Run report 6/4/2019


Our 5th Todmorden parkrun was characterised for me by friendly folk travelling varying distances to see us. I was talking to a nice fella who had travelled from Australia the previous day. Originally from Cornholme, now in his 70’s, he spends 6 months a year down under, with his usual parkrun being the exotic sounding ‘Wimmera River parkrun’ in Victoria. Then seeing the happy bunch of parkrun tourists from Middlesbrough on the start line made me think about how lucky we are to have this growing community, so that anywhere we happen to find ourselves on a Saturday morning we are not too far from a little band of like-minded people where we can feel welcome, comfortable and at home!

Anyway, back to this week. 211 parkrunners got themselves round our sunny course. There were 115 first-timers and 51 people managed to get PB’s. There were participants from 34 different clubs, including 16 from Todmorden Harriers and 2 runners from London clubs joining us. Everyone seemed happy at the finish, especially the dog who relieved himself without warning causing a slight adjustment to the funnel to save finishers running shoes, apologies for that but that’s parklife!

Finally, a big thankyou to our 17 volunteers. We have had loads of comments about how friendly and supportive you all are! If anyone wants to join our happy group of marshals and help out at one of our events please get in touch, it’s easy and fun!

See you next week!