, Taybah Ali and Oliver Smith all taking part for the first time. Welcome to the Parkrun family, hopefully they will all soon be familiar faces at Central Park!
First across the line was Riley Vines, in a superb time of 8:08, followed by Natty Clifford and Logan Gichuhi. First girl home was Jessica Pilcher in 9:32.
Congratulations go to Dawn Friend and Lee Couzens, who will soon be proud owners of a swanky purple T-shirt after volunteering for the 25th time on Sunday. Huge thanks go to the pair, and all the other volunteers - without them, the event simply could not go ahead.
If you want to get involved please pop over and join our volunteers FB page or email centralpark-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com


Central Park junior parkrun #42

We had an avalanche of PBs in the summer sun this week, with 13 young runners achieving new best times. Congratulations go to Evie Hemmings, Riley Vines, Lemmuel Moumene, Tyler Atkin, Grace Barden, Kieron Scarbro, Nell Jackson, Zinedine Ali, Hansah Ali, Martyn Fox, Esther Lenton, Emma Middleton and Aleesha Ali. Phew! Well done everyone!
It was also great to welcome to seven new runners to the Parkrun family, with Saif-Ali Jamil, Hannah Ali, Millie Meadows, Oliver Godfrey, Amber McGougan, Kaelan McGougan and Ella Rose all running for the first time. Hopefully you'll all become familiar faces down at Central Park on Sunday mornings.
In terms of milestones, a big well done goes to Louis Roberts, who received his half marathon wristband.
There was a great turnout, with 51 runners taking part, and we only had one participant without a barcode!
First over the finishing line this week was Evie Hemmings in a fantastic time of 8:07, she was followed home by first boy Riley Vines in 8:13, with third place taken by Louie Hemmings.
As ever, thanks go to all our fantastic volunteers - without all your help, we simply would not be able to put on this amazing event every Sunday morning.


Central Park junior parkrun #41

I would like to say thank you to all the volunteers for giving up their time to make the parkrun possible.
A lovely cool morning to run around in for Central Park junior parkrun #41. Well done to the 3 new runners (Evie Peet, Lucien Smith, Daniel Smith) we hope you enjoyed your first parkrun and look forward to seeing you again. As well I would like to say well done to the 7 children who got a new PB (William West-Robinson, Shay Connolly Alfie Larham, Nell Jackson Hansah Ali, Olivia Sheldon, Martha Hurst.
There were 51 runners today and all 51 had there Barcodes so well done.
First boy was William West-Robinson in 7:05.
First Girl was Chelsie Bole in 8:01.
Olivia would like to say thank you for all the birthday messages and singing that was going on while she was running.

Lauren Couzens
Olivia Couzens


Central Park junior parkrun #40

Today was an amazing run and it would not be possible without are volunteers if you would like to volunteer yourself the please see the run director or go to our Facebook page. I would like to say welcome and well done to the 6 new runners that came today and one tourist who came all the way from Woking to join us this morning. I hope you all had a good time.
74 children completed the run first was one of the first timers Kyle Warner in 8:03 first girl was Jessica Ingram in 9:05 only 1 second off her PB time well done to all the children that took part today .
By Lauren : aged 11

I would like to thank all the volunteers for all the jobs they do.
I like going to park run on a Sunday as I have made lots of friends there. Once we have finished the run we then went to the park and played and went in the pool.
I hope you enjoyed todays run.
By Olivia : aged 6


Central Park junior parkrun #36

Welcome to the central park Junior parkrun #36 report.

I have first got to say thank you to all the the volunteers. These were Caroline Carty, Elizabeth Couzens, Emily Walker, Florence Wild, Frankie Morris, Freya Hawkswell, Hannah Barnard, Jane Robinson, Jasmine Barnard, John Torr, Joshua Carty, Katherine Hawkswell, Katy Wild, Laurence Carty, Lee Couzens, Liz Jones, Luke Clifford, Martha Crane, Monty Jones, Nathaniel King, Natty Clifford, Nigel Bell, Nigel Cronin, Nitin Patel, Russell Walker, Sam Morris, Shilpa Patel, Simon Hawkswell, Simon King, Stephanie Dales and William King. Without you it would not be possible for the run to take place.

A big congratulations to Edward Judd, Louie Hemmings and Natty Clifford for coming in the top 3, and well done to all the people who got a new PB (Personal best). These were Louie Hemmings, Logan Gichhui, Jessica Pilcher, Kieron Scarbro, Samuel Judd, Rachael Walker, Ethan Everson, Sam Hull, Lucas Pestell, Theo Wan, Dylan Baldock and Adam Morris. Also a big welcome for all the first timers, Toby Obalua , Toni Obalua, Ruby Whitby and Ben Whitby.

If you want to take part or volunteer in the run here are the details - The event is a 2K run for Juniors (4-14 years old). It’s held every Sunday at 09.00. The event is held at Central Park, Park Crescent Peterborough PE1 4DZ (see course page on the website for more details) It doesn’t cost anything but you have to register if you are new (you only register once and never register again) to receive a time. You do not have to run fast because is the aim is to have fun.

From Nathaniel Clifford, aged 09


Central Park junior parkrun #35

Central park's junior parkrun No.35 had overcast weather this week. Werrington Joggers juniors had come to visit as part of their club championships. Added to this, 62 energetic children came, 13 of them were first timers. Half marathon and marathon wrist bands were given out (2 half marathons and 1 marathon wrist band). The 1st finisher this week was Hannah Campbell and the first boy was Ryan Ingram. We saw 11 PB's this week too. The run director was Katie and she did a brilliant job. Anyone under the age of 14 can do the junior parkrun, it's up to them if they want to do it (and please do because it's fun and healthy).

Thank you for reading by Nathaniel King. :)


Central Park junior parkrun #34

Another fine day for a junior parkrun. Most weeks my dad and I drive down to Central Park and arrive just in time for the warm up. I'm always nervous before we start, I call it my parkrun belly ! I really enjoy running and parkrun is a fun way to get fit, my nerves disappear as soon as we start running. I always meet nice people at the events, they make everyone feel very welcome. My mum says that if I enjoy taking part I have to help give back to the events as well. This week I helped to sort the tokens after the event.

My mum and some of her friends were volunteering this week. They are setting up a junior parkrun at Rutland Water and wanted to see how another junior event was organised. Today there were 68 finishers, including 12 first timers and 24 pbs. First boy home was William West-Robinson in a new pb of 7.29, closely followed by the first girl, Chelsie Bole also in a new pb of 7.48 well done to both of them !

A big thank you to all our volunteers this week, without them the event wouldn't be possible. Please email centralpark-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com if you'd like to help.

Edward Joyce
Aged 9


Central Park junior parkrun #33

What a glorious morning it was for Central Park junior parkrun #33 then sun was shining and the children were raring to go.

This week saw 66 children running, just the 1 unknown runner and a fantastic 10 first timers.

The stars aligned for many this week, the conditions seemed to be perfect because we had an amazing 18 PB's this week. That also included 9 out of the first 10 finishers. Fantastic result for Edward Elkin that came in as first boy with an amazing time of 08:04 (3 second PB), and Jessica Ingram as first girl with an inspiring time of 09:06 (13 second PB). Well done to everyone who ran this weekend, remember its a run not a race and the main objective is to have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

Congratulations to our wristband awardees this week: Harry Friend (HM), Aakash Patel (M), Ryan Ingram (M), Natty Clifford (M). I wonder who will be our first Ultra Marathon runner, currently we have Alfie Larham in the lead with 29 runs (58km) under his belt.

A massive thanks to all our volunteers this week, we couldn't make this event happen without every single one of you. If you fancy giving it a go please do check out the roster here and give us a shout on centralpark-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com or pop over to our volunteers FB page.

Can't wait to see you all again next week.


Central Park junior parkrun #31

We arrived on a sunny morning just after 8.30 reporting to the volunteer co-ordinator for our jobs for the day. I like to run but you can also volunteer and run by writing the run report, helping to set up or even sorting the tokens at the end. Before the run starts we usually chat until the run director welcomes everyone, explains everything and the exciting bit is who gets a half marathon or full marathon wrist band – congratulations to Ollie Hammond and Charlie Lumb who received theirs this week.
After the warm up we go to the start line ready for the off. I like to run steadily for the 1st lap and then faster for the 2nd lap but the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy it! You can’t get lost as there are always lots of lovely marshal’s to help.
This week saw 54 finishers led in by Evie Hemmings in 1st place, 1st timer Riley Vines in 2nd and Louie Hemmings in 3rd place. Well done to them and all those achieving a PB – 11 in total. A big welcome to the 8 1st timers and a massive thank you to all the volunteers. Hope to see you all again soon.
By Freya Hawkswell