Evant #79 junior fun.

Junior parkrun #79 by Jacob Carty

To start, can I say thank you to all the volunteers. Without them this event would not go on.

But its not just adults that volunteer, we love to see junior volunteers. They can do their roles and still run. They are a credit to junior parkrun.

There were 2 marathon wristbands today- Amber Smith and Sophie Campbell. Well done. We will see you at the London marathon very soon

Junior parkrun does not always mean sprinting or running as fast as you can all the way round. We love to see skipping, walking, jogging and even hopping so long as you're having fun.

There were many PB’s today (including myself) and the weather was brilliant running conditions. Not much sun, not much wind. Bit chilly though, especially for the marshals, the high fives keep them warm.

Hope to see you next time, maybe you could be a volunteer too. If you volunteer 25 times you get a super cool t-shirt for free (except postage and packaging costs)

thank you for running today, you all were fab.

Don’t forget your barcode, as there were several people who didn’t get their time. #DNFYB

Volunteers this week: Nigel BELL, Hannah CAMPBELL, Laurence CARTY, James CARTY, Jonah CARTY, Caroline CARTY, Jacob CARTY, Joshua CARTY, Deborah COOK, Gina CRANE, Holly CROSBY, Lance DAWKINS, Raeanne ELLIOTT, Sharon HALL, Sam MORRIS, Thomas MUSSON, Becca MUSSON, Emma PARKES, Arjun PATEL, Nitin PATEL, Robert PILCHER, Abbie SMITH, Katy WILD


Event #78 – Eggcited

It’s not often that warm up at Central Park junior parkrun is led by a rabbit. But it certainly helped some of you, since 26 of you got a new personal best this week. Cracking running! Or it might have been the chocolate eggs for breakfast?

I was very eggcited to be allowed to write the run report for the first time, as I’ve been junior and Peterborough parkrunning for a long time and we visit the park most weeks as a family.

Thank you to all 70 children for coming along and running plus all the adults and volunteers who came to cheer you on.  A very warm welcome the 13 first-timers to Central Park junior parkrun today, and hope you will come again soon.

We would also like to congratulate the wristband winners: Edward Elkin and Thomas Barrows for their half marathon wristbands, and Frankie Morris for her marathon one.

I was watching on the finishing straight where I witnessed some amazing sprint finishes, plus some rabbit ears, face paints, and 2 children hopping across the finish line with giant rabbits.

We’d like to thank the warm-up rabbit (aka Roy Young) for being such a good sport, plus all of the core team, volunteers and marshals who made the event possible. You should ask your mum or dad or whoever gets you up early enough to make it to a park at 9am on Sunday, to volunteer as its pain-free and everyone is very friendly. It’s so easy even I could manage it.

Keep parkrunning, see you next week.

Isaac Dales, age 8, A2623358

To volunteer please join the Facebook group or  email us at centralparkjuniors@parkrun.com.


A chilly one – event #67

We started this week's junior parkrun with a well deserved round of applause for EVERYONE who came along: the volunteers, the parents and friends, and most important the 38 kids taking part.


You all make junior parkrun happen every week, and when it's cold and you don't want to get out of bed, but you still do, you deserve a big clap!


Clappy hands were out in force for the brilliant five first time parkrunners at Central Park this week:

Lizzie Bumby, Harry Larham, Ivo Ellershaw Clarke, Eleanor Vandermerwe-Mahon, and Jack Shickell!


If you can brave -2 degrees, you can do anything. Come back soon!


It was a super-quick run this week - I think everyone wanted to get back home - so well done to all of you. 7 runners got new personal best times, including first finishers Riley Vines, and Ellie Barker.


We didn't give out any wristbands this week, though quite a few have been earned recently. If you let the Run Director know if you or your child is due a wristband next time you come along, we can present it during the run briefing.


And please do let us know on centralpark-juniorshelpers@parkrun.com if you can help out any upcoming Sunday.


We love volunteers the most. ;-)



#66 Yaxley takeover junior parkrun.

Today was my 4th junior parkrun and it was the most freezing day you could think of! Thank you to my friend Nell, who lent me her gloves to wear!

Today was also a first with a Yaxley Runners takeover - so there were lots of yellow bobble hats helping out!
1st finisher was Harry Friend with a PB of 8:15, and 1st girl was Lucy Shaw-Loan in 9:30 - both from Yaxley Runners!
There were 16 first-timers today - we hope you had fun, come back, and go on to be fabulous runners.
Well done to everyone today, especially the 7 of you who got a PB and to Bertrand Musson who recieved his Marathon wrist band (and got a PB!).
Lily Elliott
7 years old


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