Festive Update

23rd December - Christmas Fancy Dress parkrun.

25th December – Christmas Day! There will be no additional Central Park juniors.

30th December - Is parkrun as usual.

1st January - New Years Day! There will be no additional Central Park juniors.

6th January - Is parkrun as usual.


We need you!

As we move into our Second year we would love to build a bigger pool of volunteers.

You can keep up to date with all our updates from a very special facebook page, click here to join us.

You can also see what roles we need to fill from our future roster, this is updated regularly here.

We'd love to have you on board, and don't forget if you complete 25 volunteer days you will be awarded a purple milestone top.

Drop us an email for more information (centralpark-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com)


We are nearly One!

As we come up to our 1st birthday we thought we'd have a few shout outs for the amazing achievements of our awesome mini athletes...

This year, our mini athletes have run, walked or skipped a total of 6334 km's, that's the equivalent of going from Peterborough to Florida USA

This year our mini athletes have spent 29 days 8 hrs 43 mins and 37 sec spinning around Central Park, which is the time it would take to fly around the world 6 times in a small plane (assuming the plane didn't need to stop for fuel)....

This year we have been visited by enough individual runners to fill The Cresset Theatre.

This year we have had 16 mini athletes that attended more than 50% of our junior parkruns. A special mention to Alfie Larham who has attended a monumental 45 Central Park junior parkruns. Good work everyone!!!

Happy Birthday Everyone


parkrun is fun for all

Now the school summer holidays are over, and the kids are settling in to their new school routine, it seems a good time to remind you of the importance of letting children participate for fun at parkrun. If your child wants to come along and smash out a PB then great, but please do remind them how brilliant they are for just wanting to be out and about in their local park, and that walking, skipping or singing their way around slowly is equally great. If you think either you or your child have lost sight of the enjoyment of a parkrun, why not volunteer together for a change, or see if they want to buddy up with another child who might be new or nervous and appreciate some company. #loveparkrun #juniorparkrun

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