Chasewater parkrun is cancelled on 2021-06-26 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Chasewater parkrun are celebrating IWD on 7th March 2020.


Indy’s Run report 15/02/2020

After not letting me run for weeks, finally Dad brought me back to Parkrun today!  We arrived at 8:10, giving me plenty of time to have a sniff and jump up on all the Core team.  Once I’d said hello to everyone I was ready to go.  Dad said we had to wait, so I did a bamboozle and tied him up in my lead.


I heard lots of people saying the weather was really good for running as it’s cool, bright and dry.  I’m Norwegian and they haven’t got a clue - this is warm!


Finally Dad took me for a run.  He said it was to warm-up.  That doesn’t make any sense – if it’s good that it’s cool why is he trying to get warm?   Still, at least we’re running at last!


After a few minutes we went back to everyone.  A lady stood at the front with a megaphone and challenged me to a shouting competition.  I think Mum and Dad didn’t want me to win as they kept trying to shush me.  Why don’t they support me?  The lady said something about people new to Parkrun and everyone clapped.  Then she said that Michael Mason was doing his 200th Parkrun today and Phillip Saunders was doing his 50th Parkrun.  I’m not sure what that means but Mum and Dad were really impressed and said it was very important that I put them in my report.


Finally it was time to start!  Dad said we couldn’t run as fast as normal today because he’s aching from his half marathon yesterday.  He’s got his priorities all wrong.  I’ll have to talk to him about it later.


There were lots of other dogs running today and heaps of lovely people in fluorescent jackets all the way round the lake.  They must have come out to see me as they all waved and cheered me on.  I have so many fans!


There weren’t as many puddles to jump in or muddy bits to stamp through this week.  Dad and everyone else seemed really pleased about that.  Eventually we stopped running on mud and started running on tarmac.  It’s like these people don’t love getting muddy!?


After running over the dam, we saw Mum and my brother and sister pugs, Harvey and Lily, and I tried to go over for a play.  Dad said that we had to keep going and then he tried to pull me into a post. Luckily I’m very nimble so I managed to avoid it.


Finally we got back to where we started and Dad made me run by lots of orange cones.  I really want to bite them but one time I did and Dad was upset about it.  Maybe one day if I’m good he’ll buy me my own cone.  Some more friendly people cheered me and we saw a friendly person who pointed their phone at a black and white stripy thing that dad always brings with him to Parkrun.  I like this part, I get petted every time because I’m a good boy!


We then went to stand with Mum, Harvey, Lily, Grandad and a new lady in a fluorescent coat.  There was fun music, loads of sparkly things and lots of clapping.  It was so much fun!  Mum and Dad really enjoyed it too, I think they were friends with everyone who went past as they smiled and cheered for them all!  I only recognised a few people but I barked at them as they went past to encourage them and I know they appreciated it.  I think everyone should try shouting and clapping at people, it’s noisy but also it makes you feel happy and makes everyone else happy too!


Dad says there were 259 people today including 42 people new to Chasewater Parkrun.  42 new friends, I hope they had fun! Dad also said it is important to mention that Daniel Evans was the fastest and got round in 18:45.  The fastest female was Stacey Hubbard in 23:38, and it was her first ever Parkrun!  44 people set new PB’s which Dad says is amazing and he wants me to put how proud he is of everyone with a new PB today.


I’m still upset at Dad for not letting me get a PB today, I might need to find someone else to take me running… maybe Daniel Evans?



Chasewater parkrun are going to be hosting a New Year's Day parkrun at 10:30, partnering up with nearby Sutton parkrun who are running at 8:30


Run Report 2nd November 2019

Driving rain and cold temperatures did not deter the 173 park runners at Chasewater Parkrun today, the 2nd November. The conditions were at best testing but the parkrun spirit shone through with grit and determination from all. The field of soggy runners was brightened up immensely by many wearing pink in support of a local Breast Cancer charity.

Chasewater is a mostly flat course of one lap round a reservoir, it was the 18 th parkrun to take place at Chasewater Country Park. The scenic views of the reservoir were not at the best today, it has to be said.

There was an impressive total of 24 PB’s. Congratulations to teenager Reinis Baltins, who was the first home with a time of 18.30. The course record of 16.33 still stands. The finish area was moved rapidly onto the tarmac path after the first runner skidded over the finish line in the mud! Well done too to Amelia Button, the first female finisher at 22.35
There was a massive 50 first timers to Chasewater today! Thank you for choosing Chasewater for your parkrun today.
Well done also to Tracey Cooper, Lynn Addison, Tyler Johnson, Nicki Protheroe and Joshua All-Talbot who all completed their first ever parkrun at Chasewater.

A big cheer to the following runners who achieved parkrun milestones, Simon Kelly (150), Paula Francis, Jonathan and Judith Crook (10)
Walsall Breast Cancer Support Group were collecting donations and selling scrumptious looking cakes from a gazebo close to the course start/finish area. Chasewater Parkrun welcomes support from other groups who come to raise awareness and funding for good causes, as well as run 5k of course.

There was also a massage option available at Chasewater today, however they may opt to come back to another event on a slighter drier day, where I’m sure there would be lots of interest for a post park run massage.

As well as running, there was also a collection of running kit for prisoners at the local Swinfen Prison who are enjoying the weekly 5km event. Thanks to everyone who donated running gear.

As many of you will know parkrun is organised entirely by volunteers. These guys today stood in the pouring rain and got completely soaked! Umbrella needed next time….As a first time volunteer timekeeper myself, it’s great to be part of such a great initiative. They are a friendly bunch at Chasewater.

Thanks to the following 28 volunteers who made this event happen: Matthew BEERE, Lindsey BENTON, Maria BROWNE, Karen CONDE, Trudi COOPER, Diane CRUMP,  Zarana DICKINSON , Jackie DURBIN, Suzanne FAWCETT, Penny GLIBBERY, Erica GOULD, Sarah HASSALL, Christine JONES, Michael JONES, Brodie KERR, Jenny KNOWLES, Laura MEW, Isabella MEW, Ruth Ann NEEDHAM, Barrie NICHOLAS, Lisa REEVE, Nikki Aka Tigger REEVES, Penny ROWLANDS, Emily SHORT, Nicola SHORT, Jenny THOMPSON, Pauline WASZCZAK, Annette WOOD.
I’m still amazed at the appeal of parkrun to get so many people out running early on a Saturday
morning, particularly on days like today! As well as the weather, the clash with some sort of Rugby
match may have put a few others off. Well done and thanks once again to everyone who showed up!


Chasewater parkrun 21/09/2019

Parkrun run report

I don’t know why I like running – I just do, maybe it’s the sense of achievement you get when you go out for a race and get a PB or complete a marathon.  Perhaps it’s the social aspect or the opportunity to go out and explore new places.  Could it be the health benefits or a combination of all of these things?

Cannock Chase Trail Runners (CCTR) not so much a ‘running club’ as more of a ‘social running group’, there are no membership fees and no pressures – you just turn up and run your way.  The first time I ran their Tuesday run ‘The Chase’ (essentially weekly 4 mile route) I was heading up the finishing straight and with the cheering that was going on at the end I could have closed your eyes and imagined I was at a race.  It was at that point that I thought ‘This is a great crowd, I might get involved.’

Saturday 21st September was a day that CCTR filled the volunteer roles – anyone that gets out of bed before 9 o’clock to go out for a run is amazing let alone getting up at 7 or before in order to allow parkrun to happen.  It was named the CCTR takeover (but I call it the ‘cakeover’ because of the cake on offer) and it was great to be a part of it.  The weather today was fantastic and there was a collection for the National Autistic Society which is another great aspect of running.

Congratulations to everyone today that finished the 5k – whether you were going out for a PB, running it with friends/family, running as part of a longer run or completing a C25K program.  The fastest male was Bruce Johnson of Newcastle (Staffs) AC with a speedy 17:35 and the fastest female was Michelle Buckle also of Newcastle (Staffs) AC with a rapid 21:23.  Congratulations also to Heather Scott who got the best age graded score with a whopping 82.94%.  Have a nice rest of weekend everybody!

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