New Year

Centre Vale parkrun will be staging an extra event taking place on New Years Day at 10am. As Watergrove parkrun is starting at 8.30, if you so wish you can do 'the double' for an energetic start to the year!


Run Report Centre Vale event #28 by Anna Smith

This was my first visit to Centre Vale, and what a great experience it was. I'd come 'oop norf' with friends Emma Davies and Carly Kirkby to mark a double 50th parkrun celebration for local runner Harley Beecroft (and her barkrun companion Bob) and tourist Emma. We chose Centre Vale for the event to gain their red tshirts as we wanted to see if us Southern softies were able to manage the three hill repeat course. The answer, just! We'd inadvertently chosen a fantastic date to do so, as Centre Vale's 28th outing was also parkrun's 15th birthday and we all know what that means... Cake! More on that later. Perhaps this was the reason for the great turn out of 151 attendees, the largest in 17 weeks. It was also the occasion of a take-over by the fantastically friendly Todmorden Harriers who were out in cheerful force keeping us on track on the 2 loop followed by three (hilly loop) track.

It was a perfect autumn morning, the rain held off and the mist lifted by 9.30am to show the beautiful Vale. The mixed paths course was largely dry and the combination of paths, loops and trails in the view of the beautiful hillsides made for a perfect parkrun venue. Onto the cakes and bakes, never have I seen so much cake to be shared so generously between so few, we must have averaged around 3 items per person (or was that just me?). Great to see the vegan/ gluten free cakerunners were catered for too. And, I can't resist including a side note here for the maker of the most delicious carrot cake ever.

The combination of the Todmorden Harriers takeover and the birthday celebrations may explain the large number of first-ever-timers, 16 in total - welcome to the parkrun family! I just hope your cakpectations weren't set too high for the coming weeks. A special hello too to Rod and Maria who we met in the car park and have promised to return next week. The Todmorden Harriers brought 3 pacers with them and it was great to see options given to a mix of pace abilities - 25, 30 and 35 mins. They were probably responsible for the phenomenal 45 new PBs this week! Congratulations all. It was also great to see 27 under 18s taking part too.

Thanks to all the volunteers and walker, joggers and runners who made this such an enjoyable event.


7/9/2019 parkrun #24

Written by Lee Barnard.

Centre Vale, as the song says, will you still love me when I’m 64? (64th different parkrun for me today)

Encouraging volunteers line the course

New parkrunners and tourists are talked through the course route.

Timekeepers walk to the start.

Ready, set, go! The 24th Run is underway!

Every parkrunner runs, jogs or walks over the start line and is hunting down those 5kms.

Volunteer Marshals cheer the parkrunners on around the course, high 5's and smiles aplenty!

A runner appears from down the slope, it’s Diarmuid Pritchard who maintains a good lead at the front and finished in a time of 18:20.

Lady number one to finish is Eleanor Edwards, in a time of 24:25 and in 16th place

Everybody crosses over the finish line, followed by the Tail Walker Louise Smith and that’s it for another week!

This week 100 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 25 were first timers and 28 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 14 volunteers:

William WORBOYS • Beverley WRIGHT • Emily RAWLINS • Sandra VAN EMPEL • Francine WARREN • Daisy Clear CLEAR • Dawn DOWDING • Anita PARROTT • Peter EHRHARDT • Louise SMITH • Brenda URQUHART • Mark WISBEY • Sam ILLIS • Tom HODGKINSON


Volunteer of the month

To me, parkrun is a force for good. I leapt at the chance to get involved when Will sought volunteers to help get parkrun established in Todmorden. I’d already downloaded Couch to 5k in recognition that I had let my fitness and health, both physical and mental get very out of control.
Let me explain. I’d been frantically combining an OU degree in Classical Studies with working full time in a role involving long days with commutes to Leeds, Newcastle and London. This deadly combination meant Saturdays were my lie in day. And long lie in day unsurprisingly resulted in monstrous weight gain. Then a dreadful stress induced spate of infected eczema led to sepsis and I knew the fight back to health had to start. I began with a walking challenge at work and steadily built up to an excess of 10,000 steps per day. Then in March this year, event number 2, I became a non- running parkrun volunteer at Centre Vale.
You might wonder what I get out of not running our lovely course? Well first and foremost I no longer lie in. I get up early and report for duty at 8am for event set up. I love setting up the upland flat section from the bottom of the cricket ground path, up through the woodland section then downhill to cone off the John Fielden statue.

Then, after a speed walk back to the bowling green for the volunteer briefing we disperse to our various marshalling points or down to enjoy the atmosphere at the start line. The second thing I’ve got from parkrun – my confidence in public speaking has returned. That’s because after a tricky first go I’ve found my outdoor voice and a joy in the first timer briefing. After main briefing and three, two, one go! I either head back to the finish line and funnel congratulating runners as they pass me by. Or, more often than not I head back up into the woods and my favourite marshalling point.

Why the woods? Despite the midges I love the variety of nature. I’ve heard the woodpeckers get ready to welcome their young, I’ve seen an occasional deer and I get to chat with many of the town’s dog walkers. Then just as I get my breath back our fastest runners streak past on the first of their three laps in this section. And then comes the really cool bit; welcoming runners, joggers and walkers to the top of the woods. Some in family or friendship or sporting groups. There are parents pushing buggies and people with their canine companions. Some are fleet of foot, some cautious and some decidedly unsteady. But more than anything else what I see is achievement. People are out taking control of their well-being. I’ve seen people lose weight and become fitter. I see reluctant juniors develop confidence and technique. And I see strangers to Todmorden revel in the beauty of our park and the friendly atmosphere of our event. Some stick around for the market or a brew or a little retail therapy. Others understandably dash back to their busy lives.

Then, after the tail walker comes through for the last time, we course marshals strip the course. Importantly though this is only done after our last participant goes past..

Some lovely runners accompany us to the café for a post run breakfast, cake, brew etc as we process the times and reflect on what a great morning we’ve just had. parkrun has helped me become happier, fitter (albeit still fat) and more connected with my community. Will I ever run our course? Don’t tell anyone but I’ve finally plugged in my couch to 5k, and even been seen to break into a very slow jog on our woodland section.

By Brenda Urquhart


Run report #22- 24/8/2019

There’s music in the names of towns, plus there’s a bit of drama and poetry too. I remember the first time I read the word ‘Todmorden'. It was on a post-it note with the number ‘345678’* and someone at at work had it as a password - they wrote it down to remember it. I also worked with someone at another place where a colleague always talked about how nice Todmorden was and that I should visit but I never did.

On Saturday morning about 6:30 am, I did that thing I always do when I’m away from home and in a hotel room. I found my barcode bracelet in my case and I put on my running kit which I always take just in case. I checked my app and found that the nearest parkrun was 15 minutes down the road - Centre Vale - and it came up with that word, that place. Todmorden. And I also did that thing where I just got distracted and talked myself out of going to parkrun several times until I hit the very last minute where I had to go. Just one more coffee and hopefully my hotel breakfast will be there when I get back.

Entering the edge of Todmorden, I thought the air was filled with smoke and then I thought it was fog but it was a mist and with the car window open the tiny droplets of water fell on my face refreshing me and waking me up a bit. The mist covered the park entrance and much of the park but then the sun started to shine. The view of the hills above the park were stunning and Centre Vale ranks as one of the prettiest parkrun I’ve ever done.
If you’ve run it then you’ll know. Two small laps followed by three bigger laps with the challenging ascent into the trees - for me**. The great thing about Centre Vale is the marshals are not only positioned to ensure everyone is safe, they are also in the right places to keep you going, providing that much needed motivation to keep you going. It’s challenging up that hill but when the marshal at the peak gives you a thumbs up, a kind word and a smile, it makes it all okay and you can feel yourself lifted by their words. And all that climbing is worth it too when you’ve got cowbells at the bottom of the hill near the statue.

By the time I’d finished, I’d not only low-fived most of the wonderful marshals, the sun was shining and I was finishing near the lovely bowling green. Despite finding it really tough up that hill - I’m injured at the moment - it was just amazing, breathtaking even, and not just because I struggled that hill. A beautiful park.

Centre Vale parkrun was made by 17 amazing people, many of whom volunteered on Friday night when the roster was looking a bit empty. They were: Amanda BROWN • Andrew MCFIE • Beverley WRIGHT • Brenda URQUHART • David SALTIEL • Dylan WORBOYS • Emma WEBB • Hannah-Louise HEALD • James BROWN • Jo WOODHEAD • Paula MACLACHLAN • Rachel TERRY • Sam ILLIS • Sarah FARNELL • Susanne COPLEY • Tony HUNKING • William WORBOYS. They made it happen and they made it special for each and every runner, walker and jogger. 98 people - including 4 unknowns - ran, walked and jogged Centre Vale parkrun #22 with 8 people doing their first ever parkrun and 26 people visiting this parkrun for the first time. There were also 25 PBs which is awesome.
I IMG_20190824_084921

IMG_20190824_085259look in awe at all the performances yesterday from the first finishers - Nick and Amanda - to our tail walker James and everyone in between. I felt lucky to meet and talk to some nice people too.

Not only a beautiful sunny morning but also a beautiful park and parkrun. Thank you to everyone who made our parkrun morning possible and - I have to say this - it was brilliant to see a fellow visitor Gail, who I’ve seen many times around the country including Bushy and my home parkrun at Stretford. See you soon and hopefully the next time I’m at the Trades in Hebden, I will see you all again and, in case you wondered, I did get my hotel breakfast when I got back but the best bit? I finally got to Todmorden - which will be forever in my heart.

* number changed to protect the innocent
** I usually run at a very flat parkrun


Run report 10th August

Your run report this week is written by a Parkrun tourist from far flung Exeter. Being used to a fast out, round and back course on the flat, the decidedly different Centre Vale course came as a welcome but decidedly challenging change! The course is based on two laps of a shorter first circuit and then two and a half of a longer one, all in a town centre park. The route is mostly on tarmac paths, with an ‘off road’ mountain section of gravel and a bit of mud. The longer circuit involves three climbs of (what felt like) the Pennines, followed by a relatively restful descent of the north face of the Eiger. I exaggerate of course, but it was quite a climb and knocked my flat course pb for six: anyone doing well on this course is doing very well indeed. It was good to meet local regulars and other Parkrun tourists. Travelling to other runs is illuminating and very interesting. The welcoming Parkrun ethos, warm encouragement and sense of being amongst friends was there in spades at Centre Vale; from the excellent first timer briefing, the equally good general briefing, and the encouragement from marshals all the way round (and round) the complex course. It was interesting to be lapped and to lap, and if I had worries about getting confused about which lap I was on they were unnecessary; the marshals and signage did a great job. Centre Vale has the usual fantastic and eclectic mix of Parkrunners, from committed club athletes to enthusiastic first timers and everything in between. It’s what makes Parkrun the amazing thing it is. 90 people ran, jogged and walked the course this time, of whom 23 were first timers and 17 recorded new Personal Bests. On this course that really means something! No course records were broken, but I’d just like to express my admiration for Max Wharton and Laura Hesketh, who got round in 16:26 and 18:06 on 20 July and 3 August respectively. I hope you know how well you did! This week’s Male and Female first backs were James Franklin and Rachel Cliff, who ran 19:02 and 22:52, with Rachel achieving a new PB. Big respect from me! Runners from 16 different clubs took part, and 16 volunteers made the whole thing possible: William WORBOYS, Sarah FARNELL, Tony HUNKING, Tracy STANSFIELD, Sylvia VAN EMPEL, Sandra VAN EMPEL, Katie JAMES, Vicki HONEYSETT, Daisy CLEAR, Helen ENEVOLDSON, Dawn DOWDING, Anita PARROTT, Peter EHRHARDT, Louise SMITH, Brenda URQUHART and Dylan WORBOYS. Parkrun can only happen with the help of its band of amazing volunteers. It’s great to be part of the team. Please help out when you can; just once every few weeks or so from everyone involved would make all the difference. Get in touch!


#14 #Loveparkrun

When I first started parkrunning it was just an hour out of the weekend to turn up and run 5km in a park.  However over the last few years parkrun has come to dominate my weekend and greatly improve it as well.

Perhaps after reading my report :- David HARPER, Philip BRENNAN, Joshua MAUDE, Brendan BARCLAY, Joss SWINDELLS, Paul CROTHERS, James MORGAN, Peter DOOTSON, John Paul CASH-BIRKS, Samuel MURRAY, Ruby LALANDE & Matt LALANDE may regret using their barcode for the first time at Centre Vale today.  But I do hope that the friendly atmosphere and the pretty park in the warm summer sun means fully that like me they will have really enjoyed the run and unlike me be back soon.

It's not that I won't be parkrunning again, just that I won't be at Centre Vale.  It wasn't the inclines that put me off or the smoothie in the café after; it’s just that I am a member of that group of parkrun tourists that seem to be trying to visit another location each and every week.

After 14 events at Centre Vale I am sure that many of you that started here over that time are getting used to the call of parkrun that seeps into your blood.  However, sooner or later there will come along a weekend when you can’t run your home parkrun but you could still run... So you choose: remain a passionista and have a week off or tour and take your barcode to another parkrun somewhere else in the world. Still 5km. Still on a Saturday but check the time...9am (In England but not everywhere. Still free. But different.

One different parkrun becomes 2… 3… 4…

As your parkrunning experience increases, naturally your tourism, especially when you are near an official milestone - missing a parkrun for any reason isn’t on.  Not willing to miss a parkun is probably one of the aggravating factors that caused my ankle to be strapped up with KT tape - I decided to start a marathon 2hours late so I could sneak a parkrun in first - well I am so close to my 250 top!  I am sure many others know that feeling of Milestone Madness.

What started for me as the odd trip has spiralled - possibly out of control - as since 2016 I have been on perpetual tour.  Enjoying my barcode adventures that allow me to run and explore new areas of the country like Todmorden. It seems that I wasn't the only one with the tourism bug at Centre Vale today as 4 other runners had 100 or more different parkrun venues... Katie SAMUELSON 143, Andy CULPIN 138, Darren GILLMAN 135, Myra WELLS 100.

Normally the whole family humour my tourism if only for a decent cooked breakfast afterwards. Circumstances required me to be 'Up North’ all alone as the rest of the clan couldn’t get to parkrun due to other commitments…  Who are these people that don’t arrange their weekends around parkrun?

Having a hotel in an area rich in parkruns that I had never visited meant lots of choices with minimal travelling, something of a rarity now.

So using the invaluable parkrun tourist tool I had 10 options to investigating during the week - elevations, travel time / distance even asking on a Facebook group about post run café options; as I said parkrun can really enrich your life - not just on a Saturday morning.

Until putting the key in the car the decision hadn't been made; in the end Centre Vale won out over Watergrove based on three factors…

  • Hills - physio told me that I should try and keep to flatter runs

  • Event number - a #14 would improve my Wilson Index ( - find out more about the parkrun challenges)

  • No report writer on the roster.

So with postcode into the SATNAV it was less than 30 minutes later I was wandering around the park looking for the start, somewhere to leave my bag and more importantly Sarah FARNELL (dressed in a black and white tabard as she was this week's run director) to volunteer my writing services.

One of the reasons that I like to offer to write the run report is that it gives me a record of my travels and the other is to offer thanks to the marshals who make these events possible as occasionally my shouts of thanks to the marshals on course are lost as all the effort goes into breathing and trying to run, especially if you have a good hill (three times on the run) or a decent incline (5 times!). So a huge thank you to:- Susanne COPLEY, Dawn DOWDING, Badger DUBHGHAILL, Peter EHRHARDT, Karen EMMOTT, Sarah FARNELL, Alan LEWIS, Paula MACLACHLAN, Bryony MYLROIE-SMITH, Anita PARROTT, Kevin SHEILS, Louise SMITH, Sam SWINDELLS, Brenda URQUHART, Francine WARREN & Mark WISBEY; today's team who made this event possible for all us parkrunners. As with parkruns around the world, if you fancy giving scanning a go, fancy being the time keeper, marshalling and encouraging others or are happy to help out in any role please look on the roster and e-mail -  Don’t worry if you are unsure what to do, there is always someone on hand to talk you through the role.  If every parkrunner volunteered just three times a year the roster would be filled easily. So if you have a big race on a Sunday don’t miss your weekly parkrun fix - sign up for a volunteer role!  You can even write the run report.

After depositing my bag at the finish it was a quick walk to the start to listen in to Dawn DOWDING's first timers briefing so I could find out where the postrun café was and if it did a cooked breakfast - priorities…

After listening to the run briefing it wasn't long before the chorus of GPS beeps signalled the start of the run to the 106 assembled.

At the New Runners briefing I clearly heard two short flat laps to start.  Even though I followed all the other runners I clearly went the wrong way as there was a definite incline up towards the statue and the cheerful marshal. As I started the first of the long laps I realised that in relative terms the first two laps were flat… in fact I had to take a strategic run break - okay I walked… it wasn't that I wasn't fit just following physio instructions (honest).

As I ran on the right as the signs requested Calder Valley Fell Runners’ Alex WHITTEM (VM35-39) cruised past me on the left - I guess if you run fells fast that hard packed gravel slope holds no problems.  He ran home to collect the first finish token in 17:45 as I still had nearly two laps to go! Preston Harriers’ Ambi Louise TIPPING (SW30-24) set a new PB of 22:06 to become this week’s first female finisher. Great running.

It wasn’t just Ambi Louise TIPPING that set a PB but 36 other runners!  Well done to:- Paul WATERHOUSE, Mark LOCKE, Jenna MAUDE, David COOPER, Jo GREENWOOD, Alison PARKER, Jenny MARCHANT, Sally YOUNG, Joanna LOVETT, Jonathan WRIGHT, Pete HARFORD-BROWN, Keith MOONEY, Katy MAY, Steve CROOK, Beverley WRIGHT, Simon BOND, Dan MORRISON, Amy WOOD, Helen Elizabeth WILSON, Sandra VAN EMPEL, Vivian BARKWAY, Darren TWEED, Mel WHITMORE, Stephen CALDERBANK, William WORBOYS & Darren GILLMAN.

The heat and hills - my watch recorded 99m of total elevation gain over the route! - made for a very sweaty panting last lap when I was barely able to sign a thank you to any marshals I passed - even the daddy marshal holding the hungry caterpillar dressed youngster, encouraging hill marshals or the monument marshal - Although I might not have looked pleased, more pained, your cheery shouts really helped.  I was delighted to turn past the dog marshal (and owner) towards the bowling green finish. No sprint finish as that last sneaky slope put pay to that.

Token collected, breath returned - enough to chat to other parkrunners it was off to enjoy the cafe.  Thankfully as my children have grown my parkrun tourism has evolved away from a popular fast food venue for breakfast and now almost always involves a trip to the Café that the core team use for a breakfast  Even without their usual encouragement I fancied I deserved a nice cooked breakfast and coffee, or on the recommendations of fellow parkrunners a smoothie or milkshake!.

I am happy to report that the vegetarian cooked breakfast was a treat and the Loco Loco smoothie was zingy and delicious.  The bad news is I can’t report on the cakes as I was too full from my breakfast and drinks to cram any more food in… Maybe a future report writer can sample these and report back! If you haven’t made the cafe stop part of you parkrun morning give it a try.

So as I enjoyed the delights of a cooked breakfast the core team sat and processed the results.  At least I managed to get a picture of that for the report - unfortunately my picture of the park was a disaster…  Unless you like sports cones!

Remember that Centre Vale parkrun is off next week due to an event in the park so maybe you could have a parkrun tourism adventure somewhere…

And as I said in my introduction parkrun can really take over your weekend as after a 3 hour return journey I had a report to write.  Just to make the parkrunning weekend last longer my first few versions of the run report just didn’t measure up to how much I enjoyed my parkrun at Centre Vale.  I hope this one is okay.

Happy parkrunning.

IMG_20190622_103354011 IMG_20190622_104401597 IMG_20190622_101356200 Screenshot_20190623-171234



Centre Vale parkrun event number 11

We’re back!

After a break last week we enjoyed a lovely laid back parkrun this morning. With visitors from Leeds and Brighton, amongst others, our first finisher, Darren, gained a PB on his 50th run! The wildlife was out in force including woodpeckers, green flies and a few midges in the woods.

This week 135 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 58 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 26 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 lovely volunteers who assisted me greatly in run directing and having a delightful time! We even had a photographer who will be uploading photos early next week (let us know if you would like any photos removing).

See you all again next week!

Thanks to:
Darren GILLMAN • Ambi Louise TIPPING • Amanda BROWN • Pam BARMBY • Andrew WORSTER • Catherine SMITH • Paula MACLACHLAN • Ian MACLACHLAN • Daisy Clear CLEAR • Helen ENEVOLDSON • Dawn DOWDING • Anita PARROTT • Lucy YEATMAN • Louise SMITH • Brenda URQUHART • Mark WISBEY • Badger DUBHGHAILL

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Centre Vale parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Andrew WORSTER who recorded a time of 17:00 on 30th March 2019 (event number 4).
The female record is held by Holly PAGE who recorded a time of 18:39 on 30th March 2019 (event number 4).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sue BECCONSALL who recorded 88.58% (21:18) on 20th April 2019 (event number 7).

Centre Vale parkrun started on 9th March 2019. Since then 1,105 participants have completed 1,984 parkruns covering a total distance of 9,920 km, including 385 new Personal Bests. A total of 54 individuals have volunteered 179 times.


More tourists than Nelson’s column!


As someone who has volunteered every week since we started and since this friendly community had filled up all the slots this week, I took the opportunity to run this one.

On a lovely sunny but cold morning, I arrived to help mark out the course and was accosted by a member of Dewsbury road runners to take a photo of their 9 touring members. I soon realised they weren’t even the biggest group of tourists, as the 14 Red Rose runners made themselves known! There were also visitors from Dalby Forest, Didsbury, Roundhay, Bramley, Reading and erm… Australia! great to see!

After listening to run director Vicki’s pre-run briefing we set off on the first couple of gentle laps. I was chatting to one of the tourists from Preston briefly, well that all stopped when we hit the hill! Although it is a big struggle getting up into those woods I am proud of our scenic and varied course and we have had so many complimentary comments about it. The rest of the run was a wheezy blur and despite enjoying it I was ecstatic to see marshal Brenda at the top of that hill for the third time, knowing it was downhill all the way to the finish (pretty much). Then the finishing sprint and a couple of minutes trying to recover before heading back to cheer on the rest of the finishers.

Thanks to all the volunteers, you were all great and did brilliant dealing with a couple of challenging situations. Special mentions to the enthusiastic Paul Lister, who came from Pickering on the North Yorks moors with family members who were running and volunteered to marshal to cheer them on, that’s how to do it! Also to Lucy for doing a great job dealing with the irate council driver and to Keri, Dawn and Vicki for dealing with the incident at the bottom of the hill. Best wishes to the lady who fell, I hope you have recovered and that we will see you again very soon!

Don’t forget next week (11th May) there is no parkrun because of the Flower Scar fell race which is based in the park. I am looking forward to taking the opportunity to do a bit of tourism of my own and notch up my 99th parkrun somewhere!



This week 188 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 80 were first timers and 41 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 29 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 17 volunteers:

William WORBOYS • Sarah FARNELL • Laura PIKE • Richard OTTAWAY • Paula MACLACHLAN • Paul LISTER • Rebecca SCOTT • Karen EMMOTT • Vicki HONEYSETT • Daisy Clear CLEAR • Helen ENEVOLDSON • Dawn DOWDING • Keri SPARKES • Irene EAMES • Lucy YEATMAN • Louise SMITH • Brenda URQUHART

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Centre Vale parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Andrew WORSTER who recorded a time of 17:00 on 30th March 2019 (event number 4).
The female record is held by Holly PAGE who recorded a time of 18:39 on 30th March 2019 (event number 4).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sue BECCONSALL who recorded 88.58% (21:18) on 20th April 2019 (event number 7).

Centre Vale parkrun started on 9th March 2019. Since then 970 participants have completed 1,663 parkruns covering a total distance of 8,315 km, including 306 new Personal Bests. A total of 45 individuals have volunteered 145 times.



Easter parkrun – event number 7

What an amazing Easter parkrun we had! The sunshine was glorious and really showed off our beautiful park.

156 people enjoyed the sunshine and ran, jogged and walked the course. We welcomed 72 first timers and 33 people recorded new Personal Bests.

The event was made possible by 16 volunteers:

William WORBOYS • Sarah FARNELL • John WILLIAMS • Emma WEBB • Hannah-Louise HEALD • Pam BARMBY • Sandra VAN EMPEL • Karen EMMOTT • Francine WARREN • Vicki HONEYSETT • Daisy Clear CLEAR • Helen ENEVOLDSON • Anita PARROTT • Irene EAMES • Peter EHRHARDT • Catherine TAYLOR

If you haven't volunteered yet please do consider it. All roles are surprisingly simple and require no previous experience. We can't do it without you!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Centre Vale parkrun Results Page.

See you next week!

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